Armiger, Katie - Let Him Go Lyrics

The invitation came yesterday
It took my breath away
All the memories came racing back
An endless attack
Friends forever he and I
But I held a secret
Hidden deep inside

And I've been holdin' on
To a love that never was
How can I mourn a dream
That didn't happen between us
And I'm the only one that knows
I've got to let him go

I never told him how I felt
I kept my feelings to myself
I was so afraid of what he'd say
I kept the truth locked away
But when I look into his eyes
I can't help but feeling
I'm losing him this time

And I've been holdin' on
To a love that never was
How can I mourn a dream
That didn't happen between us
And I'm the only one that knows
I've got to let him go

The preacher speaks now or forever
Our last chance to be together

And I'll let go
Of a love that never was
How can I mourn a dream
That didn't happen between us
And I'm the only one that knows
I've got to let him go

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Armiger, Katie Let Him Go Comments
  1. Adriana Tostado

    This song reminds me of my first Love Daryl.... I haven't talked to him in a few years . but i still think about him and i still love him. But i know i gotta let him go 💔

  2. Jessica Mclaughlin

    It reminds me of my ex and he now married

  3. Tapasya Baidya

    the lyrics is very truly written that happen in the real life

  4. Stewart Sisley

    I can relate. Just hold onto what you believe and know, it's his loss. I know it's easier said than done, but what else can you do? This is what I tell/told myself when I had to let the woman of my dreams go.

  5. bmmt06

    This song brings back feelings of the love of my life that I had to let go when he called me to tell me he was getting married to someone else. I was crushed!

  6. kimberly campbell

    I lost my best friend to day because I told him how I really felt l

  7. LynettaaShay

    Song fits me to the t

  8. illumina hearts

    The guy who I like told me he was leaving and was moving back to NYC and I was heartbroken and it was on Valentine's day. And I was heartbroken for a few days.

  9. Dominique Johnson

    Sometimes I think I am worthless. I was a shy person who didn't say much to anyone. Then he came along and started to talk to me, we developed a good friendship for 9 years.
     Until early this year I started liking him a lot more. I wanted to be more than friends with him, so I tried  gaining confidence I started to talking to people I did this by joining a drama club and it turns out I am good at it, so good that I got a part in a skit and  I made new friends as well.
    Eventually as time progressed, I gained the confidence to confess my feeling to him. We met by the Church (hey that where our friendship began) I though maybe a new chapter would begin for us being a couple. well turns out he doesn't not have the same feelings I have for him. I feel completely crushed, broken and sad maybe because I read the signs wrong. Now, I seldom see him it's like he is avoiding me.I think I lost a friend but somehow I gained experiences I never thought was possible.Wow I just poured my heart out there, 9 years ago I won't have done this. I need to let him go

    Eileen F

    You will let him go, but you will hold that love in your heart for the rest of your life, you will love again, please believe me, I have been just where you are now, he is not your last love,it hurts now, that will make you a stronger person, you have had a year now, I hope it is getting easier to live without him, trying to keep him as a friend would be really hard on your heart, You have so many people new in your life, I hope you didn't let them go instead of him.  Bless you and your new friends, hope it is better by now.  I didn't notice at first that you posted your post a year ago, Hope you are much better now.

    Dominique Johnson

    @Eileen F  Thank you for your kind words. I have moved on and I have gained new friends. I like that you said that he is not my last love because that is what I keep hope that there is someone there for me. I hope that one day I will meet that person.

  10. ihsswifty

    Tears in my eyes, SO relatable!

  11. J Cole

    Kasper & Spen (Rebel Music) - So You Know

  12. megan cheek

    Every sad song makes me think of him

  13. megan cheek

    When I heard this song it made me think of my ex Chris he was dumb and got married last August when I was back but it was too late and it hurts and what's worse is she already has a daughter by another guy and now he is going to be a daddy and is turning 23 and married to a 32 year old woman

  14. Heather Hurteau

    Seriously how I'm feeling right now

  15. Chenyrene2013

    Oh, ended up getting over it and all the cheating he did. . . he left me though.

  16. Madelyn Leach

    ...or maybe you dont love him as much as you thought you did. if your willing to throw him away over one thing.

  17. Kristen Davis

    I felt like I could cry after I listened to this song the first time! I'm really glad I found this! The comments have me thinking too... This is so great!

  18. 4everCharmed8

    Maybe I will tell him if he ever decides to come back..even though I dont have those strong feelings anymore, I want to let him know and thank for making me feel this way becuz I never though I could fall for someone until I met him..even though nothing came of it, still you know...thank you for your story it really does means alot..

