Ariana Grande - The Beauty Within You Lyrics

When your reflection
And what you want it to be
Oh no
You change your clothes
Change your hair
Change your makeup
But you still don’t like the vision you see
I wish it were that easy
When your rejection
Is only coming from you
Oh no
The way you walk
Way you talk, every second
You can’t believe what life’s been putting you through
It’s time
To take a look inside
The beauty within you
Whoa oh oh oh
It’s the hardest thing to find
Oh oh oh oh
As the mirror makes you blind
To who you really are
Cause you’re beautiful like a shining star
You can love the world with all your heart
But to love yourself is the
Hardest part
When your emotions
Have got the better of you
Oh no, no
You start to scream
Hit the walls
Start to freak out
You can’t believe what life’s been putting you through
It’s time to take a look inside
The beauty within you
Oh oh oh oh
As the mirror makes you blind
To who you really are
Cause you’re beautiful like a shining star
You can love the world with all your heart
You can love the world with all your heart
But to love yourself
Is the hardest part
The beauty within you
Oh oh oh oh
Its the hardest thing to find
Oh oh oh oh
As the mirror makes you blind
Oh oh oh oh
As the mirror makes you blind
A beautiful a shining star
Ohh the beauty within you

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Ariana Grande The Beauty Within You Comments
  1. YouTube Melany18

    😣😢 I miss this Ariana Grande.... Its like it was 2 different people,but atleast she is still famous,She just grew up so fast! If she is glad about her career no one is stopping her. She can do what she wants.💖😁

  2. buydangerouswomanonitunes

    i miss u

  3. buydangerouswomanonitunes

    i love u baby

  4. officialoceane

    *Timeee Goesss soooo quick* 😫😭💘

  5. bee !

    crying bc look at her now

  6. Jackie .S

    ...Her voice got really weaker.....She should give her voice some rest and not overdo it..So that we can listen to her beautiful voice for a long time. .

  7. James Dasa

    Very well ARI, congratulations ...

  8. Lydia Ademoroti

    I will always be a true arianator💜😃, I still can't believe I met her and she smiled at me and gave me a hug on the 19th October 2014❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😃😃😭

    Selena Hernandez

    omg thats so cool

    Lydia Ademoroti

    +Selena Hernandez thankyou

  9. Chloe Barnes

    Im a proud arianator

  10. Arianagrande Video editsxo

    Sat here watching this in 2015😩😂

  11. Melissa Ngai

    I love how people went "Awh" after she softly said "Hi" in the beginning. I can only imagine how they reacted when they heard her powerful voice. Haha


    Because she dont say "hi" she say "nigth"


    @Leiplo lol she did say hi

    Peaceminus Chanel

    Leiplo she didn't say nigga lmao

  12. cveto nedkova

    thumbs up if u are watching this in 2014 

  13. frensy7

    When her voice was more powerful. I miss this Ariana.

  14. Christianie Torres

    This is so beautiful <3

  15. Raya Marie

    I'm proud to be an Arianator since 2009 <3

  16. Daniel Yamagishi

    I'd rather thumbs down comments like these.

  17. Lina g

    *sees 10 dislikes* me: lord help the deaf.

  18. Alyssa Simmons

    2013 bitches.

  19. Sarah Johansen

    Thumbs up of your watching in 2013

  20. Raven Hair

    She is beautiful and got a amazing voice one day ill try meet u well I hope xxxx

  21. Sammi isnotcool

    thumbs up for 2013 :)

  22. MollyNakao98

    I remember first discovering Ariana and just thinking I wish she was more famous than she was at the time. She has more talent out there than half the celebrities. Now as of today March 25 2013 she has a #1 single on iTunes and she's trending nonstop! It's amazing to watch a career just blossom like it did for Ariana.


    now september 26 - 2019 shes one of the biggest stars in the world

  23. Briseno Sisters

    thumbs up if youre watching this in 2013!

  24. Grace Young

    Thumbs up if you think Ari is amazing, no matter what year it is ♥

  25. Kristina Milolaža

    No 2013.

