Arlo Guthrie - Red River Valley Lyrics

From this valley they say you are going
We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile
For they say you are taking the sunshine
That has brightened our pathways awhile

Come and sit by my side, if you love me
Do not hasten to bid me adieu
Just remember the Red River Valley
And the cowboy who loved you so true

I've been thinking a long time, my darling
Of the sweet words you never would say
Now, alas, must my fond hopes all vanish
For they say you are gong away

Do you think of the valley you're leaving
O how lonely and how dreary it will be
And do you think of the kind hearts you're breaking
And the pain you are causing to me


They will bury me where you have wandered
Near the hills where the daffodils grow
When you're gone from the Red River Valley
For I can't live without you I know


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Arlo Guthrie Red River Valley Comments
  1. Susan Jenssen

    This is so amazing, thank you!

  2. Francesco Alcozer

    Subscription ... 28.900 ....! *ENNIO MORRICONE* Western Guitar in the style of *Spaghetti Italiani*

  3. Francesco Alcozer

    Red River Valley is an old "Ballad" style song from the traditional West. It was born in 1870 and, centuries later, it has not lost its typical glaze of the old West. Congratulations and many warm greetings. *RED RIVER VALLEY* Western Guitar in the style of *Old West*

  4. Bobbi Brestel

    My grade school music teacher taught us to sing this song. When I grew older, I realized the sadness the classic American odes conveyed. Songs like this one and like "You are my Sunshine". The music of a kind folk.

    Francesco Alcozer

    American traditions are very beautiful and profound and teach us many interesting things. Affectionate greetings. *YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE* Guitar solo in the style of *Johnny Cash*

  5. sierra juliet

    Woody and friends were populists with big hearts, not red fascist bastards like todays 'leftist' shills paid by globalist plutocrats to subsititute slogans for activism.
    Woody would spit on the likes of dirty commie rats like stalin mao castro clinton and aoc. You have to wonder if hitler was paid by the gangbankers to make stalin the terrible look good by comparison.
    Orwell's big brother was not based on hitler the loser but stalin who demanded confessions.
    of his victims before their execution. Nazis are dicks. Commies are cunts.
    Only restoring morality can save us from elite technocratic extinction.

  6. Kendra'sSponge ASMR

    My daddy sang this to me as a lullaby. Id ask over and over...

  7. 1000 subscribers without videos challenge?

    I'm 16 and I'm listening to this

  8. Cah Cah

    Another good song..

  9. Niamh McMahon

    Sounds like Sara Carter on this record too?

  10. Steve Berlin

    This song, in its many beautiful versions, appears in so many Hollywood "oaters," so I had always thought it referred to the Red River in Texas-Oklahoma. I just learned that it refers to the Red River of Manitoba, and is Manitoban in origin. Nothing less than a testament to the Canadian + American appreciation of the hardscrabble life on the prairie -- and of exquisite beauty within the starkness of life. Thank you for posting Woody Guthrie's rendition.

    Paul Schupf

    some believe that in fact this is a european tune which migrated to Pennsylvania before migrating westward

  11. TheTreeis OnFire

    There was a cover of this song in Fallout New Vegas. Its called New Vegas Valley in case anyone who played new vegas thought this sounded familiar

  12. dinah thomason

    my best kiss ever

    dinah thomason

    he loves somebody else now and i want to end my world

  13. víctor n.

    paper towns brought me here

  14. Stephen Boyle

    I was gigging last night and a doctor got up and sang this song with us..What a beautiful number. Woody was such a talented man. I love his music

  15. Pearl Caster

    While in a college library, I found a song book and RED RIVER VALLEY was in back about 300 years. Like many folk-songs, thru the years. I first remeber hearing it about 1949-50 and thought it was about my area. In Oklahoma, thr Red River was only 11 miles away.

  16. Duane Gibson

    One of my favorite songs. A gem.

  17. degas5000

    love it!

  18. hounddig

    anyone know who sings harmony?

