Arlo Guthrie - Can't Help Falling In Love Lyrics

[Spoken:] Arlo telling stories about playing with Pete Seeger and folk songs. Goes for the legnth of the song.

Wise men say only fools rush in
But I cant help falling in love with you
Shall I stay
Would it be a sin
If I cant help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I cant help falling in love with you

Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be
Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I cant help falling in love with you
For I cant help falling in love with you

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Arlo Guthrie Can't Help Falling In Love Comments
  1. Terry Roland

    This is as good or better than Alice's Restaurant. Not that it needs any comparison. I remember when Arlo first rolled it out in the early 90s. I was happy that Jackie uploaded this. In 2008 I played it for Arlo's friend Barry McGuire while we were working on a show. He wept. So cool.

  2. Susan Mastrodemos

    I heard that the tune of "I Can't Help Falling In Love" comes from a Welsh lullaby. It's one of the most famous songs featuring 'whole notes.'

  3. 1redleg1

    Thank you Arlo. What a great version of this song.

  4. Amy Cox

    Wow - I sure miss Pete Seeger. And what a beautiful song to share.

  5. Kevin Demmocks

    Absolutely beautiful
    Arlo Guthrie. He is awesome

  6. thomas gunter

    You ain't Elvis, boy! Just stop!

  7. janielle nathan

    Aka Angel Janielle

  8. janielle nathan

    C u at the palace in April SF. For my birthday. Can’t wait,😘

  9. Gib Salisbury


  10. ParkerPlaza

    Yes, it is beautiful on this glorious day,,,,,,Feb 17, 2020

  11. White Thread

    Brilliantly brilliant

  12. stuart markman

    Arlo and Pete Seager are a great combo.



  14. lovesallweneed

    God bless all those who love peace. XXX

  15. Ebrill Owen

    His daddy was a good man and Arlo is definitely a very good man. We live in a time where being cruel and violent is popular, so it’s a true blessing that we have Arlo. He’s funny, sweet charismatic and genuinely peaceful

  16. MDJAK

    Every bit as good as Elvis’s version

  17. flyover news

    This was magic. Like drinking medicine. Amazing

  18. moonlitme

    "....and some times, even music cannot substitute for tears...." p. simon. In one of those moods tonight where the two are totally in sync....

  19. John Bee

    What a time, a time there was ... now, long time gone. Seen Arlo many times, what a storyteller, beautiful voice. I think our cause is lost.

  20. William Peddle

    Back when the air was fresh.

  21. redflamered

    Man, does this guy suck. Who would pay money to see this BS artist? He is horrible.

  22. Craig Walker

    WoW ! Simply WoW ! ~

  23. sean h

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing arlo and Pete several times in the 80 s the stories were just as good as the music.

  24. Pam Speer

    This is just a feel good video. It has love, humor and great music.

  25. Mark Dietrich Cochran

    Nine hundred people don't have enough love and happiness in their lives.

  26. John Kennedy

    U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

  27. Lee Raymond

    Amen to this great reminder of what we use to be!

  28. Kevin Peterson

    Todays youth will never understand what it feels like to listen to their favorite bands live 30 years from now.

  29. Mr572u

    19k like —- 892 don’t. Sad so many duds in the world but really a large majority are with it...

  30. Karen Larsen

    I have adored Arlo for decades...what a sweet sweet soul he is.

  31. Stephen Powell

    The World needs lots more people like Arlo and Pete.

  32. teacup3133

    This is beautiful, definitely better than Elvis.

  33. Karl Schneider

    Most everything in the world is crap. This is a wondeful exception.

  34. warren hymes

    Another verification of how great the King was. Very nice

  35. Rickey Engle

    ain't that a good thing,,,

  36. Barbara Rican

    Wow, I loved it. I love the sound of a beautiful clear voice.

  37. Tony Leece

    This is an astounding performance of a great song by a great musician. Thanks Arlo

  38. jaslinc

    Still miss you at the People's BiCentennial ... April 17-18th at Concord Bridge. Waited and served/ love anyway

  39. bobgarner44

    Oh Pete

  40. Charlotte Bee

    Typical American who thinks this is American music. The tune is French, from 1784. Perhaps that's why all those Europeans were singing to it. We take what we want, and then claim we invented it.

