Armiger, Katie - 17 In Abilene Lyrics

It'd take about 900 miles round trip
To walk on the Gulf of Mexico
We'd jump in my daddy's beat up truck
Drive all night and don't look back
Momma she'd go crazy
Just wonderin' where we're at

Seventeen in Abilene
You and me, biggest sky you've ever seen
There're so many miles of open road
And so many places still left to go
Seventeen, runnin' from Abilene

It doesn't take much for us to drive away
Cause all we need's just a little bit of faith
I got fifty bucks in my pocket
It'll get us there, but maybe not back
The sun is shining from head to toe
And I don't think I'll ever let you go

Seventeen in Abilene
You and me, biggest sky you've ever seen
There're so many miles of open road
And so many places still left to go
Seventeen, runnin' from Abilene

I see the stars in your eyes
Let's start the rest of our lives tonight

Seventeen in Abilene
You and me, biggest sky you've ever seen
There're so many miles of open road
There're so many places still left to go
Seventeen, runnin' from Abilene

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Armiger, Katie 17 In Abilene Comments
  1. Tommy Dimestar

    Can I have sex with you?

  2. Etienne

    The drummer sounds like he is beating his wife.

  3. Leeann Graham

    About 40 years ago I was 17 in a small town near Abilene, living in a weather beaten house just like in the video. Not much later I was "running from Abilene", and though I've lived in New York city for many years I still haven't managed to leave it behind.  Love this song. 

  4. Karen Sutton

    Karen sutton

  5. Raena Lujan

    Bless to be from Abilene,Tx

  6. Viper-21

    there was plenty to do for the 6 years I was there well I was also on the AFB Base soo

  7. CEOkiller

    Better 17 in Abelene that Iowa at any age! Iowa sucks, hard.

  8. Richard Radcliffe

    she one pretty lady id love to meet her come out west for some shows

  9. Life as Jess

    Im sure Abilene is like every city in Texas.. You have your city and then your country.. So much land in TX you can have both. If its like that in Houston, Dallas, McAllen, Corpus, and El Paso I'm sure it like that everywhere.

  10. Tim W.

    They drive like they are on a back country road even when they are on a major thoroughfare (in some ways stuck mentally in 1910). But the burgers! OMG! The best burgers in the United States of America are in Abilene Texas. Between "Heff's" and the "Cattle Barron Cafe", dear Lord people, these folks can turn out burgers that will make your head pop! So drive in for the burgers but for Pete's sake don't stay. RUN! Run from Abilene. It is the black hole of Texas.

  11. Tim W.

    Abilene is... well... a bit strange. They love their sweet iced tea, so sweet it will give your tongue zits. But it is not quite the south. You have this feeling that you are in West Texas and therefore, have a compulsion to wave at every passing car, but no one but the old schoolers wave back (and not all of them). They like to feel like they are a big city. Everyone will give you the area code for their phone number even though you don't have to dial it to get them.

  12. Smile047

    She said, in one of her concerts, that she and one of her friends averaged their ages, (I think it was 15 & 19) and picked a town for the song.

  13. BassBeastJD

    Woo! This is my home town right here!
    I'm from the U.K. originally, but being a military kid, we moved to Abilene, TX on orders to Dyess AFB. I've been here for the past 14 years. Did all my school here, now I'm in college here. It's a good town. People call it boring, but you have to find your own things to do! We go cruising around town singing at the top of our lungs for hours. We find our own fun, you all can too! :D

  14. CEOkiller

    Better to be 17 in Abilene than any age in Iowa-- Iowa sucks, hard!

  15. Katie Mason

    I think its a GreaT video! if it's about abilene, TX then alright! this town is the best :)

  16. Ashlee Foxon

    only in this vid though she 16

  17. Ashlee Foxon

    their not actually in abilene

  18. Ashlee Foxon

    i so agree with u i fell in love with this song ever since i heard it i think she sounds a little bit like shania twain

  19. Dayesleeper

    Spent 5 years in Abilene in college.. an ok town, like any other city, one has to look for things to do. Some of the best BBQ ive had was in that little town. Rest in peace Harolds BBQ

  20. la5tchanc3

    Hey Abilene, fuck you. I lived there for like 10 years or more, I fucking hated that place. Austin is so much better.

  21. CEOkiller

    Abilene would be a hell of alot better than IOWA!

  22. hockeypnc3

    no she looks mature

  23. Rebecca Simington

    If shes talking about Abilene,TX! Then shes fucking retarded! Lived here my whole life and like 2% of the population is country.....

  24. jhoff1234

    @DeadLkeMe a little stiff? I think she did an awesome job with this video. Keep in mind that she was only 15 years old when she did this! She's only gotten better since.

  25. NIKONGUY1960

    I've heard exactly one song from her years ago. This is a great song. And a cute vid.

  26. CuntriGurl95

    @Gonjagopher you know where Winters is? i live there, and i go to Abilene all the time, it's not too small not too big i love it, it reminds me of my hometown :)

  27. jhoff1234

    @mypinktvtoes MUCH more likeable! A couple years ago there was a terminally-ill girl from Europe who had never heard of Katie (never heard country music even). She came here as a last wish, I told Katie about her, and Katie recorded a video message for her, and gave her a CD, pictures, and a shirt. The girl went back to Europe, listened to the CD every day for the last two months of her life, and it kept a smile on her face. All this because a fan sent her a message with the story.

  28. DestinzNewoY Wingstary

    Damn she looks like brooke hogan LoL!

  29. Classic Mazda

    1:34 she claims to have 50 bucks in her pocket yet she's wearing a dress. HA!

  30. Lindsey AnnaJones

    Its waaaaaaaay more than 900 miles round trip to the gulf of mexico to abeline......

