Arlo Guthrie - Amazing Grace Lyrics

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost but now am found
Was blind but now I see

Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
And grace my fears relieved
Oh how precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed


Shall I be wafted to the skies
On flowery beds of ease
While others strive to win the prize
And sail on bloody seas


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Arlo Guthrie Amazing Grace Comments
  1. willie mal

    Arlo Guthrie, Hero of the Revolution

  2. WBM

    Story tellin' + music = darn worth spendin' time with


    absolutely ignorant and blind! Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the father but by me! (Jesus)


    bring your own God to church, and that is the problem! like it or not there is only one God and one way to heaven! he is the way the truth and the life, and Jesus is his name,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Julie Thompson

    OLSKOOL I don’t believe that. There are many paths to God.

  5. rebecca hooper

    Holy Moses ...what an amazing grace you are you this christmas eve day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx makes me cry the story you tell me but Amen xx

  6. rebecca hooper

    awesome thank you in the UK we need this music here because the UK is lost

  7. rebecca hooper

    how sweet the sound and it's 4 mins to christmas eve 2019 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Julie Thompson

    “Bring Your Own God” Church. I love this.

  9. Saundra Hillinger

    Love you, Arlo <3

  10. Deborah Brogi

    Love it

  11. mike o.

    "But in a world that sucks....."

  12. Katherine Schindler

    amazing. Saw him in concert early 00's at Eastern Mich Univ.

  13. G.lox321 G.lox321

    He's been singing it for a long time, remembering hearing it in Claremont N.H. back in the 70's.

  14. ET Himself

    Arlo, thanks for all

  15. postalinVT

    DAMN.......forgot how much this guy meant to me in my youth. God bless you Mr. Guthrie.


    I loved this song long before it became everybody's favorite. I still love it.

  17. TF 3%

    There's only one way to the Father, and that's Jesus Christ the Savior. If you preach another gospel you will be cursed.
    The Bible is clear about who Jesus Christ is, and he alone is the one to follow. Hallelujah!!!

  18. JK Morrison

    I love Arlo Guthrie, but "bring your own god church" is total blasphemy. If you do even casual research, Arlo is not a Christian, although he holds some "Christian" beliefs. He is basically a Hindu and a member of an awful cult, or at least very closely affiliated with it. As I said, I've been a fan of his since the mid-1970s, but to hear him – or anyone – say things like that is very grievous. Notice how non-Christians love to ridicule and attack Christians, but get so defensive when whatever they might believe is confronted with the truth of the Bible. Not everyone who claims to be a Christian really is, and those false professors have done a lot of damage. But I am praying for Arlo and his family, and hope one day they can truly all sing "Amazing Grace" and know what it really is. BTW, don't bother with the assaults, I won't read them.

    Jeanne Mattson

    You just Dont get it, nor do you understand!

    Jeanne Mattson

    Perhaps you should remember Jesus wasnt a Christian!

  19. Gary Prince

    Thank you... great video!

  20. Alex Wiggs

    The problem is, Jehovah God's word says that there is only One God and His Son's name is Jesus Christ. Another sticking point is that this Jesus says that He 'is the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father but by the Son'. So beware of slick talking musicians that try to change what God's word says.

  21. Gloria Ertel

    Wow!  What's not to love...……...Awesome...11/3/19

  22. Mary Dean

    He reminds me of an ol friend from Austin lost touch with if you're out there UNK God Bless you my ol friend..Michael P ...jimmy

  23. Mary Dean

    Watching this I really want to try harder to be that better ol man way down in TX....jimmy Goodness Grace Happiness and good Health to all People !!!!!!

  24. Paul Brennan

    Thank U Arlo ?
    With Amazing Grace !
    Just Wonderful even in Today's World, Un Pretentious Honest and still a Story teller ? With that Drawl of Country ?As an Australian, and Country Boy, but elderly Now, I think what makes us Relate ?
    Followed U for years and Yr Music but lost track for many, until I seen this Recording !Just Great !
    Thank U, so much ?
    Take care and God bless, Greetings from Australia !

  25. Barbara Morgan

    love Arlo and his curls

  26. Lex Dunn

    Thank you, Arlo, for being an unrepentant hippy.

  27. Nancy Phillips

    Humor & common sense for 2019 (now).

  28. Arlene Gage

    Been lovin Arlo and family 40 yrs! No one sings Amazing Grace like him!!🌹

  29. Randall S. Chitwood

    God Bless you Arlo, Thank You!!!

  30. Kevin

    "I don't mean to be talk'n so much" Arlo, your talk'n is as great as your sing'n. God Bless You, Sir.