  41. Phuong Nau

    So beautiful

  42. Michael Martin

    Don't touch my bags , if you please.....

  43. Harmony Miller

    What a story teller, musician, old hippie. Love you ARLO

  44. fidadee

    I listen to this a lot!

  45. Donna English

    A national treasure with fab hair! It's true what he said about the Berlin wall coming down. Felt like things would be good. Alas, another wall is going up to promote hatred. Thanks Arlo for your joy spreading.

  46. Kay Clark

    I have loved Arlo for so many years. He taught my children how to yodel. We had Arlo with us on many road trips.

  47. Nancy Flanders

    I watch this video quite often.. I was raised on all kinds of music including Arlo and Pete Seeger but also am a true Elvis fan... What a fantastic tribute to Elvis!!!. He would be proud of this video and the story that goes along with it!!!!

  48. Woodie Thompspn

    Another great troubadour I deeply regret never having seen perform, what a talent !

    Hollis Griffin

    Woodie Thompspn June 25 at Bergen PAC in NJ Arlo and Judy Collins are playing.

    Woodie Thompspn

    @Hollis Griffin thank you very much. I seriously doubt I'll ever get to see them

    Hollis Griffin

    Woodie Thompspn My wife and I saw Brian Wilson and Al Jardine last Saturday at the same place. Brian is hanging on by his fingernails on lots of levels but the music transcends. If I can help you see Arlo let me know how.

    Woodie Thompspn

    @Hollis Griffin thank you so much for your offer very nice of you but theres now way now for too many reasons but I deeply appreciate the offer

  49. Joanne Schumacher

    I so loved this!!!!
    Thank you so much ARLO AND PETE!!!! 🎶❤🎶

  50. murph murph

    The lion from wizard of oz

  51. Michael Werner

    Wow. Just wow!! A wonderful rendition and story. Now THIS makes me proud to be an American, far more than any so-called patriotic dribble.

  52. lbbradley55

    Certainly one of best song writers of this time period. There were so many. And just a great time to be a teen agers for me.
    I really do wish I could do it ALL AGAIN...

  53. Judy Owens

    From one Guthrie to another, have enjoyed yours and Woody's music for as long as I can remember! My dad always claimed you as family. Don't know if that's fact or not. I don't do geneology, never know what you'll find, you know skeletons and the like! Keep on doing what you love. I'll be listening!!

  54. Miriam Meisler

    what a pleasure.

  55. QHarefield


  56. Sharon Sheehy

    Beautiful 🍀🍀🍀

  57. Sharon Sheehy

    The sweetest guy. In the whole fz%——-works love you Arlo. The most sweetest guy in the world X

  58. Fab4LvrJ

    Very stirring...eyes moist...

  59. Ellis K

    I like Elvis's version better. Thank you very much.

  60. Robert Willard

    Arlo, we need you now, desperately

  61. ddssole

    This is my #1 favorite

  62. menofairy

    Thank you

  63. Elwynne Rotaru

    Arlo Guthrie is not only a U.S. national treasure. He is a world treasure. He is a dream of a story teller accompanied by a guitar he was born with. Nobody in this world has the heart and soul of Arlo Guthrie or could musically or poetically come close to him.
    May he be blessed by angels.

  64. Most Guitars Wins

    Came back for another listen. Thank you Arlo for sharing this heartfelt performance.

  65. Darrell Mortensen

    love his story

  66. Bob Nordstrom

    I used to work out of town for 3 weeks and back in town for 1 week. I started dating a girl who's room mate was away . when I came back into town and went to pick her up her room mate answered the door. It was love at first sight and I couldn't take my eyes off her. 3 weeks later I managed to pull off the switch. a year later we married 10 years and 4 children later I lost her in an accident. That was over 40 years ago and I think of her every day and thank God I had her in my life. i never found love again.

  67. Ken Easum

    What a treat: Arlo, Pete and Elvis! Beautiful music for us folks!

  68. David Jodrey

    god bless arlo - god bless pete's memory - god bless music and love

  69. Amy Bearce

    Good song

  70. Dems1648

    Wow what a great moment. It's more than music here. Awesome !

  71. Tom Kurby

    Oh.. certainly...
    You go Arlo...

  72. tackless

    I don't know why but this song just brought me to tears. I guess I'm just missing my beautiful bride of 47 years who passed away from cancer. I just wish I could dance to this song One More Time with this lovely lady.
    I miss you every second of my life sweetheart.