    Christopher Britton

    No its not

  31. Lana Peterson

    love this song

  32. Elijah Ball

    @Gonjagopher lol, google Abilene and look at the map. small patch of green surrounded by miles of brown. :]

  33. Kailey

    @jbasto24 Its a Texas o_O

  34. jbasto24

    Who is Abilene??

  35. farwa rizvi

    @Gonjagopher lmfao define mix?

  36. SmexiVan ;D

    @TheFrogpuncher she's singing about abilene texas hence the gulf of mexico reference in the opening

  37. Cyclops236

    @Gonjagopher Abilene is in Texas and in Kansas most people refer to Kansas except for one artist his name is Buddy Jewell.

  38. trilllowkey

    @TheFrogpuncher Texas

  39. Gunner Toland

    is this texas or kansas texas

  40. DeadLkeMe

    AT EVERYONE WHO SAYS ABILENE SUCKS: listen yall r bickering about how abilene "sucks" cuz theres nothing to do SO FIND SOMETHING TO DO honestly!!! u think abilene sucks? think about the people in Africa u think they got a whole lot to do? yall r just ungrateful spoiled kids who need to get their heads outta their butts. go move somehwere else and get over it.
    to every1 else the singer is a little stiff and this video was defiently not made in the actual city of abilene cuz theres moving water

  41. DeadLkeMe

    is she singing about abilene texas or kansas?

  42. PrimeTimeFEC

    @hthebeatlesfangirl96 How about PrimeTime? Nothing to do? Right....

  43. Raymond Garcia

    hah, ive lived in abikene in all my life. and its not as "country" as she says. but its true, Abilene is a black hole, you can leave but youll always have to come back haha

  44. robert nelson

    @Gonjagopher Ya i know it is nice to be back home in Abilene it maybe boring as hell but, its home ive lived here all my life.

  45. Isaiah Garcia

    WTF? What Abilene, Texas is she from? 17 in Abilene for me was smokin weed all day everyday! 325 LENE TOWN TEXAS

  46. Justin Walls

    @nikolmichele2011 Ooh, lol I thought 2011 was the year you graduate college. Well that's cool that your college is going to be paid for. Lot of people don't get that. What are you gonna major in?

  47. Justin Walls

    @nikolmichele2011 That's where you're going to college? You at ACU? I'm at Dyess haha... I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't be here if I didn't have to!

  48. Justin Walls

    @nikolmichele2011 Wow, why would you want to come here? Haha.

  49. Justin Walls

    @Nevaeh218 I hang out on N. 1st on the weekends; few guys that tune cars hang out there. The mall is alright; was just there last weekend.

  50. Nevaeh218

    My hometown. Abilene in the 80s was the best. Cruising N.1st, the mall, Upstairs or Downstairs club (too old to remember which) and pasture parties. Great memories with great friends.

  51. jhoff1234

    Her second album has better songs than this, her writing is maturing!

  52. tranceotaku

    Represent!! It is always nice to see the buffalo on your way back in :)

  53. Alicia Houselog

    i have the same plaid maxi dress as she does. target!

  54. SmexiVan ;D

    lol really??? where is this in abilene cuz abilene is a metro type of city. if it was post or tye then i could see this video...maybe buffalo lake is the theme of this video...oh and abilene is not a quite town if you're asians lol

  55. Brittany Tucker

    was she on Reba?

  56. StephCountry94

    Ashlee Hewitt from Nashville Star, sings back up vocals in this song!

  57. steiny1485

    23 in abilene me

  58. Aiiren

    I love Taylor Swift, but I JUST heard about Katie Armiger, and it's true, she has better voice control but I still love Taylor Swift more, but that's probably gonna change once I hear some other songs by Katie Armiger.

  59. jhoff1234

    If you've seen both of them LIVE, and you know ANYTHIN about voice control, there's no comparison. Taylor sounds great on her CD and on radio, as does Katie. On stage, Katie is way better. That's the opinion of someone who knows what singing "on key" means.

  60. jhoff1234

    Katie has the BEST voice of any female teen country singer since LeAnn Rimes. Did you hear me, Taylor Swift fans? I am talking to you!! When it comes to vocal control and voice, Katie is way better!

  61. Breanna Brown

    that iz not abilene jus to let ya no

  62. Nonny

    Ok so this is the 2nd song i heard her sing.. yeah.. not that great of singer... oh well..

  63. Isaiah Garcia

    Were are all the MESKIN People??? MY PEOPLE!!!

  64. Catherine Dresner

    she has an amazing voice, doesnt sound like she is 16 at all!!

  65. belair55dream

    Cool video. Just Awesome !

  66. Dreams of glam ✨

    she's a okay singer but nothing breath taking.
    if you say she's a bad singer...then ur lieing.
    but not good enough to be famous.

  67. farwa rizvi

    she wuz in my speech klass!

  68. Michael Chang

    dude my friends datin her brother T.J.
    she's such a good singer

  69. Caitlyn CirqueDuCerceau

    the song is okay.

  70. Pat Michaels

    Great singer! Wish you all the best on your rise to the top! Don't let the jealous types get you down! Keep rockin'!

  71. Cluch444

    o.0 they have a song about Abilene!??

    most people here think this place is boring!

    hehe go Abilene!

  72. Cheney Kohman

    Heard this song on MoreCountry Music Video's for the first time and i liked and had to listen to it again...I like alot...

  73. Erica Marks

    Love this video! I could watch it over and over!

  74. Travis Clever-Nadeau

    I think Katie really represents Country music the way it used to be...just simple and easy. Still very pop sounding, but just refreshing to hear a new country artist with that down home sound. LOVE IT

  75. ffdtr40yrs

    Great Job katy