Armiger, Katie - Bleed Lyrics

There's only so much of a person that you can take apart
You already shattered me, not even left my heart
Now I'm dying on your doorstep
And you're watchin' me crawl
And I don't want to be caught here where it's never your fault

Cause I've given you all of me,
And now you're leavin' me to bleed

You've broken all of me
And now you're scattering the parts
and it's obvious that you don't care
and love was never really there

I'm not gonna stand around here
When you're already gone
I'm tired of listening
Excuses go on and on

Cause I've given you all of me,
And now you're leavin' me to bleed.

It was never about me,
It was always about what you could be
And now that you left
I realize you were just a lie in disguise.

Given you all of me
And I'm not gonna sit here and bleed.

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Armiger, Katie Bleed Comments
  1. Wayne Manning

    Katie was 17 years old when she performed this. She was only 17 for a couple of months. When I was 17, I was lucky if I could break away from the video games, let alone go write and sing incredible songs. Wow!!

  2. rockmychevys350

    shes awesome!

  3. Kacie Breider

    If someone can figure out the chords to this song, let me know, please!!!