Armin Van Buuren - Down To Love Lyrics

It's down to love tonight
This is where we are
As we turn into the light
Let's make it last

It's down to love tonight
This is where we are
As we turn into the light
Let's make it last

Make it last
Let's make it last

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Armin Van Buuren Down To Love Comments
  1. I FIORA

    Bla bla bla bla bla ya ya ya ya

  2. Dr Mahendra Gaikwad's Homoeopathic Health Clinic

    Armin and Ana combination can create beauty.. only...Down to Love is phenomenal.

  3. Sergii Dilan


  4. şimal yildizi

    bu parçayı çok seviyorum

  5. Dani Lunatik

    Brutal 🥰😍

  6. Recyclops

    Shit armin produces today as compared to this

    C B

    Totally agree, i don't understand why. I mean it's cool to balance a bit but go in a different style of what you are the best at is weird. Much of his new songs i don't even listen to. Mirage album together with imagine are still the best ever created by any

  7. Antonio Nascimento

    linda musica

  8. Dicky Saputra

    Owwh great !

  9. Martijn

    Dank je Armin

  10. Gina Nitu

    The best music, I love Armin super voice AnaCriado

  11. Carlito Nèg Bab La

  12. William Aleman


  13. Yosser Karamosly

    Best of the best 💞

  14. 6666666666666666666

    Like si escuchas está canción del año 2010, en el año 2050 😁

  15. Zagor Zagorakis

    ... beautifull 🙌🙌👍

  16. Causio Monteiro

    Armin Van Buuren best DJ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  17. Grey G.

    Está CHINGONA. 😎🎧🎶🎵

  18. Risitarace

    Damn, this song comes from another dimension

  19. Laurent Fleury

    Very very beautiful song Armin and Ana the best association

  20. Jeff Burnett

    Best song

  21. Daniel

    Short version is great, extended version is awesome!

  22. Diego Salas

    Armin the best of the best

  23. Budi Rain


  24. Yacine Gs

    World of euphoria .......💔

  25. Niall Lambert

    💚💚💚💚💚 happy saint patricks day from Ireland

  26. joop de Klein

    No Is the Time to love this ok try to push up ok

  27. Açık Hava Tımarhanesi

    beautiful tune.

  28. Humberto Perez

    Buena música

  29. Cele Donata

    This is real trance 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  30. Андрей Сторожук

    The best Armin song on my mind, unfortunately it wasn't in any of ASOT tops of the year:(
    This sound is just something amazing

  31. Mass Mam

    Wow! One of Armin's greatest track, so Underrated <3
    Great vocals Ana :-)

  32. Chia Ling Ong


  33. Salim Salimo

    Ilove this music

  34. Sebastian M

    The best sensation l ever had listening this top track and voice of Ana CRiADO

  35. Janne S

    Armin go please back to mirage style... this album was so great.... forget now style pop music shit...

  36. Muhammad Faraz

    pretty cool vocals with massive bassline

  37. angelo ridolfo


  38. Asad Ali Shah570

    the best of vocal trance music ever..!!

  39. Foxtrot Alpha

    Mind blowing

  40. Louis Garceau

    THE BEST SONG , POWER MACHINE ! Montreal , Quebec , CANADA !

  41. Carlos Rodríguez

    One of Armin's greatest!

  42. Rogelio Morales


  43. sajmosia

    Beautiful execution, reminds me of the childhood and J.M.Jarre played on first walkman named Kajtek :)

  44. Piotr Szczepaniak

    That was maximum sound for my ears, like the best of my life !!! :)

  45. Sebastian M

    Top track Armin truely and deep sensation:-)Great job

  46. Serkan

    get a sugar and listen this:P

  47. Areeb Siddique Muhammad

    Hit track, AVB !!

  48. gaston naveja


  49. Moora2564

    The triple A's : Ana ,Armin ,and Armada are very dangerous on your mind !!

  50. Zgjim Xharra

    This is LIFE!!!!!

  51. Víctor Molina

    👏 👏 👏 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👏

  52. Mario Limas

    I'm your follower always been a follower I bought two CDs almost every song made it and I've always listen to that music I love Armada!!!!

  53. hamza scorpion


  54. Messany Recordings

    I love this track <3

  55. Vicky Venning

    ana crido she a good singer he picks the right singers i think ana crido is the best singer he dj with she got good beats fair play i love his trance he fantasic

  56. Amine khouatir

    this is where we are !

  57. felipe trance

    Since the first time i listened this tune in 2010, I said it.  This is the real beauty of vocal trance,
    the last years the new vocal trance songs sound like pop or house tunes.
    but tunes like this one capture the essence of trance,

    Gideon Higher Self

    +felipe trance Indeed this is pure trance. A reason for which I stick close to Armada music.

    abhijeet rai

    awesome eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Juan Alberto Gomez

    totally agree with ya

  58. South_BR__

    Im high as a motherfucker

    aurora Dogliotti

    South_BR__ beautiful

  59. tadeusz zatuszek

    fuck it's awesome!

  60. Hideuchi

    やっぱ、ダウン トゥ ラブ
    ♪(´ε` )

  61. sanman1757

    into my phone from second 0:01....fucking awesome  track

  62. Lemeknwya Khani

    weed take you to another level on this track armin you are lovee ...

    multiverse specimen

    +Black Heart! precisely

  63. Arda Thelol

    Weeds doesn't take me so high!

    Allen Shaw

    i agree with you its a brilliant driving track too,just keep playing it back in my car.

    Arda Thelol

    @Allen Shaw I just hope you don't close your eyes to enjoy it bro XD

  64. Arda Thelol

    I understand people saying that they cried, that music is damn deep! You close your eyes and put it high in your headphones you don't even give a fuck of what's going on around you, you just freaking fly!

    Jonathan Espinosa

    Totally agree bro!


    You don't have to go and do some crazy ass stunt to get the adrenalin affect, this gives it in spades. Wicked. Theme park rides also cost money too and this is free!!!!


    Amen to that ! \:D/

  65. Miguel Barajas

    armin and ana love them both this is music in fack this will only be allow to play in the world

  66. multiverse specimen

    This Eargasmic vocal gives Shivers across my spine...and the marvelous melody 1:45.

    Grey G.

    Me pasa lo mismo en el minuto 1:45.

  67. Lars H

    Epic track!

    john goti

    @emanon 5924  he is all right... ur right @emanon 5924 !!!??? u know what is music or u know what is real vocal trance music!!!???????

  68. manobike2000


  69. MrPtiloupfr


  70. arminvanbuurenitaly


  71. Jenny Terry

    <3 A R M I N <3

  72. Ayush Mathur

    really why??

  73. Bri-Man

    What the fuck? Why?

  74. telali31

    Wait so avb produced this like shogun produced skyfire? I thought he was just a dj, lol now I know why hes the best

  75. marwan aldhabi


  76. S P


  77. Jehanzaib Khan

    i was just thinking the same thing

  78. zotobo123321514

    Wonderful track!!



  80. איתי בר-לב

    Pure Genius...

  81. Juan Sebas

    amazing song :'D

  82. איתי בר-לב

    In loop mode....over and over again....what a bassline....

  83. Jehanzaib Khan

    out of the 7K 1 dislike by justin bieber or david shutta

  84. Bear head


  85. Juan Sebas

    I cry :')

  86. Miguel Jaramillo

    Love your hair Ana!