    Steve Endicott

    Maxine "Lefty Lou" Crissman

  19. Cora Visser

    This is real brilliant woh this was and is real music.thank you so very much.

  20. Béla János Tóth

    Amerikában,lehettem volna ,akár cowboy is! Magyarországon, csak birkát és kecskét legeltettem!! egy része politikus lett, a többi meg "birka" maradt!!!!

  21. katiesrevenge


  22. Ciaran H

    Come and sit by my side if you love me
    Do not hasten to bid me adieu
    Just remember the Red River Valley
    And the cowboy who loved you so true

    Well they tell me my dear that your going.
    I will miss your bight eyes and your smile.
    For with you,are taking the sunshine,
    That has brightened my life for a while

    Come and sit by my side if you love me
    Do not hasten to bid me adieu
    Just remember the Red River Valley
    And the cowboy who loved you so true


    As you go to your home by the ocean
     May you never forget those sweet hours
    That we spent in the Red River Valley
    And the love we exchanged mid the flowers

    Come and sit by my side if you love me
    Do not hasten to bid me adieu
    Just remember that Red River Valley
    And the cowboy who loved you so true

    I have waited along time my darling
    For those words you never would say
    Till at last my poor heart is breaking
    For they tell me your going away.


    vivian nirmal

    Ciaran H great!!... I mean that's brilliant.. I wish every song on YouTube has lyrics as this song

    Ciaran H

    Glad you liked it . It's impossible to find the lyrics of songs you like to sing with the lyrics . Totally agree . Would make life easier . Thanks ciaran

    Francesco Alcozer

    Thanks very much my friend... ! *DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS* Country Guitar in the style of *Duane Eddy*

  23. ʙᴏᴀʜ

    "he's looking right at you Q"

    Serah Kirk

    Unscrew the doors from their hinges! And the locks from their door jams!

  24. Ari Aranda

    Paper Towns :v

    vivian nirmal

    Ari Aranda that's exactly why I'm here.. it's been almost 2 years I guess since I watched first... gawd.. I love her and the movie...

  25. ibrake4butterflies

    Smithsonian Folkways is the best. Thank you.

  26. Wisconny Johnny

    I met a girl from Houston 2 days ago. Hung out one day. She's the one. 😍


    is she still the one jonny

    Jonathan Pruegert

    tell us Johnny

    *tell us*


    we're hungry for an answer, johnny. well?

    Jonathan Pruegert

    *_Johnny you fucker_*

    Particle Boy

    Johnny, is she still the one?

  27. sidDkid87

    "Come and sit by my side if you love me / 
     Do not hasten to bid me adieu"

  28. Calvin Cheney

    Goodbye Lefty Lou! God bless your family with comfort and peace. May music bring us all together one day~

  29. One Smart Dame

    Rest in peace dad.

    Chuck Benwitt

    God bless you too

  30. Art Brugman

    I always loved this song because of the grapes of wrath movie.  That was made in the 30's and it always made me wonder how old that song was.  Just a simple sad song.  but great!


    +Art Brugman Seems to be from Manitoba, Canada, 2nd half of the 19th century.


    Yeah. I knew this song from my Grandma. I love The Grapes of Wrath. Book and movie.

    Pearl Caster

    ART's been awhile since you wondered about this song, but I read it in an old songbook published in the latter 18th century. It's an ole English ballad.

  31. daniel stanwyck

    Remember the scene in "The Grapes of Wrath", where Ma Joad and Tom Joad danced to this?  Lovely scene.  Lovely movie.  Lovely song.  Lovely rendition.   Thank you.


    If memory serves, the tune also features briefly in They Were Expendable (1945), also directed by Ford.


    thats why im here!

    Air Glo

    Grapes of Wrath makes me cry more than any other movie. I'm from Oklahoma. 🌻😊🌻

    ThePremiere Noelle

    That's what made me love this song.