  26. hollaanddecent712

    Thumbs up if you're watching this in 2013!

  27. YouFound Lizzie

    thumps up if you're watching in 2013 <3

  28. Grande Ballinger

    I love when the microphone is to tall for her!

  29. Grace Meyer

    did anyone else see the way she looked back and frankie waved at her? (': 0:29

  30. Ma Kahren Pascua

    Thumbs up if your Watching this in 2013

  31. Melisa

    10 people don't have beauty within them.

  32. Kenya Wallace

    see is amazing

  33. HannaraTheWeirdo

    0:17 Hi! that's so cute

  34. grandArianaSupporter

    Ariana you have got the most beautiful voice and the cutest pony tail ( I LOVE YOUR LOOSE HAIR!!!!!! it is like water combined with rubys <3 ) MARRY ME TODAY

  35. Krystal Philson

    You ruined this comment because of " Thumbs Up"

  36. Luis Sandoval

    thumbs up if youre from the future and watching this in 2042

  37. vale garcia

    oop's wrong video jajajaja i feel so stupid right now hahaha .. I LOVE YOU ARII JII :P

  38. vale garcia

    today i hear it ... and in a second i heart ... just awesome, i don't too much the disney of now, but Bridgit it's awesome and i love her

  39. m g


  40. m g

    ℒℴѵℯ ℒℴѵℯ ℒℴѵℯ ℒℴѵℯ

  41. grandArianaSupporter

    hi : )
    you warm up my <3 ouoooh ououoooh beautiful like a shining star

  42. TinyTiff12

    Hey ! Guess what ! I'm watching this in 2196 ! Now what ? ._.

  43. Erica Crawford

    She is such an amazing singer. I would love to get lessons from her

  44. sharell fairfax

    she sings super good!!! :)

  45. Chloe Black

    she's sort of like cat in real life

  46. kim tae

    Last time I checked.

  47. Nimra Ahsan

    Thumbs up if your watching in 2012~

  48. justin

    Say ariana 10 times
    Clap 5 times
    Post on 2 other vuds
    Chech your voice

  49. athenaparismarcotti

    i want this on itune :D

  50. debora94299

    very talented!!!

  51. carcar1092

    She sort of sounds like Leona Lewis. :]

  52. NguyenThiNhuAn

    How can you be cute at that age?!

  53. nellie

    @johannkindumbra I don't think so... sorry.

  54. Johann Kin Dumbra

    @HeyyItsNelliee no friend, I think it's me

  55. Molly Sophia

    I was Ariana for Halloween!! I LOVE HER!! AMAZING SINGER!!!

  56. Leigha

    ridiculous she's the whole package everything about her is beautiful from her voice her personalliaty to her . . . . . everything ! lol
    your rock girl keep doin what you do best !

  57. Delaney Keller

    haha when she said "hi" at the begening the croud went "aww" it was so cute!! love you ariana

  58. nellie

    @blahblahdae Ariana Grande's biggest fan is Joan Grande don't you think? :/

  59. Fatima Daknish


  60. Amanda DiBartolo


  61. Iris Donley

    lol she said hi and every1 went awwwww


    Why cant i find this song?:(

  63. jaelinjanae

    @dinos1go1rawr12 who would be a better cat than ariana? i think victoria is tori and ariana is cat.

  64. Lois Harker

    i love ari

  65. alia lyric

    luv her


    i love her so much

  67. Megan Hennings

    Yes I am listening to this in 2011

    No I'm not going to press any number on my keyboard

    No I'm not going to thumbs up your comment

    No I don't care what's wrong with 1,863 people

    No I don't care about you 'raping' a button

    No I was not sent here by someone else

    Music is there to be listened and appreciated, unfortunately there are people out there who just don't see that. The music industry is becoming more about marketing and less about musical quality

  68. medusszzaa

    WOW! amazing

  69. lifeson241

    She has the prettiest voice Ive ever heard......Theres one other...... mariah carey...And yes I'm comparing her to a superstar Wow!!!!

