Arlissa - Gonna Make Me Love Lyrics

Why don't you show me
What makes you love me
You keep me lonely
Moving too slowly

Tell me what you want me to know
Don't you ever let me let go
Won't you give me something cos I'm losing your touch
Losing your touch

You're gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love somebody else
You're gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love somebody else

Why don't you hold me
Act like you know me
Make me your only
Time that you show me
Show me

Tell me what you need me to know
Don't you ever let me let go
Won't you give me something cos I'm losing your touch
Losing your touch

You're gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love somebody else
You're gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love somebody else
You're gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love somebody else

And I told you once
I told you twice
I'm losing patience
Gonna make me love
You're gonna make me love somebody else

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Arlissa Gonna Make Me Love Comments
  1. betty Wambui

    Can't believe I haven't known you 'til today..All your songs are noe on my playlist... I love them all. Keep going..💓

  2. Derry Ngamal Kulas

    You gonna make me love you Arlissa. 👍

  3. utuber176

    Oooh really 👀, I’m somebody else 🙋🏽‍♂️Arlissa!! 😂

  4. vadivade

    This song is still SO good.

  5. Dialika Dieme

    In love😍😍😍💖

  6. Rayon Wickham

    Introduced to Arlissa by a friend. Whenever we hang out, we play her in the background while we talk or whatever else. Fell in love immediately. For the first time though, I'm listening with headphones... even better experience! LOVE IT!

    Rayon Wickham

    All your songs are simply beautiful. The piano in this is to die for tho...So fun yet vulnerable

  7. Kyla Zuniga

    Yesss girl.. I'm so in lovee with your voice & touching lyrics ☝️

  8. Shauda Washington

    Authentic and gifted truly a individual. This generation needs rhis

  9. Shahd Khaled

    An absolute angel 😇 you honestly beat all the crap we listen to these days❤️❤️

  10. Jahtoya Rodriquez

    Love this song!!!😊

  11. Dylan Peters

    I just love your music. I don't care if others don't. Thank you so much.

  12. Shannell Springle

    I'm in love with this song I'm really feeling it 👍👍👍

  13. Gary Finneyfrock

    I was too busy looking at the breast

  14. Unortho dox

    Imagine hearing your lover say these words"you gonna make me love somebody else"

  15. Unortho dox

    I like the way,how most of her videos begin with that gripping stare....

  16. Paul Bekas

    amazing !!!!

  17. fourlovedoves0810

    I wish I could like her songs a million times each.. fr fr

  18. loverofsleep LJ_Lover3

    she gonna make me love her!!!!

  19. warm mood 예은

    Wow... You have soooooo wonderful voice❤️

  20. Mimi Joseph

    My daily playlist 😍😍😍😍love yuuuuu girl😘

  21. Junior Nadal

    Beautiful ❤️ it really touches me

  22. KING CUZ

    Keep up the great work!!! Angels are indeed on Earth!

  23. Nour Hussein

    You sang in everything your body you sensation reach me directly to heart
    Love ❤️u so much

  24. nicole musiyiwa

    keyboard on point

  25. Shantearion Jackson

    You really make incredible music. Once I discovered you I listening to most of your songs and was pure crying!!! Need that Arlissa therapy in my life

  26. Whitney Sttwer

    Oh my.... 😢😢 amazing

  27. cyesca vianny

    you should go to the four

  28. MatkaBoska

    I love You!😙 You are awesome! big kiss from Poland 😙😙😙👌❤👏👏👏👏👏👏

  29. DevynS

    Why is this song really representing my life right now...😂❤

  30. Anon nymous


  31. Pamela Vieira Rodrigues


  32. Arlissa

    Hey guys! I'm on Spotify here:

    Matthew Carfield

    I am so sorry I just found you. You're absolutely amazing. I've had you on repeat since I found your song Hearts aint gonna lie.

  33. Jamila R.

    Her skin is gorgeous, her style is gorgeous, her hair is gorgeous, her name, her voice, SHE IS GORGEOUS and I love her! Is it bad to say that I want her to get big but I wanna keep her to myself? Lol idk.

  34. Lacey Lynn

    😍 my relationship right now 😔

  35. Adrean Fuller

    love the dance moves

  36. Prim

    people clicking on the dislike button ... really really

  37. ヒロオガワ

    What should I do? I fell in love with your voice.

  38. Ziyada Paulos

    You are a beautiful soul!

  39. Kaybelou Dow

    I Love You!!!

