Armin Van Buuren - Lonely For You Lyrics

Only lonely for you at night
Only lonely for you and the sun doesn't shine
And I try to forget why
Why you're not here by my side
Only lonely for you at night

Made it through another day
Don't even feel the pain, it's fading
I've been cleaning out my brain
I quit you like cocain, life changing

I start to panic when the sun goes down
I stay this jacked until the lights go out
I don't want to go back home
Don't want to be alone right now

No you're never gonna see me cry
I already got a brand new life
Don't you know I'm moving on
Everyday I'm stronger
I don't even know you're gone

Only lonely for you at night
Only lonely for you and the sun doesn't shine
And I try to forget why
Why you're not here by my side
Only lonely for you at night

Wide awake I'm in the dark
The spiral in my heart is storming
I just gotta close my eyes
Know that I'll survive till morning

I start to panic when the sun goes down
I stay this jacked until the lights go out
I just wanna call your phone
Don't want to be alone right now

No you're never gonna see me cry
I already got a brand new life
Don't you know I'm moving on
Everyday I'm stronger
I don't even know you're gone

Only lonely for you at night
Only lonely for you and the sun doesn't shine
And I try to forget why
Why you're not here by my side
Only lonely for you at night

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Armin Van Buuren Lonely For You Comments
  1. 8.8.8 Aytvel

    14 February 2019year. Valentin day stairs saints

  2. Ramona Clenciu

    Love you Armin! The KING! ❤

  3. 8.8.8 Aytvel

    Very best.. Very good..

    8.8.8 Aytvel

    14february 2019year.. love is day stars saints Valentin..

  4. 8.8.8 Aytvel

    Very laik,et.. trek..

  5. RuGeneraL

    Реклама тёлки, что без сисек и пытается показать, что у нее хоть что нить есть )))))

  6. Kronickillness Nikolaos

    I loved it the 1st time I heard it! I like it is different I enjoy some breaks/ dnb too. when it's good. Also the vocals even tio it I guess is on the pop side it's a killer hook melody n beat dope track. Love it now things are getting better each somg finally I had faith lol.

  7. Vitaliy Strungaru

    Армин просто гений, я в восторге от этого альбома.


    I think that Armin, in this video, is just an inspector )))))

  9. Valentino Lau

    “Lonely for You” is a song about recovering from losing someone, picking up the pieces and putting one foot in front of the other to move on from them — almost. Sometimes, we are able to logically talk ourselves out of loving someone, and even feel relieved that they’re gone…but in the lonely hours of darkness in the still of the night, those feelings can creep up from the shadows and suck us back into the trap of missing that someone, even if we know they’re not right for us. — Bonnie McKee shared with Billboard. (via Genius)

  10. chepe263

    My only complaint is when I was starting to like it and get confty with this song, Armin release another.

  11. Valentino Lau

    Strange fact is this track was released on my Birthday! Don't know if Armin say Happy Birthday to me though. Also as a side note to haters, this song was specially played for Gen Z cause this song was already played on mainstream media and even been appeared on Top 30 charts for very long times. So if you're not happy with this song, than feel free to blame your younger brother and sister for this.

  12. Claude Monete


  13. Rami Al Ahmad

    Kiss Fm sent me here... Best compilations ever...

  14. no name

    it's just fucking awesome! trans fucking crap and this track is just great!

  15. dogigniter

    Man trance has changed... EDIT: I do still like this tune though!

  16. Alex Robson

    One of the underrated songs of 2019

  17. Rachid Akkouz

    This song makes me crazy😁

  18. Natalia Lapka


  19. erhart beatrice

    i love it !

  20. Sascha Kizik-ian

    Bonnie Mckee, what a nice surprise, a strong and confident woman with a melodic voice! <3 Thanks guys for this piece!


    Love this song

  22. Елена Схулухия


  23. L H.

    Boom Boom 👊💪😎

  24. Djheaven Harmony

    The track was magical 😉👍

  25. szidko

    Love it! Listening to this song feels like in the 90's... deja vous 😊

  26. Miqueias Barbosa dos santos

    Bonnie I Love you ❤ From Brazil 🇧🇷

  27. فقط یادمون باشه گول مجاهدین خلق نخوریم

    This is good but not best like trance music 😈💪🎧😍

  28. Bunny Bugs

    I love this song more than food 😂😂😂

  29. Alida Alija

    This song deserves more attention...🙌💖

    Bunny Bugs

    Yesss c mon girls support for this awesome song 😘😘😘

  30. Scott Archer

    On freaking repeat!

