Armin Van Buuren - Song I Sing Lyrics

I'd write you a love song
But you don't really need one
Cause you are the sunrise
In the dark side of my sky

There isn't a moment
That I'm not trying to find the words
To capture the poetry you are

So I will break open my heart
And I will show you every part
Cause you're written all over me
A silent melody
I hear in everything
You are the song I sing

You are the song I sing

I'd give you an ocean
But you're already woven
Into the fabric
Of the deepest part of me

There isn't a moment
That I'm not trying to understand
How it could happen
That you'd find me in the dark

So I will break open my heart
And I will show you every part
Cause you're written all over me
A silent melody
I hear in everything
You are the song I sing

You are the song I sing

You are the song I sing
A hidden symphony
You are the song I sing always
You are the song I sing
You are the song I sing

You are the song I sing
A hidden symphony
You are the song I sing always
You are the song I sing
In every part me
You are the song I sing always

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Armin Van Buuren Song I Sing Comments
  1. Макс Фактор

    Amazing! Love it! Привет с Украины! 🤗

  2. Paulo Carreiro

    What a track!!!! outdid yourself again!!!! Thats why we love you...greatings from Portugal.

  3. Bakhtiar Riar

    Its typical old armin sound, This song reminds me of '' beautiful life '' wow crazy times.

  4. angela

    thats awesome ❤ grettings from poland

  5. Stephano Chaula

    Haliene voice Armin van buuren Style ,I Lik dat so much
    Africans Tanzania

  6. Stephano Chaula

    They Did all over

  7. nurul haikal

    The lyrics is something , so deep into my heart 😭😘

  8. Danilo Araújo Filho

    One of the best songs I've heard in 2019! Congrats!

  9. Nik Kalinovic

    Angelic voice! On that baseline 😩

  10. anderson dos santos sousa

    everthing very very nice new types o melodies aand basses vibes

  11. Mario Bravo

    Este track lo escuche en vivo cuando estuvo en asot mexico.


  12. Mati Em

    Im 29 years old man, but the part at 1:34 - 2:37 is the best moment of music in whole my life. Thats melody and vocal touches my heart so much and deep! I cry like a small child when I hear this peace in this melody. THANKS YOU ARMIN for this BEAUFITUL moment !


    Aly & Fila- Beyond The Lights, also has a very similar instrumental bit in between the intro and the build-up just like Song I Sing. Check it out! I'm sure you'll love it

  13. Nkio

    Tune of the Year 2k19!

  14. Siete Ardillas

    I love this track it’s so original

  15. 孙超


  16. brenda luna

    I love this sing 💖 @arminvanbuuren

  17. Doug Morgan

    Beautiful song and beautiful voice ... love both Armin and Haliene

  18. Bahecca Konova


  19. Dmitriy Van Life


  20. Robert

    Superb !!!

  21. Jonny Dogs Trance

    What a voice!

  22. 75020Lucio

    One of the best song of the album ! Love also the baseline and the nice drop

  23. Роман Муравчук

    Voice is super, but music could be better.

  24. Asia Joanna


  25. 4theloveof

    Wow! This song is everything I love about you Armin! Thankyou so much for creating such perfect music that reaches my soul and settles in my heart

  26. Olivier Sondaz


  27. Gippzy BTC

    Awesome song! I love it!!

  28. dudeonew14

    Armin never disappoints...purely a God of a trance 🔥

  29. femke smets

    nice vocal !

  30. sarowleen Shakir

    I miss you, its hard to take off. you re the song i sing baby. well well done Armin this album will be great and wanted all over the world. Congratulation to you this success

  31. Dj Villatoro

    Muy buen Beat...saludos

  32. Rayzo

    You should rename your show to a state of shit big room trash

    taufik chandra

    Sorry but this genre is not bigroom

  33. Татьяна Холодарь

    Amazing!!! Might be my favorite in his new album ♥️

  34. NIcholas Wright

    HALIENE,,, I love the song you did Adrenaline

  35. DavidMalfoy

    definitely the best song of the album

  36. Mr. Attila Kis

    Good .... good ...

  37. Kyle


  38. უფალო შემიწყალე

    Armin still has it.

  39. Enrico Marangon Jr

    Yoooooo Mr Armin van Buuren, your new creations are AWESOME !! THANK YOU !!

  40. All4Fun

    My new ringtone ❤🥳

  41. Jamie Collins

    so beautiful

  42. DjMiBsweden

    got to take some time to edit these ones =)

  43. Juha Sahlstein

    Such a cool melodic progression! Top3-song on the album!

  44. David Gustavo

    HALIENE Voices is Beautiful omg

  45. Anya Trance

    Brillant !!!❤❤❤❤❤

  46. Juani C.

    mi que es el mejor tema de BALANCE

  47. Karin Dacosse

    Merci armin! You re my familly !kat

  48. pedro garcia

    Tolle Stimme, wow 😍
    Hört euch auch an: MaRlo ft Haliene, whisper

  49. Michał Lasota

    Armin, Your song is amazing!!!

