Arin Ray - Fuck Y'all Lyrics

There's nothing left to say to you
Don't act like I ain't pay my dues
I'm picking up the pace, It's all about the chase
You could try to fake the moves
But that'll be a way to lose, yeah
Just another phase, the summer 'fore you place, yeah

Man, for real, that's just how I feel
Everything is honest, when a nigga know what's real
See, I can make a song about the shit that really kills
But you would shut it down because you hating on my skills
I put you in a headlock, for like 3 shots
4 more, 5, 6, 7
Heavily armed military goons, it's nonstop for you niggas
Please carry on
It's fuck

Fuck y'all
(Fuck this)
Yeah, fuck y'all
Fuck y'all, fuck y'all

Nigga all I hear is (Rah-rah-rah-rah)
Can't reply, way to high for all that (Yah-da-da-da)
Yea I know, niggas used to be, gang-gang-gang-gang
But in life, there are things that we just can't maintain
Gangland is the main frame

Heartbeat of the city, is where we were born
I didn't know shit about shit back when you put me on
You told me what was legit, and what was ludicrous
Never let the homegirl know I was new to this
(Stupid lil niggas)
See I was a November baby, so I was the kid brother
We was in the same grade
Whatever we did, yo, we did together
Damn near live together, and when we got older I thought we were gonna win together
But I played you my first song and you hated it
Sent you another 5 and you never replied

Now you tryna hit me on that (Rah-rah-rah-rah)
When you know I ain't really on that (Yah-da-da-da)
Fast forward 5 years later, I'm getting paper
Might see me in the sky, in my scraper
But it's

Fuck y'all
(Fuck this)
Yeah, fuck y'all
Fuck y'all, fuck y'all

For real, mayne
I just wanna sign my deal, mayne
Gotta keep it live, keep it real, mayne
Keep it trill, mayne
Know the deal, mayne

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Arin Ray Fuck Y'all Comments
  1. bongo manyifolo

    People sleeping on this dude

  2. Josh Harris

    This is my shit

  3. Shad0w__

    a minute if the video is just yayayayyayayayayayayyayayayayay boi

  4. Shamon R. Gaston

    Fucking fire! Been sleep on my boy!

  5. Jazmin Snow

    good shit

  6. Blake Swaze

    Tht shit iz Whoppin' ! 🎶🤙🏾 🎶🤙🏾

  7. Pookie

    too fire to not be noticed

  8. Mel Terry

    I’m so pissed at how underrated this song is 😩☹️

  9. Laetitia Patissier

    Yan Yan yan yan yan!


    Laetitia Patissier oke stop

  10. Jade

    Is that Busta Rhymes or ODB in the start? Either way, hard sample.


    Reginald odb

    J R

    jaydee busta

    J R whooo haaaaa ~~~

  11. marvin huraira

    Your time!

  12. Fabian Carrasco Burgos

    R.I.P. ODB

  13. Rhonda Mitchell

    🎵Don't act like I ain't paid my dues..Fuck Y'all🎵

    This bumps 🔥🔥🔥

  14. C. Haynes

    If you don’t know the sample he using get right lol

    RealHipHop YesSir

    C. Haynes busta rhymes

  15. Esteban Garrido

    Llegue por el directo de Hordatoj

    Medio tema ctm 🇨🇱

  16. Zhäybaebliss

    The melodies on this album is amazing. Old school vibes

  17. Lance Thomas


  18. Lm Queen

    too underrated boy, it makes me mad

  19. Doris Gmain


  20. younganxter '


  21. Diego Calderon

    If u sleepin on this u fucked up but ur here now 😁


    Who knows he could be in the insecure tv show music he’s just 😍🔥 what a name of the album with this young brotha 💪🏽

  23. Shavashti Keyys

    The beginning has me dead af lmfaooo, but this is fire

    Juli Bucci

    I love ur name. Do you pronounce it Sha-Vosh-Ti?

  24. Turon Parker

    Am i the only one here?


    Turon Parker nah.

    Turon Parker

    @judah welcome

    Quentin Dixon

    Nah I’m here lol