  31. David R. Davidson

    Good stuff Mr. Arlo Guthrie! #MusicMonday

  32. Tammie Thompson

    He got so tired of hearing "GOD BLESS AMERICA," that he wrote,

  33. onewhosmilesalot

    AMAZING :) <3

  34. kathleenb1947

    "It's a bring your own God church"

  35. Hunting Until Dark

    I love this guy always have ever since the city of New Orleans

  36. Dean Morrow

    I love Arlo's storytelling. ❤️

  37. faegrrrl

    There is only one God.

    Catherine Kirkpatrick

    Yes, and there have been many prophets to bring God's message to people at different eras as needed. Jesus is the latest prophet, I think. I'm pretty ignorant about religion. I just believe that we are all spiritual beings and accountable to the same God. I believe the basic tenet of most religions is 'do unto others as you would have done unto you'.

  38. Lizbeth

    A single positive comment or gesture can make someone's day in ways we know nothing about. Push love, push kindness and above all TEACH COMPASSION ✌🏼❤️🎶

  39. Jeffrey Marsh

    Great Sermon!

  40. ronald goebel

    What a story teller!

  41. Paul Arora

    A good man...

  42. Jim Vanderpool

    Arlo continues to touch our soul with his talent and sincerity!

  43. Tony Wood

    sorry brother this sucked

  44. BBoo Rideau

    You are so right Arlo!I love and respect you,and I am am better person when I hear you.So thank you and thank you always.

  45. JusSteve53

    "It's your own God church", well said, 'nuff said.

  46. Jane Pang

    Excellent📹😍I enjoyed🙇👍👏
    Wonderful Show🎼🎶💞👬👭💓
    Great Singer💖🎤🎵🎸🎹💃✨🌟
    💜💟👩Jane📲from Hong Kong

  47. alan vacca

    Arlo is a cool dude, sir, I salute you.

  48. Sweet Potato Elephant

    This is the most beautiful thing I think I've ever seen

  49. rob ruly


  50. Gottlieb Goltz

    Even the motorcycle song.

  51. Linda Sheperd

    Arlo Guthrie!!! A national treasure!! Beautiful! Thank you.

  52. John Francis Cody

    As I have watched and listened now multiple times, I left a bit confused.

    Amazing GRACE is absolutely real.


    And it does lead one to a desire to give that same sweet gift to anyone and everyone willing to receive it.

    So having a building to perform good deeds out of is awesome.

    Denying the SOURCE of this AMAZING GRACE, is a tragic error.

    Fashioning a " god " of your own imagination and ideals is really just a placebo, unable to deliver the needed dose of ENCOUNTER, found in seeking the REAL AND LIVING CREATOR.

    So I applaud the effort to help all who are hurting and needing support.

    But my hearts desire would be that people who enter his building, bringing their own " god " with them, would be exposed in some way to the TRUTH OF CHRIST, and leave with the answer to ALL of LIFES issues.

    May we all be so lucky as to find that SUPREME SOURCE of AMAZING GRACE, the BEING who breathed the BIBLE, who DIED to bring us LIFE.


  53. Blackduck46

    He is a product of his Father's humble upbringing. Woody Guthrie along with leadbelly and many others resonated with the workers, those struggling. Arlo lived in the shadow of Huntington's Disease that took Woody's life. Bob Dillon along with so many others had Woody on a pedestal. Bear a thought for Arlo as Huntingon's being heritdatry lived with the fear of inheriting the faulty gene. Majorie, Woody's wife and Arlo 's mother wrote the preface in a book I have called"Living with Huntington's disease". They as a family fought the demons. Thank God it appears Arlo skipped the faulty gene (50-50%) and has lived out to be able to share his talent with us today. God Bless.

  54. Dr. Robert T. Mullane III

    Good job, Arlo! You were always a sweet breath of fresh air. You still are... Thanks brother.

  55. Kelly James

    Love Arlo, Man what a talent

  56. Dr Carla Seleme

    Thank you for your generosity of spirit. It has given me more smiles, laughs, tears for one reason or another, and the best damn feelings a human can experience.

  57. Sid Wilson

    Thanks ARLO

  58. AK Don L H

    Words that can ring true forever

  59. James Baldwin

    Anyone can sing "Amazing Grace", living it is another thing. Arlo is nice but he's a pagan.

    chris cw

    bullshit ….the divine is not found in a church ...its found in a heart

  60. Garry Dodds

    Just love it - we need more like Arlo - thank you so very much. Oh & I love the story about the rabbits too.

  61. Anne White

    I really enjoyed watching and listening to this, Thank you for posting, i've loved Arlo for a long time !!!