  50. Bee Vee

    Sounds really good !!!!!!!!!

  51. MahiMahi

    This woman's voice is crazy good. Loved Saving Light when I first heard the Live at laserface in SF version, and I had to re listen to the track about 3 times because i was in disbelief her voice was that good live, and for it to be recorded and sound that good! Now this track and the acoustic version which is also 🔥 Well, at least I know if I find any songs with her in them, there is going to be good vocals

  52. Abdulwahab Badawy

    TOTY 2019 results :
    1. Song I Sing
    2. Lighter Than Air
    😂 thou shall remember this comment

    Buddy Helm

    Yup I can't say your wrong

    Nisarg Thakkar

    Lighter than air won though🤫

  53. Trinity by Broxel Official

    This is wonderful and deserve a remix by Above & Beyond or Jorn van Deynhoven.

  54. Gleb Kalner

    блять чуть не разрыдался

  55. MRNIKUSHA101

    Weak shit

  56. Array

    Epileptics will definitely love this video 😍

  57. theHOPELESSworld

    BEAUTIFUL ! & ENERGETIC at the same time.

    i expected nothing less (^ ^ )

  58. Nathalie Mottet

    Great work!! For the beginning, I am looking forward for a less-beating remix, but from the mid-part until the end it's unique 💗 this style of Armins music we hear in the last part (that we know from Save my Night, Sail, Embargo, The Symphony of You and many many others) reminds me a bit of the music of a traditional organist turned into powerful, energetic EDM and I love every title with this style!

  59. Оксана Ищенко

    Armin van Buuren I love you very! <3 <3 <3

  60. antoy39

    Ouah vraiment sublime!😍

  61. Uyen Le

    One of my fav songs from the new album!! Congrats Armin!! Balance is 🔥🔥🔥

  62. Ben Mordecai


  63. Rafa Ada

    Perfect song

  64. Christian Ozorio

    Armin's Talent + HALIENE's angelic voice makes this tune wonderful 🎶💗🔥

  65. Fcg 88

    Set speed to 1.75 or 2 and yau have a nice terror track :)

    Valentino Lau

    Unexpectedly forseen!

  66. Mr G

    Champ! 👏🏼

  67. hahamadeulook

    That melody, I love u avb, dish out such melodies more often please!!!

  68. Wisniowy WSN


  69. Xoa Official

    I didn't like it at all when I first heard it, but it gets better everytime I replay it :)

  70. Agnese Fiducia

    Beautiful song

  71. Claude Monete

    💛❤YOU ARE THE SONG I SING🎶🎧🎶❤💛💙👐✌

  72. yoved dario

    This is Armin classic ♥️
    This is beautiful song ♥️
    Armin I miss you 😔💔

  73. Kolack

    I have been listening to Armin since I was 14 years old. I have seen Armin so many times it is hard to keep track of them all. I was fortunate to meet him personally in 2013 in Hollywood at the HoB when he delighted us with information about the Armin Only Intense Tour. Much taller in person than I initially thought, haha. Armin's music has changed my life, and at one of his shows, I found the love of my life. I can't wait till ASOT 950! Why? Because it will be my very first one and it is Valentine's surprise for my love. I'm doing it right for us and going VIP!!! TY TY TY Armin for giving the world such a beautiful gift. Because not only has your music uplifted my soul, it has brought a love into my life I would've never known.

  74. Dani electroniadicta

    The Best track Armin #1

  75. Elizabeth Sevilla

    Armin my favorite song 🎧😍❤️🎶❤️🎶👌🏻

  76. Александр Демченко

    Armin-Best World Dj... 🤔👍✌️

  77. Dj Nikou

    Es increible ty armin ty haliene los quiero mucho, obra maestra +10

  78. Angel Mauricio

    My initial Armin the a of Amalia Angelina💕👑😍😘🇦🇷🎧

  79. Антон Чехоцкий

    the greatest!!!) thx Armin))🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  80. Conkers Squirrel

    Reminds me of trance from 2014

  81. thebringoo

    Tune of the year.

  82. Ghit7


  83. MANUEL gañan

    hermoso, gracias Armin ,saludos desde Ecuador ...

  84. Roberto Teknos

    Wonderful voice, Haliene 💖

  85. islem alilouche

    Best track in this Album !

  86. Fernando Silva

    The voice of trance has a name, and it's called Haliene!! Surely my favourite song from the new album

  87. Hikmet Aliyev


  88. alexej perlin

    Cool song👍🙌

  89. alexej perlin

    Amazing song 🔥🙌🙌

  90. Blue

    super song