ARIZONA - What She Wants Lyrics

She likes the boys who can dance
And she likes musicians
Signing pictures of a mall, hanging there by the bedroom shelf
She just wants to be like the girls on the television
There's no one ever told her, it was okay to love herself

Be still, beating heart
Cause this is her show
And you'll never be a star

Cause she falls in love every night
Don't even know your name
And no, it's fine
You know and then we cross by her eyes
It's not her fault that she wants
That she wants it
She falls in love every night
And she don't even know what devils like
She been dancing in the dark throughout her life
It's not her fault that she wants
That she wants it

She sings her favorite songs, does her make up in the bathroom
She dances in the mirror, there's dresses out on the bed
She leaves her lipstick on you like a tattoo
So when you try to wash it off
You'll remember that you can't forget

Be still, beating heart
Cause this is her show
That you'll never be a star

Cause she falls in love every night
Don't even know your name
And no, it's fine
You know and then we cross by her eyes
It's not her fault that she wants
That she wants it
She falls in love every night
And she don't even know what devils like
She been dancing in the dark throughout her life
It's not her fault that she wants
That she wants it

It's not her fault that she wants
That she wants it

It's not her fault that she wants
That she wants

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ARIZONA What She Wants Comments
  1. Ivan Asencios Robles

    Excelente canción, gracias por crear música para mis oídos

  2. 5oclockbanana

    I absolutely love this freakin song

  3. ali viceroy

    Her dancing their music simply perfcet

  4. Ashley Cossiboom

    She's beautiful

  5. Angel Hernandez

    Why is this so Underrated 🤯 amazing song ❤️

  6. Spencer Moreau

    This song and video made me want to start dancing. I love it.

  7. Trevor Kakuba

    This song makes you cry?

  8. Augustine Shepazzi

    When I first heard this song it took me back to high school and the way The Killers made me feel back then.

  9. Travis Schumacher

    This band is going to the top. They blow most bands right out of the water. What an incredible group, wow.

  10. Noah Salmeri

    I shared this one year ago on fb. so it's been a year i have listened to ARIZONA every week.

  11. Lúcio Moraes

    o cara que fez a mix dessa música é muito bom. Parabéns.

  12. _SL_

    This song is so so incredible. Has a special place in my heart. Relatable 100/100.

  13. m T


  14. Jonny Blond this is what music should be. Glory

  15. Maïté

    I love all your songs !!! Just AMAZING <3 <3 But this one is just my best ever song, I just listen it again and again.

  16. R Vlogs

    80's vibes!

  17. Trevor Kakuba


  18. Benoni Babe In uk

    Absolutely amazing song ARIZONA are an amazing band love the 80’s vibe takes me back
    To when I was a teenager .....

  19. cigdem eroglu

    why is this so underrated ? :(

  20. BrokeredHeart

    I'm getting influences of the Police, Bryan Adams, John Mellencamp, Genesis, and a dash of stadium rock. That gated reverb drum beat is a dead giveaway. Makes me feel all nostalgic. No wonder I love this track so much.

  21. JD VG

    She's a maniaaac oh wait..

  22. Smith Alberto

    I love this sound like 80's and the clip is like a tribute to Flashdance movie!

  23. Jorgi Petropov

    Reminds me of Flashdance.

  24. Krunoslav Šokić uplifting...:D

  25. Micalah

    Literally my theme song.

  26. Heighlan Bouma

    Got some 80's sounds along with the modern ones, discovered this band today, heard this song at Kohl's and ran out to my car to look up the lyrics to find who made the song.

  27. Haige Gee

    Ok this is part of my top 3 (the other two are 'electric touch' and 'ain't gonna leave'. 💙💙💙

  28. Janak Jani

    Avicii brought me here ! Glad to discover this band ❤️


    80s tribute

  30. raymundo biby

    When they came to El paso ohhhhh mannnn

  31. natural_mess

    Flashdance who?

  32. Jacqueline Caron

    But who is that DANCER?? She's the real MVP! <3 <3 <3

  33. Lex Marchus

    Off to find a gorgeous abandon warehouse to dance in

  34. Lauren Matte

    saw them at coachella and i love their don diablo song and now i am a stan

  35. aaron jones

    Saw them in Cardiff supporting p! Atd... Can't stop listening

  36. Tyler Munson

    Back in July, I saw them open for Panic! at the Nassau Colosseum, and now I'm hooked. Awesome job you guys

  37. meiguoren007

    So underrated and I love this song so much .This song has def touched something in me and I’m sure for many others!

  38. Stephanie Nicole

    the flashdance/80s vibe is so real

  39. Oscar Perez

    My fav band! amazing song and video!

  40. Martin Ocampo

    Excellent performance at Coachella guys! So lucky to see you live! 🤙🏻

  41. 'Aline ..


  42. Cleopatra Narlis

    absolutely love this art piece.

  43. The Virtual Zookeeper

    I rarely find bands where every new song i listen to i automatically love. Usually i like the first song i hear and the rest is an acquired taste but this is an exception, already in love with the first few seconds of the beat haha.

  44. Tracy Meunier

    That power, breathtaking!

  45. jim 1000

    Incredible. So suits my life at the moment. Just played it 12 times in a row!

  46. Mason Shows

    How has this not hit a mill yet?!

  47. Adrika Thakur

    love that everyone is here from Panic!

  48. PostersGaming

    Anyone got music recommendations of this day and age with this type of 80s vibe?


