Arlissa - I Can't Keep Up With You Lyrics

I can't keep up with you
Don't know where to go if you want me to
Cos every word that you say
Keeps leading me on but so far away

I don't know why I'm running in circles
Trying to find a miracle
Biding my time till you're home
When I can't keep up with you
But I could move on if you want me to

And I'm singing how could I have waited so long
And I'm singing maybe that's what makes me strong
And I'm singing, and I'm singing, I've been singing on my own
Maybe that's what made me strong

Cos I can't keep up with you
But I don't think I ever wanted to
And at the end of the day
I know that deep down we both feel the same

I don't know why I've been running in circles
Trying to find a miracle
Biding my time till you're home
When I can't keep up with you
So we can move on if you wanted to

And I'm singing how could I have waited so long
And I'm singing maybe that's what makes me strong
And I'm singing, and I'm singing, I've been singing on my own
Maybe that's what made me strong

Cos I can't keep up with you
So we can move on if you wanted to

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Arlissa I Can't Keep Up With You Comments
  1. Brianna Gbedemah

    I've listened to a lot of her songs and I could feel how much she enjoys singing and all the effort and hard work put all together. she is so beautiful and she knows how to reach people's hearts which is a very hard thing to do.

  2. Grecu Cristian

    Beside the singing.. Those boobs.. <3

  3. joselie smith

    These words so true to me

  4. Claudia Palacios

    Even if you don't believe wich i Will Tello you, you should. Your voice even when you don't believe, your voice can change people, that can feel things that anyday they couldn't feel. Your work, lyrics AND especially your voice can permite anyone to feel happy, sad, Brive, sure about who they Are AND really fantastic looking for the hapinnes . Thanks for everything Arlisa. Fighting!!! Believe in yourself

  5. Heather Mclaughlin

    Under rated!


    A Great singer you are

  7. shivam gupta

    Love your singing!! Your voice gets deep to the heart. Thank you! BIG FAN of yours!!

  8. Arely jimenez

    Me encanta esta canción♥

  9. Benvinda Delfina

    I love this girls voice

  10. Bob slepcik

    Your voice is so nice to listen to 😙😁

  11. K Tha Great

    This song is amazing 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Princess Charming

    Amazing! Your voice is Amazing! 💕💕💕

  13. krystal John

    She makes me feel gay...

  14. Ayanda Webb

    Love your voice😍😍😍😍

  15. Bitanya Mesfin

    Arlissa u are so perfect and u'r is so amazing ilu so mach 😍😍😘😘😘

  16. Diane Verrier

    I've just rediscovered this song and I still love it so much it actually touched me a lot the first time I listened to it thank you this is just wow

  17. Jaisa Kramer

    She finds her inspiration for really gave her that voice

  18. hannah asi

    Very beautiful ❤️

  19. Shahd Khaled

    My body shivers whenever I listen to your beautiful voice ❤️❤️

  20. Marcos Gomes Bernardes

    Música boa demais!!

  21. Yakup KIVILCIM

    I like your voice. You have an impressive voice. first time heard and impressed :)

  22. Unortho dox

    Am in love. ....

  23. Zintle Mgolombane

    I'm in Love with your Voice, your Music is mind blowing 🙉🙉🙉

  24. Kevin Vallejo

    ❤Eres Increible❤

  25. Alexis Boger

    I thought I sang this song just like Arlissa, until I drove by a couple of highschool kids singing it at the top of my lungs. Judging by the amount of laughter... maybe I sound like a cat being strangled and nothing like Arlissa lolol

  26. Anne Crane

    My boyfriend said he wants to go on a break today and I found your music today, can't stop crying.
    between you and Sza I'm a mess

  27. ClaireLouise

    I genuinely realised I’m gay by watching this

  28. lizeille_kay kudita

    Your voice is amazing 😍🙌🏽

  29. Carlos Giraldo


  30. Oğulcan

    I am Turkish. I love you <3

  31. Dessy Walker

    I love your music

  32. Addi S. Koon

    True queen… slays visually, vocally and lyrically.

  33. sparkle life

    Ure a natural 💕💕💕

  34. r/whoosh ?

