Aretha Franklin - What A Fool Believes Lyrics

He came from somewhere back in her long ago
The sentimental fools don’t see tryin’ hard
To recreate what had yet to be created once in her life
She musters a smile for his nostalgic tale
Never coming near what he wanted to say, hey, only to realize
It never really was

He had a place in her life
She never made him think twice
As he rises to her apology
Anybody else would surely know
He’s watching her go

And what a fool believes, he sees
No wise man has the power, oh yeah, to reason away, now
What seems to be
Is always better than nothing, oh yeah
Nothing at all, nothing at all

Keeps sending him somewhere back in her long ago
He can still believe there’s a place in her life
Hey, someday, somewhere, she will return

He had a place in her life, oh oh
She never made him think twice
As he rises to her apology
Anybody else would surely know
He’s watching her go, oh yeah

What a fool believes, he sees
No wise man has the power, oh yeah, to reason away, yeah
And what seems to be
Is always better than nothing, oh oh oh oh oh yeah
Nothing at all, nothing at all

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Get down, get it now, uh
Get down, get it now
Get down, get it now, oh

(What a fool believes, he sees) Uh, uh
(No wise man has the power) No wise man has the power
(To reason away) Oh, to reason away, yeah
(What a fool believes, he sees) What a fool believes, oh, he sees
No wise man has the power
To reason away, yeah, yeah
(What a fool believes, he sees)

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Aretha Franklin What A Fool Believes Comments
  1. Matt Polzkill

    Anyone confused when reading the lyrics: the uploader has changed them to Aretha's misunderstanding of them! haha

  2. Matt Polzkill

    Kind of takes away from the feeling of the song when she clearly doesn't know what the lyrics mean.

  3. Kimberly Epps

    😳😳😳 I didn’t know until today(12/23/19) that she recorded this. And I like it!!!!

  4. bob23456 bob

    Big UPS on who is playing that sax btw!

  5. bob23456 bob

    One of the few artist that can take an old song and sing it as if she was the original.

    The lady’s voice sounds like it’s own instrument.

  6. Logan Ainsworth

    wow this and the doobie brothers version are very similar but both great i heard the doobie brothers version first because of gta 5 lol

  7. Edilson Barros

    Conheci esta versão agora e não é a toa que ARetha era uma fera, que versão maravilhosa!

  8. Roosevelt McCarter

    Was it David Sanbourn on Sax?

  9. JustGame

    This is a fantastic cover, but for me there’s something about the original that could never be topped, no matter how good the cover

  10. Troy Staton

    Get The Funk! Get it Now! From Blewfoot....

  11. danlc95

    Would have loved to hear Jeff's drumming on the original!

  12. Troy Staton

    Luis Johnson on Bass! From Blewfoot....

  13. Andrew Fernandez

    First time hearing this version! Wow, way to own it Aretha !

  14. A22DNAL

    What I love about this is wasn't meant to be a soul song sang by a sista'! But, didn't 'Re do it?!? I am not a huge fan of the covers people did of others' songs in the 90's. Not everyone can do a cover and not every song is coverable. Of course the original of this is LEGENDARY...I think that is why I love this version so much. She didn't alter is; she took it to a different place while keeping its original composition and made it her own. Many say her version of Adele's Rolling In The Deep isn't good...but what you smokin'? 'Re took that song sung by a gifted white girl and added a little soul to it is all. And I think she sang it MARVELOUSLY! She didn't try to outdo the original, she just sang it in her style!

  15. Kenneth Stephens

    This really doesn't work-way too many words for her in this song. Cos you like a song doesn't mean you can sing it yourself.
    A complex song sung perfectly by Michael McDonald-it was not meant to swing and funk this way-no sir...

  16. Rudi Simon

    Wow, that was nice.

  17. Giuseppe Tessarolo

    Rip Queen of soul Aretha,wonderful dj DD Diego Daminato,has put this record on thank you Aretha!

  18. AJB3

    Sounds good here still, but is this around the time we first start to hear her voice beginning to change from younger Aretha to older Aretha? Lots of the time here, you can hear her characteristic latter-day technique while in the past the belts would've been clearer?

