Arlo Guthrie - Wake Up Dead Lyrics

When I was younger
She'd come to me in dreams
Her face was hidden
In the mountain streams
Her voice disguised
As the sound of the wind
The rustling of leaves
She would call from within

Wake up, wake up, wake up, she said
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up dead

So many memories
Of those years have passed
Beyond the confusion
That... thought would last forever
The countless veils
That I wore like clothes
Have been stripped away
Now... stand here exposed


In the night when the moon
Casts no shadows at all
We sat by the fire
As she started to call
Out to all who would hear
That the death of what's dead
Is the birth of what's living
And her words filled my head


It's the life that lies sleeping
When you think you're awake
Forever is real
And the rest is just fake
And though volumes are written
On this subject alone
She used three simple words
And she brought it all home


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Arlo Guthrie Wake Up Dead Comments
  1. onewhosmilesalot

    your Light is Beautiful Bright Arlo! <3

  2. Wendy Ellen Warren

    The first time I heard this was in 89 in San Diego, at a place that was 21 and up, so I gots to hang around the back door since I was only18 or 19.(The Bacchanal? Cafe FX?) Something like that. I remember Arlo's kindly bus driver Dennis coming out to chat with the hangers-on, myself included, and I believe it was Annie on the bus who also couldn't go in to see her dad play! So lame! Saw other shows, missed this tune, thanks for posting Mrs. G.-Wendy

  3. freecatpaws

    Like many of Arlo's friends, I too, have a limited time on this earth and I love the message in this song. Oh, yeah, and it's easy to dance to - I give it a 98.

  4. Shas Cho

    "Die now, go later"


  5. jbigblue

    A GREAT song and a GREAT philosophy/blueprint for a better world! The death of the Ego is the doorway to Enlightenment.