ARIZONA - Brave Enough Lyrics

I, I hold myself hostage in your arms
I, I know I could leave whenever I want
And I see the way you look at me in the night
And I know you know that something isn't right

I've been telling myself
To love myself before I love you
But I needed your help, I needed your help
Just to pull me through
And now that we're here
Tell me what am I supposed to do
I'm not brave enough to lose

You, you lay with your pillow on my lap
Now, now I feel like there's no going back
And now I feel like now my heart is torn
Cause all you see is sunshine baby
But I'm bringing all the storms

I've been telling myself
To love myself before I love you
But I needed your help, I needed your help
Just to pull me through, oh oh
And now that we're here
Tell me what am I supposed to do
I'm not brave enough to lose

I've been telling myself to love myself before I love you
I needed your help, needed your help
Just to pull me through, oh oh
And now that we're here
Tell me what am I supposed to do
I'm not brave enough to lose

Not brave enough to lose
Not brave enough to lose

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ARIZONA Brave Enough Comments
  1. Sheehan Buddika

    Arizona any song ? - Yes im okay ♥️♥️

  2. Tímea Kassai

    When this bands songs lyrics hit you home every single time!!!! DOPE!!!!

  3. Cayden

    Am seeing where I am but listening to this makes me see where I want to be

  4. Hanis Ismail

    This is my fav late night drive song! Loveee

  5. Sheena Amy Mohammed


  6. Duke Myshron

    I love listening to this song while I'm playing games

  7. RFW

    Great melody and lyrics but it’s over acoustic version would’ve been much much better. Check out the Gronlund brothers singing this

  8. raza

    Pleasee collab with Kygo🔥🔥👌

  9. Marijana Biondic

    Masterpiece...puts me in some other dimension and that is priceless...

  10. Emily Kitterman

    i’m sad that i didn’t discover you guys earlier

  11. Andreas Leu

    😊🎶👍👍👍👍👍🐍❤🐍be priud to hear......friends💖

  12. Janice Spyby

    Brave enuf. ????

  13. Katerina Walter

    Omg, its soooo amazing !

  14. Megan Dodson

    I went to my favorite show in my life with my favorite guys and of xourse my all-time #1 Panic! I am a die hard fan for 2 bands now. ❤❤

  15. Pablo Luna

    Thanks P!ATD

  16. xXDaemonGamerXx

    I love this song so much; I think what makes it even better is the fact that they were the opening band for P!atD along with Haley Kiyoko at Denver. I was amazed by all of their performances. Good job guys, you really made yesterday special for me. ♥

  17. william gutierrez

    This song is amazing!! In fact it make me remember stay in London

  18. Cat Tesar

    I just saw these guys last night open up for PATD and I’m now in love

    Cara McMahon

    aaay same

  19. Hannah Evans

    Just love this song so relaxing 😌 I love this album ❤️

  20. unranked yasuo

    this song is soo beautiful !!!

  21. danny sohilait


  22. Jason D’Amato

    Love this song

  23. Maycol Ramos

    This is Amazing!

  24. Williams Nail

    Que buen tema locoo, saludos from Chile!

  25. Zel DRon

    I'm a big fan of you guys😍. But i don't know why you guys getting less support 🤔well you guys are doing great . keep going i'm trying my best to get you famous all around the world 😀😘

  26. Joseluis Marin


  27. Eduardo Polanco Vasquez

    Buena cancion!

  28. Koko Ardíαnsyαh

    This is beautiful 😍

    Greetings from Indonesia

  29. Riki Lindsey

    love love love

  30. Jake Francis

    and now that we're here tell me what am i supposed to do? am i brave enough to lose you?

  31. Qurratulain Bashir

    Love myself before i love yu ... osmmmm

  32. Juan Pablo

    It's an amazing song... the rhythm is just like for a trip

  33. mus31

    Great song. Great Album. Nuff Said

  34. 169ron

    Aeropostale brought me here


    arizona.voice from another world.
    thank u very verymuch

  36. mar

    Enamorada de esta canción ❤

  37. Shani Barryclough

    A R
    I Z O
    N A

  38. ChamanJ Amarasekara


  39. Joseph Roy

    A R
    I Z O
    N A

  40. Cleopatra Narlis

    Your music, your voice, everything just makes me heart warm and fuzzy when I listen to your music!