  62. Carmelita Carlos


  63. NinaGeri Pross

    Carlo is good,good

  64. glider

    We saw Arlo Guthrie in Pampa Tx, on the anniversary of Woody Guthrie's birth, 100 years before. He sang Woody's songs. So many songs. We had a wonderful night. Thanks

    Frank Ely

    I had the pleasure of seeing him in a little club called Bogarts in Cincinnati (a few hundred people at the time and 2 bars) in 1978. He closed the show with this, and everyone in the place was on their feet singing along. The show also included a full length rendition of Alice's Restaurant, which he didn't do very often back then. An awesome time was had by all there. As others have said, a national treasure that everyone should see.

  65. mtchair4me

    This song will always be relevant because it a universal message. Timeless in its message to all
    that will follow. Take head children and remember the teaching of those who are old and have experienced the world and learned the worlds lessons.

  66. robin williams


  67. Lori Bean

    Thank you for sharing your love storytelling - your are the best. Arlo!

  68. Less is Best

    there is only one God. And one day every knee will bow. BUT it is Amazing Grace to be loved by him and he does tell us to love our neighbor as ourselves. NOT many religions really teach that. THAT is something you need to get from the LORD himself. LOVE>

  69. ken krausse

    Arlo stayed true

  70. Susan Shawn


  71. Steven Brown

    Arlo I'm 60 years old and this summer I lost my dog and I lost my rabbit and I had open heart surgery and the day my rabbit died I was looking for Amazing Grace and all of the sudden you popped up of all people and it kind of changed my life and it made me think so December 1st them taking my rabbit my dog's ashes cuz they were best friends and I'm taking them all over the country to spread them every beautiful spot I hope I wind up and Stockbridge thank you sir

  72. Tonetwisters

    Arlo ... Good hearing from you! But you still aren't there yet ... The "Twas blind, but now I see" means you have uncovered that, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes unto the Father, but by me." It's all about Jesus ... One God, three different forms, not "bring your own God." You gotta get that right, or be left ...

  73. Dale McCamish

    Arlo may be th son of one of Americas greatest poets, But Arlo should be recognised for HIS talent. As an Aussie, I think he is up there with some of the greatest. Wonderful story teller. :)

    Raechelle Bennett

    This post should have thousands of likes by now!!! THIS IS SO TRUE!!!! Arlo you are one of a kind!!!! So blessed to have you walk this earth spreading your love and messages of hope and peace everywhere. Thank you!!

  74. Deon Van der Westhuizen

    Did he wrote this music while riding his bike around a mountain pass?


    He didn't write it period.

    Deon Van der Westhuizen

    You did not get the joke.....


    Love this man since 1966

  76. PenguinDuber

    Made the heart and soul feel Good!

  77. Judy Beckert-Jones

    He used to end every concert with this song. I was sorry when he stopped doing that. In Charlotte, at an old church, they turned in the lights behind the stained glass windows when he started this song. It was amazing.

  78. Long Shadow

    Beautiful Truth Amen

  79. collette bellpainter

    Makes you feel so good..

  80. juliet juliet

    Funny how life can make you despise buzzzzzzz words - like grace and Gloria

  81. Freddie Moretti

    This has video has flooded me with those great memories from the 60s. Will be stuck watching and listening to Arlo on YouTube for some time now....Thanks!

  82. Sharon Aldridge

    Amazing.. Arlo, Pete Seeger.. and..! How I miss those days of folksingers and folk songs. So grateful that we have ways to still see and hear them! <3 What an iconic song well song and love the chatter of Arlo!

  83. Don B

    And he wants to thank us....

    Somehow Arlo...?

    I think that "Thanks" , goes both ways................

  84. Mike Laws

    Seriously wonderful for so many reasons. Good onya Arlo.

  85. Jonathan Darkmaple

    Truth has a certain ring

  86. Ralph Garrett

    NIce Video!!!

  87. Brian B

    Amen Arlo!

    Brian B

    Bring Jesus Arlo

  88. Thomas Wolozanski

    Great song there will be peace on Earth some day belive

  89. brendan belice

    play this to the media today maybe they will straighten up

  90. irishsetterarchie

    Love this and it is the last breath of fresh air til Jesus comes again!



    Jay R

    Perhaps you will get lucky and acquire a can of Perri-Air.

  91. kathleenb1947

    Yep, profound.

  92. judiann111

    I love Arlo and all he stands for.

  93. Mike Quigley

    Love that so much.

  94. Linda Hobby glorious....and what beautiful hair!!!

  95. Jay Wagner

    wow, thats the best I've ever watched. Thank you for sharing this video

  96. Rachel Nixon

    Arlo has made the world a better place.