  19. Jay Moe

    Since Aretha Franklin sang it first, I give her credit. Michael and the Doobies did an awesome job. Both versions made me do the stank face, and bounce my head to the rhythm. I like both versions, one from a men's perspective, one from the woman's perspective.

    Melanin Enriched

    She didn't sing it first. Lol! Took that white man song and took it to a new level. As Stevie once said when Aretha takes your song she doesn't give it back. Otis Redding heard Respect and said it's her song now. Lol

  20. Kelly Hunt

    sing it Queen i heard the first version on new yorks WABC AM radio as a lil boy as an adolescent i heard this LOVE THEM BOTH

  21. justt hink

    Jeff porcaro on drums.
    The white boy telling how to do it. 😆

  22. indy4tex

    I was lucky I have enjoyed this song and album “United Together” it was released in 1980. The year I graduated HS.many fond memories.Cissy Houston and Sweet Inspirations on background. So tight

  23. Carla Madureira


  24. Anthony Barlow

    Absolutely Priceless!👀

  25. Lisa Augustin

    Aretha had thick beautiful hair !!!!!

  26. Open Doorz

    I know this is a long shot, but has anyone ever heard a gospel style version of this song??
    I downloaded a slow solo piano version on music paradise years ago and deleted by mistake, now a can’t find it. It’s like a phantom song cause i never heard it again anywhere.


    I hate when that happens : /

  27. Allou April

    This version is amazing Aretha is going trough the roof sorry to say she just crush the original version

  28. P Thomas

    Wow what a remix. Love Malcolm version but this is out of this world RIP. As the angels are sing in heaven with Ms Aretha Franklin

  29. BaKheru

    This is taking nothing away from Mike McDonald because I love his voice and I love his original version of this song. However, what Aretha did for this song is kin to what Whitney Houston did for Dolly Parton's 'I Will Always Love You'. Aretha took something that was already good and made it better! This world will not be the same without you Baby-girl!

    Vandeman H

    totally agree!

  30. GlenStace

    So 80's

  31. Vern Roberts

    WOW! Rest in love Aretha,

  32. Michelle Hunter

    She ( Aretha Franklin ) was the 👑 Queen of Soul a Diamond Classic gone but Never Ever Forgotten.

  33. Jay Son

    Can we just add Queen of Funk to list?!

  34. James Pierce

    Just discovered this now 07/12 I’m in the uk .brilliant cover

  35. Ok Boomer

    Eh, prefer the original

    Vandeman H

    the original was good, this is better!

  36. D'Luxonkeys Pruitt

    Wow I didn't realize she made this arrangement. Rest in heaven Queen.

  37. ベース大好き


  38. 이야기

    real music

  39. Jaco . o. oo

    Aretha ❤

  40. danna bustos


  41. Allan Hobba

    Disgraceful. How to torture & murder a song. Leave it to the Doobie Brothers!

    Intrepid Mercenary

    opinions, opinions...i love both, for different reasons....The original is still *the best* though... *:-)*

    Intrepid Mercenary

    Proof that remakes , once well done can be refreshing...

    Jay Son

    This an upgrade!! The Queen does what she do

  42. Anthony York

    Yall better respect!!!⚘⚘⚘🌼🌻🌼🌻🌷

  43. genkisensei

    I like this shit

  44. Pink Pearls

    one of my most favorite Aretha songs

  45. Gail Wyatt

    Man! Was this released as a single? A-MAZING! I love The Doobie Brothers but Ms. Aretha “done” took us to Soulville, Funky Town, and Church on this jam! I LOVE IT. My new favorite of hers. Rest on, Aretha. Thanks for sharing your gift and for your benevolence to humanity.

    Michelle Hunter

    Yes Lord she Smoking it.

  46. billyboylb

    Had this album back in the day. Always loved this version of this song. :) Love you Aretha.

  47. Renee Shapiro

    You will be truly missed... Unmistakably an ICONIC LEGEND! She could #devour any genre of music!

