Armin Van Buuren - Looking For Your Name Lyrics

Baby can I hold your skin
Can I get a scent of the mood you’re in
I’ve been floating on this sea for so long
I wouldn’t recognize a place called home

Oh and what a moment that was
How I got a taste of you in my blood
And remember how I wrote your name
On the rocks down by the river Seine

You said oh, nobody sees us
And Jesus, it was cold
And I laughed because it was just too late

Even though I don’t know if it’s safe I’ll jump in it
I would do anything to find
And underneath the sky
That’s full of stars
I’m looking for your name tonight

Maybe if I chase this dream
I’ll feel how you intoxicated me
Upon the bridge I hear a radio play
And it sounds like something you would say

And the feeling’s oh so holy as I dive tonight alone
Singing, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

Even though I don’t know if it’s safe I’ll jump in it
I would do anything to find
And underneath the sky
That’s full of stars
I’m looking for your name tonight

If you ever return to this place and come searching
For the message I leave behind
It’s underneath this sky
That’s full of stars
I was looking for your name


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Armin Van Buuren Looking For Your Name Comments
  1. Ana FS

    masterpiece ARMIN

  2. Johannes Hazenberg

    Still one of my favourite songs, both soothing and uplifting. The love and calmth, the pop and orchestra, beautifull...❤

  3. SuperbSings

    Watch "Armin van Buuren feat. Gavin Degraw - Looking For Your Name [Lyric Video]" on YouTube

  4. kyle sundoo

    Makes me think of Jesus

  5. D. O'Connor

    The only song Ive ever heard that gets me emotional, not advised when driving lol

  6. Valin


  7. nickwithay


  8. hitman 575

    amizing song ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Andrea Ossola

    La vida tiene música de fondo🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🙂

  10. Andrea Ossola

    Hace años q dictó la actividad y realmente es increible👍

  11. Anthony Lavelle

    This piano ballad is sick!

  12. Valin

    im curious to know everyones interpretation of this song

  13. Edward Tamas

    2018, still looking for your name

  14. Ras 21

    Qualche pesciolino rosso?

    Kerry hw?

    io ❤️


    @Kerry hw? italiani che conoscono Armin? Yes

  15. Rick Walker

    😭😭😭😭😭This song soothes my soul

  16. Traxus AEIOU

    This need a dash berlin 4am remix

  17. Eleonora Stofferis

    Awesome track, i've got tears in my eyes...

  18. DANG JOS

    Absolutely beautiful song!!!

  19. Traxus AEIOU

    Photographer remix?

  20. Pavelius

    The lyrics are hitting right in the feelings....

  21. Traxus AEIOU

    This need a Dash berlin 4am remix

  22. Jose Salazar

    no entiendo como a 171 personas no les puede gustar esta música, si es una obra maestra :)

  23. Jennifer dubois

    this song helped me through everything. It is the song my fetcher spouse and I are having played at our reception

  24. Jennifer Dubois

    Armin Van Buuren and Gavin Degraw. are an awesome combo. My best friend. Ely turned me on to Armin van buuren when we went to chp cadet academy together

  25. Fabiane Klitzke

    love Armin😍😍😍😍😍

  26. Sha

    This song needs to have more views/listens. Let's stop asking why it is so and start sharing this song to our own friends <3

    Thank you for this!

  27. Артём Агаджанов

    This on of the best song in ever!!!!!!

  28. Dutchdude Grow

    + Luv It

  29. Karolina Dudalalala

    Can't believe that Gavin is going to sing live in Amsterdam ! Cant wait for May !

  30. Ezequiel Torres

    is piano or guitar??

  31. Hey ImGiulia

    pesciolino rosso 🌙🌹

    Kerry hw?

    Hey ImGiulia ❤️

  32. alisa dmitriev

    this song makes me tear up everytime AO was something special!!!

  33. carlos pantoja

    Gracias ARMIN por esta música tan lejana a este mundo... Waoo sin palabras..

  34. bernarda kirigin

    this makes me cry

  35. Gabi SV

    happy new year 2017! 🎊😀🙌 happy new year for the best dj ❤ Armin Van Buuren

  36. Joshua


  37. Markella Basd

    only Armin 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. Mortal Wombat

    Such a beautiful song! I'm wondering if Gavin DeGraw was involved in writing/composing this song or is he only singing on this, does anybody know?

    Jacky Qin

    Mortal Wombat His name is also in the writer list so I think he wrote with Armin and Benno

  39. Magda Ebri Leon

    - is pure magic of the issues Mr. Armin my admiration master !!! Spain at your feet Congratulations .

    Jaime Ruiz

    Magda Ebri Leon Totalmente de acuerdo contigo yo también lo admiro desde sus orígenes, pero su esencia trance la está perdiendo y la trance Family esperamos que vuelva a producir la música de antes, de cualquier manera el tema es genial, pero no tiene ni un solo toque suyo, Armin forever!!! , saludos desde Granada!!

  40. Deisi Carli

    Gold!!! #BR

  41. kelvin james

    my partner and I have listened to Asot every week for years. But this track is stunning.

