Aretha Franklin - Love Me Right Lyrics

(Love me right) Love me
(Love me right) Come on
(Love me right, love me right) You got to do it to me right.

What could take the place of you? Nothing in the whole world
You’ve been bad boy even though I’ve been a good girl
Well the point is I’m in love
And you’re not acting like you should
You have treated me so wrong
Treated me bad and that ain’t good (come on)

Love me right (love me right)
Make my body jump and shout tonight (you gotta love me right)
Make me have to say “Oh me oh my” (love me right)
You’re quite a guy (dynamite)
Love me right (love me right)
Love me right (love me right)
Take me to the highest kind of height (you gotta love me right)
Give me all you’ve got and don’t be jive (love me right)
(Fight after fight, stay tonight) Love me right

My friends can see that you are shady (well)
You don’t treat me like a lady, uh uh (uh uh)
I used to ignore that information, about your reputation (bad)
But you don’t leave me much choice
It’s been so long since I heard your voice
Not another night will I let you walk leaving me to cry (come on)

Love me right (love me right)
Make my body jump and shout tonight (you gotta love me right)
Make me have to say oh me oh my (love me right)
You’re quite a guy (dynamite)
Love me right (love me right)
Love me right (love me right)
Take me to the highest kind of height (you gotta love me right)
Give me all you’ve got and don’t be jive (love me right)
(Fight after fight, stay tonight) Love me right

I ain’t never gonna love no one who don’t love me right
If you keep treating me wrong you don’t love me right
Don’t be jive keep love alive, come on love me right
We can start real love tonight, come on and love me right

(Love me right, jump and shout tonight, you gotta love me right)
(Love me right, you’re quite a guy, dynamite)
(Love me right, highest kind of heights, you gotta love me right)
(Love me right, fight after fight, stay tonight)

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Aretha Franklin Love Me Right Comments
  1. Dugi


  2. Roosevelt McCarter

    Was it taken from "Jump To It" Album in 1982?

  3. Светлана Воробьева

    Почему -то я верю ,что она слышит именно меня ,там все языки равны ,а я люблю ее искренне.она _с-а-м=а=я ЛУЧШАЯ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Deahra Shelton


  5. Lester Jordan

    The Queen

  6. Frederick Siles

    Glory to God for Aretha

    Shirley Singleton


  7. TYJAH Khan

    Mama Ree I know you Carolyn and Erma are up there tearing it up!!!

  8. TYJAH Khan

    Retha worked this

  9. Chaudhry

    Rest in eternal peace beautiful soul.

  10. emex Okezie

    Rest in love Aretha.... Join Luther in the peace of the universe...


    two voices in the sky

    LuLa 6669 RRkks

    So true.
    They're sharing that stage in the sky..

  12. Powerspyin onegames

    RIP Aretha Franklin

  13. Arnetta Session

    I forgot she did a little something with Luther, Love me some Rere💕

  14. Mohammed Guedouar

    Un swing d'enfer!

  15. Henry Luis


  16. nwilczyn

    and she looks great in a bow tie!!! :)

  17. GL AnnapolisTeam

    Aretha's 80s stuff is very underrated and I prefer this to "freeway of love"

    smooth persuader

    GL AnnapolisTeam me too

  18. Debra Harvey

    Mother B,---
    DLT.was the whom got this tap and only fel
    An Love..(Sacramento,calif)/Thank goodness:

  19. Debra Harvey

    Mr.DLT....of calif-~w/Mother B. & (D.LT)?!!!

  20. Joyce726 C

    Queen of Soul! This is a killer jam!

  21. RC LaROCK /The Micstro

    Marcus miller bass killer...n ice track..,,,a "B" TRACK

    Henry Luis

    RC LaROCK /The Micstro 😲

  22. Paco

    Dzalianmagaria. dzalian

  23. Melody Sanger


  24. James Kenny

    0:35 - just perfect

  25. Ron DayVoo

    Luther is just all over this and also check out  "I Got Your Love".

  26. adjforreal

    Happy Birthday My first Idol, the one and only Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin!  Wishing you all the joy you have brought me,  Love you

    Foxy Stream

    adjforreal Rest in Heaven 👼

  27. Sharon Shepard

    I love this song I play it ever day I mean everyday.

