ARIZONA - Find Someone Lyrics

Knew that it was wrong the first night I met you
When I sneaked back into bed and you said, "I love you"
Up in this house, blood runs cold
Secret codes, are all we know

We gotta tear it all down, set it on fire
Watch it burn to the ground, it kills us just a little
But a little's alright, 'cause, oh, it ain't forever
You'll find someone, find someone who loves you better
Yeah, you'll find someone, find someone who loves you better
Babe, you'll find the one, you'll find someone

Your friends have always liked me but I told you that you shouldn't listen
'Cause picking wings off of angels, has always been my religion
You been stickin' round far too long
And I've been runnin' round and it just feels wrong

We gotta tear it all down, set it on fire
Watch it burn to the ground, it kills us just a little
But a little's alright, 'cause, oh, it ain't forever
You'll find someone, find someone who loves you better
Yeah, you'll find someone, find someone who loves you better
Babe, you'll find the one, you'll find someone

We gotta tear it all down, set it on fire
Watch it burn to the ground, it kills us just a little
But a little's alright, 'cause, oh, it ain't forever
You'll find someone, find someone who loves you better
Woah, babe, you'll find someone
Yeah, someone who could love you better
Woah, babe, you'll find the one, you'll find someone

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ARIZONA Find Someone Comments
  1. Peyton3000

    Love the video, a great sentiment...!

  2. rebawalker029

    Oh man I loved this song right away!! It’s one of those songs you can’t listen to turned down it need to be jammed loudly!!

  3. Tug

    Really really wish that riff in the middle was played out to the end.

  4. Володимир Коренюк

    nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi from UKRAINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))))

  5. Arheopterix


  6. Arheopterix


  7. Vida Hasselburg

    I needed this. Great song, great video!

  8. jaymensagem1

    >>>> Esse som não é música, é um fenômeno que nos faz viajar em cada detalhe instrumental, nos faz sentir algo bom que nos toca profundo, nos faz sonhar, é vibrante, romântico e extraordinário...

  9. Mei Ling Wong

    love this song and video ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Drake Hardin

    “Your friends have always liked me, but I told you, you shouldn’t listen.. cuz picking wings off of angels has always been my religion.”

    DAMN what a lyric. 💔

  11. Pedro Morales

    I ❤️ this Band Arizona They’re the Best. 👌

  12. Ces Ral

    This band SUCKS

    at being a bad band. They are really good at being really good ❤️❤️

  13. Whitestar

    such a catchy song

  14. Brandon Milliam

    Means so much and so on point

  15. Gemini G

    So cute music video


    Muy buena banda.

  17. Alexander Orban

    Man if this was a rap music video it would be so much better

  18. Cristian Choque

    I didnt found anybody 😒

  19. xACEofSPAD3Zx

    You guys are incredible, every single song, every single album honestly incredible. Your music is so inspiring and amazing. You guys are constantly on repeat everyday. Please come to California I’d love to see you.

  20. Talah Reda

    am i the only one that thinks the singer sounds remarkbly similar to niall horan? especially in the beginning?!

  21. Erika Venter

    I am in love with this music video!!!!!! Best video I've ever seen.Instant smiles hahahah
    A.R.I.Z.O.N.A you guys make me smile! Every single time!!!!
    Thanks for your great work :D :D

  22. Ella Elliott


  23. CaptainJJz

    Droeloe remix makes this song sound so much different

  24. Erika Venter

    " It kills us just a little
    But a little is alright"

    Danm good lyrics!!!!
    I can relate so easily, to all their songs!!!!!
    Love these guys..

  25. Joshua Gordon

    I feel incredibly lonely

  26. Manuela Zúñiga

    my life right now. You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!

  27. Nelson Dernaam

    who else loves the droeloe remix

  28. Ash H

    Listening to all of the songs one after One ...but this one is the Best... * A R I Z O N A *

  29. Sushitoaster

    Great singing! I like the droeloe remix more tbh

  30. Viviana Pinto

    love love love love x thisssss ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  31. Crust Ocean

    hipster madness

  32. Mick

    Nobody thinks he sounds like Dan Reynolds in this song? (Singer of Image Dragons)

  33. S J

    no shit, they stereotypically backgrounded the keyboard and drum players because they werent "picturesc."

    tell me I'm wrong.

  34. Ashley W.

    This is the first song I've heard by them and I'm already hooked :)) I'm glad my friend told me about them


    What a wonderful way to show the importance that animals have in our lives!

  36. mr559

    Who else have been listening to ARIZONA for the past 3 years or so and knew they would eventually make it?

  37. Lance Bozarth

    Droeloe remix brought me here.

  38. Alice odonkor

    Am here from Bob heart Abishola. Beautiful song

  39. Nabeel Imam

    1:15 my fav part with the electric guitar really hitting it! I love the 80’s feel in this song. Any other songs like this anyone can recommend?

  40. PAMELA Mason

    Absolutely love this video sitting here feeling so lonely and I just watched your video and I can’t help but smile with the baby animals thanks so much I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have music.