  40. Stephanie Morris

    i love this song ... 😭😭😍😍😍 I love all your songs 💖💖💖

  41. adriana pinheiro

    I Love u,your voice is the Best thing

  42. Bappee3

    it's Nice. I love you miss

  43. Cette Incontrôlables Colère

    So Nice

  44. Charmaine Farrell


  45. MrBena1234

    you are beautiful, and the fact that your music is so mesmerising and powerful that no one has noticed/commented on the extremely hot nipple situation is a true compliment to your amazing music


    i realise this just makes me look like a creep for now being the only one thats said anything haha i swear it was not ment that way.

  46. amanda mahlangu

    O my i have no words

  47. Tay Hawley

    you're so beautiful and gifted 😇

  48. Laura

    Brasileiros presente curte e deixa up❤🌸

  49. Hannah Solar

    Your voice outshines everything man I promise your gonna be big time man it's like your music makes my heart dance.

  50. Christi Schottländer

    I love all of your songs you have a special voice for me.And youre beautiful to

  51. Devy

    wow! that first note made me click subcribe. can't wait to hear more of your music.

  52. Liliana Tinco

    hvna se me paro el clitoris

  53. Wiki Wilson

    would love to hear you and joss stone together be off the wall

  54. cams

    Aquí en Colombia tienes una gran admiradora de tu hermosa voz. Tienes muchísimo talento y se que vas a llegar muy lejos💜.

  55. Milly Fair

    Can someone tell me why the hell she never weares BH??? With your talent, you don ´t need to do that to get the attention you deserve!

  56. Allana Wallace

    O my goodness she's blessed

  57. Alef

    Quem e do brasil curti aqui (y) #Brasil

  58. Ivani Dantas

    Arlissa meu amor, te amoooooooooooo.. 😍

  59. debby simon

    now isnt that the truth can relate to that amazing

  60. Dakota Moreno

    u have a great vvoice but the things ur wearinng draws away from that

  61. Dakota Moreno

    the only reason people r watiching is cause what ur wearing

  62. Portia Smith

    my name is Dianna I'm rel in love wit dis song

  63. Samsara Fox

    Que voz, una diosa.

  64. Jana Műllerová

    I love watching her singing.

  65. Luv.Prayze

    she have a great voice , alot of potential but i think she need to slow down take her time sing without tunes or lyrics or maybe its because shes still learning some songs it feel rushed? and just sing what she feel and stop screaming . she can still be effective without screaming . the notes come out better with less effort and waiting for a build gradually coming to that peak helps for a better transition when going loud like that. shes a great singer but its lacking something . she has to feel what she sings. its one thing to sing a song another to actually be the song (embody) it.

  66. david mubarak

    you gonna make me love somebody else. 💔

  67. D Vanessa


  68. Luiza Minciu

    who likes before she start to sing

  69. Tammy Jennings

    OMG talk about NATURAL talent you go girl I can't wait for you to reach where you are suppose to be!! inlove with every song.....

  70. Charlie Timperley

    has anyone noticed her hair grows super fast ??? im jealous

  71. Debora Torres

    I'm so in love with your voice😍

  72. Keyma Medina

    omg 😍😍

  73. Meriam Silver Vlogs

    Obsessed with her voice

  74. Ryan Alex

    im so happy i found you i love you

  75. mansour chihani

    wonderful voice <3

  76. a _true_dreamer

    I love how she can flaunt her small boobs so confidently

  77. Emily Pierce

    shes so majestic

  78. Shesowavey _

    I'm 14 and I love her music ❤

  79. Yneca Howell


  80. Shaun Williams

    Love this song, listened to it several times over.

  81. Sophia Bissoon

    I'm in love with this song 💯

  82. Tchissola Clea de Carvalho

    Wowwwwwww What a voice!!!

  83. Loydi Llu


  84. Zayn Dornstauder

    She is a beautiful human

  85. Simply Shay

    shes gonna blow up and i be siting her like yup yup

  86. Daniel Nougbele

    feel like I'm falling in love

  87. Lcarter52

    Arlissa, please put a bra on. I mean, the singing is amazing no doubt, but ain't nobody ignoring the elephant(s) in the room

  88. Juste Gloria

    Your voice is beautiful😍😍 had to subscribe

  89. Ebony Rose

    you sang everything ive been thinking about in this wack ass relationship im in. Thank you💖 for helping me find myself

  90. Luiz Fernando


  91. Mabel


  92. Jhonny Kennabis

    I LOVE YOU <3

  93. cal eb


  94. Cassidylsdowns

    It's honestly crazy when I watch your videos, you surprise me with your content on the daily thank you for providing quality music

  95. Cristina Dias


  96. Mostafa Ahmed

    omg ... I just watched you on FB ... how on earth I didn't know about this "near perfection" before now