Arin Ray - Old School Lyrics

Hey, no

Like an old school dance
Drop fifty on an old school dance
Might have seen me with the old crew, yeah
Enough said we ain't playing no games
I tell my main bitch to meet me here
Shawty trippin' but I gotta have her
Shoutout to my dark cool lady
We gon' get it how you wanted to

After all this time
Let's enjoy our lives
Don't take shit personal
Just remember the times
Just remember the nights that you know

I keep an old school vibe for the summer, yeah
I keep an old school vibe for the summer, yeah
I keep an old school vibe for the summer, no no
I keep an old school vibe for the summer, yeah
I keep an old school vibe for the summer

And that's my old school thang
Might see her in the all white thang
First lady she get all the nice thangs
See them fifty in a whole new lane
I know she right just for me
You betta keep it low key
I feel like I get the keys
Just put me where I need to be
What's real love?

After all this time
Let's enjoy our lives
Don't take shit personal
Just remember the times
Just remember the nights that you know

I keep an old school vibe for the summer, yeah
I keep an old school vibe for the summer, yeah
I keep an old school vibe for the summer, no no
I keep an old school vibe for the summer, yeah
I keep an old school vibe for the summer

Old school vibe, old school vibe
Old school vibe, old school vibe
Keep an old school vibe

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Arin Ray Old School Comments
  1. Linh Truong

    He look like somebody from h-town group

  2. Noemi.B naja

    Thats good.

  3. e j

    he sounds like leven kali

  4. God N

    got this vibe of frank ocean and jordan bratton

  5. Love Me Some Soul

    I like the old school days

  6. Tori Black

    💯 This young dude is gonna blow in due time. He NICE on the mic....


    Спасибо большое

  8. Kayla Reeves

    Why hasn’t he blown up yet 😕

  9. Diamond Ladi

    A HITTT For Sure!!! 💯 Such a Fun & Cool Vibe to it..."My Fav" Song so far! Will be Rockin' this one on My Playlist 🤩💃🎶🎶

  10. Brien with love

    Streaming this day & night. 3songs one of these have to hit now that I'm on to it. Dope

  11. Jade

    He wearin Old Skools too I see what you did there

  12. Nolandra White

    I love this guy!!! sooo glad i stumbled upon him in my apple music

  13. Nik Kalinovic


  14. Louis Porcarelli

    Damn I want him😫

  15. NFZ NFZ


  16. ThaMoveMent MyGuy

    Timeless music

  17. Enlightened With Ki

    Bruuuuhhh this is waaavvvvyyyy

  18. Only1WithAnE

    This my shit, heard it on pandora

  19. Melly Mel

    I missed out on this guy, I’m 9 months late on this Fire music!!!

  20. Elsa Mercier

    my fav'...

  21. Lano Lano

    Big vibe 💯

  22. Luciangel Makhosi

    Whats the name of the ford at the beginning?

  23. Willie Prescott III


  24. Just Chilled Vibes Just Chilled Vibes


  25. harold harris

    Slept on!😴😴😴😴😴🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Kimberley Mataure


  27. Dame Harris

    Damn bro 🔥

  28. David Dozier

    Keep the songs coming! If this album is promoted properly, it should sell extremely well! Because it’s fire! #YoungKing👑

  29. Saleef Nyambok

    Amazing visuals to match this vibe.

  30. MnGambit89

    This nigga lame af for keeping all these white bitches in all his videos

    Willie Prescott III

    Nigga the label be controlling shit like that

  31. Patryck Anderson Breezy

    Esse cara vai longe, muito sucesso pra esse mano! Canta muito! Brasil 🇧🇷👏🏽

  32. Real ThaMaskRapper

    My song for #tbt

  33. Nicolas Bryant

    The bassline lowkey reminds me of "Don't Disturb This Groove" by The System

    Alicia Kelly

    Nicolas Bryant omg your right maybe they sampled it

  34. Sherleen Leonard

    I keep this on repeat

  35. Alexander Waskahat

    5 years ago from X factor US to this.... this guy is my hero!!! Keep it up

  36. juicy news

    he's def a vibe!!!!

  37. Sherleen Leonard

    So sweet 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. A1is Dope

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 waiting for this too! Great vid

  39. Inzly3969 Inzly

    These mofo's has no soul to recognize pure potential and talent keep doing your thing Arin

  40. Gregory caldwell

    Lil Cuddo! What you know about. "Dropping 50 on a old school dance" 🔥 🔥

  41. ThaMoveMent MyGuy

    Absolutely love this

  42. Teasha Mcgowan

    I love the song favorite song on the album his voice is so good ❤️😍 I listen to it when I'm bored and cleaning his album is So good and I hardly ever like a whole album but I ended up loving his but the video was kinda boring sorry Arin but I luv your music❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I'm not a fan of music videos anyway I hardly ever watch them only to see what the artist looks like especially if there a new artist I got to know what they look like

  43. Thuto Seane


  44. zipporah rhymes

    This song is so underrated

  45. zipporah rhymes

    I love REAL music ✨✨

  46. joseph Sanchez

    Best song on the album and fuck yall needs visuals to


  48. Eireee17

    I remember him from X factor years ago. He came a long way he's so talented.

