ARIZONA - Electric Touch Lyrics

Pause all these words, pause all these words that we keep hearing with
Who said it first? Who said it first? Let's not go down like this
Take your pain, take all of the emotions that you feel
Give 'em all to me

Oh, I-I-I, I wanna get lost in the night now
Hold me in the dark, turn the lights down
And give me your electric touch
Oh, I-I-I, I don't wanna think about the distance
I just wanna be in your existence
So give me your electric touch, oh
Give me your electric touch, oh

All the things, remember all the things we used to do
Give into me, give into me and I'll give into you
If you need it, or if you need to win, then I will lose
If it brings me back to you

Oh, I-I-I, I wanna get lost in the night now
Hold me in the dark, turn the lights down
And give me your electric touch
Oh, I-I-I, I don't wanna think about the distance
I just wanna be in your existence
So give me your electric touch, oh
Give me your electric touch, oh
Give me your electric touch, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
So give me your electric touch, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Give me your electric touch, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Give me your electric touch, oh oh

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ARIZONA Electric Touch Comments
  1. Володимир Коренюк

    JUST ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. EvIn97

    Even though it was hell working there, I’d like to thank forever 21 for playing this song everyday and keeping me sane while I closed from 6pm-4am

  3. Lavish Shortayy

    2019? No just me🥺

  4. Bang Mymyk

    who listen this song on 2020?

  5. Rory Zdyb

    Really chilled sound! This feels good!

  6. Nawaz Malik

    Anyone here after "deception"??

  7. Nikhilesh Somayajula

    Heard this track on Deception Season 1 Episode 1.

  8. spamlet

    just discovered this song, which i love, and julia michaels, who is great, share a bond! julia michaels co-wrote it. how great. happy thanksgiving everyone.

  9. xACEofSPAD3Zx

    This is the coolest music video I’ve ever seen. Things like this don’t exist in real life. You guys are an absolute miracle.

  10. HerRoyalQueenliness ofQueenslavia

    Is Hailee here??? Did she see this video???? Hailee?????

  11. Olivier Lacroix

    This video and song are just perfect in every possible way. Wow. Much love to you and to that beautiful couple! =)

  12. Sulmy Rapalo

    Alguien más sigue escuchando y amando este temazo.⚡♡

  13. Ishu Khanduja

    I just love them.❤️

  14. Жобир Каландаров

    I love your music video

  15. That Nature Guy


  16. ashu rajput

    plzz reply this is my favorite song all time favourite 😘

  17. gracie doucet

    ❤️❤️I LOVE YALL!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️

  18. Ojus Sharma

    Best band ever
    Love you A.R.I.Z.O.N.A

  19. Coda Syiem

    Combine my memories ♥️

  20. redluvsrugby

    I wish I could be in this band. Their music is perfect

  21. nicholas putrasia

    beautiful video, beautiful music. A BIG FAN!

  22. Storm H

    My friend showed me this and the two women in the video were her dance teachers and it's just so strange how small the world really is. I send all love and support to them and hope they're doing well ❤️

  23. Hussein Nour

    Amazing song. Great story.

  24. Serpent Eve

    I don't understand how this beautiful piece has only 1.8M views

  25. Rabi Narayan

    You have earned a fan from Odisha (India) ❤️

  26. Lobben

    Beautiful 😊 enough said ⭐️✨✨🌝

  27. Elaina Esquivel

    Beautiful girls❤️

  28. Haya Khalil

    Who came here from Snapchat 😂😂
    Love this song I’m addicted 💕💕

  29. Lera М


  30. Emily Boland

    “Take your pain take all of your emotions that you feel give them all to me” that’s so beautiful that he wants to take all her pain and feel it for her


    I love your music :D

  32. A.N Micheo

    I play this all the time when I’m feeling kinda low and instantly I feel better by the time the song is over.

  33. Suhasini Langohr

    So sweet!!

  34. cursay11

    Any1 else thought Avicii x ARIZONA was sick?

    Marco Schiavano

    This is the reason why we are listen this song 😄

  35. Abhi 07

    Why so underrated 🤨 btw I love ❤😘 this song

  36. Siddhant Srihari

    anyone else finding yourself here just soaking in the vibes after all these years?

