Arin Ray - Zzz Lyrics

I ain't been gettin' no sleep
This relationship's getting to me
Try my best to keep all of the peace
Yeah, my patience been taking some heat
So I'm weak by the end of the week
Try my best to explain what I been on
When you never gon' listen to me
You consistently try to compete
I'll just play your games if you want me to
I'll just play your games if you want me to
I'll just play the field if you want me
I'll just play your games how you want me to
Me to, me to, yeah

I ain't been gettin' no sleep
I ain't been gettin' no sleep
I ain't been gettin' no sleep
I ain't been gettin' no sleep

No sleep on the bad nights
Fucked up, can't get right
Miss me with the dead lies
Some things you can't hide, and honestly I don't care
'Cause I ain't been gettin' no sleep
I ain't been gettin' no sleep

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Arin Ray Zzz Comments
  1. Sir ReGGee Grey

    On repeat !!!

  2. corey hicks

    Pull up think hold
    Drop deep pause
    Walt's way it
    Pull up
    machine haha

  3. micah mayoralgo


  4. Beauty AF


  5. Conthe Don

    Damn he speaking some real shit tho. Why do I feel like I've gone thru this every relationship I been in.

  6. Xoxo Juli Marann Jake

    I like to harmonize to this song it sounds soooo good my shit right hea

  7. Julian Alexander

    Dude that outro is insane

  8. jagerbomb kokiri

    On repeat for a week 🔥🔥

  9. DJ_Dell

    차탈때마타 트는노래💕🌊

  10. Matias Guerrero

    So relaxing

  11. Valeria Anaya

    On repeat ❤️

  12. King Serious's Documentaries and Tutorials

    Great song for all the fathers. When my kids were born I got no sleep!

  13. Buck Newsom

    Can anybody recommend any other songs by him with this vibe? 🔥

  14. Pearl Dumfries

    This is a whole jam, coño🔥

  15. Ruaimaa Hasan

    Glad I found you and your music.


    this mans vibe is unmatched 💟✨😫

  17. Jade Foreign

    He’s so slept on. 😩😍💕

  18. Anthony Sasnett

    🥀 🥀 🥀

  19. nicole

    that transition so smoooth

  20. Keyanna Henry

    Bro ok a BOP, love ya!

  21. Jessie Cuellar

    That outro crazyyyyyyy

  22. Vbaki Tv


  23. Jordan Santos

    Mto pesado Arin mto bom Hi bro Brasil

  24. Shytaysha Chavez


  25. Deep Yell


  26. Kyemaker


  27. Jonah Rangel

    sleep depression got us f****ed up Exited to listen to this whole Ep!

  28. sim ami

    That transition at the end was deadly!

  29. Michael Vincent

    The best out💯

  30. Michael Vincent


  31. credeaux24

    Luv dat outro

  32. eyesoulated


  33. W Newton

    On bro!

  34. Robyn L

    The way he moved his head at 0:56 lol 😂

    Kaira Johnson

    Robyn Lindenberg that’s when you know you really feelin it

  35. mark clayton

    There's gotta be a part 2 to this song... Like this song is way too good to be this short

  36. Farhiya A

    You’ll get big Arin 🤙🏾

  37. Destini Lamiya

    I swear i have a whole playlist of you😩

  38. MareJay'sCreation MareJay’s


  39. cheech

    me 2 me 2, YEA

  40. Janu Man

    That bts pictures at 0:13 😍😍

  41. kedus

    isa mooddddddddd

  42. jayy_xo

    aww, look at pharaoh 🥰

  43. David Buck

    Bro u got it ur gonna be great soon early 2000z vibes avant jahiem jagged edge flow I listen to Platinum fire all the time 🙌

  44. Mara N. Young

    This too smooth😫💗 can’t wait for him to blow up

  45. Abriana Jones_aj

    The slow down endin😫😫😫

  46. Marion Brombach

    sounds good 👍

  47. Latysha L.

    Love this. ❤🔥

  48. Lia89281

    In love 💕

  49. Sunset skies

    I wouldn't let you sleep either lord ....jesus 😍

  50. Stacie Correa

    I ain't been getting no sleep.🥀

  51. Hev Eliz

    This song is so amazing, definitely need more recognition 😫‼️👏🏽

  52. Raynick Sabatha

    I'm Just so in love with your music ...and damn that beat wow 🥀

  53. Raynick Sabatha

    I just don't understand how you are so underated honestly bro you just amazing 🍃

  54. Raynick Sabatha

    🥀i was legit up last night ...

  55. Roelie M.K

    Arin ray any day all day😍😍😍...another song on repeat💗💗 coz i aint been getting no sleep

  56. Booty Phat

    Arin needs to blow all the way up. #TrueArtist

  57. jose Castillo

    loyal admirer from Mexico, I love your vibra men, hopefully one day I can see a show of yours. 🔥🇲🇽♥️

  58. Natacha Resende

    This song got me feeling some type o way, I fuck with it♥️

  59. Ty’ Antoine


  60. Alicia Munā

    I honestly don’t understand how Arin is still so underrated!!

  61. Alicia Munā

    New favorite soooong!!!😍😍

  62. Abigail Jo-nica

    🥀back at it again 🇿🇦

  63. Zayra Ferreira

    Just what I needed 🤕😻

  64. Jennifer Le

    how is the world not at your feet yet!!! yet another absolute banger






    I'd like to collab!

  68. madeline reyes

    the actual love of my life

  69. Damalagood

    U sang the Story of my Life, Congrats on your Success everybody gonna know u #DayOne💯

  70. Thomas O'Neill

    soo good man

  71. Devonte Browne

    This vibe is fire💯🔥🔥🔥

  72. J. 96

    Love thissss ✨

  73. Alexis Rodriguez

    I really wish this song had another verse and was longer!

  74. Dewi Lichthart

    Ur underated man

  75. Youselande Simon

    This song is putting me to sleep😴...jk this song is a vibe🔥❤

  76. Elle Bee

    Has he collaborated with Alina Baraz on a song? 🤔 Feel like they would have a great song together! ❤️❤️❤️

  77. RavenRosey

    What a vibe 🥀🥀

  78. tia b


  79. Samir Robinson

    Arin just replied to my text. I’m changing my number and y’all can’t talk to me no more. I’m above it

  80. azizajewelry

    Just when you think you already have a favorite Arin Ray song...

    Then he comes out with another banger. 💥

    Hev Eliz

    azizajewelry right!

  81. IT'S VIN


  82. zipporah rhymes


  83. MusicForUrSoul _

    Nice song man 👌🏽 greetings from Cologne ✌🏽

  84. Büsra Genc

    keep up the great work 🥀🥀🥀 lots of love from Germany ✌🏾

    Arin Ray

    Ayy thank you appreciate that

  85. Khiet Tam Truong

    love this sooo much i hope he blows up soon!

  86. Nwinwil

    J'adore !! 👌👌👌

  87. Akalu

    🥀 I remember when this came out on twitter as a Snippet last March lol

    Arin Ray

    Real one right here!


    Arin Ray 🙏🏽

  88. Luiz Henrique

    This song deserve a clip bro, the lyrics is amazing

  89. Y L

    that glasses <3

  90. Arin Ray

    drop a 🥀 if you ain't been getting no sleep

    Johnny goston

    Play lists

    YGF Gamer 84_80


    Esharuh kingz

    Arin Ray 🥀🥀🥀




    @AXPMP BEATS you do. It's under the animals.