ARIZONA - Freaking Out Lyrics

Lately, right now I feel like it's all over
Cause I've been trapped inside my head for so long
I'm sorry, I should've called when I was sober
Some days I get scared to be alone

I, I'm blacking out
And I can't help it
I, I scream and shout
And I can't help but
Sleeping with the light on every night
I can't stand my bedroom, I put blankets on the couch
Woah, it's killing me, I'm burning up inside
Woah, I'm a mess right now and I'm just freaking out
I'm seeing sounds, I'm freaking out

Oh, I'm freaking out
Oh, I'm freaking out

It's stupid, but I'm better off when I'll stay quiet
Cause I push away all the ones that hold me close
I'm losing my mind, oh yeah, I just can't take it, no
I'm in the corner, yeah, I'm bleeding on the ropes

I, I'm blacking out
And I can't help it out
I, I scream and shout
And I can't help but
Sleeping with the light on every night
I can't stand my bedroom, I put blankets on the couch
Woah, it's killing me, I'm burning up inside
Woah, I'm a mess right now and I'm just freaking out
I'm seeing sounds, I'm freaking out

Oh, I'm freaking out
Oh, I'm freaking out
I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out

Freaking out, oh
I'm freaking out, oh
I'm freaking out

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ARIZONA Freaking Out Comments
  1. saloserman


  2. saloserman

    i have already discovered this band and this masterpiece and OMG! This deserve to be heard by all the word!

  3. Nonnyy Storyy


  4. Rigbmx 05

    So good

  5. Pedro Vinícius

    Guys you are so underrated !!!!!

  6. Bear Claws

    this track deserved better video, one of the highlights from new album

  7. yin jazz

    I once drove 130mph on highway listening to this

  8. KyKy Zimmerer

    A R
    I Z O
    N A

  9. Leano Phologolo

    still vibing to this

  10. Russell Reflective Media

    10/10 TOO NICE

  11. Arjhan Rheign Vital

    They have that certain distinction of that drum roll that's used as a filler just when another verse enters.

  12. Ma Lucrecia Cordoba


  13. Andrea Sanchez

    Me encanta Arizona, sus canciones son casi magia, describen tan bien. Y no miento cuando digo que cuando escuché está canción no pude evitar llorar, hay momentos tan duros y difíciles que cuesta mucho seguir "cuerdo y en pie", especialmente cuando pasas mucho tiempo deprimido y con ansiedad al mismo tiempo porque te sientes estancado, y cada día tratas pero no avanzas. Es doloroso cuando te sientes perdido sin saber qué más puedes hacer, buscas ayuda en tus amigos y demás personas pero nada funciona están tan lejos en sus propias vidas, que en realidad no te quieren tanto. En el peor de los casos te das cuenta que has sido tú mismo quién los has alejado y ya no sabes cómo hacer que regresen o peor ya no te queda la fuerza ni el ánimo suficiente para hacerlo. Es muy triste pero esta es la realidad.

  14. Xayberfy

    Every time my mind needs some help I pull this one out.

  15. Santiago Albear

    Beautiful song 👌

  16. Sheena Amy Mohammed


  17. Evan Hsu

    Who came here by typing the emoji 🤢

  18. Hemesh Parshotam

    whos here after viks stream


    Freddy mercury wants to insert he's voice in kid

  20. Carl Subong

    I've been listening to arizona for like 2 or almost 3 years now and i never tried to listen to their other songs and now i will listen to all of the songs

  21. Kyla Thompson


  22. Neptali Hancco

    Esa música es muy buena eh. Lo escucho siempre que viajo los fines de semana recordando tiempos pasados.

  23. Talita Freitas


  24. Nchumbeni Yans

    closing my eyes on the night skies... ❤️ nostalgic here

  25. Camille B

    Tbh pretty disappointed by this weird music vid. I really picture a model in a home during the day who goes out and runs around town or something. Not this weird nothingness...

  26. Stina mandolina

    This is so great ❤🙏 and so is nostalgic ❤ amazing
    Love from Sweden

    Stina mandolina

    I'm a mess right now, I'm seeing sounds I'm freaking out! It's so good that I get goosebumps


    I have no idea, why this song is underrated!!!


    Hey! Im BTRN a upcoming music producer, ARIZONA is one of my favorite bands ever. I am a huge fan, That´s why i did a remix of this song, Sent it to ARIZONA but got no response, If you guys can give it a try at my channel and listen to it i would be forever grateful, Im Sure your gonna like it ! (100% sure) ;)

  29. Naomi K

    i freaking love this song

  30. Zygernaut

    Is it weird that I can hear this song in a musical?

  31. Ildikó Koós

    First class.
    I like this song.

  32. Kalei M14

    recommendation brought me here anddddddd it sounds good :)

  33. Baltazar Avila Castaneda

    I was on Taco bell and I heard this song on their playist and I freaking like it!!!

  34. Benoni Babe In uk

    Love yous and every single song 💖

  35. Martynoozz


  36. Omar Alameh

    I really like this song. I just discovered it.

  37. Soy Abby

    I listened this song in spotify was recommend And waoo I love it !!!

  38. Ángel Limón

    Ya un año y me sigue encantando como la primera vez que la escuche, son los mejores ❤️🇲🇽

  39. Eric Cendejas

    This song is incredible.