  41. EthanScraggy22


  42. Judith López

    Quiero la letra de esta canción ☹️❤️💛💚💙💜💞💖💝 Me encanta 😍💟 #Guatemala 🇬🇹

  43. Kyle Macdowell

    No other band can blow me away anew with every song. You guys are incredible.

  44. Gloria Sanabria

    Wow, such a great album, so much to love.....

  45. Jonas Björnsson

    This song might be the best in their release! The lyrics describes exactly what I feel. Hit me straight to the heart, pure class! Huge admiration from Sweden

  46. Léa Scuflaire

    Annie and this one are my favorite of the news'release ! Congrats guys !!

    Erick Martinez

    leou07 I love all their songs!!!! Especially Annie

  47. Matthew Bryce

    After listening to the whole album, they sound like a mix between Magic Man and Great Good Fine Ok

  48. Ian Eeles

    Please make a video with a lot of rain falling in your face. I will love that .

  49. Florian H. Wave

    I made a lyric video to this song! :)

  50. Nina Douma

    This is my favourite from the new songs! 💕

  51. Multifruit

    I 've been telling myself to love myself before I love youuu ❤

    nicole espinosa

    Multifruit my life right now

  52. Sutomo Yollies

    I lovvvvveeeee this !!!

    I'm gonna be your loyal fan from Indonesia !

  53. Kyungmi Nadia Ayad

    You're gonna blow the brains of fan girls worldwide with all the lyric memorization they need to do with these great drops. Mwahahaha. Yaaay, do itttt! (Love it!)

  54. syafiq harun

    just love the cover ,the song,the vibes,oh everything

  55. Nicolas

    here before it goes viral :)

  56. Leo Gonzales

    Love you guys...the new album is phenomenal

  57. Alex Aguilar

    Exelente tema musical we are Arizona ✌

  58. DuckDuck Go2

    Great Group

  59. Lauren Whysall


  60. journi stallings

    This is good I'm glad you still make music

  61. Meneja Natai

    omg this is sooo damn breathtakingly mesmerising...

  62. martsamsie

    Other songs take me a while to get used to, but listening to this is like I have been listening to it for long!

  63. Always108

    love A R I Z O N A

  64. Katie Rose

    I have never been so excited tor an album, I love how amazing all your songs are, there isn't one I don't like. this is such an amazing song. Thank you for creating this great album, I can't wait to hear more and more songs from you, and to follow your journey as the band grows, made my day !!!!!!!!x x x

  65. CrazyTimez

    OMG, I didn't even know they were releasing an album. I love all their songs ♥

  66. Farris Ismati

    Love this

  67. Alex Schneider

    I have been anticipating this release for months now. Definitely not disappointed

  68. Laura C

    Escuchar esta música me da la vida 💚

  69. T Man


  70. Galaxy A7

    amazing lyrics i love it thank u ARIZONA im ur biggest fan 👏🌷

  71. Ghalia Belhadj


  72. Karelyl Lozano

    Ilyyyyyyyy A R I Z O N A ❤️

  73. Wanyi Lin


  74. Samantha Duenas

    Love it ❤️

  75. Steiny here

    love you arizona

  76. Arantza Martínez

    I love your music!!! U r the best 💙

  77. StylinRed

    Best one out of today's releases

    Prescott Palm

    Was just about to comment the same thing!

    Florian H. Wave

    I made a lyric video :)

  78. Meena B.

    I really love this!!

  79. Brysib

    i love brave boy

  80. Lene S

    This one's my new favorite👌🏼😘 #perfection

  81. MakisDvenus

    Love ARIZONA 😍😍

  82. Ángel Limón

    Grandioso! ❤️

  83. Han Rakuhn

    I'm already so in love with this song!😍