Arin Ray - Hope It Don't Kill Me Lyrics

Thought I seen it all
Didn't know what I was in for
I was hesitant to fall, now I'm diving face first
We don't even know, if this is something that we can afford
Everybody pays for it, up to the clouds we will go and we will soar
We've got the world by the horns, let's explore

I hope it don't kill me, no, no, no, no
I hope it don't kill me, no, no, no, no
I hope it don't kill me, kill me, no, no
I hope it don't-

Uh, yeah
Monday mornin's never stressing
[?] still progressin'
I swear to God that it's the truth
Every moment is a blessing, blessing
She got hella finesse, the bestest
Yo fuck everyone else, we reckless
Take a shot to the chest to test us

I hope it don't kill me, no, no, no, no
I hope it don't kill me, no, no, no, no
I hope it don't kill me, kill me, no, no
I hope it don't-

It is the life that they gone' stress after
The type of shit that make lightskins wanna text faster
The type of shit that make ex friends turn they neck backwards
But if I drive by in this whip, you tell me "Yes master"
Watch me and [?] do it
Knock knock, [?] you a door that had no keys to it
You better speak to it, boy you don't even own your soul, you got a lease to it
That's why I hope this don't kill me
Goin' out of my way, at the, end of the day
I just hope that I'm still me
I give a damn if you don't feel me, feel me?
Fuck you

Tell me
What- what makes you really fuck with, like really fuck with somebody like
Like what do you really look for
In a guy
What makes you, makes you smile, makes you cringe

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Arin Ray Hope It Don't Kill Me Comments
  1. rG vontaye

    Damn arin then came a long way

  2. Nilo katjirua

    Who's here 2019..
    South Africa is listening 👌

  3. Louis Porcarelli

    I heard he has an 11 in. 🍆😧

  4. The Scooby Raw Show

    if you smoke weed and can still sing without auto tune then you get sooo much respect because it is known smoking is terrible for your lungs and breathing but damn defy the odds

  5. Lili

    Amazing voice! I pray they make!!

  6. Furquan Mahdi

    Boogie has firs music but this shit was trash on blood

  7. Ebony Rodriguez

    dig it bad

  8. Nedia Rosé

    Boogie got me rockin with him forever fr💯❤️

  9. Jay Racks

    Unique artist

  10. Taylor Woods

    Y am I just now coming across this?!

  11. Wim Chol

    🔥🔥 too fire

  12. Daniel Camou

    Where you from bro ?

  13. Denzel Laguerta

    So underrated tbh

  14. TheOMasterJ

    Is the ending a song? That was dope!!

  15. Maria segura


  16. ChuCK RoCK

    Only 50k views for blood. Lol he gang i see them red chucks whkoop

  17. Chanel Setton


  18. Anthony Garriett

    Man i hope this dude blow up

  19. B Frank


  20. Claire Hernandez

    this mannnnn lordd.

  21. Zephaniah Frost

    Damn! They did they thang!

  22. Aaron Amigo

    the boy Is good

  23. yungjus1

    Nice concept and video, everything I heard from this guy so far I like and I had never heard of him. Still some. R/b worth listening to I see,.... Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔

  24. Winter Baby

    What song is that at the end? Its the same song from Lonely....

  25. K1 Falls

    Drake betta look out 4 this youngsta.

  26. Sistah Brutha

    Crazy how I kno Tyler personally (the video girl) wow

  27. Catch Wreck

    More people need to know about boogie and arin smh


    Walking Bomb now boogie startin to blow up

  28. Devaune Temple

    why sleep on him? wtf was X thinkin cuttin him off? 😤

  29. Kaneika Lloyd

    Aye I hope it dont kill me i hope you gone feel me this is the real me. Killll meee going out of my way I just love the way we laugh and vibe I try to strive to be the best to you I just wanna grow old wit you everything you do keep me zooted likea foo I swear I just wanna fall in love with you everything you do is cool to me everything you do see is for me and everything I do is for you you the mother of my jit everything you do I'm wit all you got to do is hit my line and I'm der every time I just hope that you feel me see this is real me

  30. Fight Club 101

    Omg🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 hustle gets hard

  31. Nay Andrade


  32. Marcus Hardeman

    His whole line up is dope. People sleeping on this youngsta

  33. Brooke Wanjiku

    Here from x factor 💕💕💕

  34. MrHustlerHD

    Wow so happy I found u I saw u on X factor in 2014 ur song was unreal keep up the hard work Man U got a great voice hopefully u will go far

  35. Makhi

    idek how many times i played this!

    samantha n’drihin

    Makhi Same! 😫

  36. Janet Sims

    I love this song but that cigar and cigarette is gonna kill u

    PH WH

    It's just weed.

    Louis Porcarelli

    @PH WH u have a big Dick don't u😩

  37. Shonnette Williams

    OMG I'm loving his voice after listening to lonely w him & Jessie reyez just had to check his music out , he needs to bloww up like yesterrrrrrday tho 😍

  38. Abbey :]

    He's so damn sexy.

    ky ky

    @Dirk Thomas Oof

    Regina Rossetti

    Abbey :] FOR REAL.

  39. melody ou

    still waiting for him to blow up

  40. migsz.j i

    It would be nice if you gonna do a cover or song with normani kordei💯✅

  41. Oof Oof

    Wasn't he the one that was vs Normani from 5H

  42. JMCGMB

    Thats dope!!

  43. Keyonna Herring

    I love Arin music so much.

  44. Ventoro Music

    Sounds Much Like The Weeknd

  45. jamie pereira

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH ARIN CANT WAIT UNTIL YOU DROP YOUR NEXT LIT ALBUM !! <3 -signed your day 1 _jaymurdaa

  46. Pim Boutsioukis

    he is way too underrated

  47. IOS User

    How the fuck Can this just have 1k view??????

  48. 1990Lex79

    luv it!!🔥🔥🔥

  49. Keyondra Davis


    Lu Tabon

    has that modern-day weed feel

  50. Destiny Hughes

    Your acting was on point 👏🏾

  51. carlos melo

    dope arin ray

  52. Gennaro Calloway


  53. Carter.ACE

    Seriously love the entire Phases EP. You have grown into your own artist so well. :)

  54. Jordan Murray

    We need to link up and do music together. You have such a talent.