Armin Van Buuren - Not Giving Up On Love Lyrics

I know your feeling restless
Like life's not on your side
It's weighing heavy on your mind

But when we stand united
Our hearts they beat in time
And I know we'll make it all alright

Let's bring it back to you and me
There's no one else around
Now don't get lost in gravity

'Cause I want you to hold me now
Nothing else matters
It's just the two of us
And if it all falls down
Nothing else matters
You know we're strong enough

I'm not giving up
I'm not giving up on us
I said im not giving up
I'm not giving up on love

We're of the same existence
No lock without a key
We can't deny it's meant to be

Cause I feel it inside
Taking over tonight
I'll be there when the storm is breaking

In this moment I'm yours
You can always be sure
That together we're gonna make it

So baby won't you hold me now
Nothing else matters
It's just the two of us
And if it all falls down
Nothing else matters
You know we're strong enough

I'm not giving up
I'm not giving up on us
I said im not giving up
I'm not giving up on love

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Armin Van Buuren Not Giving Up On Love Comments
  1. mhkamto

    Uau! Fev 2020!

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    Very good!!!!!!!!

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    Привет из 2020

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    Офигительный дуэт!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love

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    Hello from Moscow, Very beautiful, Very glad to see You!

  10. فقط یادمون باشه گول مجاهدین خلق نخوریم

    Just singer very good😍😍amazing voice
    But armin van burren normal beat! :/

  11. Joseph Ernesto1

    the opening sound ????

  12. Maciej Korzeniewski

    Nagranko extra,ona nicość.

  13. crismsr1


  14. Афон Слепцовский

    cant believe that 10 years ve passed yet

  15. cheeze nip

    Tune at the beginning before the song?


    me pueden decir como se llama la melodia al comienzo del video que no es del video

  17. yulyen devotee

    2020 and still fresh

  18. Rodrigo Silva

    2020? Yep

  19. snvff xxx

    2020 still love it ♡

  20. BlueOasis

    2020? This video brings to me so many memories ❤️

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    2020 tenía que iniciar bien este año ahuevooo

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    Девушка вы ангел

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    The Best track ever 💙💙

  24. Houda Madex

    2020 and still in love with this track

    faycal st

    17 01 2020!!!

    Arnulfo Navarro


    Stefano Madeline


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  26. Elvis Ramos

    Que hermosos recuerdos me trae esta canción 😍

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    2020 january ?

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    2011? Never Give Up.

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    2020 🥳🥳

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    Very Good 2020.Over.

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    Very Good.

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    What a voice! What an accent! <3


    Von 0m30s bis 3m30s ist der Titel geil
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    Que maldita nostalgia me entra escuchando estos tracks tan hermosos.

    gabriel quintero

    Verdad que siiii, esos tiempos no vuelven:(

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    esta era de las buenas rolas en mi memoria

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    From Brazil....beautiful Sophie...👏👏👏👏

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    This video and Rapture remix, surely the greatest Van Buuren since Martin Van Buuren the 8th President of The United States

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    0% Nudity
    0% Money
    0% Cars
    100% Talent

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    siddhartha nag facts

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