Arlo Guthrie - A Little This N That Lyrics

My grandma she can make a soup
With a little a this n that
She can feed the whole sloop group
With a little a this n that
Stone soup! You know the story
Stone soup! Who needs the glory?
But with grandma cookin no need to worry!
Just a little a this n that

Grandma likes to make a garden grow
With a little a this n that
But she likes to have the ground just so
With a little a this n that
Not too loose and not too firm
In the spring it s all got to be turned
In the fall lots of compost to feed the worms
With a little a this n that

Grandma knows we can build a future
With a little a this n that
And a few arguments never never hurt ya
With a little a this n that
True this world's in a hell of a fix
And some say oil and water don't mix
But they don't know a saladmaker's tricks
With a little a this n that

The world to come may be like a song
With a little a this n that
To make everybody want to sing along
With a little a this n that
A little dissonance ain't no sin
A little skylarking to give us all a grin
Who knows
But God's got a plan for the people to win
With a little a this n that

[repeat 1st verse]

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Arlo Guthrie A Little This N That Comments
  1. Mark Bravo

    Charlton Heston's favorite musical

  2. Arminius Hermann

    Makes me think when I was 13 an I had no pipe an made my older sister for her first time smoke weed out of a foil made pipe an it was hilarious.

  3. UnderBridge Rock

    Probably my favorite American musician of the 60's. Timeless, just like his Pa

  4. Ross Heathorn

    This is a top top tune even in 2019 soon to be 2020. Shit that sounds space age 2020. All those years ago back in 60s when I wernt even born. It still sounds great, this and richie havens and hendrix my best people at Woodstock by far. The New York free way is closed ain't that far out lol God thank you 4 rock n roll. I got some ruff acoustic tunes on here put in Ross Heathorn flattery or Ross Heathorn merry go round or Ross Heathorn tides I got like 1p tunes raw no f x but you can hear idea. If anyone can help with better recordings message me. I'm in london uk. Peace punk Folk mc

  5. mike n

    the cop had a contact buzz '' he was tearing up those popsicles up with the munchies'' im not mad at him''.

    Daniel Nicholson

    Haha that scene was funny

  6. alice coppers

    In 1973 I lost a friend who did exactly this went to Mexico to bring back the key of Acapulco gold and got caught and lost his life
    It’s so hard to believe today that it’s legal and what he did was not a crime and he was killed for it anyway

    David Juan Medrano Quiroz

    Sorry about your lost Alice Coppers :(

  7. On Currier

    Tripping on the escalator I did that very thing I believe at pheasant lane mall whichever mall In rocking ham county NH anyway YEAH

  8. Ron Allman

    Joints went out of style after Gen X

  9. Ron Allman

    I heard the freeway never closed

  10. sarah mc hugh

    Los Angeleese

  11. Guzman Perez

    The hippie era may be long gone but I am very happy there once was a such thing.

  12. Dawn Shepherd

    Love it!!! Such a classic

  13. GaryPeterson67

    I first saw parts of this song in THE OMEGA MAN on the WABC 4:30 Movie back in the late 1970s/early '80s. I was about 13. That was before video stores, so it was awhile before I saw the full WOODSTOCK film, but that one clip succeeded in sparking a lifelong love and appreciation for the music of Arlo Guthrie.

  14. Pierre Bugblatter

    89 scum

  15. Dave S

    Too loud

  16. Musicplr

    In the movie My Science Project two students find a time traveling gadget in a Government stored UFO Denis Hopper as their teacher gives them an A on their project after he comes back time traveling from Woodstock dressed in his Easy Rider buckskin!

  17. Tiziana Toffoli


  18. Mike Kroll

    That Afghanistan hashish, India too. Not hash

  19. dil Currie

    Alan Arkins brother Bob on bass, Paul Motion on drums and John Spilla on guitar

  20. Vakur Cankurtaran


  21. Purple Daze

    Marijuana lotta that line..KOOKOOKACHOO ALL YOU POT NEEDLE FREAKS.

  22. Kyle Backman

    Imagine how terrible all that weed is lol

  23. Judy Thomas

    No politician could ever pull crowds like this !.

  24. Anna D


  25. Jones

    Hip woman walking on a moving floor
    Tripping on the escalator
    There's a man in the line and she's blowing his mind
    Thinking that he's already made her

  26. Rhoda Yackez

    I wish they would have filmed Arlo instead of these guys smoking dope.


    think of it as the video to the song

  27. Mc Ren

    Strange, that this was once the world. Absent of bathroom mirror selfies,
    and materialists narcissists.

  28. HabsFan123

    1:11 making a pipe out of aluminum foil. The greatest generation.

