Arlissa - Praying For Love Lyrics

You don't have to pick up your shoes
Don't leave in the morning
Been praying for love
Wondering when you'd come along

I wanted a friend
Saw myself in your shadow
Been praying for love
Didn't think you'd come along

And I didn't think I'd know until you know somebody
But I didn't let it show until you called out my name

In my head I
In my head I
In my head I
Didn't let it show but you still let me grow

You don't have to pick up your shoes
You don't have to leave in the morning
Been praying for love
Wondering when you'd come along

And I want to thank you
And I wanna show you
How my love won't end
Cause it shines in your shadow
Been praying for love
Never thought I'd feel so strong

And I didn't think I'd know until you know somebody
But I didn't let it show until you called out my name

In my head I
In my head I
In my head I
Didn't let it show but you still let me grow

You don't have to pick up your shoes
You don't have to leave in the morning
Been praying for love
Wondering when you'd come along

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Arlissa Praying For Love Comments
  1. Francisca Martins

    this is pure gold

  2. Berta B

    Your voice is amazing.

  3. Melanie Atwood

    Sierra madre

  4. Melanie Atwood

    United better

  5. OneMan Mob

    One if my favorite songs. The best musicians aren't getting Grammys. My problem with the industry

  6. Temesgen Yemane

    My wife got mad once i posted ur song at insta n said to me babie remove it😡 with anger n said thats only for us😅n removed it😊

  7. Temesgen Yemane

    Me and my wife loves you alot and ...every time we use ur songs to share our love 🤗😊

  8. Kim Thivanada


  9. Unortho dox

    I just found myself clicking ,after scrolling up ,that face n voice. ...

  10. Mohammed Ataelgeed

    Praying for love and marriage
    Praying for girlfriend and relationship
    Praying for to have my own family
    Praying for my lonely soul

  11. sam bachir

    Only U mdm Brown ❤

    Imen piaf

    Only you Mr.Brown 👑❤

  12. Lonnie Day


  13. shivam gupta

    It's super to take my eyes and do anything else while I am playing your music! I hope that you are aware to create a connection with the viewer, everytime you look at the camera!

  14. GHTeam13

    I love you and your music. Real music never get old. One Love!!!!

  15. art deco

    a true artist! ill be here before one million x

  16. Danait Negash

    Wauw amazing song really touches my soul!!!

  17. TheDaisiestTulip

    I love that she has a quite particular taste in shirts

  18. Reactions رياكشن

    We need the lyrics still?

  19. Giselle G. Garcia

    i love this song and you! thank you for all the music you make! i would love to hear what the true meaning of it is. Also if you are in San Francisco please have a concert! <3


    WOW that voice

  21. Maira Alejandra Perea Abadía

    No sé qué tiene esta canción pero suele relajarme .. i like 😉😉

  22. gisel landaverde

    Your voice is amazing!

  23. Mimi Daniels

    Saw one of Jasmine Clough’s video that she shouted u out so I thought I’d listen too a few songs and she’s right! Ur so good!

  24. Kim Henry

    1:45 wow

  25. Jennora

    I love this song so much

  26. Alissa Butterworth

    Favvv vid of you!

  27. Jessica Lambertson

    Does she have a record deal?

  28. Anara Parks

    Girl you need to join The Voice

  29. Yared Yemane

    Really i love your song with good voice and nice slow music thanks lol stay blessed.And i hope in the near future your songs will be more populare through out the world.

  30. Andrew Mason

    Hey I just wanted to recommend a book it's called 31 prayers for my future husband. I have the other version for my future wife. God hears all prayers . God bless your future.

  31. Abagail DollFaceGangsta

    #PureInHeart when you sing I feel every words real naturalist @Arlissa I'm a new fan new subscriber ... I just can't get enough loving every song so far :D

  32. Cornélia M'vou

    Cette jeune femme a un réelle talent, ça nous prend à la gorge c'est enivrant, sa voix est vraiment délicieuse, douce et mélancolique à la foi, des paroles seines et bien choisi, je paierais pour ses albums .

  33. Maria Karolina

    Linda! ❤️

  34. Hafiz Don


  35. EDDIE PRATT 1984

    Her voice gives me hope..makes me feel like anything is possible!!! Im a crip from South Central Los Angeles and i listen to her every day! Much love

  36. Camya Leland

    I love this song so much 😩.

  37. L A Thomas

    I can't even DESCRIBE.... Stumbled across tonight.....what a voice and amazing lyrics, music.....I just CAN'T even....!

  38. canica mac

    I'm obsessed with this girl's music... I swear!

  39. hunny bear


  40. Ruby Cervantes

    I love it. ..

  41. Amber Stewart

    Can’t get enough of her music 🎶 I’m on such a high I just want more ❤️


    Peace nd love Arlissa👸...please let us know when you come to paris...pleazzzzz☺☺

  43. Safiya Hashi

    Love this song.

  44. Arlissa

    Hey guys! I'm on Spotify here:

    Dhevhan Keith

    You are absolutely amazing. Finding your music have begun to change mine. Much Aloha!

    Emy Quintana

    Arlissa are you still posting on SoundCloud?

    Isaac Connor

    You are amazing!!! OMG!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!

