Arlissa - Multiply Lyrics

I don't wanna to talk about it
Just give me some time
And I will be a better man

Maybe you can understand

Don't wanna to hear about it
You don't make me smile
The way you did when we were young
So why we holding on

If this ain't love
Then I won't let you in
Cause we're going around in circles
And I won't be back again

This ain't us
Tell me why I play the game
To win or lose the same

Oh why'd I try to fight
When you just multiply
I'm running out of lives
There you go messing me around again
You've taken something that's not given
Not your turn to restart it again
You multiply

Think I might break away
Before I feel the pain
Take it day by day
But better off this way
Think I might break away
Before I lose it all
You know what they say
Love's a losing game

So why'd I try to fight
When you just multiply
I'm running out of lives
There you go messing me around again
You've taken something that's not given
Not your turn to restart it again
You multiply

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Arlissa Multiply Comments
  1. Dann Fornoone

    Тhe sharpness is that, this thing was taken from you .and will do it again and again until you are empty....But You fell it ..


  2. CaSama

    why do you keep revealing your breasts and nipples? you are a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice you don't need to show your nudity to everyone.

  3. Darrius Meggie

    My gosh she is talented. Love the way she sings from heart.

  4. Stephanie Williams

    In 2020 and still my fav artist arlissa! 🎶

  5. Kaythleen Smith

    Quelle belle voix ! 😍

  6. paige Johnson

    Your a good sanger I always sing your song

  7. Rochelle Mphetlhe

    I never comment on youtube videos, but i swear, I couldn't hold myself nomore

  8. Stephanie Peña Peralta

    I’m in love with her Voice 😫💕

  9. roza cwil

    luv your voice and your songs Arlissa

  10. Jumbo Desmond

    My goodness, you sing so beautifully...

  11. raia alfonso

    These songs are so powerful

  12. Sydney Buckton

    first time listening to it and I’m already in love 🥰

  13. Barvinski


  14. gosego makone

    "oh why do i try to fight when you just multiply"

  15. Alexandria Rodriguez

    I love her so much! Her voice is amazing. I listen to her songs almost everyday lol!

  16. Benvinda Delfina

    Perfect !!!

  17. Keith Beal

    Literally in love with her music 😍😍😍 I'm jealous yo lol

  18. Laurent Jhundoo

    astonishing vocal range

  19. simplycolossal

    Fave song of yours

  20. Official Andy Feds

    Love this!

  21. Paul Tracy

    I love this woman

  22. Oluoma Ali

    This is really my best Arlissa song💜

  23. fourlovedoves0810

    I love alllllllll of her songs!! She’s definitely got it

  24. JaShawn Price

    I love your music Arlissa

  25. Sophia Vettorazzi

    Algum BR? ❤

  26. Swizz Z

    Nice style <3 Greetings from Poland :)

  27. Aoi Neko - chan

    I love your songs. You are my idol!! I am from Peru :3

  28. KasandraMarie

    My sister put me on and I am in loooove you go girl 🙌💞

  29. Itss Serennn

    Does anyone else think her name is SOOOO unique😍😍

  30. Itss Serennn

    I’ve been trying to find this song EVERYWHERE ever since I heard it sung by an eighth grader AND I LOVED IT

  31. A N G E L

    amazing talent truly blessed

  32. Vanessa Daniel

    Can't help myself from looking at nipple its looking right at me😯😬💋

  33. Jalel Gadou

    I feel like i didn't know what love was until i hear Arlissa's voice, she is gifted and sooo talented. I hope that she'll become even more famous

  34. Julya James

    I love ur song😍😍😍🙏😍🙏😍🙏😍🙏

  35. Arthur this isn’t Weed

    *screems this in the shower*

  36. Emily G

    I have 3 tickets for her gig in Manchester, April 11th message me for more

  37. Jonathan Soto Gregg

    Amazing Voice!

  38. Oluchi Peace

    I luv u

  39. Audrey Lynn

    I’ve been looking for you every where!! I only can remember your voice!! But thank god I did 😍❤️🙌🏽

  40. Growing with Mae

    I LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Jenny Osifo


  42. Acis Mahrje

    Already pre-ordered !!xx

  43. Gaiet 'l bel

    che bella.. cosi genuina..

  44. Laura Leon Estrada

    Girl, this is toooo much. You have an amazing future. Keep on going, and get me all the chills you want doing more music.

  45. Taklisha Omar

    i love you arlissa u have a god giving voice and only god can take it away I LOVE YOU !!