  37. purple day

    I love this song so much 💕💕💕
    I love your songs please make more beautiful songs like this
    Thank you your songs make me happy 💜😊
    When I am stressed or having a bad day I listen to your songs 🎤🎼🎶thank you again for your time
    you are the best‍💕💜💜😊😍😍
    We love you 💜💜💜

  38. Shaz Kingdom

    I first like this around March 2018....because of the Midnight Kids Remix,
    but never knew that around June this will be part of the music I listen to every-time until today and in the next coming days
    every time I would like to see the stars above..and then around July 2018...I saw their video which made the band more meaningful.
    .. Thank you ... 🙏 I am here today "03 May 2019"

  39. Akshim Kashyap

    Lit 😍😍

  40. Kaselier

    Disliked for dab at 0:51 how disgraceful

  41. kristin reich


  42. Damián E. M. Schinder

    When I hear this song, now and then I head a pop sounds that reminds me of discord sound and I am "wtf, but there is no message" lol

  43. Jaherul Sheikh

    My wife's fav song

  44. Selin Gökyaprak

    Germany loves you
    I hope one day I will see you🐝🤓❤

  45. Heidi Baltom

    so im now crying this is so beautiful. Really hope they do well

  46. Luca Visintin

    1:33 I kept thnking someone was joining a voice channel on discord

  47. jar the star

    Bc. b4 christ

  48. jar the star

    New religion hawaiian...the gods .

  49. jar the star

    Solve Coachella

  50. jar the star


  51. jar the star

    Jewish Muslim christian

  52. Danny Hero

    2k19 and im still here

  53. Jazlynn Medina

    Wow as a depressed gay male addict no other artist has help me so much thru their music every song is just amazing one of the best bands ever the deserve so much recognition don't stop making music jus had to say I love them

  54. Rabi Narayan

    India ❤️

  55. Palak Chaudhari

    Man you're just amazing..... spreading love and positivity ....keep it up ..... we love you

  56. shotsofmaria

    This the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

  57. Adarsh Ajai


  58. Imp 3113

    2017,2018, 2019,2020 so on ...........

  59. Joseph Philip

    First time seeing this band music .
    Camera effects are beautifull

  60. Christian Guerrero

    cant wait to see them at Coachella this year!

  61. Nobody

    The things that i love from arizona is the song wasn't mainstream:)
    So i can keep it for my self lol

  62. Tiffany Luong

    I love so much this song and the beat is amazing 🤩💗😂

  63. Kayla-Irma Neethling

    Amazing dedication ❤❤

  64. Shaz Kingdom

    This is my song for the ONE I WILL TRULY LOVE 💖 💖 💖 FOREVER

  65. Sunayana Shukla

    I love the lyrics

  66. Naomi Bruinewoud

    This song remind me of my and my boyfriend. You are a good singer❤️

  67. Rania Toumi

    I like the letter ❤ and also the song 😍

  68. gabe_liu

    Deception pilot wrap party

  69. Don


  70. Akio T

    79,817th Subscriber. 🤯🙏🏻🤗

  71. anonymously yours

    0:51 dab alert

  72. Akashdeep Singh

    Hey arizona if you are viewing this please take notice that indian song sanwarne lage by sony music has taken your music

  73. Hussein Nour

    Fantastic stuff. Love you guys.

  74. annalouification

    When are you coming to the UK?

  75. Kane Mackenzie

    Well who knew I was gonna cry at my desk at work today..♥️♥️

  76. BCASH Da Beat Maker

    Great Song! New Arizona Artist!

  77. Daniela García

    Woow acabó de encontrar su música, ¡me encanto! 🎶❤😍

  78. Panic! At The Waterparks

    I had the crazy amazing opportunity to see A R I Z O N A in concert with Panic! At the Disco a few weeks ago. They’re just as amazing live!

  79. Nafis Lavigne

    Shaycation brings me here 🔥

  80. Yasmin A

    Yalls performance in Raleigh was AMAZINGGGG. I came home and I immediately looked up this song :)

  81. Its Raakah

    A R I Z O N A is just the best!!!

  82. Mackee Itsn.

    Yeah I love ur music so much, Arizona..I remembered first time as I watched and listened this song..2017 it's make me feel the love of someone real even I hurts but it's worth to feel it...'til now I repeat this again. 😊

  83. Anas Ansari

    plzz come in India

  84. Oscar Soto

    I saw you guys perform this live in Chicago recently, it was amazing holy

  85. Shivani Nayal

    come to india❤

  86. Imli lemtur

    This song touches..........

  87. Birkan Turan

    Jrokez iyi soyluyor heee

  88. Birkan Turan

    Neden 1.4 m ?

  89. K S.

    I feel so blissed that youtube recommend this to me

  90. Gagan G

    Anyone from deception????

  91. Viktor Del Rey

    just a few seconds and im already in love

  92. Lucky Girl

    Come to korea please🙏🙏🇰🇷

  93. Rabi Narayan

    Forever ♥️♥️♥️

  94. Anurag Vaghule

    Come to India 😍🤩

  95. Hannah Evans

    I love this song ❤️😊✌🏻

  96. TheLatestMusicDude

    Who's Here from Deception?