Armiger, Katie - Man I Thought You Were Lyrics

Lay down and I try to close my eyes
Pictures dancing, memories gone by
Wonder if it's this hard for you at night
Every now and then I find something you left
My heart stops until I catch my breath
And I can't forget you yet

Cause you're a summer sun in a cold winter breeze
Gives you just enough to knock you off your feet
And I fell like you can only fall the first time
You would tear me down just to build me back up
Leave me praying that you loved me just as much
And the truth wasn't what I deserved
So much, for the man I thought you were

I bet she's not too different from me
A trusting heart just yearning to believe
Every idealistic dream
A perfect man, a perfect fantasy
She can wish, but you will never be
No you'll never be, what she needs


I wish I could tell her everything she put me through
But I can't hate her, cause I know she'll find out soon


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Armiger, Katie Man I Thought You Were Comments
  1. Amiee Bombery

    Love this song 💗

  2. mylovewillneverend

    Great Song, Thanks For Sharing It

  3. Kaitlyn Olson

    I can so relate to this song!! I love it!!

  4. nemesisgenius

    I thought this was going to be a radio single. One of the best songs of this album. It's only a matter of time Katie Armiger will be a country music superstar. All she needs is that breakthrough top 5 smash and #1's to follow and it will happen. She's a late bloomer like Reba was.

  5. Brioney Bleck

    i love her voice

  6. Daiana Damacus

    Thanks so much for these songs.

  7. Tyler Paterson

    I love this song ^_^