    Miglior Store

    You say so 'cause you hadn't parents from that generation. Anyway, this gives a point to the theory according which necessity and creativity are connected, and personally I find it a very funny and efficient solution. I am not so informed about the reason of the choice of associate the song prevalently to people who smoke marijuana... but, anyway, I think it is a cooling song which gives me a wonderful mood.

  29. Peter Nolan Smith

    we won the drug war. unite brothers and sisters

  30. Nam Yarasree

    Special time were the sixties. Special concert was Woodstock. Won't come back again.

  31. DM McHugh

    I was too young to be there in 1969, but today I have gone there in my mind.

  32. Joann Deak

    I was there. In my head and mind. Sadly.

  33. Consteple Lautermachen

    Happy 50th, Woodstock.

  34. BIG Joe Eagl

    Squeaky Dylan...🤣

  35. Mike Kroll

    That opium

  36. bob joe

    NEW CHALLENGE hit your kind bud every time they do or parhaps partake on the special, communion wine I’m rollin doobies so glad I was there

    Al H

    bob joe you were there? Veteran

  37. Nam Yarasree

    Marijuana...!!!! Don't touch my bags if you please, Mr customs man....!!!! Great song.! Great period.!!!! Peace, flowers, freedom, happiness....Love...!!!!

  38. Jennifer B

    Bffso ll

  39. Chris Cornish

    That cough 2:05 ❤️

  40. KALI

    i hate speed smoking,ide rather pass the weed let the person make a joint for them selves-passing the dutchie like that only kills it,making it hot on the lips and soggy...but hey peace

  41. bite2eat


  42. PickUpTheDarnBook

    I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I have my suspicions that Arlo Guthrie and Jimmy Page were separated at birth.... give or take like three or four years between them......

    Eduardo Alcalá

    Page even stole Arlo's image, lol, plagarist!

  43. F-RayDaySumtenNew

    I wish we could show the people who have been through the sixties that there is still life which has enjoyed every moment of life outside of the establishment because of all the phenomenal and incredible breakthroughs of the sixties I would love to share experiences with the rest of the world beyond just the sixties - Colors Of Sound

  44. Gilbert Valadez

    Anyone listening in 2019 1969 - 2019 = 50 years ♥️☮️✌️🚬🚬


    Marry U wanna

  46. Moses Garner

    @2:55 is my favorite part of this. "Been a walk down the road kinda trip."

  47. Koko Lee

    Straight up pride! 😚👤👈👉🐐🐓🐴🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐙🐙🐡🐡🐡🐳🐳🐳🐳🐋🐋🐷🐽🐷🐳🐊🐪


    Me - smoking and nodding rhythmically in approval

  49. MarkOnline

    Arlo is like my brother. I'm gonna see him perform live sometime before he, or I die.

  50. Karl Merten

    Check out time stamp 1:29 to 1:33 see that little kid watching the old man roll one up? I was born in 1973 I grew up like that, my parents, aunts, uncles, and their friends never hid it from us kids. We did lots of outside activities were that picture could be taken of us at the beach or back yard BBQ. THEY CALL THAT CHILD ABUSE NOW WTF!!?? None of my friends or cousins growing up together felt neglected or abused and when mom and dad get the munchies there gonna make damn sure you been feed LOL.

    Anna Ferguson

    Stoner pride...

  51. Koko Lee

    Fuck me sideways Sally

  52. Koko Lee

    Straight kiek

  53. Koko Lee

    Kief is my name

  54. Koko Lee

    I'm straight weed

  55. Anna D


  56. Stella Ercolani

    Leave my dope ALONE!

  57. Kelvin Rods

    Los angelees

  58. Michael

    The one shot of the dude doing blow, guy couldn’t be more obnoxious...hey everyone I am doing coke listen to me snort like a maniac and grab my nose

  59. Hash Info


  60. Tubsy McGhee

    Love this song

  61. Jesseca Young

    He was so cute! ♡

  62. R S

    That was NOT hash in that tin foil homemade pipe, I looked really hard, It looked like opium, Yeay !!

  63. dan conlan

    id like to know how they got weed I lived in San Francisco in 1969 there was a huge shortage the drought of 69 no weed lots of Reds, speed, and others

    last frink

    Its new york

  64. Packhorse Triumph

    1:02 when I was 15 and wanted to try pot this clip from the Woodstock movie that id borrowed from the city library taught me how to make a pipe that I used for my first time smoking pot

  65. Isabelle de l'Isere

    Là où il fallait être.



