Arlissa - What Did I Say? Lyrics

Don't turn around
Just hear me out
You know my heart's not proud
Cos I already let you down

When I said I didn't want you
When I said I didn't need you
I was scared of losing us
And after all that we've been through
Don't know what else to tell you
Guess that I just messed it up

What did I say?
What did I say?

When you were there in front of me
I lost my way
I shouldn't say things I don't mean

Can't turn back now
I don't know how
But you know me inside out
And goodbyes make the saddest sound

When I said I didn't want you
When I said I didn't need you
I was scared of losing us

What did I say?
What did I say?

When you were there in front of me
I lost my way
I shouldn't say things I don't mean
When you were there in front of me
I lost my way
I shouldn't say things I don't mean

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Arlissa What Did I Say? Comments
  1. Hyelhira Bassi

    this slaps differently

  2. Allen Mitchell Gardner

    I came here to hear your voice.

  3. Alex Mike

    “You need more strength in the high notes” I like you voice💜💕

  4. DNC Graphics

    I love this song and all the others

  5. raia alfonso

    This makes me wanna cry but I have nothing to cry about

  6. Dd alguard

    U areee sooooo amazinnng. ❤️❤️


    Yo te la chupo arlissa :)

  8. Goth Angel Sinner


  9. Lwandle Chiya


  10. Emma Lynch

    This is my new fav song!! Love it

  11. Randy Ortiz

    I love u, plis marry meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee askjdlasjkdjasldjak

  12. Annie Grigorian


  13. She Loves Reviews

    Ughhh.. Her songs and her voice just so beautiful

  14. MISHU


  15. Mykel Hunter

    So you are magnetically attractive on at least eight dimensions of this desperate existence. Not to be poetic. But I find it impressive how you glow in not only spirit. Made me feel right to quote your lyrics. And I hope that many blessings meet you. Recording feels of this accord got me forcing down most my feelings. Gotta stop here open ended. To be continued....and p.s. keep going. You kill it. Motivate all those who should listen. Peace. Vision.

  16. Jabriel Richardson

    this song made me cry

  17. Nyaguthii Wangai

    😍😍😍 lots of 💞 from Kenya

  18. Ty Perry

    AMAZINGGGGGGGG LOVE!!!! One of my new favorites! Your voice is just absolutely incredible and I’m so happy to have found your music.❤️😩

  19. Manasseh Akino


  20. majestic051

    is this necesasry to put nipple in movie

  21. Ella Louise

    Need this on Spotify

  22. Crafty Shawn

    Love her voice

  23. Al Moseley

    I give this a thousand & 1 thumbs up! Voice is awesome!

  24. Noregret113

    Your voice is a masterpiece of God.

  25. GothiQ haQer

    I literally love all of your songs. Your voice is gold and your lyrics are solid. Keep doing what you're doing, we appreciate it.

  26. Daryl Johnson

    i love your music so much like bless your soul

  27. Fabriellys Rua

    🤗 divina Jajaja

  28. Zefy Pissaki

    I'm waiting for the day Arlissa will have millions of subs cause she deserves em

  29. Jess Wright

    sent by jasmine clough🧡

  30. Liberty Sullivan

    Jasmine Clough sent me :)) your incredible btw <3.

  31. Jessie Paquette

    sent by jasmine clough 🖤🖤🖤

  32. Andrea

    SUPER!! :)

  33. Harley Ivy

    how have I been without your music your voice is so pretty

  34. Keavin Brown

    You are beutifull

  35. Eric Duong

    Meron is ur ghost writer isn't she...

  36. Soul Emcee Detroit

    Inspired each time I hear your voice. Absolutely amazing! You've been blessed with an incredible gift, and you use it in a significant way. Much respect to you!

  37. hallo jalal

    Such an amaizing touchable voice ...God bless u

  38. samothe_11

    I really love her voice !!!