    Evelyn Price

    Sharon Shepard me too❤🎤

  28. lei utley

    Men pay attention anything Luther touches sings about is about love how you should treat a women sing it Aretha

  29. Jabbar Hasan

    That should've been on Luther's "Best Of" CD after his death!

  30. BEN78130

    good song

  31. Pepe Leputoi

    splendide !!!!

  32. DaOrigTruthSeeker

    I also think i hear Brenda White another outstanding background vocalist for Luther from the early days.

  33. The_Ghost Tiger

    @aliquippawill They could take over the whole world with just a microphone.

  34. SSoulbrother

    vote for the singer, you think is the greatest singer EVER , the link is at my blog on my channel

  35. nicolas7594

    How it could have been a bad song with such 2 great singers like them ? it just give a marvelous song !

  36. Chiave Di Soul

    Can someone send me the lyric of this wonderful song, please? I don't find it on google! Thanks in advance, Francesca

  37. RuntLaLaLa

    *¨*✿Love it

  38. Devin Doyle

    I love everything about this song! Aretha and Luther's butter-smooth vocal's, right down to the tight arrangement of the background singers. And that bass line; OMG, somebody is playing the funk out of that bass! Excuse me while I hit the replay button...

    D. Delwi

    Damn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. not2shy2say

    I'm praying for you my sista Queen.

  40. Craig P

    @rokhamdag...I've got this on CD somewhere, it's clearly her best Arista studio CD. Her Arista work is fairly shotty given the magnitude of her talent but Jump to It is kind of an anomoly and still holds up very well and is her 1 Arista disc worth seeking out. "This is For Real" in particular is as beautiful as just about anything she did in her prime on Atlantic.

    It helped that Luther gave her some material to work with and she hadn't been thrown to the gimmicky cheese of Narada yet.

  41. pauljupiter71

    Aretha, Luther, and Marcus Miller!?
    Yes, yes, and just so I don't forget to say it, yes!

    Henry Luis

    pauljupiter71 SHO NUFF!

  42. pauljupiter71

    Aretha, Luther and Marcus miller, cuttin; it up, keeping it smooth and keeping it tight!
    What else makes a recording worthy to be heard, even thrity years later?
    All world class talents, and all worth a listen, and the dime that you would pay to hear them!

  43. Al To Tha Green

    SO sweet... love you guys and you are cool with cheryl lynn my baby momma... love her. all three of you.... i get a cheryl lynn feelin with luther...

  44. Memphis Grooves

    Many Thanks For The Post !!
    1&True love

    Brenda Bradley

    Memphis Grooves u

  45. 76grandprix

    They made some good music (Luther and Marcus).

  46. markymarcus1

    First time I've heard this but it's the usual Marcus Luthor brilliance with the icing that is Aretha to top it off

  47. LS57

    Luvvvvv meeee riiiiighttt!!!

  48. Rae Miller

    I believe Queen Franklin loved Luther so much because of his outstanding talent. I'm sure she was quite aware of his genuine love and admiration for her talent as well. I remember the prayer vigil she put on for him here in Detroit. Such a loyal and compassionate friend.

  49. Ediva75

    Wow the first I ever heard of this song!! Soooooooo cool!!

  50. hotrodindalou

    Perfection Voice Groove Sexy Dance Harmonies wow!

  51. 54spiritedwill54

    i love this song from this album

  52. SoulSir

    Ree brought the popness out of this song and Luthers vocals in the chorus compliments the song.

  53. prhotboyrocboy

    Hey there, I read your comment and you can find this cd album on EBay big time. I have brought five copies already from ebay. And yes this is ONE of my ALL TIME favorite albums she has from the 80s. I was in kindergarten when this album was out and if you'd like a burned copy of it I can mail to you.

  54. Christopher Bishop

    I wish they rerelease that album i waited too late to get it on CD that's a great song. I'll never stop this song aretha got the goods for that song and Luther's a legend that for what you did for all your producing... You'll be missed. ArchieGe Keep up the good work. Please reply.