  42. Lascu Cristian

    such a beautifull song with so few views i dont understand

  43. Kristi Smith

    This track is truly helping my grieving process. You have a new fan. xo

  44. Yimmy Adair Ek Mex

    Si estuviera Gavin en En El Armin Only, Yo me imaginaba a Armin tocando el piano en vivo mientras Gavin Cantaba, hubiera sido increible!:')

  45. Brian Hanley

    Shocked this doesn't have multiple times more the views

  46. Bryam Sánchez Escobar

    Qué maravilla!!!.

    Míriam Isern Garzón

    Bryam Sánchez Escobar Impresionante!

  47. Andrew Saunders

    Expected a beat drop. Got something far better.

  48. Laurie Helmers

    I think of my wife when I here this

  49. Nicol Rovroy

    Love the song. Beautiful voice

  50. akcent orbion

    looking For Your Name...
    Armin Van Buuren.. The Best D'j

  51. Jessica Bezuidenhout

    This track will fit perfectly with an uplifting beat

  52. Quang Luu

    This beautiful track makes me feel so good and ... I can't sleep a wink ... Thank you so much Armin !!! <3

  53. Rasha Al Jabi

    Such a breathtaking song!! I was so privileged to have had the chance to see him perform live in Dubai this weekend. So much love for Armin <3

  54. Tamara Choosy& Kevin

    I <3 YOU

  55. chris

    oh men this is such a masterpiece form Armin

  56. MegaPipson

    i cant, this song is too much for me. Emotions all around😢😢

  57. Thomas

    3:34 That epicness...




    +Elementum Ignis Real art of music performed by Armin...
    Ik houden van je music... all Ik vil zeggen.

  58. jdanddpt

    kept waiting for the slow down, mini-drop, or something... then the orchestra comes in. Blows my mind. Thanks, Armin, for always pushing the boundaries of what people think #EDM producers are. And thanks for this beautiful tune ♥

  59. DaniiGeus

    Goosebumps all over my body.. Love you Babe, If you read this, just know I Love You <3


    good! i like it

  61. Abderrahim Ould-Rouis

    my best song forever, without forgoting that the "Embrace" album is exellent

  62. amy mayne

    seen armin live 2 days ago... he was INSANEEEEE, best night of my life

  63. carlos ramos

    sensacional esa track perfeita

  64. Shelly

    Was not expecting that at all. Amazingly beautiful ♡

  65. Steve Estrellado

    A Grand Ballad--Beautiful Art Piece.

  66. SejnoPL

    Cant wait to hear that song in Gdansk, Poland!!!! We're waiting! :-)

  67. Lutvy Angelo

    sweet melodies

  68. Tracy Connor

    Goes to prove that electronic artists can do more then play with records as my X girlfriend use to say

  69. Sara Fontao

    working with Gavin DeGraw was simply've moved my heart with this track. Thank you for an artistic and passionate music. :')

  70. Alvaro Gheller

    most beautiful track of the album <3

  71. Karine Dia

    I don't get u people...How can u not like this song??! And btw, there are so many good songs with hundreds of thumbs down. Anyway, tastes are tastes. I find this one simply awsome! <3<3

  72. bruno gutierrez

    Probablemente este es el peor album que a sacado, no tiene nada, excepto la canción con Cosmic Gate. Lo digo porque ninguna canción me hizo sentir nada, en cambio sus otros álbumes si lo lograron, creo arminonly ahora va a ser mas espectáculo que buena música

  73. Grzegorz Ciarachowicz

    Gawin degraw is my Second love 😉 Great Voice and big talent. Albo he looks like nice men.

  74. CESC7

    Tiesto Edit !! :v

    Adônes Oliveira

    kkkkk isso msm

  75. Dana Quiien

    How can someone's voice be this awesome ? 😓😍 RESPECT.

  76. Alexander Georgiev

    amaizing song

  77. Uriel Corona


  78. Appel Lamp

    i love tis song

  79. Amilcar Martínez N

    La amo, me da tanto sentimiento

  80. Hani Al-Baqshi

    Amazing album and best of all it ends with this song

  81. melledy vittorio

    it's beautiful x

  82. Dasha Ryabka

    ((( like its depression ((((

  83. raistakilhara

    feat this feat that......

  84. Sal Marino


  85. Logan Welty

    Gorgeous tune :)))) <3

  86. Naranjosaurus

    This track is perfect, please don't remix it, there are nice trance tracks out there, and I love trance, but this one is so different and so special... It's unique.

  87. Med Anorsanas

    beautiful song, never tired of listening to this. I wish i can play an instrument & sing a bit:)

  88. Anna Barańska always....

  89. Mirka Hristova

    This song make me cry !! :( :(

  90. Paschalis Chomondozlis

    Why i have this weird feeling that the dude in the story died?

  91. Juninho Pereira

    What a beautiful song!! Listen to this song is like to sit in a cloud in heaven!! You're the best, Armin!!

  92. Anne T.

    Love this song so much ♥

  93. Arief Abubakar

    armin should be the number 1 dj in dj mag, agree?

  94. Alex S.

    For some reason I can still hear the hidden footprints of Armin in this track even though it's not electronic. Now that's impressive. Respect Armin :)

  95. Alexander the Great

    Maria <3 <3 <3