    Maybe try Forêt de vin ? :) since seemingly everyone here knows A R I Z O N A from the P!ATD shows, it's only fitting to suggest another P!ATD favorite ;)

  49. Natalie Fielding

    Fantastic show in Manchester

  50. Les recettes de Petite Liicorne

    You're Voice is SO FUCKING AMAZING!!

  51. Daniel Tyler

    Found this after you supported Panic at Manchester last night! You sing unbelievably well in real life just as you do on here!

  52. Komrade Matt

    Saw them live yesterday supporting Panic at the disco, brilliant.

  53. TheTrashCan

    Anyone else here from the Panic! Concert?

    Adrika Thakur

    pretty much everyone

  54. The little Pinup sailor

    Heard you for the first time Friday at the p!atd concert and literally loved your music after a couple of songs

  55. THE GAME

    Y Love miusic 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  56. Alex Annis

    Saw this band yesterday opening for Panic! At the disco, I really enjoyed their music so hai, I'm here! Brilliant music

    Paula Leoni

    That's the reason why I am here 😂

  57. James Cullen

    saw them last night as the supporting band at panic at the disco they were insane. Amazing live

    James Cullen

    MrPandaSan 100% agree 👌🏻

    Kieran Mathews

    James Cullen yeah she was a nutcase at the Manchester concert too, dances like she’s high af too 😂 I don’t think I could choose a favourite if I’m honest but I agree, A R I Z O N A was incredible 🤘🏻

    Alicia Hoppe

    Same, I saw them last thursday in Hamburg before panic! and they were amazing. I hope they’re going to be the open act for the next panic! tour as well

    James Cullen

    @Kieran Mathews i have a feeling some very drugs were involved lol

    James Cullen

    @Alicia Hoppe yeah man so do i

  58. AlbumReviewChannel

    The Cure - Push

  59. Georgie Holt

    Saw these supporting panic at the disco last night and I think Iv fallen in love

  60. •Sammy •

    What a nice Footloose twist. The original of course.

  61. ML Champion

    Great song and great video!

  62. Lucie Luz

    ARIZONA, LANY, & The 1975 🖤

  63. Jessica Tatum

    Its taken me a while to really figure out how this makes me feel. I love the song, but there's something about this music video that hits me on an incredibly personal level. I'm a professional dancer, and the mental strain of constant criticism and rejection can really wear you down. That the woman in the video starts off by having a break down in her car - I've literally done that. But what's so beautiful about this is that the dance saves her. She does it for herself, alone and free. I don't even know what the original story of this video is, but I come back to it if I'm feeling discouraged because it reminds me why I love what I do. I am so grateful that this exists. From one performing artist to another, thank you and bravo.

  64. Michael Watkins

    She might wanna scoop a tetanus shot.

  65. Javier Florez

    ¿Quién más lo vió en el Corona Capital el año pasado? 👀

  66. Basadict

    She's a real American beauty!

  67. Shreyash More

    80s vibes hit hard :)

  68. Yvonne Molina

    Love it.



  70. shotsofmaria

    They are truly amazing.

  71. Adarsh Ajai

    One of the best songs of the year and completley underrated

  72. Kimmaya

    I'm glad they put a black girl in this video because black girls sometimes don't feel wanted, valued or even appreciated by anyone in general. people underrate the black woman and the pain a black women from a young age to an an adult endures and the fact that she hides deep down inside because society and the some parts of the black community tell her/us to not talk about it because it's seen as taboo

  73. Martin Real Perez

    Do not inspire the font pls! It's the copy!!

  74. Blue Rose

    Nice <3 <3 <3

  75. Oktay Dogan

    Nice and cool video. Please do visit my channel too. Thanks.

  76. Morgan Louise

    I love you guys so much and I cannot wait to you in Cardiff with panic!

  77. Robenilson

    Vintage demais! Show!

  78. Ansonizer0

    This song truly hits me

  79. THE BEATZMAP - New Trap Beats & Rap Instrumentals

    You're so great!

  80. Cleopatra Narlis

    love this x

  81. Angela Rose

    I think I may be responsible for at least 1,000 of these views. Love Arizona and this song!!!

  82. Uzlo777


  83. London Johnson

    This song brought me back to life, love...Me!

  84. Roy Yu

    This song remind me David bowie.

  85. Hannah

    Omg.. as an autistic female, this feels like a song about somwone advocating for me. And I'm so weird people always say they can't forget me. But I'm not a character like Johnny depp. That's how I really am. And how easy I can fall in love with someone who is good in my eyes. And dancing in the dark is like my lifelong struggle dealing with mental restraints.

  86. Arun Chetri

    This is her show n u'll nvr b the star,,wat a song u ARIZONA

  87. il4ack

    This looks like the warehouse dance from footloose(1984) inspired the video.

  88. Amanda Mara

    I loooooove everything about this song and video sm

  89. Torch Taula

    Underrated but they got fire🔥

  90. colutuber

    This deserves to be big..

  91. Rishabh Sawant

    I love the sonic quality of this song!

  92. jonnyminogue

    Why is this not a huge hit?

  93. conzyreaper2

    I wanna make out in the rain to this song...80s style.

  94. Free World

    Love it!!!!!

  95. Travis Rabble

    This is the best song in my life right now and I think it will always be my favourite song, this song surpasses all expectation, it has ups and downs and powerful vocals, I couldn't be happier with this song, it fits me somehow, it transcends. It makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time, it's overwhelming, many people will have other tastes and not like this song, it's just fine, it just fits me more.

  96. Erika Diaz

    Es 80 tera y no me gusta.. Odio las musicas viejitas.. 👎👎👎👎👎👎