  67. Chris Slick

    My dream always has been to be part of the woodstock hippie crowd, and have lived in a comunity....


    aaaa.. the word is "Commune" ;-) bin dare, don dat, got the crabs 2 prove it

  68. Tarn Sand

    I am always impressed seeing that endless audience with a helicopter shuttle flying in..such a small space of ground wondering which now famous artist gonna climb .out

  69. Nicholas Ramsey

    0:55-1:22 I could picture that guy (creating his own hash pipe) being my high school science teacher, Mr Cain (who was born and raised on another farm in New York - not far away from where this concert took place)! I remember how he was a genuine hippie who also wishes that he could have been at Woodstock!

  70. grimble

    Nothing left of these vibes. Not even those who smoke weed are cool. It might as well be a narcissistic jerk of a boss at work. It's nothing flowery powery about it anymore.

  71. Isaak Garcia

    Isaak Garcia was here

  72. Notecrusher

    So young. So beautiful.

  73. Monty the Python

    The gentleman escorting Arlo at 45 secs, is Artie Cornfield... One of the top four...check his solo album. A time to remember .thanks for the post...

    Moses Garner

    Also check out his book. "The Pied Piper of Woodstock" Artie is awesome!

  74. Koko Lee

    That opium

  75. Spark Swain

    Smiling and Smoking......I still am.

  76. Nyckname


  77. Leigh Harris

    holy cow I stumbled onto one big opium den

    jstar_94 t-dot_west-end

    this is weed not opium


    If only the youth of today could get along like in the past. Too much technology brainwashing my fellow generation and “controlled substances” being used in foolish ways instead of for inspiration and exploration of the mind. Peace.


    Stop overly judging, they did drugs back then the same way the youth today do, however today there's no longer a huge hippie movement, times change and there's more reasons for Cannabis and Psychedelics being used than for recreational purposes, medical use for example, if they're not hurting anyone else then who are we to judge? And there's still great communities of youth around today as well, helping all over the place and sixteen year old hippies like me going around with joints in mouth, listening to Weedpecker, Sabbath and such going to a show somewhere, this generation also has it's good and bad people, just like they did in the sixties. Peace and love man


    I was listening to it when i was 12. Im 17 now and today i learned this song on guitar :))

    Lisa DC

    @Karso Congrats on learning this awesome song!


    Sad to think that a lot of these folks are probably "Trumpettes" now. Sigh.......

    Daniel Nicholson

    Facts. Seems people used to take drugs to dive into music. Today music is just a tool to dive into drugs

  79. Ms. Felony Strutter

    NONE of theses chicks are sexy..this stoner trany would have been the hottest and highest there

  80. Ms. Felony Strutter

    Honestly,  ALL of these hippies from him to Grace seem like such assholes LOL.  "Yeah well it's CLOSD man....

  81. Ms. Felony Strutter

    Watchin  a sexy babe  smoking J and dancing to this is soo sexy and funny

  82. Johnny H.



    Agreed dude

  83. Patricia Scully

    Dylan rip off


    Do your homework! Arlo's WOODY GUTHRIE'S SON... Dylan's "The Rip-Off"

  84. David Harrison

    So Far Out Man!!!

  85. madchad77

    The Omega Man

  86. Sheila CAME

    Everybody Must get STONE!!

  87. Sheila CAME

    Gotta love Mary Jane

  88. davehshs

    Is there a video of Arlo actually singing this on stage at Woodstock???


    I don't think so, in the original movie/documentary Arlo's performance was the overlay to the beginning movie when they were flying in the groups.

  89. Jordan Seaben

    Lotta freaks

  90. Brisdad53

    Wanna get really depressed? Arlo Guthrie is 71.

    Kenny Phillips

    But still cool. Very cool.


    Even MORE Depressing..... So Am I (in my 70's that is)

    Lisa DC

    Brisdad53 So what! He's still great and still touring. Going to see him tomorrow night as a matter of fact. Can't wait!

  91. Raymond Nakamura

    woody & arlo guthrie,both idol ni bob dylan

  92. musicisbrilliant

    One of my all time favorite videos in the world! :)

  93. Billy Hill

    man...this brings back memories of my dad!!!I'm in my 40s now and remember him singing this song!!!now I know!!!miss you dad!!!!HOPE you are still flying high!!!

    Shaun Spencer

    God bless you Billy.

  94. Liz Crandall

    Who would've guessed so many people were blazing at Woodstock! :P

  95. Paul Vanderwarker

    A friend was working U.S. customs in summer of 1972 when Arlo flew in from London on his way to L.A. He had much fun chatting with him. "What do you mean don't touch my bags Mr. Customs man"? Arlo fell on the floor laughing. He had no drugs at all. Cool dude.

  96. Fulano De Tal

    Ok... Being all your life stone as fuck... So?

  97. AlphaGamer

    Smoke more People!! HajajajajjajajajajjBhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWhat you say???HAHAJAJAJAJJAJAJBA

  98. greenskeeper3000

    I was rappin' to the fuzz,