  70. Kaozoua Thao

    I Love This Performance!! :))

  71. Lauren Styles

    @Twilight1production he brother is the founder of BSA (Broadway in South Africa), and Ariana, Frankie, and many more go to South Africa when they raised enough and teach the kids with HIV/AIDS about expressing themselves and helping the kids believe in themselves, and this is part of it.

  72. MultiMusiclover3

    @athenaparismarcotti demi NEVER said that!! Not once!! She never said most families have tried cutting!! Don't lie!

  73. 12345fulc

    huh what/?? did ariana go to south-africa?

  74. Caroline Schaeffer

    I so wish i could meat Ariana cause she is so awesome

  75. Alexis Marshall

    I think ariana grande is perfect not just because shes famous i love everyything bout her and her personality is just awesome i love her voice so i think she awesome

  76. sarah 123

    omg i love it when she say ``hi`` at the beginning ♥ :)

  77. Niccolo Co

    Amazing! :)

  78. jade diggs

    ~akward appaluse~

  79. שלי ביטאולין

    shut up ! and just love her !
    cause she is the first singer that sing gooooooooooooooood at LIVE ! :D
    ariana ? i love u ! ♥

  80. athenaparismarcotti

    @BamaDave72 OFMG shutup no im tired of seeing commets of peopple saying there ugly n wish they were as prettty as them so i put that commet n yes no one is perfect n stop acting like ur the shit u aint no shit get a life k

  81. athenaparismarcotti

    @BamaDave72 uhm sweet heart? get your story straight even demi said almost every family has tried or exsermented with it doesnt mean everyone did yeah i did it once i was in a dark time , my dad was dying of cancer so yeah why dont you stop critzesing ppl u dont no

  82. athenaparismarcotti

    @mshottie128 i agree i did to for a while sadly but i bet more than half this poeple in world have tried or done cutting

  83. lilcarts21

    @bunnyboo12c she actually is working in recording her first album set to come out late this year or early 2012

  84. MsGuessWho92

    beautiful :) ♥

  85. Deserie Nickole

    @MissDonut125 so true, jades and kats . voice are amazing toris is too but she not better than them

  86. Kiya Johnson

    i hate when they put the better singer in the back round. >< its just like it on icarly !! sam sings waaay better then carly

  87. teamjacobherules

    i like her voice bur not the song

  88. kerah5

    she is my favorite singer <3 :-)

  89. Tippytappy

    I think that ari is an awesome singer but Victoria isn't bad... Ariana's cute and Victoria is hot so they are different kinds of pretty so people shouldn't compare then coz theyre both good in diff ways

  90. mojomaruchan7

    she's adorable! when she said hi, u could hear the audience say "awwwwww" XD

  91. heyitssjace

    @MissDonut125: I know, right. me and my sister think Victoria Justice is an alright singer, but that Ariana Grande & Liz Gillies are WAY better. without. a. doubt!

  92. Olivia Southworth


    This girl is perfect. She sings, dances, acts, and is very funny on her show Victorious. But almost every famous person has been on Ellen and Ariana hasn't. So what we need to do use the power to get Ariana on Ellen by:

    1. Thumb this comment up

    2. Make sure this comment's at the top.

    3. Tell all of your friends to watch Ariana sing on YouTube

    4. Thumb Ariana up so the thumb up bar is 1000x bigger than the dislike bar

    5. Ellen's producers will call Arian

  93. MrGrizzzzy

    i dont now why she is so damn hot :P

  94. mamacitina

    I love Ariana Joan Grande, I've watched this a million times, and I can't stop watching this. She is simply amazing. Btw, HAPPY 18 BIRTHDAY ARIANA!!! -3

  95. ethame1

    yea tori is last on the list of the best singers on victorious, even andre sings better, its definitely cat then jade

  96. ethame1

    yea tori is last on the list of singers, even andre sings better, its definitely cat then jade

  97. Jenifer Schena

    wow she is good!!!:D

  98. MrGrizzzzy

    I'm getting nerves so beautiful and also said good THUMPS UP IF U THINK THE SAME ; )