  49. Mr. Johnson

    Arin is gonna blow up eventually. How couldn’t you fall in love with this voice

  50. Glynda Russell

    Great sound, I watched you on Hollywood unlocked. I like your songs. Keep up this great body of work. I appreciate your music and writing your own lyrics is a Good given talent.

  51. JayKamWitDaLamb

    🔥🔥🔥dope visuals 🔥🔥🔥

  52. Sharie Price

    This song is good vibes!! I’m mad that I’m just hearing about it.

  53. Jensy Of Jesus

    Arin Ray need a GRAMMY

    Nneka Vanessa

    Amen to that

  54. Adouble

    He on his way

    Alicia Kelly

    Adouble I agree super talented

  55. Jay Griffey

    ///i keep a old school vibe for the summer///


    Platinum fire 🔥 is fire 🔥 platinum ✨

  57. Betty Millz

    Should’ve release the video during summertime... that’s my song tho 🔥

  58. B Ross

    LOVE YOU ARIN!!!!! Love this album too <3

  59. Darren C

    I want Arin ray to blow up like Ella Mia

  60. rG vontaye

    this point go nutz

  61. roxanne k


  62. Talia Shanell

    Can’t wait to see you in LA! Let me connect you with a really dope videographer who can paint your vibe more than this. 👌🏾

  63. Keem Smilez Music

    Love the vibe man. You always come out with very well put together songs

  64. Lance Thomas

    That video was sick let's smoke to that

    Lance Thomas

    PS R&B takeover

    Lance Thomas

    PS my Uncle Paul got an SS just like that I'm out

  65. Manasseh Doke

    Why is this video not in the millions right now but lil pump is.😕

    Alicia Kelly

    Manasseh Doke right I don’t get it

    Alicia Kelly

    Manasseh Doke lmao

  66. Tony Balls


  67. Devante Gravesandy


  68. Devante Gravesandy

    Amazing Album, Amazing Person/Performer 🔥🔥🙌

  69. José Augusto dos Santos


    Gregory caldwell

    Old school vibe! I feel the same way cousin. "Old school vibe for the summer" 🔥

    José Augusto dos Santos


  70. Sabrina Martinez

    Omggg yasssss 🔥🔥🔥🔥 so fucking dope keep dropping these visuals 😍

  71. Stacey Gilds

    I love this video !!

  72. P.s ILYAG

    This was my summer anthem 😂 you up next Arin 🔥

  73. kadiatou guirassy

    I love it 😍

  74. silént phil


  75. Teresa Solimine

    omg love it😍😍😍

  76. Tyson Abernathy

    This is fuck up

  77. lungz OneSix

    Been waiting on visuals for this and fuck yall brodieeee thanks for this G

  78. Remmy khamis

    Old school vibes for the summer

  79. Sc0RPiaNa AD

    Love you Arin Ray !!!! UAE Fan :)

  80. moonchild69

    omggg what a bop 👏🏻🤭

  81. Manasseh Doke


    RetroKiller 1

    Manasseh Doke preachhhhh🙌🏾

    Alicia Kelly

    Manasseh Doke it’s my favorite song on the album too he needs way more credit he’s super talented

  82. Daniela Villegas


  83. Jerrell Leeper

    Best song on the album. I’m glad it got a visual.

  84. Mike Gretskii

    tuff 💪🏽

  85. Morongwa Manthata


  86. rc i1000

    🔥 Never Stop !

  87. Sauce Walka

    One of the best Albums this year fr fr

  88. Sauce Walka

    Shit fucking great not my favorite Track from the Album but Top 3 fr fr🔥

  89. Rebecca Lee

    We need more videos for this excellent album 👏🏽

  90. Rebecca Lee

    Arin Ray ✨✨✨❤️


    you killing it fam

  92. Quentin Dixon

    Bro might as well drop a visual for every song on the album, this shit PLATINUM FIRE 🔥🔥🔥

  93. trini23diversified

    There he goes with his FINE SELF 😌

  94. KVN LVC

    🤟🏻 my summer 2018 anthem

  95. mauricio rodrigues

    Best song ! Brazil Fan.

  96. EllisJean Gunter

    Finally🤩 I’ve been waiting

  97. adepavloff

    Fire video, fire song, fire artist. Give this man credit. He’s coming up... 🙌🔥🔥🔥