  48. Maria Hardy

    She had an uncanny knack for successfully taking a song and making it her own!
    We've lost a great one. RIP Queen

  49. MarcieLuvzMusic

    A sweet surprise, RIP 🌹The
    Undisputed QUEEN OF SOUL!!

  50. Chuck


    and Whitney as backround??

    smooth persuader

    Chuck was Whitney on the background on this????

  51. Tre Bro

    I love Michael McDonalds Blue Eyed Soul and with the Doobie Brothers!!!... I think he would be impressed by Aretha rendition of this masterpiece that he wrote and performed.

  52. Tonya Mccray


  53. TheKoolkanadian

    Queen of Great #Remakes, as are #PattiAustin & #ChakaKhan 🎼✔️👍🏾❤️

  54. Jessica Carlson

    Funky, soulful, beautiful. However, there was a transposition of the words (possibly by mistake?) that changes the whole song. The lyrics should be "she had a place in his life, he never made her think twice."


    I have corrected the lyrics, thanks.

    Jessica Carlson

    It's nothing you did. It's the lyrics that she sings. They are not the same as the original.


    Artist sometimes do that, thanks and enjoy!

    Matt Polzkill

    @MyRhythmNSoulTV lol She is a great singer, but it was not artistic of her to clearly not understand the meaning of the song and switch those words. It makes no sense switched, meaning: she screwed up.

  55. L Bell

    Hair just bouncing and behaving!! I remember her singing this when I was a kid, but I didn't remember it being this upbeat. She makes every song her own. Magic.


    Lol love that description

  56. Kelly Edgecombe

    Even the Diva.....can't do Kenny and Michael......liked it but.....

    AJ Sassy

    Kelly Edgecombe Kenny who? Child this is funky honey! Lol I love the DB but she Aretharized this song!


    AJ Juicy  Yes Lawd, sprinkled Aretha Zest all ova it!!!


    @AJ Sassy - Kenny Loggins. He and McDonald wrote it. I'm not a fan of Kenny's version though.

  57. Dre Day

    Its a song about herself and any Fool that be lie ve in anything or person place thing. Its superstition Stevie Wonder.But i cried when i heard it if only people would listen to doctors instead of faith in believers. Faith George Michael, believe R.Kelly. Belief=rumor Timex Social Club all gone or pissing on people

    Just Some Guy With No Mustache

    Dre Day it’s a cover tho

  58. Great Gowns Beautiful Gowns

    Had no idea that this existed. And what a treat to have her on background vocals. RIP Queen of soul.

    Michelle Hunter

    Oooh we not the Great gowns. I'm shaking laughing. I 💘 love it.

  59. Kレンジャー

    Good bye Forever

  60. Tali Zorah

    Thank you.

  61. Jack Rajinder

    RIP in Heaven ..... You gave so much to the world, i love you.

  62. Caleb Douglas

    R. I. P.

  63. DVJ K.R.S

    I'm getting this to add to my playlist.

  64. Iggy Pop

    RIP Aretha.

  65. ernest monkhouse

    Queen of soul xxx god best xxx rip

  66. TheZhuren

    Rest in Power.

  67. ddrums001

    Love the original version by the Doobie Bros. But Aretha Franklin took it owned and made it Funky!! R.I.P. Aretha Franklin
    R.I.P. Bassist Louis Johnson &
    R.I.P. Drummer Jeff Porcaro of Toto! All of you will truly be missed 😟😢😭


    So many great musicians are dead and so few are left. 😟😭

    Intrepid Mercenary

    Aretha owns *everything* she touches bro...

    K. Delpino

    Actually Kenny Loggins did the original.

    A.J. 232737

    I love both versions, but this rendition makes you want to dance, and while singing the words, you hear the message.

  68. African Violet

    Rest In Perfect Peace Queen of Soul

  69. garry henry


  70. Terry L McPherson

    R.I.P. Queen 👑

  71. Robert Phillips

    She went to church on this.



  72. Pop Muzik

    wow- never knew about this version !

