ARIZONA - Are You Lyrics

Black heart, black eyes
Oh I feel alive
But this chaos hiding in my eyes
Always shouldn't trust me, and you know why
But there's no use in trying to hide

Oh I don't wanna hurt you
I just wanna open up your heart
Come a little closer
Don't be so afraid of a couple scars
Cause I don't wanna hurt you
I just wanna open up your heart
Come a little closer
I know you're not afraid of a couple scars

Don't be afraid, now you don't have to cry
It's getting dark out baby, come inside
Those noises in your head come alive
No there's no use in trying to hide, oh

Oh I don't wanna hurt you
I just wanna open up your heart
Come a little closer
Don't be so afraid of a couple scars
Cause I don't wanna hurt you
I just wanna open up your heart
Come a little closer
I know you're not afraid of a couple scars

Oh the night is dark and cold
And who knows, maybe I can steal your soul
But you're not one to believe in superstition, superstition, oh
Are you, are you, oh
Are you, are you, no
Are you, are you, oh-oh
Are you, are you, oh

Hurt you
I just wanna open up your heart
Come a little closer
Don't be so afraid of a couple scars
Hurt you
Open up your heart
Come a little closer
Afraid of a couple scars

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ARIZONA Are You Comments
  1. Володимир Коренюк

    your music love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Володимир Коренюк

    i love gerls)\

  3. 5oclockbanana

    You will never know just how much I love this song. It’s perfect. Makes my day. Thank you!

  4. captainkirk21101967

    The last 40 seconds especially on headphones is just perfection.

  5. Dan Nesmith

    This is an EXCELLENT song hands down. Video doesn't do it justice tho.... Its still on my playlist.

  6. Володимир Коренюк

    I LOVE YOU from UKRAINE!))))

  7. Володимир Коренюк

    COOL MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. captainkirk21101967

    Just epic.

  9. E. Drenalin

    Who else is crushing REPEAT on this song? I love their vibe so much 😍

  10. saowalak kongthong

    Sound ❣️❤️❤️

  11. Avery Jefferson

    Reminds me of the 90s with my mom. Love this one Bois. It's also perfect timing as the gf disappeared for a night and wont say where she was lol. Godd

  12. Bryete Valiant

    Wow, seems “all night long" by Lionel Ritchie!

  13. Shaken not Stirred

    The good old vibes..this could easily be the soundtrack for The of my old favourites.... "nothing's gonna stop us now ..oooo o oo"..

  14. ali viceroy

    Their music is love and happy and understanding.

  15. cybersonickid

    he is so cool lol

  16. Sumon Mia

    Nice music

  17. Mei Ling Wong

    ohhhh... como me gustan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ B E A U T I F U L S O N G

  18. Drake Hardin

    I. Am. Obsessed. I feel your music is very underrated. I can’t stop listening ❤️

  19. Nicholas Grillo

    Who is the female dancer?

  20. Omar Mohtaseb

    only 204k views WTF?!

  21. Ali Barari

    i love moves singer!!!

  22. Moises Castellano

    Amo la música de A R I Z O NA💖

  23. Lucas Insaurralde

    Me Encanta Esta Música!!! Muy Buena letra, buena melodía 😍 🥺 más aún las ganas con la que hacen el vídeo!!!

  24. Gianluigi96

    ARIZONA, you deserve more followers than others bands and you can be really good as cold play!✌👌🔥

  25. Corina Nicoletta


  26. J.Peter Kim

    Too much fantastic intro

  27. Faith O'Brien

    I love this album so much! ❤️❤️❤️

  28. The Magic

    This randomly came on through YouTube autoplay and they had me after the first few beats. Now I have listened to a few of their tracks multiple times and they are just pure joy.

  29. Tony Phoomee

    I loved your music


    such a refreshing song...better in the mornings and evenings

  31. xACEofSPAD3Zx

    You guys are so special! Every single song is 🔥. You guys make life better.

  32. HerRoyalQueenliness ofQueenslavia

    I love love LOVE the 80s vibe of this I'd love more songs like this!

  33. Restless Wanderer

    "That the insides of your pockets can feel your hands
    And I can't"
    My fave part! Absolutely love the imagery of it. Digging the whole new album

  34. Josué Flanquin

    i love this music. such a good vibe.....

  35. Brigett Burgess

    Literally the hottest mustached man ever

  36. TTYL

    Who would've thought a face like that can sing much of a beautiful song ♥️

  37. SuperExtreme

    Insane song! Insane melodic!

  38. Paul Schlacter

    Who's the guy dancing in this video?

  39. Dan Nesmith

    Smooth, enlightening, clean, good lyrics. Good to see a MV without negative influences. Looking forward to hearing more from these artists...