    Mark Olander

    Collin County This is where it is at and what it is all about for sure!


    Brother, my prayers are with you. My wife has stage 4 cancer and each day is a struggle. This song reminds us how beautiful love is. Check here on YouTube for the song I wrote for her. Hopefully, it brings you some happiness. Search 20 years is not such a long time. God bless you, my friend.


    @C Morg I'm so sorry for your loss. May the love of God surround you.

    George Knowles

    Stay with it Jeff. I've been through the same ordeal, although mine was nothing compared to that of my wife and childhood sweetheart. She passed away many decades ago, but I still miss her. Just be with her now. Treasure every moment. Keep talking to her even when she can't respond.

    Mark Olander

    jeffj318 I don't know what to say except I'm with you in spirit brother and I don't go anywhere without the Holy Spirit.

  73. Robert Prata

    Thank you Arlo,i posted it on facebook on ELVIS TCB and on my profile page.really enjoyed it.

  74. James Triacca

    Arlo is and always has been a true, classic, timeless entertainer. BRAVO ARLO and Thank you!

  75. Biddy Dib Dab

    Arlo’s voice is so recognizable. It hasn’t changed over all these years!

    Frederick A VanDine MD PhD

    So true...

  76. Greg Kochanowsky

    Going to Manchester TN Caverns in March Woo hoo....winning 2020!

  77. Ellen Diane

    My husband has an Arlo closet;)))) clothes of the era---- and goes on the 'walk; every year- ty Arlo;))) BRAVO-

  78. jerste

    I just saw a bunch of humans on YT

  79. Steve Baker

    he nailed the hell out of this... and so did the audience.... thanks for sharing

  80. fidadee

    I sing this withArlo almost every Night! Love it and him!

  81. rushmore120

    Man, that was great...Arlo has the gift of gab with the audience also..

  82. Max Wellhouse

    Stumbled across this video several months ago and I watch/listen to it on a fairly regular basis now. Certainly right up there with the Kennedy Center tribute performance that the Wilson sisters et al did for Led Zepplin playing Stairway to Heaven with regards to being one of my favorite YT clips. Elvis WHO???? just kidding folks. My favorite Elvis tune would be Kentucky Rain, but ICHFILWY would be in the top 5.

  83. Christopher Van Kleeck

    More people should be like Arlo and Pete.

  84. C S

    He started to sing and I started to cry.

    Ted Short

    ohclaire I thought I was the only one who cried at music like this

    C S

    @Ted Short Proves you have a kind and loving heart.


    The wonderful power of music that touches our very soul. This is uplifting and restores my faith in humanity.

  85. Nate Lathrop

    Beautiful - Thank You

  86. Nancy Flanders

    Arlo, that was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! You did Elvis proud on his 85th Birthday!!!!!!!

  87. Princessa Stardusty

    omg, im so happy and smiling i found this. wow. im SO smiling happy right now, i love #beautiful and this is that, ... ty Arlo, reminds me why i play and share music - thank YOU !!! <3 x0x0x

  88. spikealee Baker

    This is so wonderful! Thank you Arlo for all the great wisdom, music, and humor.

  89. Joyce Taylor

    Oh my goodness, how beautiful. The world needs more of this right now.

  90. La Croix

    Takes A LOT to make me laugh-this Arlo is Hilarious-effortlessly. And seeing him tonite, I could'nt help falling in love with him. <3

  91. nic emery

    Best thing on the internet today

  92. Liz Winkelaar

    Beautiful enough to bring tears to a stone ❤️🇨🇦

  93. byron p

    Never, ever gets old.

  94. Harmonica Essay

    Happy New Year 2020 Everyone, hope it's a great one, I'm still laughing through this great clip, how about you?

  95. Most Guitars Wins

    Wow, this is wonderful. Arlo and Pete together with everyone singing along.

  96. 1redleg1

    Best version of this song ever. What a surprise.

  97. Gogs

    Can not stop Playing this, brilliant.

  98. chuckanw

    I feel cheated I never saw him live and never found out what a great entertainer he was!!!


    Arlo is still alive.


    @1redleg1 Thanks, didn't know!

  99. Keith Kubo

    Very Very Nice
    Thank You