Armiger, Katie - Black And White Lyrics

It's so hard to understand
Should I go, or stay with him tonight
I can't decide
Some days he'll criticize
But he won't apologize
For what he did wrong

Just when I thought I'd made up my mind
He goes and does something right
Sometimes love it makes you blind
Wish it was as simple as black and white
Black and white

I don't want to be that girl
Who's comfortable
And can't ever be alone
I just want to be in love
The way that I dreamed of
When I was a little girl


Want to be hand in hand
Walking two by two
So in love, so brand new
But here I am, full of doubt
I just gotta figure out
Should I stay or should I go
Finally have to choose
Either way I lose


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Armiger, Katie Black And White Comments
  1. Kirsten Katz- Huante

    Why doesn’t she have her
    Music on iTunes.. like what


    Why is this not on Apple Music?

    Alyssa Blanche

    KAELYN LOPEZ no idea was looking for it too... maybe she isn’t signed? Not too sure.

  3. abracxari

    Kinda wish this song was on glee lmao

  4. Etienne

    This is bad on so many levels. Garage band.

  5. Donna Crisanti

    great talent her and Miranda would make a great song together

  6. Danielle Marie

    I don't know if its just when i try to look it up but when i look it up on iTunes you cant even get it to show up but you can find it on you tube doesn't make sense to me

    Amber S

    Danielle Marie actually I read something about a fight with her record label. They pulled out all of her music so no one can purchase the songs.

    Lynn Marie Anderson

    Amber S Yes, what's HAPPENED to this singer, she was really good!!! There used to be a music video for this song and for some of her other songs too, and they're totally gone from YouTube now! I wonder what Katie Armiger is up to these days.


    what happened was she was victim of sexual harassment and is fighting with her label. so her label pulled all her music and took control of all her professional social media.

    Lynn Marie Anderson

    SouPNaZi Had a strong feeling it was something like that. I'm hoping and praying some other producer or label will sign her, I think she's amazing and very talented. I love this song, but I can see where this song can be misconstrued by some people- NO folks, all she's singing about here is she's not in a rush to get married, I'm not either!


  7. Matthew Morley

    I love this song

  8. Dakota Howard

    where is a lyrics video of one night between friends

    countrygirl countrymusiclover

    Who cares about an audio with a bunch of words on the screen and a song in the background??? Get the lyrics from her mouth

  9. Katie Niwa

    I love katie armiger and this song

  10. Matthew Talbert

    I hope a major label will sign katie. ..she is so talented!

  11. Julie Frye-Courtois

    What happened to the original video?

    Lynn Marie Anderson

    +Fearless Broads That's terrible!!! I'm still enjoying this song in April 2016, especially now that I'm divorced, I have no children, but I do have alot more insight and wisdom, and I'm thinking about doing a little dress shopping. YOLO

    Ashley Cannon

    thats what im wondering i tried looking for it but disappeared

  12. Katie Niwa

    omg I love her! my first name is Katie

    Katie Niwa

    same here!!!

  13. Sapphire Belli

    Am I terrible for wanting someone to cancel a wedding and just sing this song as they drive out of state?

    Oliver White

    Yes but so am I.

    Dinorah A

    maybe someday well get to witness this and secretly be happy, but on the outside be all like,"Oh no..." lol

  14. Savannah Hill

    This song makes me feel better because when someone hurts my feelings I want to wear a black dress.

  15. Wendi Cutler

    Love this Song!!! Just saw her on HLN...LOVE!!!! Beautiful voice!

  16. emilie brooke Mcclain


  17. Sierra Edwards