  32. francois meuldeur

    la rivière la plus connue au monde

  33. kirinphoebe1

    My brother, sister, and some cousins and I sang this at a program for my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. They were homesteaders in Saskatchewan - both of the families moved to Saskatchewan in 1906 and established wheat farms. It was a tough life. 


    What a wonderfully sweet story. ♥

  34. norbert preuss

    ...remember that song by JOHNNY + THE HURRICANS!

  35. Derek M. Theriault


  36. james miller

    Its red river valley definitely. I love the mandolin work . This is very similar to old time music which is considered old time music. I understand that Woody played music this way because that was the way hillbilly/country style was rendered then and today.

  37. Patrick Wall

    This song is very similar to "There's a chill on the hill tonight" (Moon Mullican), "Silver haired daddy of mine" (Gene Autry) and "Dear old sunny South by the sea" (Jimmie Rodgers).

  38. The Coolcat martini

    Bob Dylan based his work on Woody Guthrie, not so surprising nonetheless.

  39. Mr.Orange

    I don't know why this song is very similar with Mr. Tambourine Man...

  40. Linda DeNoia

    Red river vally is from one of the magic tree house books called ghost town at sundown

  41. Derp Derpington

    Always makes me think of The Grapes of Wrath :)

  42. TheCrazysingingurl

    He never dies. C:

  43. MrMakaveli76

    I like Marty Robins version better.

  44. kune


  45. John K Lindgren

    Correction! Kiitos, that's thank you in Finnish.

  46. BingBongGump

    no i think he's dead

  47. Jack McKeon

    did you just respond to yourself?

  48. SuperJTguy

    makes me think of cowboys

  49. SuperJTguy

    makes me think of the old days

  50. bobbyjordan 37

    the neo-cons I put them in the bag fascists

  51. The Wheelchair Guy

    They 9 now lol

  52. Chris Phillips

    and neo-cons

  53. Chris Phillips

    That's the spirit, however they are probably just Republicans.

  54. J Fr

    There may be a few union thugs, but every manager and owner is a thug. Unions are the only way we have to keeping them from kicking us around whenever they want.

  55. Josh Richardson

    In australia a hell of a lot of them are just thugs. My father was beaten for not attending a union meeting. For example

  56. Edward P Campbell

    More than a word of thanks.

    'Vigilante Man', the true price of unemployment in Depression and Dustbowl hit America, sung as only Woody could. Never forget the cost of Capitalism.

  57. TheCrazysingingurl

    Music is deeper than anything else..

  58. bobbyjordan 37



    Where is this guitar? we can use it now.

    Tohellwith Google

    @etheangel2220 Woody Guthry always had "This Machine Kills Fascists" on his guitar. From the early 1940s until he died.

  59. bunbuku0221

    There was a surprisingly slow melancholy song playing in brass band, I have heard the original song you want to know.

    Renee Herrera

    I want to know

  60. Emmett Doyle

    Yes- and with the concessions workers won through the old unions being rolled back and wages decoupled from profits, we need unions now more than ever.

  61. Seth Burgin

    Every man who works for hourly wages owes this man a great debt or gratitude. Union wages set the wages for all in the same trade. Woody attended union rallies where many men died at the hands of hired thugs and police hired my management.

  62. Nicholas Kovach

    Who was harmonizing with Woody?

  63. Alan Weberman

    there was a time it was right to be a red

  64. Poco64

    my grandmother used to sing me this song. I miss you grandmother.

    Renee Herrera

    My mom would sing this song to me as s bed time song, it was our ritual. I just had to promise not to sob at all the sad parts, and what did this little girl, with such a tender heart do, I sobbed like a baby. Hahaha and we did this every night for as long as I can remember

  65. Alan Weberman

    just remember that red river valley and remember I married a jew

  66. Buford Pokorski

    A Union Man thanks you for all you did for The Labor Movement, Woody.....

  67. agracier

    I'll remember the Red River Valley and Woody Guthrie too.

