Armiger, Katie - Jealousy Lyrics

Bless your heart
You're the sweetest thing
All done up and no diamond ring
You're looking hard to meet your match
And what you're going down ain't hard to catch
You best think twice
'Cause that man you've been making eyes at
Has got my name across his heart

Back away slowly
And no one gets hurt
Anyone who knows me
Knows when I'm in red
I'm seeing green
And I can't help it
I just get mean
When it comes over me

Let me tell a tale of lies and sin
About a girl I thought was my best friend
She whispered soft in my man's ear
But as love would have it
She disappeared
To this day
Her family hopes and prays that
She'll turn up again somewhere



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Armiger, Katie Jealousy Comments
  1. Matthew H

    Thanks! Wish that the sound was better too.

  2. Kari Wright

    someone really needs to make a video of this song where u can hear it better :( i love this song!! but idk how to do lyric videos and such