  19. Jessey Martin

    Always tell them..Its better to be told they dont love you back then going your whole liftetime wondering what would happen..Ive liked this guy for three years..And me being me let him know right thenand there in the beginning of 8th grade..We are in 10th grade and he still tells me how much he loves me..But we've never been together.We've never done anything.But I love him more than anyone..And we are both with other people.But I wouldnt change a thing and I dont regret telling him.

  20. 4everCharmed8

    I'm sorry I wasn't brave enough to tell him, who knows what would of happened but either way it was probably for the best...I'll always still care no matter what...I only wonder sometimes I could of been the right grl for him. Well only God knows...This song definetly gets me! Thank you Katie! I love this song!

  21. 4everCharmed8

    I was not sure if he felt the same way, but it doesnt matter now, because he moved away n found a great girl that he might married and once I saw how happy he was that was the day...I decided to let him go. I'm so glad that he found happiness...

  22. 4everCharmed8

    There was this guy, that I became friends with. Couple months later I started to have these strong feelings for him. Everytime I saw him I would glow like fireworks on the 4th of July, not a day goes by I would not smile everytime I was with him, I loved hanging out with him we were really good friends we had so much in common and we understood eachother. Because we were such good friends, I didn't want to ruin that. I was so afraid to go for him and it would fail.

  23. countrycutie2025

    This is my life this past year. I'm so glad I found this song.

  24. Chenyrene2013

    My boyfriend recently started smoking and he knows i not happy with it. So i said smoking or me being happy what do you want. He doesn't know. Maybe he doesn't love me as much as he says. I should let him go. I dont have a choice i am not happy.

  25. Smile047

    I'm pretty sure she's from Texas.

  26. Jewel Cannady

    I cried..alot

  27. Stephanie

    Saying goodbye isn't the hard part letting go is what kills you.

  28. María José Solórzano Castro

    I can relate to this song :'(

  29. Zoe Bogle

    my life :'(

  30. Jacklynn Sutherland

    This is my first time ever hearing odd because my best friend just messaged me...and he's married...and I have been in love with him for like five to six years...and we have always been best friends...and I haven't really heard from him since he got married...and talking to him now and hearing this makes me cry

  31. Kenzie Paige

    This is the 1st time I have heard this song, and it literally brought tears to my eyes. I am already in love with it...NEW FAVORITE SONG!(: <3

  32. Samantha Mazzola

    i've given him so many chances to be with me. he always says he cares about me but cant make a long distance relationship work. it's been way too long that i've been holding onto a "love that never was". i gotta let him go..

  33. izzi Pierce

    but just because he is in the priest hood it could still work out in the future i mean its not like with a nun were they have to choose

  34. izzi Pierce

    he knows i love him but.... hes off to college and im not
    i cant hold on to him any more

  35. Surasit Bupachat

    Pls don't be... He's gonna be happy with what he chose, so I'm sure u r so kind to let him go the way he decided though u made u feel upset sometimes.... Trust me, time can make u better... TC and god bless u... ;)

  36. Surasit Bupachat

    Have u ever thought of taking a risk telling him ur feeling?
    I just think if he knows ur real feeling he may change his mind for u.
    I know it's bad, but ppl can change their mind.
    He may think he's no one beside him so he wanna be a Priest but if it isn't the reason for his decision, I'm sorry for cheering u to say so.
    Well, if u think it's gonna end with his happiness that way, I'm really happy to see u and him happy this way too. He'll be in ur memories ever..... TC and god bless u.

  37. Surasit Bupachat

    Just love him without any conditions!!! Just love him......

  38. Surasit Bupachat

    It's hard for u I know. But the real love is giving... giving the happiness he wants. Look at him with ur admiring distance and u'll know he'll be in ur memory forever...

  39. mara235

    31 ys with someone -

  40. Kassandra Nash

    Me and my ex were together for almost a year when I found out that he had never broke up with his ex that he was with for 4 years. And I really shouldn't but I still love him, and it's time to let him go

  41. Kitsy Kat

    as much as it hurts to let him go i know i have to..i loved him so damn much with all my heart 18 now.he left when i was 17 when i got pregnant with his daughter..i gave up hes gone. its time to move on i have a baby to take care of. ill miss him like hell everyday of the rest of my life and ill always love him..but its time to let go of him. :'( but i know ill always love him.