  68. Alana Dill

    I never met my grandfather, who was Irish. My mom remembers him listening to this song in the 1930's, and crying. I wonder why it meant so much to him.

  69. causmb

    Every working man.

  70. Zufan Zeleqe

    The Greratest American Folk singer of all time..hands down....

  71. causmb

    @slowpokecat Every man, woman and child in the U.S!

  72. Michelle Lee

    those six dislikes are just him tryin to be modest

  73. Kiran Goyal

    Is it only me who hears a little dulcimer in this song?

  74. sidDkid87

    @slowpokecat I'm a Union man and I agree 100%

  75. GONEmypurpleflapjack

    @navaho1946 This machine pwns n00bs.

  76. Gavin D.

    @ajweberman America go down what tubes? I dont see no tubes! i guess it'd be some awfully big tubes for america to have to go down

  77. Matt Hibbard

    @reiligha i said nothing of comparing them or made any comment on imitation. theres a difference between imitation and profound influence which guthrie obviously was on him. i would never compare them because the are sooo different. i love them both and you i can see have good taste too if youre listening to woody, i just wanted to clear that up.

  78. PsychedelicFlower1

    @reiligha I wouldn't say Dylan was imitating Woody, he was just heavily inspired by him, and it definitely shows in Dylan's music, they are great and unforgettable musicians.

  79. reiligha

    @TomThumbsBlues1965 Don't compare Bob Dylan to Woody Guthrie, and especially don't put Dylan first. Everybody knows Bob Dylan was just trying to imitate Woody Guthrie, and as great of a folks artist as he was, he's no Guthrie.

  80. Matt Hibbard

    its been decided, im naming my first born son dylan woodrow (bob dylan, woody guthrie)

  81. Scott Lenner

    @mattymraz The Red River of the North, as it's called, actually has its source in North Dakota/Minnesota, and flows north into Manitoba toward the Hudson Bay.

  82. Alan Weberman

    Guthrie was the best of the Left. Now it is a bunch of hate America scumbags who want to see America go down the tubes.

  83. champagne charlie

    Woody recorded this in a session with his buddy Cisco Houston. It was a great session. JJG

  84. Ward Walker

    anyone know who was singing with woody on this song, he was also on some others with him, he was the perfect voice to go with him, i had heard before who it was but i have forgotten after all these years

  85. Ward Walker

    who could dislike this song, are you kididng me, you must not be human

  86. onitram1

    @sigsson Actually, that is exactly the Red River Valley that the song is about, contrary to popular belief.

  87. My Space

    Woody was the pioneer in Folk music, that we call country music today.

  88. grauwolf48

    Funny, I know the tune in the german song: Nimm mich mit Kapitaen, auf die Reise. I think its from the 50th. They add other lyrics. So its been sung by Woody, wow. I love him.

  89. TheInstantCarma

    @slowpokecat Yes but it wasn´t Guthrie who composed it, just check on wikipedia. Greets

  90. deaddoc

    @ajweberman This is all too true. I even heard an interview of his son Arlo about eight years ago when he was performing a show in Portland, OR. The DJ asked him how about that SOB Bush and how about gettin' out on the streets all angry, just like the good ol' '60s. Arlo hesitated, then said, "You know, sometimes you can take that too far." Well said, Arlo.

  91. Alan Weberman

    Guthrie was the best of the Left. Now it is a bunch of hate America scumbags who want to see America go down the tubes.

  92. sidDkid87

    @slowpokecat Agreed - Thanks Woody! - - - hey "slowpokecat" check out Paul Robesons "Joe Hill" on youtube (if you haven't already) . . . talk about union men & women owing thanks - WOW!

  93. Gerhard Gehrmann

    except one of key words is adieu (which is french, and some use versions even reference "metis").

  94. Gerhard Gehrmann

    this is about the Red River of Manitoba and North Dakota.....

  95. Ronnie Ray Jenkins

    sing it brother
    sisters join along
    ronnie ray jenkins

    thank you woody. Love you.