  46. barstarks

    Absolutely beauitful and I love your voice good luck

  47. Rashaunda

    For some reason this video won’t let me play the whole thing. It stops half way through

  48. Dazza Direct

    here comes 100k subs, sooooooooo deserved , next stop 200k, with love

  49. Line Medeiros

    perfect 💓💓💓💓👏👏😭

  50. Hathor Beauty

    She's singing my life right now, like wow😢.

  51. Jasmine Carrillo

    Hey you posted this on my bday 😊

  52. Perra Chavez

    You just have so much power in your voice you're giving in each songs! God bless you! You're a talent that need to be known!

  53. Jane Dough

    I'm in love with her voice and she's so classy

  54. Jane Dough

    I view you as I viewed Whitney

  55. Keren Agyei

    You.. Are.. Perfect. This is music. ❤

  56. Daniel Altamirano

    In love with your voice arlissa 😍😍

  57. keeruh

    I just love this😭

  58. Jessica Lynn

    Love love love

  59. The Moor

    your music heals

  60. simplycolossal

    I'm obsessed

  61. Pamela Vieira Rodrigues

    😍 Que voz 😍

  62. gail


  63. Arlissa

    Hey guys! I'm on Spotify here:

    Emery H

    Arlissa love you love ya

    Tatyana Feleti

    Do you write your own music??? Coz you are an amazing and inspirational musician. I absolutely love your performance and your flow.

    stephano louis

    Your amazing...poor me we dont have Spotify in my country

    Alexandre Xerinda

    I'm so happy I found you

    Luis López Ramon

    WOW... FROM MEXICO... YOU ARE... WOW!!! haha

  64. nelisiwe ngcobo


  65. Mahlapane Jane

    super obsessed with Multiply!!!!

  66. anime babe Bennett

    Beautiful voice💕💕💕😪

  67. anime babe Bennett

    I love you and I don't you lol

  68. Brii Carter

    i love her sooo much ! & i fall in love with every song she uploads 😻

  69. Adrean Fuller

    This is a very powerful song i love it

  70. Arthur this isn’t Weed

    What kind of padding for the walls is she using???? If here neighbors can hear they must be lucky af

  71. Shalise Thomas


  72. Esraa

    this gives me chills every time❤

  73. Deer _ Love

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon you. You're amazing.

  74. Eloanny Ribeiro

    Apaixonada por ela❤

  75. SickBeats Productions

    Those nipples! ❤️😘😇

  76. deshane231

    I love you so much/favorite 😩❤️😘💍💍💍💍💍

  77. Laura

    Brasileiros presente curte e deixa up ❤🌸

  78. Fabulous Salvatore

    Who else thinks they're falling in love with everything about her? <3

  79. armand brice eman

    i lov u #big up

  80. Gabriella Martodrono

    why doesnt she have a bra on??

  81. lyrica and jay

    i watch this 24-7

  82. lyrica and jay

    ilove this girl

  83. Valerie Mehreider

    I love you Arlissa. YOur my age and with every song I feel it with every word! your inspiring and motivatig me to sing <3 Go get it girl!!!

  84. Rodrigo Muñoz

    you're voice is incredibly beautiful and unique. greetings from Mexico

  85. إسماعيل مجدى

    you are so sexy

  86. Chad Wallace

    I get goosebumps listening to every song!

  87. Anahi Espinoza

    She is perfect😻😻😻😻😻

  88. Hoxijen

    I feel the fire in your voice...

  89. Johanna Hernandez

    that high pitch OMG beautiful

  90. Rachel Schellings

    Please please please make more music! You really help me in difficult times.. You are so inspiring for me and I'm sure for more girls. I would really love to hear more music of you. I would love to be a writer but I'm to shy to let anybody read my story's. They are very personal. You give me strength and self confidence. I just wanna say that I love you and I'm a big fan. Much love from me❤️

  91. Belle S

    This came on shuffle on Spotify today as I was heading to take my final for a class I'm clearly failing because I haven't been able to go since my dad has been struggling with cancer. I fell in love with this and it made me feel on top of the world today. Thank you.

  92. T.M.S so kind

    when she sings I cry cause she so beautiful love her

  93. Mbali Ndaba

    amazing...she's just amazing

  94. Lilypilypants

    She really doesn't like bras... (Not complaining 😂😂) GREAT SONG!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍👌

  95. Yiotto CHANN

    Absolutely in love with her and her voice

  96. Bakary Traore

    Arlissa je viens à peine de voir ton incroyable talon et je suis directement tombé amoureux de toi je jure .

  97. Nathalia Mota

    her voice's beautiful

  98. Tristiian Tristiian

    I listen to this every morning and every night 🤕❤

  99. God2Lord6Power7G.L.P 2267

    Love ur music