  42. rocketgazer

    She made me cry! ;(

  43. CuntriGurl95

    im 17, i've had my fair share of cheaters and liars...but the last one really hurt me. We were best friends. i met him when i moved out of an abusive home. he was the one that got me to trust again..he was the one that opened up my heart and taught me how to love. we broke up the thursday before my birthday(last week), 2 days later i found he's been cheating on me, repeatedly for the last 2 months of our time together. i still love him, but it's time to let him go..

  44. andrea sypek

    This speaks to me for a lot of loves in my life, knowing that you have to let someone go is hard to live with & actually doing it is even harder, knowing you will both be better for it. My 1st husband cheated on me & I honestly tried to everything in the end I knew that I had to love myself enough to leave. My 2nd husband was so stuck in never changing that we out grew each other I had to spread my wings & he wouldn't let me fly, so I had to let him go.

  45. Yurrah Al-Hadi

    @4eversLoveAmanda OMG I feel like crying reading your story. The part about facebook is hurting the most. I'm with this guy, and I met this other guy who proposed to me. I didn't know what to do. i had started to like the new guy, but finally i told him that i cudnt marry him even tho i wanted to, i didnt want to hurt the guy that i was with. so thn the other guy told me he found someone else. it hurts bcuz i miss him a lot. im still with the my guy, but sometimes i wonder if i pick the right 1.

  46. NIC tonsoffun

    lol dont know why but frist 5 seconds i thought it was billy gillman singing lol shes got a deeper voice than him though

  47. BlueBloodedMina

    Finally I weep my broken heart out..thank you

  48. Lauren Smith

    @TexasCenaGurl :( im sorry girl

  49. KUiscaliente

    god i love music that describes exactly what you're going through....<3

  50. Alyssa

    @soccerchick30100 wow i cant believe i wrote that a month ago im so over him now... im not being rude to anyone this was my comment im replying to

  51. Cass R

    there is this guy that i liked and he says he likes me back, holds my hand and kisses me, but then he turns around and holds the hand of a different girl, but then tells me he loves me more and the first time i forgave him but now im just sick of it and getting over him. i can kind of do it in front of my friends, but when i'm alone with him i cant seem to do it...

  52. Alyssa

    I feel this way i need to let my ex go but i cant seem to do it... i can act like i have in front of my "friends" and family but when i'm alone i cant seem to do it... and the sad part is that he didn't even tell me why he was breaking up with me... LOVE SUCKS!!!

  53. Lauren Smith

    @TexasCenaGurl i know its really hard...ive been bffs with this guy since birth and ive given hints to him that i have feelings for him but he blows it off...

  54. Anna Squiggle

    like this comment if you love katie, and her amazinggg singing.!

  55. Lauren Smith

    @TexasCenaGurl Im going through the same thing girl...i understand im here for ya:)

  56. Lauren Smith storyyy

  57. EricaHonore

    shes amazing:)
    this song it exactly what i need to do, let him go.

  58. Abbie S

    @xemarie88x I am sooo with you I still want to call him but I always end up crying instead!

  59. Meredith Redman

    I swear she is talking about me when she thought up this song

  60. Jacoby Smith

    i tried to find a song tht fits me too!! i finally found one!! i got to let him go!! its not gone work between us anymore!!! it hurts like heck!!

  61. Megan Dubeau

    yeah im going to one of her shows on Saturday, i have both of her cd's i want her to sign, i didnt know they stopped pressing her first album, its such an awesome album

  62. jhoff1234

    I hope the label re-releases Katie's debut CD. They stopped pressing them after Believe came out. Katie was surprised when I brought the debut CD for her to sign at a show, wondering where I got it; I told her I bought it way back when.

    Now Katie is this close to breaking through and becoming a major country superstar. I wish more people had her first CD because it's incredible.

  63. danigrl91

    A wedding.She is in love with the guy but never told him and now he's getting married to someone else.

  64. Jessica Clymer

    this is such a pretty song!! i think it might be my new favorite!! it talks about what im going through sort of right now with my ex=(
    love stinks!! lol

  65. farwa rizvi

    the invitation came yesterday.

    that means the guy is getting married :)

  66. Nancy McKenzie

    Im going through this right...

  67. Lizzy Nagle

    i'm going through this right now..

  68. callmeeMJ

    you should put the lyrics

  69. dancecaptain13

    i can totally relate to this song

  70. Megan Dubeau

    this is one of my favorite songs off her album, i love it so much, she is amazing, her album is incredible

  71. tayluvsgod123

    This is a cute song...

  72. Countrydiva524

    if u go to her website u can get a free download of the song