Armiger, Katie - Playing With Fire Lyrics

My friends say you're messing
With my mind, but I'm already crazy and
I feel fine
As I cross this line between wrong and right
You can't put this out like a cigarette
Cause I'm already lit and this ain't done yet
I'll just bet you're something I won't forget

It's like being in the eye of a hurricane
With the wind and rain crashing all around me
I'm drawn like a moth to flame
Oh and after this I won't be the same
I know you're like playing with fire but I like the burn

Momma said I should cut and run
That I'm on the wrong end of this smoking gun
All wrapped up, what's done is done
I could see it coming from a mile away
I could feel the heat, but there's no escape
Burn me down, I don't do things halfway


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Armiger, Katie Playing With Fire Comments
  1. Not So Beauty Queen

    Why can't I find her on Spotify 😭

  2. Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings

    Thursday, December 13, 2012

    Were I to ‘Come Back’… ‘they would not ‘be interested’ – in My offerings for their souls.

    Jesus said: The whole ‘point, of the Testimony’, my children, is to show, all of Heaven, and you both here on Earth: that were I to ‘Come Back’; were I ‘to Return’ – and ‘give people My words, ‘on a Golden Platter’; and give them, ‘the recipe for Salvation’; and give them, ‘the opportunity’, to attend ‘the Wedding Feast’ – that they, ‘would not’; that ‘they would not come’!; that ‘they would not ‘be interested’ – in My offerings for their souls.

    ‘The enemy’ offers them ‘this world; and ‘his kingdom’… while they forfeit their souls

    ‘The enemy’ offers them ‘this world; and ‘his kingdom’; and, ‘the temporary comforts of it’ – while they forfeit their souls My children. The Testimony is ‘not to be received’ by man. Why did I send you Jonah? – as ‘an example’, of ‘what is about to happen’ to people – of ‘what is to befall them’. Why, did I send you Our Mother? – and the Saints? – to give people, the opportunity, to say “yes”! – to heed ‘words of warning’, and maternal wisdom’. Why did I send ‘the unborn’? – so that people would respond and turn back to me? My children, why is ‘the mark of the beast’ coming this Christmas? – if there was still hope – for them to still be able ‘to receive the Testimony’ – before then? How can I bring about ‘the Close of this Age’, if everyone was ‘to turn back’; if everyone was to repent?

    The Testimony is… ‘the formula for salvation’.

    The Testimony is not so much a formality’, as it is ‘the formula for salvation’. And it has been given – in ‘this time’, where ‘no one is able to receive’ (- save the two of you), save the children. They are My Faithful Remnant – the small ones – the ones who do not ‘identify with sin’; and the ones, I have preserved – through grace. Why do you think people are murdering their children? Because they want, ‘My Graces to flow to their souls? – or they want children, to bring ‘innocence and purity’ into the World? Well then, I told you before, “This place is Sodom and Gomorrah to me, and must be destroyed” in part, and fully renewed.

    “All people are chaff”

    Remember, I told you, “All people are chaff”. I was ‘dropping hints’ to you ‘along the way’ as to ‘how sad it really is’. People are worse, now, than they ever were, throughout ‘all of History’ – they are ‘so much worse ‘than Roman times’. For before ‘the Fall of Rome’, phallic symbols, were worshiped and idolized; ‘the form of man’ became ‘a god’ to them; wickedness and depravity, permeated – every facet – of their society. So the Empire fell, and fell hard!

    It is ‘even worse than that’

    You are reaching ‘that point’ now, My children, in this day and age. But it is ‘even worse than that’, because now, there are ‘child exploitations’ – rampant throughout the World. People, enjoy ‘watching pornography’, and ‘objectifying others’ – for their own sinful lusts! ‘Adultery’ is climbing. ‘The divorce rate’ has never been this high in all of History. Sexual ‘visuals’ and ‘innuendos’ are ‘everywhere’ – and children are being ‘bombarded with them’ especially; how hard it is for them, to ‘hold on to their innocence’. Mothers and fathers are ‘hating their children’ on a regular basis – giving them over to ‘demons and illusions’ at a young age.

    Why should I not come to destroy this Earth?

    Why should I not come to destroy this Earth? Give Me some good reasons why I shouldn’t send My Comet – of Justice? [- silence, long silence] Why should I hold it back any longer? – as these people have ‘provoked Me to Anger’. They are ‘demigods’ in their own eyes – all of them! What, shall I do, to ‘this People on Earth’? Grant them Peace? “Peace” is for ‘people of good-will’! But these people, are ‘willing evil’! So they shall receive ‘no Peace from Me’, this Christmas.

    Joy, to the World?!... they are ‘only fooling themselves’

    Joy, to the World?! Our Savior is Born?! People, do not ‘sing this’, from their hearts! And why? Because they do not live, as though, I was ‘their Savior’. Because ‘sin’, I will not Bless! Their pastors may tell them I do – but I don’t!! Their pastors, may reassure them of My love, for their souls. But I hate their wickedness, and their ‘depravities’ – so blind, people of the Earth have become! Because they cannot see, ‘how much they offend me’ – because they choose ‘not to’. And they bury ‘all Truth’, with ‘false externals’. I can see through ‘many masks’. And they are ‘only fooling themselves’.

    They will ‘spiral into oblivion’

    So if peoples’ refusal, to ‘spread my Word’, in order to help their neighbor, and themselves... (- of course, I could ‘already foresee’ – their response – a billion years ago! And I have mine ‘ready and waiting’ this Christmas Day’). The people are going to be ‘devoured by fire’. They did not like ‘the fire of Truth’ – flowing through My Testimony. And many, are already experiencing ‘the beast state’. They think they can escape ‘My Justice’. But I am ‘reaching in to all the institutions around the World’ – that ‘the mark of the beast’ may be upon them’. For as Elijah has said to you both – they have ‘beastly natures’ – without My love to guide them. They will ‘spiral into oblivion’. They can’t go deep enough! People can still repent if they choose to.

    #christmas #2012

    video uploaded by: Just For Laughs Gags
    Publicerades den 25 dec. 2012

  3. Cee Tee

    i seen her at the fizz in sheffield when she did muscle shoals to music row live. that was right about the time luke bryan played at louie louie's at the webster. now THAT is a hotel. lol..

    Misty Hazlett

    she is my favorite

  4. CraftyChica

    I've known people like this. They burnt me a few times before I learned my lesson. The scars remind me to be more careful.

  5. xxXNakedEmpireXxx

    Why put lyrics in info instead of the video?? -__-

  6. stephanie rudisill

    Love this song

  7. RockinCountryGirl101

    Can you do other of her songs from her album? None of them are on youtube.