    AJ Sassy

    Pop Muzik Me either!!!! OMG I love the original but Aretha put her spin on this damn song and Aretharized it! (Not a real word but you get me)! Lmao this is so damn groovy!

  73. Guitar Gangsta

    WOW!! the groove track on this pretty much smokes all the other versions

  74. Ιωσήφ Αβράμογλου

  75. drumsport

    And the great Jeff Porcaro on drums! RIP

  76. drumsport

    How sweet the groove.........Mr. Jeffrey Porcaro!!!! RIP

  77. Beast Coast ENT

    This Version Just Screams Aretha From The Production To Her Vocals I’m Surprised This Wasn’t A Hit Like The Original Version

  78. jerome carswell

    Just discovered this by Aretha last week, she put so much soul in this song that it brings tears to my eyes every time I listen. Just can't believe I didn't know about this by her. Love it. Be blessed my dear, we really love you.

    Peter Sorensen Guitar

    "by her"

    It's a Doobie Brothers song. It's Michael McDonald's genius, not hers.

    J M

    Michael McDonald's who? I don't know her

    Peter Sorensen Guitar

    J M This is a Doobie Brothers song.


    Most know this is a Michael McDonald Doobie Brother's song. I believe Jerome Carswell meant he hadn't heard Aretha's version of the song...l know l hadn't heard it until now myself. She definately made it her own!

    smooth persuader

    jerome carswell it was a good find. I bought this album in late 90’s and I swear this album was played every day after I bought it.

  79. Ana Azzohr

    Absofuckinglutely great!!!!!!!!!

  80. Cindy Marshall

    She still amazes grace!

  81. Darrick Long

    My favorite version.

  82. Ren Salute

    Damn I heard this Queen sing but I never knew she sounded like this omg I see why she held the title

  83. Jolyne Milstead

    i always heard the old one on the radio but i also like aretha franklins verse in r/b way better

  84. Charles Larkin

    Love the Doobies, but this is pretty awesome. Nobody can match her voice for power.

  85. Meesy Richelle

    This a big example that not just white people make covers of black soul music... Another example could be how can you mend this broken heart cover by al Green and proud mary by tina Turner etc... I like them all versions...

  86. Darrick Long

    Love the Queen of Soul Aretha version.

  87. Saranna Davidson

    go girl

  88. etpslick100

    I remember that track! Louis Johnson did that bass solo on the break. Classic!😎

  89. Shed

    Its a matter of personal choice, but d a y u m Aretha wore those vocal out! #WhitneyWeHearYou #Doodoowewedowewe

  90. Stefanello Wisini

    mon frere mettait ces 2 versions doobies brothers aretha franklin enchaines en boite , great

  91. Cdiwins1

    this is shit. blackwashed

  92. Stacey Blankenship

    In case you didn't know, that's was Whitney Houston singing background vocals with her.
    Aretha took this song to a whole new level.

    TYJAH Khan

    Steven Watson Aretha said “that’s a lie,she was not her godmother”... That was Clive Davis bs propaganda to prop Whitney up and promote her!!!

    TYJAH Khan

    Girl I know you love Whitney but please get your facts straight!!!


    TYJAH Khan, "too busy to be anybody's godmother." Love that woman 😀

    smooth persuader

    TYJAH Khan thank you for clarifying

    Bayou Boy

    No no no, that's a very common misconception. Whitney Houston would have been way too young to sing backup on this album. Whitney sang backup on very few records however you may be confusing the fact that her mother Cissy Houston saying on a lot of background with Aretha Franklin sometimes singly and sometimes as part of the Sweet Inspirations. The Sweet Inspirations also sang backup with Elvis Presley from time to time.

  93. thunderthumb59

    Louis Johnson kills that bass line. (RIP Louis Johnson)

    Guitar Gangsta

    cant go wrong with Porcaro on drums (RIP) :-(

    BachRock The America Hater's Antagonist

    RIP, Queen of Soul.

    Mathieu Panarinfo

    My fav bassist 😊😊
    RiP Thunder Thumbs !

  94. Antonio Rezende


  95. Bruh VineComp

    I mean sure but the original was better