  31. eb associates

    Sounds like Old skool Madonna for real!

  32. Eugen Stukov

    comon, 1 million views people, we can make it :)

  33. Артур Бакала

    omg seems Madonna)! Really!

  34. Cybersistemas

    wtf its this yet?...armin convert to tiesto? and out.of love its yet and yet again?...please back to trance ...

  35. Marin

    Armin always makes good and quality sound. Aldo I prefer his earlier trance sound and hits, this is also very good tune with one beautiful Bonnie McKee's voice...
    Greetings from Croatia :)

  36. Александр Бондаренко

    Голос схож на голос Madona...


    Ersay Üner - Nokta :


    Made in Turkey :


  40. Aga Ols

    I love this song

  41. mushroomqueen99

    What is the black haired woman's name?

  42. waqar afzal

    Nice Armin 💗 love from Pakistan 🇵🇰 🙏🤩

    waqar afzal

    Thanks Armin When you come in Islamabad 🇵🇰

  43. Patricia Hilbish

    Love Bonnie McKee and this video. Since I’m not into trance, I’m not missing that, but get it. Although, I love the song, I understand how it feels when a fave artist does a different type of music. Almost feels like a betrayal.

  44. Gurminder Sandhu

    nice love from india

  45. Łukasz Sokołowski

    Super do samochodu

  46. trancevision83

    Armin is here, but not his sound

  47. DaanV9

    Fck off with the we miss old armin comments.. This song is a masterpiece

  48. shaa mpa

    There are dozens of songs like this but there is no Trance music like your own music . Armin

  49. Adam Gordon

    Godskitchen, Code, Birmingham 2004, The closing down party. The Sound of Goodbye at the end. Pat from Ibiza on the chimes and bongos. I doubt Armin reads these posts! Anyway, I quite like this tune. Even if I grew up with the original Armin sound all those years ago. Old now! :)

  50. Manuel Ramos

    Master pice! Love the production! Love the voice of Bonnie.
    For all the haters, you can go and hear the ReOrder remix which is also amazing. By the way that is the version that Armin plays.
    Why so much hate if it is not trance? He can produce what ever he wants.

  51. женя блюмшин

    Awful.This is not DreamTrance(Uplifting).AvB nowadays is pop progressive without beautiful melodies and singing as before..

    Valentino Lau

    ugh, Armin was actually planned to dominated US Radio Chart & also trying to impressed with his fans in the United States, so please don't think about this just yet.

  52. Mariam Khalil

    What a masterpiece 🌷🌷

  53. Israe Hb

    I love it😘😘

  54. sniper boy

    Waarom mijn naam in het muziek armin is mijn na88m äaaaaaäaäaa as awaa a aa iiikkkik bbbbbeernggge. Hhacjed

  55. NyBeat Dj

    how to dislike it? you must have beaten the head. by far the hit of the year

  56. Digital Dancer

    wow so tacky... .. what happened to the genius behind 'In & Out of Love'??? That was real breaks not this Nicky Minaj style going on here

    Valentino Lau

    Bet this song was expect to be appeared on US Radio Charts before you could commenting about hating this song

  57. Sameer Aftab

    I think AvB is afraid of 138 now !!

  58. Andy Johansson!

    nice nice nice nice MEN more trance!!! good track MEN!!

  59. Pierre PP

    It's very nice that Armin dares to experiment a little with different styles, instead of constantly pumping out the same sound.

  60. Raymond Leggs

    for the people complaining its not trance it's break-beat in and out of love was also basically also breakbeat but with trance synths

  61. Bunny Bugs

    I fall totally inlove 💕

  62. Ghali Majzoub

    Missing Armin..
    Some legends fade..
    Some legends fall..
    Some just POP


    Valentino Lau

    Ugh, the only problem with this song right now is whether will be break US radio charts or win the millennial hearts, so saying RIP Trance was too early to mentioned.

  63. Mohammad Mahdi

    Love your diversity as a Dj Armin! Forever our number 1 ! ❣️

  64. Jack Evans

    Keep this ish Lit

  65. Jack Evans

    I support you Armin shout out from Dallas TX

  66. karloss peter

    Armin didn't leave trance he is evolving it

  67. Aqib Suhail

    this songs is mind refreshment I have never seen before everybody work is too good and picturization is excellent. from S. A. Ashoka the great kingdom.

