Armin Van Buuren - Forever Is Ours Lyrics

You said that you’ll open your eyes and see I’ve found you
If you’d give me a reason I never would’ve let you go
If I wouldn’t leave then I would always stay around you
I’ll catch you, I’ll catch you when you fall

If I could just stay a moment in your light,
I’m never afraid if I’m within your sight,
So don’t you wait, hearts will come,
And always we’ll run,
Time won’t change, us at all,
Forever is ours again, again,
Forever is ours again, again.

You know I’ll stay
You know I’ll stay

I’ll stay by you, forever.

If I could just stay a moment in your light,
I’m never afraid if I’m within your sight,
These are the days I’ll carry on with my life,
Can I just stand here in your arms for now?

I’ll stay… for life
Forever is ours again
Forever is ours again, again

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Armin Van Buuren Forever Is Ours Comments
  1. Jonatha Faria

    Santos santos Emma

  2. Norbert M Official

    is amazing

  3. TAHIR Shekh

    Osm outstanding really osm

  4. Cat xx


  5. Elly Cuadras

    Memories from 2013

  6. Jeremy Waters Enterprises

    Under attack my IP? Loser cyber command faggoted. Against a corporate Google Cloud Partners disagreement. Nye!

  7. MidKnightGeek

    2:14 still Epic in 2019! :)

  8. Lakshay

    sex on the beach with a man wooooo

  9. ved Lanjekar

    Why only 1M views

  10. Ninfa V.

    Great Sound✌💛❤

  11. Eder Sokolowski

    2018 forever is ours

  12. Brooklyn Joe

    Great track, love Armin and Emma, but the Solarstone remix is best!

  13. imlucaswhitecastle

    When you still listen this music in 2018!

  14. MarkoMarco

    2:14 Magical moment

  15. Paulina Wrocławska

    This song always make me cry😢❤️❤️❤️

    ehsan garshasbi

    Paulina Wrocławska don't cry 😉

    Alejandro Rango

    I can make u cry 2

  16. Franko Silva


  17. Adrian Ravelo

    2014 - Arona Summer Festival...( Tenerife, Canary Island)... can't forget..... <3

  18. _mango-orange_

    2:14 made me feel like I found god

  19. Sebastião Rodrigues

    Who is hearing this masterpiece in 2017?

  20. ved Lanjekar


  21. Rocio Cruz


  22. Yuga Handika

    dat classic house build-up.

  23. N-tox

    Saw bass?

  24. Rodrigo Ramírez

    Come on, just a little bit and we get 1million views

  25. Jim bob Joe

    who still listening in 2017!

  26. Sofia Verastegui

    Te Amo Armin!!!

  27. Jaime Ruiz

    Absolutely My God of trance, forever AvB!!

  28. imlucaswhitecastle

    1:27 <3

  29. seryisergio lópez

    Just Intense ^^

  30. Aijaz Md Patel

    Armin the king of all the EDM producers😎😎😎😎

  31. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter

    Awesome trance music 👍👍👍👍 ASOT FOREVER⚠

  32. Beronica Castillo

    I love this am and will also be a fan of armin van buuren his music always speaks to me as does atb, this one is a good one too!!

  33. vsboy25

    Emma best voice in trance.

    Rick N

    Emma lock, Sarah Howells, Andain, Tania Zygar, Madina, Jenifer Rene. There is just a few i can think of among the very talented already Mentioned

    Fido Dido

    adding to the already mentioned ones: Clare Stagg, Stine Grove ;]

    Anas Ranko

    Emma has got an angel voice

    ilya karavaikin

    Саня так не думает

  34. Johnny Mark

    Wish I could control time itself.. My lasting wish.. For her. '..a moment within your light..'

  35. Tech Freak

    Doesn't anyone else think that Armin took notes from Zedd's style in this track?

    Jim bob Joe

    Like to diskije

    Jose Rubio

    actually zedd's style comes from armin's style ;)

  36. WTF, It's Only Wednesday?! (WTFIOW)

    If I write 2:14, I can go back to my favorite part over and over, so, 2:14

  37. Juan Guevara

    Armin van Buren Emma Hewwit forever is ours

  38. King Christian

    I'm going home to love 2/12/16 can't wait

  39. va nessa

    Kanye west

  40. Antonio Rafael Menendez


  41. The Situation Brah

    fr mirin Zyzz bra


    The Situation Brah fuarkkkkk

  42. Tejas Lalit

    Really a very good song.
    i like it very much!!!

  43. o c

    in his worksarmin van buuren just thinks of putting another album out but dont think of something good

  44. Manutd Rocks

    every time I listen to this song it brings me to tears... Literally Armin's Masterpiece.

    Ray Chaps

    you should seriously consider talking to a doctor about that.


    You must be a joy at partys.

    B B

    In and out of love is armin's masterpiece. That song is timeless and Armin is immortal.

  45. skynet

    fk the world hey ..

  46. Jennifer Miller

    "If I could just stay a moment in your light,
    I’m never afraid if I’m within your sight,
    These are the days I’ll carry on with my life,
    Can I just stand here in your arms for now?"

