Arin Ray - Roses Lyrics

(If you don't) like these roses
Send 'em back to me
(If you don't) like those roses
Send 'em back to me

It's so amazing, uh
Everything but the basic, uh
Hip crib with the spaceship, uh
Ridin' round with no faces, uh
Look, oh it's amazing, uh
Big things out the basement, uh
The way the shit been changing, uh
New feel, new places
But I ain't never been wrong for tryna be with' you alone
For tryna see what the deal is, never tryna see what the real is
The real ain't in you, uh
So do what you do, uh
'Cause if I'm a dog, uh
Then what are you?

If you don't like these roses (Roses)
Send 'em back to me (Send 'em back, baby, yeah, send 'em back, baby)
If you don't like those roses (Said, send 'em back to me, yeah)
Send 'em back to me (Send 'em back to me, send 'em back to me)

One day you'll find that this was your best bet
Know you'll think of roses
Send 'em back to me, send 'em back to me

One day you'll find that this was your bet
Know you'll think of roses
One day you'll find that this was you're bet
Know you'll think of roses

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Arin Ray Roses Comments
  1. Keyanna Henry


  2. Jessyka Slay

    I love ❤️ seeing young black people doing their thing and the best best part is he isn’t degrading females I love that and he has beautiful black queens 👸🏽 in his video great job Mr Ray u have a god giving gift 💝 your definitely up next congratulations 🎊🎉🍾🎈

  3. Jessyka Slay

    Aron Ray is too damn handsome 🥰🥰

  4. Elli Houle

    Me and my ex would slow dance to this song so often just alone in my room 🌪⛈


    Maam ok n ang gift ko sayo, visit k s unit ko..baka gusto mo magkapi..stay con. po..

  6. aryn j've got it. I'm down for life.

  7. Louis Porcarelli

    I loved him ever since X factor😩

  8. Kezziah Paliou

    Loving this r&b vibes!

  9. Jelson Rodrigues

    GAJO MAU!!!!

  10. the critic

    Dam so true

  11. Michael Ricardo Hall

    He sounds amazing

  12. Christian Munch

    He'll blow up soon he's to good not too. Can't wait for his next album, Platinum fire is amazing!

  13. Beto Páez

    Jamás decepcionas . 🔥

  14. Jade

    What i wish Joji's music was like

  15. parijuana1


  16. Young king

    I'm ashamed this doesn't have more views

  17. Martina Suaava

    The first minute of the song I get Joji that just me? lol

    lordflacko stüssyyy

    Martina Suaava same. Also kinda Cuco as well.

  18. loveischerrypie

    this deserves more views

  19. princerob425

    He makes nothing but beautiful music

  20. Ladyredp TV

    The girl on the cover looks like Keke Palmer 😍

    Pacific NW

    Michelle Obama

    lael xo

    Pacific NW you’re blind.

  21. Sydney Cabrera

    Blessin' us with his diversity

  22. Joy O.

    This is lovelyyyy!!

  23. MooBerry2009

    I knew i would like this when i heard the first 30 seconds no words already vibing 🎶😑🎵😑🎶😑🎵

  24. Zabriya Daniels-Leach

    Ughhhhhhh he never dissapoints

  25. P-Dog


  26. summerglory8

    You know you need to stop playing Arin Ray and stop teasing folks with this music!

  27. summerglory8


  28. kosoboy shatri

    No hate but this song lame af lol

  29. Leanne Burton

    I love me some Arin Ray music

  30. Thakazelo Douw

    Arin is like one of the most slept on artists forreal - it makes me so sad. He deserves so much more recognition! He is amazing.

  31. Ayla Stone


  32. *DeadQuinn*

    🌹🌹🌹 roses and kisses from France 💗

  33. Jessica Veiga

    Amazingggggg ❤❤❤❤❤

    Camino G


    Roger Gould Sr

    Yes it is

  34. Gerardo Lirikal


  35. Patryck Anderson Breezy

    Verdadeiro Príncipe do R&B, merece mais reconhecimento. Arin Ray é foda dms, que vibe esse som! Direto do Brasil 💛🔥👑

  36. rG vontaye

    Oh shit I'm early

  37. Efrain Rivera

    Yo finally he played this on tour but the song finally drops 🔥🔥🔥

  38. Mireya Mireya

    So underrated


    He's not underrated he's young and putting in work. Itll come in time

  39. s s

    🌹🌹 this is so peaceful 🌹🌹

  40. Kimberly's Vlogz

    This gives off such a good vibe that I wanna feel allllllll dayyyy 😍😍

  41. Jev

    one day I'll have a song with this king

  42. Rambling Eardrum

    The type of artist the music industry is in need of to stir up some major damage. Love his sound. Huge supporter!!! 🌹❤️

  43. D 1

    This man deserves ALL the recognition

  44. Gerar- dougghh

    First🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I already know this is fire