  68. voorkom.roddels Groos

    purveckt mooi nummer gaat zo door is cool

  69. Aaed Mazen

    Anyone knows who the female model in the video is?

  70. michelle plaku


  71. R2BCH2

    Nice 90s breakbeat feel. Inspired by Baby D’s Let me be your fantasy? 😉

  72. Piotr Skoczek

    najlepsza muza armin

  73. DeSi GaMeR

    I was here before this blew up

  74. Amatuer Outdorsman

    This sounds like the intro song of a James Bond film

  75. Mick Bailey

    Great vid, keep up the great work.

  76. Paweł Olszewski

    Ok, I'm just a noob but this feels like Armin wants to go into d'n'b style but can't decide where to go. Sorry to say that but this track lacks the energy it should give. Please take a look at Rudimental, they give all the d'n'b energy, you can't stay still with that music on ( Armin's trance is exactly the same style, can't stand still... but to blend Armin with d'n'b you need to do something more... I guess..

  77. Xochiala Garciaa

    Heard this on the radio and fell in lovvveeeee 💘

  78. Em Jay

    Loving the shots of Manchester <3

  79. en kurt

    club mix saved this song 🤛

  80. greenbeanasserole

    Bonnie 💕💕💕

  81. its_a_trab

    I kinda miss the old armin who made trance

    Valentino Lau

    Hmm, looks like Armin was currently trying to caught the attentions with the Millennial right now! I don't think that was a little too late to say so.

  82. igor troha


  83. Swamp Music Players

    Looks Great !

  84. Hakan Dursun

    Very nice !

  85. Claude Monete

    💛Lonely for you living between neighbours that hate me n a far narc partner but lonely strong✌💛❤hearing you always Armin:) you are super 👉💛❤👐🌛🌞😎

  86. Moein Rahmati

    Armin only after 18 year

  87. Gabriela Stasdat

    ♥️♥️♥️🇳🇱Mega song

  88. JediDiaz

    Armin can do with his music what he wants, thats fine... He produces what he gets inspired to do there, music usually evolves when you experiment all that. Totally ok with that and my respect. My problem with all the music that he has been producing in the last few years, is that this not the music i turned to listen when i wanted something different! I wanted trance, progressive and uplifting melodies like the ones in those beautiful original and remixes of his in the albums and compilations. Now what he produces is the same thing that everyone is producing. Latest pop song? Very hard to tell the difference, there are no memorable timeless tracks like communication or in and out of love (. Even the other DJs and producers like Orjan and others are doing the same. Thankfuly there are still some DJs that keep producing trance i like within Armada, because if that was not the case would have to be listening to 2008 to 2013 yearmixes over and over and over again (although thats not bad). My guess is that ill wait for good trance.

  89. nena xxx

    Great song...rythm..

    Best wishes from nena...serbia

  90. art store girl

    For the people that don't like this try the club version has more of that Armin sound we're used to guys..

  91. Euron

    Trance or Pop but i like it.

  92. anna dabrowska

    I love you ;-) Armin

  93. huojin01

    Nice track, just a hint of the younger AVB, not too much, just about right.

  94. Khaled Fouad

    عالمي طول عمرك amazing i love it

  95. Riya Tabassum

    We love you king Armin....😘😍❤❤

  96. Armin van Buuren

    Really happy to present you my single "Lonely For You" feat. Bonnie McKee! "Lonely For You" was written with the lovely Bonnie McKee. For me, it resembles the struggles we all face with and in relationships, ups and downs. I think it was appropriate to release it around Valentine’s Day!
    Please let me know what you think of the track and video in the comments! Your opinion always means a lot to me 😊

    Harnis MJ Infinity

    @Wolterzz dude you are very dumb. You have no idea what are you talking about 🙄


    @Harnis MJ Infinity Someone who produces and mixes the music himself and follows everything electronic since he was a kid knows very well what he is talking about. My first Trance tune I heard was Paul van Dyk feat Vega - Connected (Motomix 05). That was the song that got me into Dance Music.


    @Harnis MJ Infinity Still heard nothing from you since I shared those mixes. Think I did proof my point.


    @Harnis MJ Infinity Still no reaction.

    Dude, you're a sheep. Just admit it.