    L J

    😮😮😍 wow you are so beautiful. Your eyes have a warm light to them, they are addicting to look at:)

  45. Δανάη Χρυσικού

    You are wonderful

  46. Jaqueline Vaz Amaro

    The most beautiful voice!! Keep up the lovely work <3

  47. jauregui 96

    I’m a huge Kesha fan and thanks to spotify this song came after ‘praying’. I really love your voice

  48. Kelly Chee

    i love this cant wait for all the break up songs

  49. Sauza sounds

    Just the song i needed

  50. Constanza Pacheco

    Cantas realmente hermoso 😍❤
    ¿Alguien podría agregar subtitulos/traducción? u.u

  51. Hinda hela ilove

    Praying for love ehhhh

  52. andrew eastwood

    Girl it's been a month, where the new song at?

  53. Admiro Teixeira


  54. Nydia Morales

    Having listened to this song many times over, it makes one appreciate authentic love songs. 💛

  55. Magdalyne Kanjejo


  56. K Ra

    Piano tutorial please !

  57. Adrean Fuller

    how about writing a songs about good and happy 😀

  58. Simply Julissa

    I'm praying for Love! Simply beautiful...

  59. Morino Morino

    Arlissa❤keep it up❤love you yene fiker✌

  60. Lacey Lynn

    😍 😢 😍 you are amazing

  61. Kai Cannon

    Hi I'm a student at the BRIT school in South London and I was wondering if me and a group of other singers do this song in our LGBT assembly, it is the biggest assembly we have each year and I think this song fits perfectly with the saying Love is Love and the affects of discrimination against LGBT people. Please could you reply it would be greatly appreciated.


    of course! good luck xx

  62. Chento Redae

    I love you Arlissa ❤

  63. gml recordztv

    Absolutely breath taking you are amazing keep up the great work 🔥🔥

  64. Olivia Watson

    gosh this kills me because i watch everyone around me be loved so much, i just want someone to love me as much as i'd love them

  65. Carolyn Orcel

    smooth, simple and sweet XO i love this girl

  66. mx jx

    you are an angel arlissa

  67. Kay Creole

    I like before I listen cuz you never disappoint my ears sis 💕

  68. Jonathan Michael


  69. Abby Lost

    Amazing ❤️

  70. Joguś Polaczkowa

    My god. I'm listening to you every day and I'm like wow, that's so amazing, I have no words to truly express my feelings about your voice and songs. I'm learning your songs by heart and singing them every day, I just can't stop, 'cause they're so beautiful, full of emotions and truth. And with a bit feeling of sad I know, that I will never be as good as you. I'm totaly spechless but I want you to know that you're amazig and the best. My favourite.
    Sorry for mistakes, I'm from Poland. But still, I'm going to help you in some way, so the world would discover such a incredible woman like you 👑❤.
    Thank you for making so good music. I know people will adore you soon.

  71. Faten S

    Who else loves her tops?😍❤️

    An Tran

    ikr. it's gorgeous

    Sephora Antonio

    I do, I would love she tells us w:ere to get this

    Malika C.

    Anara Parks

    They are so cute

  72. SweettCurls

    One word, WOW

  73. Leda Paul

    This is so beautiful

  74. Q Kwasi Cox


  75. linda ibishi

    sooo goood really my heart is melting😍💎

  76. Al almamy

    Good!!! praying for love !!!same God love Atlissa

    Al almamy


  77. Teesha Dymond

    Love you girl

  78. Oumar Diallo

    i'll fall in love the minut i'll see her in real

  79. Todd Cresta

    FIrst time commenting on an artist ever and it's because you deserve it! I can't wait for you to go on tour!! People are going to realize real soon.

    I've been praying for an artist like you, wondering when you would come along :)

  80. Candy Black

    for dancing in weeding :)

    Big Four Forever

    Candy Black yeah 😍

  81. Sara Shifaw

    i want this on spotify nowww soooo beautiful. also hopefully you post an instrumental of this song too!

  82. Chad Domino

    My queen and muse brought me here, one of the best messages in life Thanks.
    P.S. Arlissa im praying you are heard more :)

  83. Carlo Nardo

    Canzone profonda , interpretazione immensa , interiore , magnifica , donna e artista meravigliosa

  84. Keith Butler

    beautiful song loved it

  85. Lexis Swenson

    I'm 14, and your my biggest inspiration!!! I love singing and your songs are very beautiful and your one the the biggest reasons I've kept up with music. Thank you!!❤❤❤

  86. ngyardhas ngyardhas

    i know you're a singing channel and shit, and you're amazing, but i *need* you to drop that skincare routine

  87. nicolae gheorghe

    Ay yu biutifal

  88. Luanne Harrell

    Your voice is mesmerizing. I listen to your songs everyday and they make me a better person.

  89. Almond Eyes

    First time ever seeing you, subscribed immediately! Your honestly super talented and deserve alot more recognition, wish you all the best from the future❤❤❤❤

  90. The Singing Gamer

    I have a crush on her voice! ❤

  91. raydoll20 2

    As soon as she started 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  92. Natasha Smurta

    Not fire like usual but I still
    Have love for you😘

  93. Llama Lover :3

    What sad is if any of these famous singer sang and write these songs instead of her they would be praised as some kind of a god but when someone who is not well known writes something so beautiful and amazing they do t get recognitions smh

  94. A_N princesses

    Start sharing her stuff she need more fans asap help her

  95. mala gasy

    You are so talented!