    This deserves more views ❤️

  35. Ashleigh Bennett


  36. nestor cherro

    omg so good

  37. Amanda DasGupta

    Detroit in the house! #313Love

  38. Clarece Larry

    I’m a better woman because of your music 💪🏻

  39. Alain Trabanca Carretero

    I love you 😍😘

  40. Brittany Elizabeth

    You have a beautiful voice 💕

  41. Matthew Bell

    Pure talent Arlissa - loving your music. Killer stares at the camera too :)

  42. Surakshya Kharel

    My crush

  43. Char E

    The chills running down my back OH MY, love this

  44. Oscar Quezada

    I don't know why but she kind of remembers me Whitney Houston

  45. Enia

    I love her and her song!! 💕💕 see my cover on my channel if you have time 🙏🏽🤫🎤

  46. zakhona dludlu

    oh, i just love your music, gosh your voice dam gurl.......................

  47. Elizabete Maria

    I love music yoor arlissa

  48. Bernard Selala

    you could be bigger than adele

  49. Marcos pereira


  50. Sabri Haydee

    What a beautiful voice, this is incredible, I love it.

  51. ashton botha


  52. Bridget Menham

    Hope not what ever that word is ,by the way good words , listen to g m xxx

  53. Bridget Menham

    We've decided you look cute with that hair style and also hooe you do cheerful songs in the future xx

  54. Minou Min

    I do not speak English very well but I know this word, you are amazing and I am in love with you, good contuniation

  55. Ysabell Courtney

    So pretty 😍

  56. Tebogo

    Good Lord, just let me die right here

  57. Jada Delvalle

    your voice is so beautiful, but this song literally makes my heart ache so bad.

  58. Anara Parks

    I love her hair it’s so beautiful

  59. Kimberly Elizabeth

    Gives me chills!!!! I can feel this in my soul ❤️

  60. M. Gonzalez

    girll that voice!

  61. Dynasty Bee

    Going through it now

  62. Giovanna Sanchez

    Hey! Check this out!

  63. Nicolas

    Say hi to Brazil please! ❤❤

  64. Hello Meisha

    i fucking love Arlissa

  65. Arlissa

    Hey guys! I'm on Spotify here:

    Zacc Garrett

    You are very talented... my the blessing keep coming for you

  66. Shayona Stewart

    I Can't Wait To My Cover 💕

  67. Neelam Khan

    I can't stop listening to you ❤

  68. Aria AlterEgo

    I don't think there's a song that could come out of her mouth and sound bad, like ever! Everything she does is simply mind-blowing and a talent like this is so rare and deserves to be seen, heard, felt by as many as possible! Good luck, girl, you really are a treasure!

  69. Sophia Pardo



    Elle est incroyable cette femme💯


    falling inlove with every song of yours...

  72. Thato Mosesi

    An Angel on earth I tell you... Im hooked!!!

  73. Madison Martinez

    your voice is unreal!! 💕💕💕

  74. Anna N

    wow mind blown

  75. Ms Cruz

    This song reflects to what I'm going through I just love this song and hearts ain't going lie❤️ keep it up hun ur voice is amazing 🙂

  76. Courtesy Rentals

    lordddyyyy...chillllddddd.....I just discovered you and I have you on replay!!!!

  77. Smangele Dlamini

    gosh i cnt fall inlove anymore..the voice!!!

  78. hawiliya tekila

    I am from Eritrea i iove you music English very nice the right job my sister

  79. summer lawrence


  80. Marrika Sanders

    amazing!!! I'm so inspired!!!

  81. Your Chin

    your hair is always slaying; I swear 😭😍😍😍

  82. chef sisters min & aijab

    Lovely 😊 it really is a perfect gift 🎁 singing. P.s I can't keep u with

  83. Princess Hewitt

    I love you voice SO AMAZING

  84. Cristina Guzman

    Me encanta tu voz y tu interpretación.

  85. Salahouddine Soalehy

    You make me travel with your Song. I love you ARLISSA

  86. Silvio T. Bombadil

    i cant move on without new song from you

  87. NgatiDreadz

    Wow 👏👌

  88. Kristen Willemsen

    her voice is amazing ! <3

  89. Mel Filosi


  90. Κωνσταντινος Γουλινακης

    Thanks for your music greetings from greece

  91. ᴍᴀʀɪᴇ

    you should do covers too. you'd make them better tbh

  92. bernadette thomson

    omg these words just resonate in my head such beautiful and powerful song.....

  93. Keaboka Mookinyana

    How um patiently waiting on an album all the way from Africa,BW represent!

  94. Patricia Neriga

    hermosaaa vozz 😍😍😍


    How does this have 18 dislikes?

  96. LuGetBucks Tv

    This Is Really Crazy How This Song Is Great Because I Only Listen To Gang Music ‼️😽

  97. Happy Marumo

    awesome piece