Arin Ray - Don't Chase Lyrics

Hold up ya gotta explain
Things done changed you don't treat me the same
Lookin for someone to blame
For your ways oh, that's so insane
Is it the things that I say
Is it space oh please tell me straight
Maybe we were just a phase
Guess its safe to say we're driftin away

Please don't chase (don't chase me)
Stay away (stay away)
Please don't chase (don't chase me)
Stay far away

And this one is so hard to take
Ain't no way we could erase all the days
But, we gotta fake through the pain
Cause through the pain there's always somethin to gain
I tried to help you but it seems so useless
Now nothings workin and I'm stuck on stupid
I think somebody went and gunned down cupid
He couldn't take all the pressure

Please don't chase (don't chase me)
Stay away (stay away from me)
Please don't chase
Stay far away (far away)

All I know
All I know

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Arin Ray Don't Chase Comments
  1. SayNEh SayNEh

    Love this!

  2. Pedro Pony

    put this on audio mackkkkk😭

  3. Kevin Williams

    🤯🔥 Don’t ever stop making music 🤣🤘🏽

  4. Cheese Wiz

    you are amazing lovely voice and music

  5. Ed Duke

    This man is criminally underrated, this music is so beautiful

  6. AK5

    Brooo i love it🖤🥀

  7. Jimin' s Red hair

    He is literally so talented

  8. Alexandreia Madrid

    Amazing. Love it!

  9. Raynick Sabatha

    I can't wait for the music video

  10. Rasheda Simms

    Omg your voice is amazing😍😍 I came from Kehlani's ig story and I don't regret finding you. You are simply amazing

  11. Nessa Brooks

    Goosebumps. Omfg

  12. Fê Souza

    please, don't change

  13. David Buck

    Young baby face 🙌

  14. Tiara Lang

    Stay Away, I felt that ❤🌹🔥

  15. tia b

    Don't chase 😐😐😐

  16. Adnan hachani


  17. Aleana Harvey

    it not the music its the authenticity of that voice God blessed him with

  18. violetta

    you sooo hot ❤🔥

  19. Enkosi Dwane

    😻😍😍😍Amazing work

  20. Justice Samuel

    yeaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhh that break Down at the end. come thru stringsss

    Arin Ray

    lets go!

  21. Sakina Abijiou

    Wow ❤️❤️

  22. Lilac Blu

    This has a neo soul sound



  23. Franklin Reyes


  24. Justice Chesney

    I love your voice😭🥰😭🥰😭

  25. Geremae Igat

    first comment and like 🥳

  26. Kennedy Duvernay

    Love it

  27. Lilac Blu


  28. Justice Chesney

    First 🥰🥰🥰