Armin Van Buuren - Always Lyrics

Stars that light the night
Are free from time
I find my way

I will be in time
The same as the stars
I'll burn away

Watching through the window
Calling to you
I just want to go

Wanting to be near you
Coming to you
I want you to know

I will be

And I can see right through
Beyond the blue
The end is you

Now, eternity
You're reaching for me
We'll burn away

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Armin Van Buuren Always Comments
  1. Dawid Kazimierczuk

    goosebumps :>

  2. Christian Verhoeve

    Beste track on the album by far! Have been playing this over and over again, never gets old.

    Nisarg Thakkar

    Runaway feat. Candace sosa is good too..

    Christian Verhoeve

    @Nisarg Thakkar yes. Thats my second favorite. "Song I sing", when you skip the first half, is also great. And "Miles away" had a lot of potential, if the vocal timing wasn't messed up...

  3. SharlesTCB

    I don't like this moment: 2:20 yo 2:30

  4. Trance to Live Live to Trance


  5. Nik Kalinovic

    🙌🏾 hits your soul

  6. Rahmouni Ferdaous

    Just Brilliant ! ❤

  7. Fardeen HS

    The album is quite good but for sure I'm convinced that we will never see the same avb again, the one who release the album mirage.

  8. Amihai Gal


  9. Adriana L.

    che Armin, hasta que te la rifas....

  10. Patrick _530

    This voice! :)

  11. Ciucio Belo

    This tune is such a banger

  12. Alican Kara

    Best best best 😎😎

  13. Kaloyan Georgiev

    Its amazing Armin

  14. Eric de la Vega

    The best track of the album so far

  15. Joshua Rybka

    Pure fucking amazing ❤🤘🏽 thanks for another amazing track!

  16. Erick Anibal Tubac Bajxac

    Each track is like
    Oh this is the best track hahahha every track is insane such a great job by the legendary Armin Van Buuren

  17. Tinneke1 W

    ❤️❤️🎶🔥Mega muziek 🔝🎹🎶🎵🎺⭐

  18. Abhijeet Das

    Awesome track. The hardworking melody legend❤

  19. RevolutionPhoenix

    What an amazing song <3

  20. Rajesh nagarajan

    AVB™ BT - Superb

  21. Carmen Regalado Sanchez

    Gracias po transmitir con tu música, esa energía que por lo menos yo necesito.

  22. Kronickillness Nikolaos

    2:18 nice rise up to 2:30 an epic drop

  23. Kronickillness Nikolaos

    Nice smoother amazing production. Oh I've heard part of it as a mash up in I think untold or another set it was only played once that I'm aware of amyway or it was a 1st idk. But dope track love this one

  24. Gabriel Leandro García


  25. Jamie Collins

    i love c:

  26. Rahul Kale

    Such a legendary collab 😍🔥🙌

  27. hosam salem

    The best of all
    It makes me powerful and happy
    Always the king of trance

  28. Danny Raposo

    Armin my complimants on your new album. I always been a big fan of yours.

  29. MRNIKUSHA101

    U doing hipnoze to poeople so they will spent much money? good trick armin goood

  30. MRNIKUSHA101

    Armin r u trying to do us hipnoze with ur black and white colors?

  31. MRNIKUSHA101

    I see u can make quality tracks today

  32. MRNIKUSHA101

    I listened to it and i must say that this track is noot baaad armin noot baaaad

  33. MRNIKUSHA101

    Armin we need more cool and powerful track then this more energy armin more put more energy and u will get more money trust me 😉

  34. MRNIKUSHA101

    Armin this white and black shit hurts my eyes

  35. theHOPELESSworld

    TUUUUUNE ! ! !

  36. christian ngugi

    song i sing was perfect

  37. fredricful emilsen


  38. Alex Navarro


  39. Elena Luca

    Amazing tune and beautiful voice great collab love it 🎶🔥🔥🙌❤️❤️❤️

  40. SC Kary


  41. Andres Monroy

    Buena cancion

  42. عبدالله الفقيه

    I like his music. Armin Van Buuren is my favorite DJ.

  43. Oùssama Mar

    Amaaazing love this track 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  44. AsilSilver


  45. Зинаида Пулукчу

    Зажигает настроение!!!Расжигает вдохновение!!!Армин Ван Бюрен!!!Люблю тебя!!!❤❤❤

  46. Brahim Houkad

    Love music tooooop arminn

  47. doritoshas94chips

    Decent track tbh... but still, it's AvB and BT!

  48. Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    Love this track.

  49. Claude Monete


  50. Alex Villafuerte

    Que temaso 👏🏻 el mejor

  51. Daiva Galiauskiene

    Love this

  52. William

    Awesome i like this song ♥️💪

  53. CESC7

    Ya se extrañaba una buena colaboración entre Armin & BT 👏🔥

  54. 정타이타니움

    rnasterpiece damn good

  55. Tim Herrera

    By one of your best .. And collabarating with BT..its like brings tears of joy to my soul. Thanks you of my the best out their so far.

