Ariana Grande - Don't Call Me Angel Lyrics

Boy, don't call me angel
You ain't got me right
Don't call me angel
You can't pay my price
Ain't from no heaven
Yeah, you heard me right (Yeah, you heard me)
Even though you know we fly (Though you know we)
Don't call me "Angel"

Don't call me "Angel" when I'm a mess
Don't call me "Angel" when I get undressed
You know I, I don't like that, boy
I make my money and I write the checks
So say my name with a little respect
All my girls successful
And you just our guest

Do I really need to say it?
Do I need to say it again, yeah?
You better stop the sweet talk
And keep your pretty mouth shut

Boy, don't call me "Angel"
You ain't got me right
Don't call me "Angel"
You can't pay my price
Ain't from no heaven
Yeah, you heard me right (Yeah, you heard me)
Even though you know we fly (Though you know we)
Don't call me "Angel"

See you here with somebody
You sizing up my body, oh yeah
Don't ya know that I bite when the sun set?
Yeah, so don't you try come around me
Might work with her but not me
Don't you know that I bite when the sun set?

Keep my name out ya mouth
I know what you about
So, keep my name out ya mouth

Boy, don't call me "Angel"
You ain't got me right
Don't call me "Angel"
You can't pay my price
Ain't from no heaven
Yeah, you heard me right (Yeah, you heard me)
Even though you know we fly (Know you know we)
Don't call me "Angel"

I appreciate the way you watch me, I can't lie
I drop it down, I pick it up, I back it off the county line
I fell from heaven, now I'm living like a devil
You can't get me off your mind

I appreciate the way you want me, I can't lie
I drop it low, I back it up, I know you wanna think you're mine
Baby, I totally get it, you can't guess
So you can't get me off your mind

We in it together but don't call me "Angel"

Boy, don't call me "Angel"
You ain't got me right
Don't call me "Angel"
You can't pay my price
Ain't from no heaven
Yeah, you heard me right (Yeah, you heard me)
Even though you know we fly (Though you know we)
Don't call me "Angel"

Angel (Don't call me "Angel")
Don't call me "Angel"

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Ariana Grande Don't Call Me Angel Comments
  1. Alegandra Peniche


  2. Light Worker

    Hey, You! Don't Call It 'Asian'! - Charlie's Angels (2019 Movie) Parody…

  3. alex g

    I am a simple person, I see lana, I like

  4. Josh The Stormtrooper

    OK hair gel

  5. Ángela Piñango

    Boy don’t call me angel!!!!!! 😇

  6. ThisDogPlays

    Unpopular opinion: the song is good

  7. Unicorn Magic

    Is it me or arianna cut her hair

  8. nindy cho

    Lana walked so Ari and Miley could run

  9. Dangduters Official

    ending of video *angels on starving*

  10. Professor Farnsworth

    Lana Del Reys part is the only reason I listen to this song

  11. Mike O

    Feminazi crap promoting outright hatred and violence against men. Both Miley Cirus and Ariana Grande have an open dislike for men and boys. If you have a daughter take notice of the lyrics of their songs. Remove them from your spotify playlists. Their wokeness is toxic.

  12. Quoc Nguyen

    *Those dislikes are from people who want to call themselves angels*

  13. Malú Pazmiño

    Lana Del Rey😍

  14. Somtochukwu Eneje


  15. derya medine

    Hello ariana grande you look awesome

  16. Aleksandra Redlarska

    ''yeah, you heard me right'' sounds like Rihanna ,,bitch better have my money''

  17. Crab AppleKitty

    Ariana grande dont call me angel, fearuring others

  18. Samira Rod G

    Ariana's tattoos suck. I'm pissed. Gurl you have the money 💰 spend it on a good tattoo artist . 😞😡

  19. K0ma _

    We had Destiny’s Child and now this is the turn of Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrius and Lana Del Rey

  20. Pamela Dewitt

    Cool I saw ariana Grande in assistant

  21. Magdalena Gavric

    Lana's part is the beest

  22. tavo ruiz

    im here just for Lana

  23. Fraaa Army

    I’m here for Lana 👑🎀

  24. Morita Kanon

    I watched charie's angel of Naomi Scott

  25. Hazel Rivera

    Miley was fantastic loved her part

  26. Nikita Pivnev

    кто русский лайк

  27. Janet Flores

    They should of only done ariana and lana in the song and just had a third girl in the backround🙆

  28. Max Bruzc

    ... perfect

  29. True Love

    Unica parte boa da musica é do 2:21 ate 3:00 heushuehsu

  30. seraby

    Hope this become a trend and Lana collabs with alot of artists because that's how nicki made money plus it opens up to new potential fans

  31. Russell Green

    I can't believe this song has not reached 1 billion!?