    Melt @ 2:15.... ❤❤

    Ferdinando Gamboa

    Í Love you Jennifer

    Arpad Peter

    I love you too. 😚😙😚

  47. Daniel Fuscaldo


  48. eloinka

    Urywa dupe :)

  49. Mugs FC

    this actually sounds like something cosmic gate would produce.. love this track tho

  50. jojjexxx69

    This is the Armin i like most, wonderfull. Like Mozart to me.

  51. israel lozano salas

    very beatiful.....muy hermosa cancion

  52. Gustavo Mansilla

    ...a pesar del tiempo, sigue siendo uno de mis temas favoritos!

  53. Luis Enrique Pardo

    I'll love this tune

  54. LocoRads

    This is still incredible!

  55. little khadijah

    hi handsome, if you could choose emma or jes to the best vocals?

  56. simo belali

    AVB = Hapiness

  57. Aileesh

    Can anyone tell me a list of songs by Armin with actual singing in it by another person? (Other Than Alone ft. Lauren Evans)

    Russell Czinder

    you can type "armin van buuren feat" (or other similar combination) in the you tube search box & watch it populate dozens for you...  i can recommend "beautiful life (mikkas remix) feat cindy alma"

    Tempus fugit - amor manet / infelix uri

    In and out of love ft. Sharon den Adel.. that Song.. Old but gold :D

    JP Holleman

    @Adam Middleton Don't forget Shivers :)

    Dexter Wan

    Well there is always "this is what it feels like" ft Trevor Guthrie XD

    Victor Hamon

    +Adam Middleton Armin Van Buuren Ft. Jaren - Unforgivable

  58. XxwhosrightxX

    It's amazing how you can just relax and feel this music flow through you! I read that some people don't have the capability to "feel" music due to a part of the brain that was never developed properly. I think I would die if I lost the response to music. Music has been, is, and always will be my therapy!


    +XxwhosrightxX I feel you bro

    Sam Jacobs

    XxwhosrightxX I love that feeling


    Jay Richardson It's a beautiful thing :-)

    James Pym

    Amen to that, brother

  59. Michael Nguyen

    True trance, true life 

  60. Your Grandma

    We're Forever tho... <3

  61. Joel Paucar

    its very gOOD ;)

  62. Sassy595

    When you have the right headphones, it sounds amazing :D.


    i have Sennheiser HD 407 an sound is BLAST i agree with you

    Hans Wee

    beyerdynamic ... and emma hewitt.  so good

  63. Mateusz Nawrocki

    Damn epic! :D

  64. Guilherme Steyer

    Sounds like Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt - Waiting 


    @Guilherme Steyer You know what; I'm starting to notice that a lot (alot) of songs by Armen sounds like a lot of other people songs. but hey its still good music. You just get stuck there wondering what was that better song that you've heard before that sounds like this.


    @Roy Rki You should hear this song at a rave. Chills down your spine.

    Dexter Wan

    @Guilherme Steyer well actually, sometimes when armin hits a brick wall, he usually tries to find inspiration from other producer's song, following their style of producing but using his own tune to make it, then making it into his own song. So at most he copies the type of synth used, but the tune and the beat is completely his.

    Mugs FC

    @Roy Rki ur fucked m8

  65. XxwhosrightxX

    More and more of us are starting to feel the light listening to music like this.

  66. Kevin VR


  67. Dani San

    Emma & Armin.. The best of the trance...

  68. Mark Hammond

    beeeesssstt song now

  69. Ibraheem Abu Kaff

    to the Extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme

  70. Dmitry Dimm

    my favorite track

  71. Eugen Trance

    ORIGINAL MIX emma cool

  72. Kunal

    That melody at 3:27 and than on...ohh gives me the chills!!Beautiful

  73. Rafał Kondratiuk

    ten kawałek jest świetny

  74. Aryan Dedoncker

    One of my fav d jays !!!!!!!!!

  75. Miya Seo

    ♥\(◕ ‿ ◠)/♥˚ ✰* ★

  76. saddam hossin

    woow is vary good dj . 3:56 crazy chapter

  77. Hernan Gonzalez

    love Emma Hewitt voice !!!

  78. Clint Benson

    Everything before 2:15 is garbage


    And then after listening to the main amazing part 100 times it loses its flare. The crappier build-up intro makes you appreciate the main part even more and makes it that much more awesome. Makes you hunger for the main part more :P


    Then just listen to radio edits because most tracks have that kind of build up in the beginning and end 

    Rick Darren

    your definitely not a DJ to say that :)

    Danilo Kovacevic

    Make that bass line and than we can talk about producing...

  79. asocoyera

    RPM 61 !!

  80. Ron Summers

    Crucify remixed by Rafael Barreto is far better...

  81. alyaa abomira

    this aint music this is heaven :)

  82. Helen M

    Armin forever!!! Emma, you have a wonderful voice!

  83. young kim

    Trance! Trance! The one and only thing that i believe in

  84. sam malbon

    OMG to this : )))))))

  85. shankar viswanath


  86. orpheeb82

    I love this song so much....takes my mind into another dimension 

  87. Rahul Patel

    just so lovely!

  88. ZimmyMTB

    loved it at ultra!!!

  89. Konrad Piotrowski

    2 minutes are broken... i expected something more than this...

    Josh W

    Agreed, I just FF to 2:12.