    As soon as see their name at the start of a song I love it before I even press play

  41. Mayowa Odebode

    Crazy how my favorite part of the song is the last 62 seconds of it

  42. Kati Jira

    Freaking out cos of you guys !!! Crazy cool song !!! Luv ya ARIZONA 💋💋

  43. Phoenix

    Just found these guys and they are amazing. Whenever they’re on tour next near where I live. I will be there. Keep up the great work guys

  44. Igor Tanaskovic

    This is my favourite song to sing full blast while driving

  45. Maiko Francois Lim

    I’m freaking out whenever I heard this song

  46. James Mukanda

    So damn goood so good that I am freaking out.....

  47. FedoGV

    was randomly listening to music while editing, and I must say I LOVED THIS so much. Subscribed and will follow on spotify as well. Cheers from ARGENTINA!

  48. Kimberley Ferreira


    i'm loving it.

  49. I Iz Shane?

    I love you

  50. Kevin Zhang

    Underated. Thank you Spotify for recommending this to me! What a find

  51. SolYceá Smith

    It makes me so happy that so many fans who went to a panic! show are checking out the opening band, shows how truly amazing Arizona are

  52. Erich Strutz

    cooler song ;-)

  53. nick mccray

    I heard this at coachella yesterday I have a favorite song now

  54. 양윤혁


  55. Watching YouTube

    this video exploded since Panic! so glad they're becoming more recognized :)

  56. ariadna palomino

    This is so good ! I'm too happy to have known you.

  57. spicy memelord

    Saw you with Panic! in Hamburg. Definitely the cutest band I’ve ever seen and so good too

  58. Kj Beats

    I saw panic! At The Disco the other day and this introduced me to this beautiful music

  59. Siltn Depuydt

    who came from P!atd??

    Sophia Wakeman

    Manchester 30/3/19

  60. sam mallants

    Seen you guys live in antwerp at panic at the disco you guys are amazing to

  61. melvv.

    Went to see Panic! In London yesterday, and I saw them, I loved it. Every single minute.

    Jessica Lavin

    melvv. Omg we saw them in Manchester and I swear I nearly left with some Arizona merch haha

    C F

    melvv. Same, I was at the London show and I actually love their music 😂

    Kj Beats

    melvv. Same!

    Sophia Wakeman


  62. Evelien Maes

    Saw you guys in Antwerp at the panic show , you guys are amazing

    sam mallants

    Ja het was zalig

  63. Beebo! At The Bread Bin

    I came for Panic! But this song was so amazing when I heard it last night!
    Birmingham 26/3/19


    Saw them in London for the first time. I'm in love with the band!

    Laura Naumaviciute

    me too! saw them in birmingham! now deffo gonna have to buy tickets for their own tour hahah x

    Heidi Baltom

    Saw them at O2 last night and they were brilliant ive had to check them out today.

    Tiffany Brown


    Sophia Wakeman

    Manchester! 30/3/19

  64. roseschocolate1991

    Thanks to Panic! at The Disco having you guys at their 1st support act last night (26/3/19) in Birmingham UK, I’ve now become a fan. Great live vocals from the lead singer 😃👍🏻🎶

  65. I Am Tired

    I saw these guys when they were opening for Panic! At The Disco and they were so amazing! His voice was just as brilliant live

    Sophia Wakeman

    So did I! And now I have a new band I like!

  66. Luda Kim

    A R I Z O N A ALL SONG SUPER , YOU THE BEST !!!!! THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  67. Naome Kuran


  68. Shimada-mada Montages- Overwatch

    Panic! At The Disco in Paris?

    viet cha

    It's where I discover ARIZONA

  69. Ever Benitez

    amo esta música 😍

  70. Chris Yun

    SUMMER 2K18

  71. Louis Voyage

    They’re so underrated and need more recognition

  72. lakshaya sharma

    why so less views ???????????/ <3

  73. ShortieBerg !

    You guys are underrated

  74. Watching YouTube

    how this doesn't have more views is beyond me

  75. Aye Jay

    Honestly you guys should do a cover of (AMSTERDAM by Gregory Alan Isakov) you guys would do such an amazing job with that song. And it fits you.

  76. Gabe G.

    OK, this song is cool AF and deserves a much better music video.

  77. Chloe Pearson

    This song speaks to me sm I love it!!!

  78. Ecargalsa

    A R
    I Z O
    N A

  79. shotsofmaria


  80. the merper fanatic

    Whose still listening in 2019? 👀

    Jeff Tiemann

    What a completely useless comment! Since the video only came out last year, obviously people are still listening. But you needed those 32 thumbs up didn't you? Makes ya feel good. Perhaps a little tingling in the balls? "People are agreeing with me!"

    KyKy Zimmerer

    @Jeff Tiemann dont put unnecessary hate on him

  81. Stay Chill

    A R
    I Z O
    N A

  82. yan xian

    Before I read lyrics, the song was giving me watching sunrise in Arizona dancing like a fool not caring about anything kinda vibe..... Now that I know the lyrics, Imma still just gonna keep it that way

  83. Robbie hex

    2 0 1 9

  84. Bb7githaiga

    I wanna give this vid a thumbs up twice

  85. Steven B

    Check out Prince j.r.-Mary Poppins

  86. Gianfranco Paul


  87. sj buenave

    oh my heart

  88. One 000

    Soy el uico que echucha esto (:

  89. Ricardo Alonso

    Like si los viste en Corona Capital 2018

  90. Matt Hall

    How are these guys not huge yet? Keep it up guys and as always keep these vocals just as deep as ever 👍🏻

  91. Mike Jones

    What a summer jam. Wow the feels

  92. akshay jayan

    Who all listening today ??

  93. N_J V

    Definitely lost a good thing freak out all the damn time over it all... RK

  94. Jeffrey Sturm

    Does anyone know where the vertical video version is that used to be on Spotify? With all of the confessionals from was great and very emotional.