  32. Gabriele Borges

    Eu não vim do céu 👼👼👼👿

  33. Space MX Love's

    Ariana, Miley and Lana is much beautiful ❤❤❤*I'AM BRAZIL*

  34. Eleonore Roy

    Ou est le groupe de français qui comprend rien 😂

  35. Avakin Stars

    3:00 - 3:01 LMAO 😂

  36. Thomas Avalon Vogel

    Consider parallel lifes possible.
    Remember Henrietta Lange in NCIS Los Angeles? She did a fashion shot, because she is also a famous tiny fashion designer (she walked out, when she saw the nude pregnant model:  ) And she works in Manor Lucerne, in the mens department, selling clothes. I have underwear to proof it🤕😁😂😂😂. There was also a 15 year old boy helping in the Restaurant, that was as tiny as an 8 year old. And he was nearly mute, looked a bit creepy 😁. I knew after a while it's the same person. August, don't rush me.
    Are we reborn? You bet your sweet bippy😂🤕😁😛🤒😂😂😂😂😂

  37. G Samuel Spencer

    This is one underrated track...

  38. DAVID Fdez


  39. Supraphil Supra

    Lana's part relax for ear

  40. Zuhairah Heirman

    Lana's part 2:21 . Youre welcome.

  41. GuardedHeart

    You know every else’s parts sounds better in 0.75 speed except Queen Lana of course

  42. mish

    stream diamonds by normani and megan thee stallion

  43. SiCé Kaya

    Ouch beware danger 3:00 :) :) :). Very good collaboration. Lana is so lovely, wonderful. Smile suits him so well 3:01.

  44. Deméter Lois

    LANA ❤️

  45. Fabiana Ferreira

    Meu Deus que ruim🙄😲

  46. noodleminhyung

    ari looks stunning omg 😍

  47. Crab AppleKitty

    Everyone talking about the lana part but what about the miley part?

    Ben Hakim

    There's should be a kitchen part

  48. Lily Herren

    i love ariana grande

  49. Crab AppleKitty

    Play at 1.25x at lana's part she sounds normal

  50. Sarai Bitch

    Someone commented "Don't Call Me Hair Gel" and now I can't unhear it, thanks💀

  51. provlimatikia

    i usually dont listen ag but maybe this song is 2 good ♡

  52. leo nobody

    If you found about Lana from this then don't talk to me. Also, what took so long for Lana to sing?

  53. Joseph Luksch

    Shoulda just cast these 3 ladies for the movie, Miley would be better than Kristen Stewart any day of the week

  54. RafaelTigreGoiânia

    lana del rey, proprietária do clipe

  55. Valera Khimel

    Thumbs up only because of Lana)

  56. Mmd Kùn

    I feel like ariana should’ve only sang the chorus and maybe add another sing like melanie martinez or katy perry maybe for he second verse

  57. Randy Stafford

    I listen to you Arina since I was 3 and now I'm 10

  58. Crying In the club

    Lana and Ari deserved Grammys this year and Miley deserved nominations at least :((

  59. Rnlot

    You guys aren't angels, you're goddesses OwO

  60. Rnlot

    *Don't call me hair gel~*

  61. Wert Qwert

    Stop bully

  62. Wert Qwert

    You suck

  63. Rose White

    song is too repetitive

  64. Rey Montalvo

    miley crazy ass licks ari face 🙄so wat else new 😂

  65. Luca Parise

    this song deserved more. Change my mind.

  66. Net Fish

    Best SNOWBOARD JUMP ever recorded !!!!!!!!!!!!


  67. Kathy Gatt

    I love you Arianna




    Mileys triggering the gaydar again, damnit

  70. Nathalie E1324 :'D

    Yessss :'3

  71. The man to scared to get a tattoo

    Nobodys calling milley angel since like 2015..

  72. The man to scared to get a tattoo

    Ill be honest I dont like miley cyrus... but ariannas vocals got me hooked on this.

  73. Sinnamon Kim

    라나 델레이 끝파트인데 분위가달라지며 고급스러운 곡이 된듯. 중간에 나올수 없는 분위기

  74. SpongeMom

    Ahhhh, I didn't know they used CLASH ROYALE's Bone Pit theme in the musical. Haha.

  75. Savanna Raukawa

    DAngggggggg girl this song fireee

  76. Joel Vega


  77. Rubina Malik

    Miley Cyrus 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. xuannyval

    lana's smile after she threw the knife 😭❤️ my heart

  79. Alex Pereira


  80. WILL3 Enterprises

    Ariana Grande totally rock this song out to another level! I love u Ariana!

  81. _Nastua _

    Эй ты !
    да ты !
    Тоже русский и слушаешь Ариану ?)
    И поставь лайк !
    та не мне,а Ариане гранде)

  82. yuri 6907

    Miley Cyrus is good!🙌

  83. norah Eminic

    Jadoooor cette music

  84. Poor4GAMES FREE

    ما بحبهاش
    أرينا جراندي هيا اللي مبوظة الفيديو

  85. Faisal Uddin

    Miley should see herself in the mirror..

  86. Vexel Gaspar

    Lana's wings are the biggest and we know why ;)

  87. Andrey Lebezyatnikov

    Dont call me hainjel

  88. Letícia Veromica


  89. Gabriela cat

    Miley es genial ❤

  90. Invisible fox

    I love you!! guys!!💗

  91. Jazz and me


  92. Mike Tremblay


  93. fuck2016

    This song sucks but Lana is an icon

  94. Mary cardoso ofc