  39. Jennora

    Pls get famous

  40. SHORN Music

    I think this is one my favorite ones from you 💜 wow

  41. ohkyh

    She's so beautiful and her voice is just full of so much emotion. She's the first artist I actually enjoy waiting for their music to drop. Much love from jax fl <3

  42. monia ben adda

    You are perfect from the voice to the BRILLIANT lyrics 😍😍😍

  43. Daiana Ayalla

    Deusa 💚

  44. Ok Ok


  45. Ok Ok


  46. honeymumbun

    This song touches my soul. Every word relates to how I feel.

  47. Joe Chen


  48. Aiouaz Othmen

    Omg not only beautiful but lovely sweet voice am so drunk by her music 😍

  49. Emmy Lima

    Eu te venero, Arlissa! ♥

  50. Katie Oldham

    I liked it before I even listened cause I know it’s gonna be amazing as always

  51. She Loves Reviews

    Just listened to this 5 times in a row LOL! All your songs are perfection tbh

  52. Caps _

    J’ai pas reçu la notification 😭❤️❤️

  53. Rena Shenk

    Hits my soul so hard right now 😢 this is beautiful!!!

  54. Nicolle Mosquera

    0:06 I'm already loving it ♥

  55. Iara Nascimento

    my husband and I like you so much and your songs that we go for the name of our daughter arlissa😍

  56. Tamara

    Am I the only one who wants to know where she gets her shirts from

  57. alicia

    How did i miss the notification for this masterpiece?!?!!

  58. Stark

    You want to know something unbelievable? Most of us aren't even here for the boobs :o We're here actually for the voice. Fucking mindblowing!

  59. Neyma Orozco

    Does she has a spotify?

    Samantha Stevenson

    yes she does! :)


    Typing that message was less afford then just looking it up?

  60. Ebony's life

    where the lyrics


    they're in the description now 😊

  61. Bilal Primm

    found you!!!

  62. Mélissa Sidibé

    Amazing❤️ Kisses from France

  63. Monica g

    Lollllll notification squad yessss

  64. laminutebeaute

    Love from France ! You're amazing..

  65. Manuela Le Nen

    I love you your voice is amazing but why you didn’t put the lyrics in the descriptions 😭❤️


    just did! 🙏

    Manuela Le Nen

    Thank you☺️

  66. Patricia Currie

    I love love love THIS SONG!!!


    🎶💘Awesome song !

  68. Júlia Sá

    Come sing in Brazil girl!!🇧🇷💚💙I love you voice!!

  69. Nathoo Dabeautiful

    Is there an album??

  70. Ok Ok


    Déquan Wade

    Megan Zano Its in the description

  71. Braden Quiggle

    Oh my gosh a new video! Its a Christmas miracle! I love you Arlissa you are an angel

  72. Cathy Kourouma

    Once again❣ what a beautiful voice👌🏾 i luv everything about you Arlissa🙌🏾

  73. chourouk tntcn


  74. Bubbles

    Yhusss i was so happy when I seen the notification🤧

  75. Kimberly Elizabeth

    Your voice is absolutely beautiful, how are you not signed?! I️ have all your music on iTunes 😍😍😍😍💕

  76. SONGbyrdRYzing

    This seems like this would fit an episode of “Insecure.”

  77. Oumar Diallo

    people that knows her personnaly must all be crazy mad in love with her ......i would be

  78. Matthew Hicks

    as usual incredible.

  79. Heather Van Schalkwyk

    wow i have been waiting for another song finally!!!.

  80. Tiara bee

    Her 😍😍😍😍

  81. jody-ann davis

    Who else listens to her songs before bed ?


    jody-ann davis Me. Currently.


    Literally doing that right now lol. You are not alone with that

    Prizanda Hawkins

    Me it's make me sleep better ❤️❤️❤️

  82. jody-ann davis

    I've been waiting on a new song from her ❤️

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    so here for this!

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    Man I love how natural & genuine she is.

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    I gave it a thumb up at second 3 because I knew I'll fucking love it as always

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    Me declaro fan ... ♥😊

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    she slays once again

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    Yesss my favorite artist!! ❤❤❤