  56. 신하준

    I love & respect you amin ! from south korea.

  57. mohamed boukhary

    No armin this not good

    Rik Wolters

    Trance purist? Then fuck off. Wrong address mate.

  58. Morghen

    Such a magical track!

  59. Ana FS

    Masterpiece Armin i love this ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  60. Greenmine_TV 1896

    best of all

  61. Nicole Aly

    Love this track!!!!!!🤗🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  62. Lisa Mon

    Mi track fav

  63. DjShabi

    loved it

  64. Vivek Joseph

    1:56 feels like someone farted through a synth....!!!!.... absolutely horrible

  65. Igor Filipjev

    One of the best tracks on album.

  66. Carmen Regalado Sanchez

    Muy buen tema, como siempre, pero ya sé que nunca veré un festival en directo. No puedo juntar esa pasta😭😭😭😭😭

    Elena León Matute

    Yo en 7 meses lo he visto dos veces en España y no es tan caro.

    Carmen Regalado Sanchez

    @Elena León Matute .Hola Elena. Cuanto te costaron las entradas? Es que a mí los problemas de salud me cuestan casi 200€ al mes, y a eso le tendría que sumar la entrada.

  67. hidden nugget

    Who else just l💗ves Armin

  68. Pringles S.

    Armin vs. Don Diablo 😎😏🔥

  69. Andrew Dawson

    This track was given me goosebumps was loving the vocals everything was going good up until 1.56 then things went horribly wrong 😢hopefully there will be a remix of this track it has potential 👌

    Raymond Leggs

    its a saw stab with reverb and decay not a horn

    Andrew Dawson

    This track could of been awesome tho hoping the remix will be better !! Enjoyed some of the balance album wasn’t bad at all

    DJ Kurosaki

    @jarra gulla Can you confirm this? Cause honestly, for as good as this track sounds, the drop does kind of hurt it a little, and I would much prefer an alternate mix if there is going to be one!

    jarra gulla

    @DJ Kurosaki Yes BT himself mention ttlhat he is working on a remix
    I hope to be released soon but also in the album there are many good songs actually trance

    Jaime Martinez

    @xFlyingFlip For me it ended at 1:56 xd I expected a more proggy trance drop with a nicer and more complex melody

  70. Hospital Merliot

    sos lo maximo armin te amo

  71. Eduardo Saldivar


  72. Goro Sanchez

    BT? OMG 😍😍😍

  73. Robert Stachnik

    Excellent vibe! BIG LIKE AWESOME🔥🔥🔥💗💗💗🙌🙌🙌

  74. Sam

    I'm enjoying each and every day of my life since the album Balance has been released 😊😊 Plus its Festive season in my place here so works perfectly together!
    God Bless you Armin and your loved ones 😍😍😚😚🙏🙏❤❤

    Fardeen HS

    I'm a bit disappointed now. Comparing those previous album to now

  75. Ray Shen

    Am I the only one who think the melody in 1:56 feels like ''Hardwell - Eclipse''?

  76. Roronoa Zoro

    Que t paso armin antes eras chevere

  77. Benjmin Peter


  78. Tharun J Prasad

    Album Balance is always a balance . Superb collection by AVB 😘

  79. Shah Zaman Norazainn Nor Azmi


  80. AD Bros


  81. Enzo Longobardi

    Masterpiece. Balance is incredible!

  82. Jesus Marcos

    Don diablo🤪

  83. Mandy Lane


  84. Stefanie Hafenmayr


  85. Sergio Tatis Anaya

    Que buena canción, es muy emotiva pero a la vez provoca bailar... me hace viajar al pasado, al Armin Del 2012 :D

    yoved mercury

    Así no era el Armin del 2012

  86. кант отец демократии

    Ух-ты 👌👌👌

  87. kusnadiary

    one and only favorite trance in this new album

    Jeffrie Diaz Ramos

    there are actually 10 trance songs in the album pretty decent but im glad he still maintain his style

    Rik Wolters

    @Jeffrie Diaz Ramos 10? I counted 12 (if you count in Turn Me Up and Revolution). Those tracks also sound Trancy to me.

  88. soul

    Que difícil elegir sólo un track favorito de éste álbum, excelentes mashup ARMIN.!! ♥️♥️ 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  89. Fabian Camargo

    A Masterpiece :') <3 That sounds amazing!

  90. Toni van Laar

    Who else uses a lot of always? 🚽 🤣

  91. Matien Azemy


  92. Valentino Lau

    Just saying hi, nothing to see here since I'm binging his whole album than!


    Nice song

  94. Marco OnlineTV

    Only vocal trance on Balance !

    Rik Wolters

    It is not a 100% Trance album.

  95. Daniel Mesa


  96. Eli J

    Beautiful ❤️👍

  97. NOTEGLUE Music

    Who else just loves trance music?