Aretha Franklin - This Is For Real Lyrics

If I wanted to, I'd have anything
I could ever need, anything indeed
But if I can't have you I'd be lost within
And everything else baby
Would really not be worth anythin'

And I've really got to tell you
Exactly how I feel
And make you understand
That love ain't playin' this time
This is for real, real

And if I could, I'd change what I am
But without you baby, I don't give a damn
'Coz what I am won't change until you change it
To anythin' you want it to be

Oh, I'm putting my trust in you
And I really got to tell it
Exactly how I feel
Make you understand that
Love ain't playin' this time
This is for real

I thought it out the other day
And came to the conclusion
That I wouldn't last a minute
Without your love, baby
No, no, no, no, no, no

You really did show me, baby
When you walked out on me
Now I've got to make you understand
That I won't be bad, I won't be bad anymore

Oh, honey, this is for real
Everythin' that I'm sayin'
Every word that I'm sayin'
Is the thought of a brand new woman

I've got to have you back
So that I can make you see
That I'm not foolin' around, baby
This is a brand [?]
And I really got to tell it
T E L L L L L L L, yeah

And make you understand
That Miss Ree ain't playin' this time
Ooh, baby this is for real

Yeah, you've got to understand me
That love ain't playin' this time
Really, this is for real, sure for real
You gotta understand me

This is, now, this is, hit it now
For real

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Aretha Franklin This Is For Real Comments
  1. Eugenia Davis


  2. Brenda Davis

    Sing Queen Aretha Franklin Love you!!!

  3. Love Yu2

    Luther's signature is all over this track..

    Roosevelt McCarter

    Was it produced by Arif Marden or Luther Vandross?

  4. Roosevelt McCarter

    Was it taken from the "Jump To It" Album in 1982?

  5. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was it taken from? Love All The Hurt Away or Jump To It?

    Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston

    Jump to it

    Roosevelt McCarter

    @Aretha Franklin Whitney Houston "Jump To It" was a great album in 1982.

  6. Vic Mwansa




  8. Philip Lacabanne

    Pure Luther Vandross song !!!



  10. Elijah Proctor

    Yes once again this is for real I am for real can,t change that love is for real

  11. Kimo Malone

    That run she did at 0:15 I am done!

  12. Antonio Lee

    Mannnn this song cuts to the core!!!! Her voice, the lyrics, the arrangement =MAGIC!

  13. Frances Kinard

    Wowbeautiful song adn voice. Love her! 😘💞💚🌟💖💋💋💋💋

  14. Randall Leffler

    I love you aretha and will miss you greatly!

  15. EDU DUDU

    Essa música toca na alma.

  16. Citrus Orange

    This Is For Real
    You will truly be missed
    Thank you for all the great music memories
    RIH Queen Ree Ree
    Until we meet again

  17. EDU DUDU

    Suave. Deliciosa. Traz uma paz essa musica.

  18. Sherri Johnson

    As a tribute to The Queen of Soul, this song defines her so much to me. Flawless and powerful as she always was. We never got to know the Aretha that was uber intelligent and just a beautiful woman. I miss you, we will miss you. All Hail The Queen of Soul! Rest in Power Your Highness!🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹💗💗💗💗💗😓

  19. L Chapo

    WOW!! I thought Sparkle sung beautifully🎤🔈🔉🔊💕💞

    Lonnie Pinkston

    No One Could Touch The Queen! Not Even Whitney Houston

  20. EDU DUDU

    Muita sensibilidade. Muita emoção nessa canção.

  21. EDU DUDU

    Que música maravilhosa. Toca na alma.

  22. EDU DUDU

    Grande DIVA.

  23. Music Flows

    I was a just a teen when I first heard Aretha sing this song . I fell in love with the way she sung it. I would hear it on the quiet storm at night on a Detroit radio station . it mesmerized me. Aretha was an inspiration .

  24. Eric Keith

    One of my favorite songs by Aretha

    smooth persuader

    Eric Keith mine too!!! This is the song to play when you in love and ready to go all the way.

  25. john mickins

    Rest in soul heaven...

  26. Clyde Letreta

    Heaven has gained another pure ANGEL! RIP Aretha

  27. Damian Cornick

    R.I.Paradise Queen

  28. ajhoncantara

    This song saved my life and now she's gone.

  29. Keith Shuler

    Rest in peace Aretha. You will truly be missed.

  30. Laurie Victorino

    Ms.Aretha there can never be another like you...
    I'm in tears.
    Praying for you please get well...❤🙏
    I grew with you...
    I'll always Love you...❤🙏🔩

  31. TheKema3000

    I liked both versions

  32. Soulville Inc.

    Open The Gates of Heaven Aretha voice rain from Earth to Heaven The Beloved Queen of Soul Ms. Aretha Franklin Forever and Always Will Love You.

  33. 777 BAUDRIK

    Now! Hit it Now!!

  34. Gadd Ovame

    It's really interesting how much her voice and range changed between the 1976 SPARKLE album and the JUMP TO IT album, which was just 6 years later (1982).

    Legacy Blake

    Gadd Ovame Very true! Aretha smoked HEAVILY during those years (late 70s,early; mid 80s). I loved how she sounded with the huskier/raspy voice.

    Tiffany Braxton

    Unfortunately she smoked cigarettes but she was still a beast 'til the end.

  35. Queen Kua Sekou

    ,CLASSIC 🎶🎶🎶🎵🎵🎤🎼🎼🎼🎼LOVE STORY SONG 💖💖💖😄☝🌷🌷📖Bring back Good Memories 😉😘her Voice is Beautiful 🌻🌄🎀

  36. Darrick Long

    My all-time favorite singer.

  37. Antonio Holloway

    This is one of my favorite Aretha Franklin songs

    Shon Mosley

    Antonio Holloway Luther wrote it for her when he was 12 years old. FINALLY GAVE IT TO HER IN THE 8OS. CRAZY

    J Denese

    @Shon Mosley Thinking about that is a happy thought


    Those vocal Runs in this song is Just 😀❤💥🌟✨🌺😀

    Tiffany Braxton

    Sick 🐐

  39. chris thomas

    My my my.. her voice is unbelievable .. beautifully sung . Great lyrics and lovely arrangement.

    smooth persuader

    chris thomas thanks to Luther.

    chris thomas

    Yes I`m well aware of the two albums Luther produced on Aretha

    smooth persuader

    chris thomas Luther made this sound like heaven

  40. CONald Drumpf's A Ratbas terd

    This song is a Luther Vandross song I wished him and Mrs. Ree Ree done a duet they definitely would have topped the charts on this one.

    Darrell Morris

    Dana Pleasant see Doctors Orders from her what you see is what you sweat album.

    CONald Drumpf's A Ratbas terd

    Darrell Morris okay I sure will thanks for the reply.


    Yes indeed, a duet that would have been an All-Time Classic! One of Luther's first released songs on his album titled "Luther" recorded with his musical group of the same name, I first broke this song to Houston, TX at the Change of Pace Nightclub in the Mid-70's.


    Did you see the video clip of her in the studio making this song?

  41. jetit

    Those Run's and refs..Umm pure Heaven.

  42. jerry0362

    Pure Heaven! They don't get any better than this.

    David Robertson

    correct...gorgeous tune!! ❤️