  40. Megan Davey

    Love it! Ever since I heard Oceans Away, I have been hooked! Love hearing your new stuff - thanks!

  41. Kenn Taylor

    there's so many perfect things about this song. honestly, I can't imagine it any other way. thank you

  42. Emi B

    ❤ A R I Z O N A ❤

  43. Ma Lucrecia Cordoba


  44. Wellington Gomes Salomao

    Sou super fã dessa banda! Muito show

  45. Maria Esther Diaz


  46. Rinaldo snaitang

    I feel bad for the people who doesn't get to know this amazing band who create amazing music with so much feels.

  47. alexandre martin

    You guys should be playing on every damn radio

  48. Jonathan Karis

    Danceable ear candy, excellent !!!

  49. Emily Rose


  50. Any Chb


  51. The Most DXPE

    I love to listen ur music when i smoke weed

  52. Nino Soetrisno

    I love this band 😭😭

  53. dek echo

    Is it "all night long" by Lionel Richie? But this is very nice feeling!!

  54. Dylan Bove

    The only issue with this song is that it is not 4 times longer...

  55. Kivy

    sooo gooood

  56. Raick Stanley

    A R I Z O N A - Where i wanna be (2017) : "She sets me free to where i wanna be..."

    A R I Z O N A - Where you are (2019) : "I just wanna be where you are..."

    loved it 💓💓💓

  57. YamaAgni

    Every single song is such a vibe!

  58. Myk Laister

    I want to be able to fall in love with someone who makes me feel this way. 💕

  59. Nick Hodgson

    straight FLAMES keep it up lads.

  60. Sheena Amy Mohammed

    Ayy I love all three of you 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓 your music is always amazing and soul touching 😍🤗🤗🤗☺️💓💓👏💯

  61. Rok Perko

    Yes wa all want to be where you are, Persian nightclub owner.

  62. Mbutta7

    imagine if that was patrick swayze....

  63. Angeles Camacho

    Love it Arizona from México!

  64. stacey310885

    Amazing 80 for sure time machine he’s got one ☝️

  65. Cheyenne Lawson

    I’m pretty sure the girl dancing in this video is the same dancer in “Woman” by Mumford and Sons...anyone else think so?

  66. Colby

    This band is like a better version of Maroon 5 and there like a One Republic 2.0!

  67. mcdonalds1499


  68. Scubaknight

    amazing as always!!

  69. Robert Mitchell

    Where you are is where I wanna be Joanne!

  70. Naffouss Ely

    M’y all time fav band ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  71. nuclear assault

    this dude have Dr Disrespect's vibe lmao

  72. Jennifer Wood

    Beautiful. It has that 80s sound i love. They are so amazing

    Befour Four

    exaclty thtas why i love them hope tthey don't change their sound

  73. Jetoler

    I swear these guys are gonna be big soon.

  74. Edouard Mt

    Beuatiful song of arizona musical group of united states of america.

  75. rocklesson86

    A R I Z O N A reminds of band from the 80s and love it.

  76. Lilpunk Ss

    Beautiful i love that 80s vibes 🧣🧤

  77. karim amghar

    Bientôt 💯 millions

  78. Jday12

    The guy playing the keyboard reminds me so much of an adult Ned from Spider-Man lol

    Great song btw

  79. MZ Records


  80. Cynthia B

    This song reminds me of Tori Kelly’s song, Coffee <3

  81. Luca Durante

    favorite on album

  82. salman haidery

    After THE MIDNIGHT'S, found another artist with 80's stuff. Thumbs up 👍

  83. mxttmusic

    who was this song produced by??????? it's driving me INSANE

  84. redluvsrugby


  85. Muetta

    One day A R I Z O N A will blow up and become a huge mainstream band. Speak it into existence

  86. Cris Esiel

    A R I Z O N A never disappoints my ears 🤘🏻💯

  87. Philip Leclerc

    Genius album

  88. Sebastián kygo Ruiz avicii

    🙃🙃🙃🙃 muy buena

  89. Gay Fluido

    Love This 80's pornstar look. Huge turn on !!!! Love @Arizona

  90. Hannah Ollar

    Love this band beyond words

  91. ochieng joseph

    I just love how he looks and the voice... they don't seem to match but listen to the tune so great.. love you ARIZONA

  92. fvpbz54

    Cant wait till ARIZONA comes back to play in MN... 1st Ave was electric that night!!!

  93. Mr. Fr4m3

    ARIZONA's best song is 'I was wrong.'

  94. Foster's Thoughts

    Damn that Description long as fuck

  95. Lyrical master

    Cool song 👌

  96. Heather Renee

    What a stud! And that voice 😍

  97. yanji janger

    Dear subscribers of Arizona, we have them all to ourselves.