  41. PORCKY Random Videos 1.2m

    newly discovered band .. just wow .. THIS SONG MADE ME LSS..

  42. Lyrics & Videoke Tv dot channel

    wow LSS BE LIKE

  43. Mbutta7

    1:50 that girl is so damn beautiful

  44. Spider Man

    i love ARI ZO

  45. Sam :D

    I’m listening to this from Arizona, my favorite state. My favorite drink: Arizona. My favorite band Arizona

  46. M D

    Can you recommend me some Great band or singer you love?

  47. Ildikó Koós

    After all this is perfect.
    Very like this song. 😙

  48. Olivia Larsson

    listen to the equally awesome DROELOE cover🤗

  49. Andy Tamayo Hernandez

    Can anyone tell me...Is the same singer as in the video I WAS WRONG? Cause looks little different.

  50. Jonathan Berman

    So 80s, I love it.

  51. S M

    Bob Hearts Abishola trailer, anyone?

  52. Bugler55

    as interesting as watching paint dry.

  53. Oswaldo Galicia

    U guys are the best! What a style

  54. Bryan bulosan

    Nothing can beat arizona!!!!

  55. Summoberz

    Ekali mix

  56. DOJA CAT

    Oh por dios q cool está está canción
    Tienen nueva sub

  57. Мирјана Матић

    I find the one🐕👈ten years ago,no one cannot love me more than my baby💓

  58. Virus 1991

    That entry of Dogs . . 😍😍😍

  59. Nirwan Syahputra

    Sheamus has too much talent

  60. Made In Hawaii808

    The Hills brought me here. . .SO good‼

  61. Bret Hitchcock

    BEST OF 19

  62. B Chavez

    Love the song. I feel like Zach would look better without the mustache. He looks like a combo of Abraham from The Walking Dead and the guy from MythBusters (the one who wears the hat) lol - I think his name is Jamie lol

  63. Henry macharia

    Are all there songs good

  64. Дария Карасева

    Know about them because of avicii and this is only 2 video that I have seen for now, but I think that I already love this band😆
    Cool song, great idea of the video😊😄

  65. Nicholas K

    Girl I really liked broke up with me before my grandmas funeral. This song makes me strong!

  66. Shivali Bose

    love that everyones here from panic!

  67. Ruben Cowboys

    Come to Dallas Texas!!

  68. Anthony suarez

    thanks for avicii

  69. Karina Davis

    Find someone who loves you better: Dogs
    That’s a clear sign if any

  70. C Louise

    Who else is not here from panic! and just loves Arizona?

    Joshua Gordon

    What's panic ?

  71. Maca Aguilar

    Not even one song is bad!... Literally the best band I´ve ever listened to.

  72. 몰비

    If you are going to perform in Korea, I will risk my life to go to the concert....

  73. Stnls

    Bob ❤️ Abishola anyone ?


    Stnls Me

  74. Jazmin Scheitel

    Found A R I Z O N A from a suggested album on spotify, and THANK GOD. I just went to a concert of their's, it was hands down the best show I've ever been to. They are just as good in person, if not better. Forever feeling the energy when I listen to their music.

  75. Shahrul Hakimi

    so I'm the only one here from droeloe

  76. Justen Psenicny

    Brilliance right there!!!!!

  77. Matt Hudson

    MAN BUN!

  78. Maretas

    Can't wait for Avicii song that you'll be featured on!

  79. Up N' Go

    Hey guys! We just did a cover of this song! It would help a lot if u took some time to watch and tell us what u think! Thank u ❤️

  80. Sam :D

    That ending tho

  81. Evangel

    Heard this on Late Night with Seth Meyers a couple nights ago. Definitely my favorite song right now!

  82. Daniel Roberts

    This is a really good song. More than a solid hook. And isn’t the keyboardist the same kid in School Of Rock only grown up?

  83. Lone Note

    Don't know who they are but I came from a Billboard video talking about them

  84. Savannah Templeton

    Came because of chomik and nathan, stayed because you're awesome

  85. Lex Marchus

    Came from Seth Meyers stayed for rotti puppies

  86. Ed Morgan

    Just saw you on Seth Myers..brilliant!!

  87. Chris G.

    Cuándo por España? 😀

  88. Murky

    I would say that A R I Z O N A is the best band of the 21th Century

  89. t k

    👍 einfach ein super Lied ....Dankeschön ❤😚 machst mich echt glücklich 😍 der Text ist einfach super schön :)

  90. Francis B.


  91. InFullStryde

    These guys are throwbacks. Thanks.

  92. AGT Travis

    The DROELOE Remix of this song is strait fire, this is lo key nice aswell dif vibes the two songs but both nice.

  93. meiguoren007

    How is it that I love every song of yalls? My new favorite band

  94. Vankata Kisyov

    Great video, you rock!

  95. Alan Esquite

    I am anxiously waiting for your Radion debut!!!!!!!

  96. Roland Clarkson

    Starts out like the Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon