Armin Van Buuren - Drowning Lyrics

Pull me under
The world is at my feet
It’s no wonder

Your eyes speak to me
They tell me be calm
They tell me be strong

Swimming out so deep
Now I can’t breathe
And it’s exactly where I belong

Cause it feels like a run of a lifetime
And nothing’s gonna save us now
Let the waves come crashing down

Cause it feels like I’m right for the first time
And everytime I take you in
I feel my heart skip a beat again

I am drowning in your love
Cause I’m drowning in your love

It’s taking over
There is no in between till I find me some cover

The tide is coming, I don't know if I can take it
I lose my focus, lose my focus
With every breath I feel my inhibition breaking
I can’t control it, no no no…

Cause it feels like a ride of a lifetime
And nothing’s gonna save us now
Let the waves come crashing down

Cause it feels like I’m right for the first time
And everytime I take you in
I feel my heart skip a beat again
I’m drowning in your love

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Armin Van Buuren Drowning Comments
  1. Adrian Adrian

    Song at the outro ?

  2. KB IIN

    2019 still listening❤

  3. Aldo Capja

    Miss this time

  4. Lucas Matheus

    When Avicii breaks The point of his carrer...

  5. mark anderson

    What's the song at the last few seconds of the video?

  6. Zbigniew Moczymorda


  7. 鸟人DODO

    2019 from malaysia !!!!

  8. Buk Queiroz

    Thanks Tim, we miss you brother

  9. Brad


  10. No Vivi

    Does anybody knwo the outro music name please ? :)

  11. A B

    Such cool music...... memories

  12. Tinneke1 W

    RIP Tim ❤️🦋 😢Beautiful🔝⭐️🌷🌹

  13. Ravi Tej

    what is the name of the song that comes in the end?

  14. video-S-music


  15. LazerFreeze

    All three of the girls are attractive.

  16. Duval Muñoz

    Avicii - R.I.P.
    Armin Van Buuren in Tomorroland 2018, Tribute of Avicii, A Sky Full Stars

  17. Emmanuel Espinosa

    R.I.P Avicii 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. David Stoughton

    August 2019??

  19. L H

    Two DJ Gods and Legends AVICII and Armin Van Buuren 2019.

  20. L H

    Beautiful Song 2019.

  21. TendoPein6

    Whats the outr song?


    Marcus Maison & Will Dragen - Another dimension

  22. Pranav Dubey

    Can anyone tell me the song(trance) that plays at the outro of this video?


    Marcus Maison & Will Dragen - Another dimension

  23. Bio Nemesis

    very beautiful song, but the video is very generic and ordinary... it should have had to be with storyline about love or at least going with the lyrics

  24. Nando Tejera


  25. Niklas Rose

    Rest in Peace Avicii. This Remix is one of his best works ever and one of my favorites.

  26. es la BOA

    2019? Like?

  27. shinji112

    Missed. Not forgotten.

  28. Karolina krzenciesa

    One of The Best Dj in The World

  29. Here is my instagram 000tommy

    Was is it on ultra 2019?

  30. Renáta Cseh

    My favourite Armin sound with Avicii. RIp you genius!

  31. silvie fizková

    Beautiful song

  32. Indra Satria


  33. Kelvin Watt

    if he is alive right now,he will be able to produce better drops.I miss you avicii

  34. Mike Wadkins

    47 Meters Down brought me here <3

  35. kevin

    2019 anyone?

  36. The Hurricane

    The song is good. The video is shat.

  37. G L

    Both Armin and Avicii are Legends

  38. Maaj Ooo

    2019? ❤️❤️❤️

  39. Venom YT

    Avicii te extraño

  40. EmmarTH MaxiMano


  41. Edward C

    Who’s the girl in white?


    lorena rae

  42. Man Cia


  43. Andres Shamis


  44. Colourful 999 Real


  45. Diego Marques

    2019 😭😭😭

  46. DFrizzleNizzle


  47. Hedgehog3342

    RIP Avicii. Love this remix.

  48. Steven Mwangi

    This is my best Avicii track honestly R.I.P.

  49. Adventurer 2.0

    R.I.P EDM LEGEND😢😢😢😢😢

  50. Jhorfrank Perez

    Anyone listen this in december 2018? Desde Venezuela respetos #Avicii #Legend

  51. Piotr Sztejkowski

    armin come back sunrise festival please

  52. Nidhal Haddad


  53. kennethh_c

    Timeless masterpiece...

  54. Christian Cuecuesha

    This song is of armin van buuren
    Dont of avicii 😒😒😒

    g z

    This is avicii remix 😒❤

  55. Joe Hew

    Rest in peace Avicii 😭😭😭

  56. Ľudovít Didi


  57. Brandon Trejo

    Todos te extrañan viejo😔porque te fuiste Avicii.

  58. Mcky

    What a sweet melody my angel Avicii..... RIP.

  59. juan david ante garcia

    RIP Avicii :(

  60. Filipek Freestyle

    There is no day that I would not listen to it 😭😭😍

  61. Leni

    Every song who has Avicii in it is a masterpiece

  62. Daniel Q. Quintanilla

    (Avicii Remix) THE BEST...

  63. Eni MG

    When Avicii could make a better remix of one Armin's song

  64. alan franco

    Muito bom !!!

  65. cool and good

    I love you Tim

  66. Android - Marshmello

    R.I.P Avicii.

  67. radhika kaul

    Which song 3:35?

  68. Leo Duarte

    R.I.P. Tim Bergling

  69. snake.

    po dziś dzień dreszcze na ciele nie znikają, kiedy ten numer w głośnikach brzmi.

  70. mikanixx31

    Avicii for eternity

  71. Marius CIprian Tamas

    me,myself,ipod,greece,athens,love you all

  72. Marco Lenzo

    I'll never get fed up of this track. It's really a pity such a young talent has been exploited and burnt. Tim will always have my respect. RIP

  73. Vash Ish

    2011 to present ;) ;)

  74. Brian Cardinal

    i lose my focus mmmm love that line

  75. Daniel

    This song got me through some rough times. RIP

  76. Shiva Vignesh

    Best DJ of this Decade

  77. Derik

    rip avicii 💙

  78. Muhammad Toyib

    RIP AVICII....

  79. Eire Abu

    Love this remix RIP Avicci you legend

  80. Marta Piwowarczyk

    AVICII 💔😢

  81. Mdnzzz

    2018 !!! AVICII forever ❤️🔝

  82. soyjuanisidro

    Oh tim 😖

  83. Blacklion13

    💔RIP TIM


    never a new avicii beat:(

  85. malcolm adderley

    Amazing, a lyrical carpet ride to bliss by laura v a
    Powerhouse and the 7 foot
    Tower of trance army of
    One, van buren!

  86. ozan ekici

    had looked for comments that if wrote rip avicii or not. RIP AVICII

  87. Marciel Oliveira

    What a music!!!

  88. Federico Belvedere


  89. Moni Moraga

    Tim gaved soul to this track 😔

  90. Erick Elimelec Coronado Dominguez

    Todavia no lo superó, Tim i love

  91. patricia browne

    avicii is the absolute king of melody!! legend !