Arena, Tina - The Man With The Child In His Eyes Lyrics

I hear him, before I go to sleep
And focus on the day that's been
I realize he's there
When I turn the light off and turn over

Nobody knows about my man
They think he's lost on some horizon

And suddenly I find myself
Listening to a man I've never known before
Telling me about the sea
All his love is 'til eternity

Ooh, he's here again
The man with the child in his eyes
Ooh, he's here again
The man with the child in his eyes

He's very understanding
And he's so aware of all my situations
And when I stay up late
He's always waiting, but I feel him a hesitate

Oh, I'm so worried about my love.
They say, "No, no, it won't last forever"

And here I am again, my girl
Wondering what on Earth I'm a doing here
Maybe, he doesn't love me
I just took a trip on my love for him

Ooh, he's here again
The man with the child in his eyes
Ooh, he's here again
The man with the child in his eyes

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Arena, Tina The Man With The Child In His Eyes Comments
  1. Stephen Donnison

    A good effort but still Kate for me

  2. Michelle Biland

    Really amazing cover Tina 💞💞💞

  3. Bruce Runnels

    A nice faithful cover. Very nicely done.

  4. Naima souili

    Kate, hue and cry, and Tina, what a song, tune, and a wonderful, voice. If only you all came together to sing. That would make people sit up and lisson.

  5. Jp Jp

    quelle magnifique voie

  6. Jonathan Ashby

    Oh wow. I clicked on this expecting someone murdering the song. This is fantastic.

  7. steps woman


  8. Carolyn Lozan

    Beautiful voice

  9. menro1

    For me, so far the best cover I have ever heard of Kate's classic

  10. Michael Lee

    Kate Bush & this song are the very essence of woman. Tina, does a wonderful version of both.....but yeah the beats don't fit, shame !

  11. T S

    No soul in this. Kate just is in a different league .


    You have defective hearing.

  12. Sparkling Gems

    Truly beautiful!!!

  13. Joe

    Nice cover Giuseppina

  14. PARDI62

    tina arena la chante merveilleusement bien, mais pourquoi cette rythmique au second couplet, qui brise une si belle melodie..Dommage..

  15. Karisah R.

    my.... Jesus. <3

  16. Carlos Andrade

    I also love this song sung by Lara Fabian.

  17. Peter Snushall

    This is the best rendition of my favorite Kate Bush song. Tell me you don't think so too!!

    meriel mccarron

    no, Kate's is the best :)

    David Urquhart

    Peter Snushall it's certainly the best cover I've heard so far. Better than Dusty. I'm particularly impressed by how she combines a Kate style soar on Thor highest notes with Tina's soulful own style lower down the range. It's a very impressive vocal - frankly I didn't know Tina could soprano like this.

    Mark Nicol

    Well Qantas think so, this song was played as boarding song on their 767 wide bodies when it was released.

    peter toman

    No doubt about it it’s up there pure class


    Miss Arena has a beautiful voice....

  19. Music Music Music

    you had me there for most of the song but I agree those beats spoilt what is a beautiful version  . her voice is pure and very fitting for this song.

  20. wahineoz

    WOW I love Kate Bush, but this version is amazing too...thank you your work...

  21. Elle Doherty

    wow but yes those beats are unnecessary  

  22. John Conway

    This is a Kate Bush song and nobody will ever sing it or "own" it the way Kate does. Nevertheless ,Tina Arena gives us a very respectable rendition of it and I think Kate Bush would be quite pleased with the end result. Very nice interpretation.

  23. GeoNeilUK

    Have to agree with the cheesy bongo backing being a bad move, also I do detect some slight AutoTune in her voice which frankly offends me, Kate didn't need AutoTune, and more annoyingly, neither does Tina, though I do like how this version has been stretched out to over 4 minutes, I wish the original had an extra verse.

  24. Victor VonDoom

    I played this thinking smugly that Tina could never do this song better than Kate, but holy crap, her voice just totally blows Kate away! Never realized what an underrated talent Tina Arena was.

    Pity about that weird bloopy back beat that comes in the middle and just kills the song. Whoever put that in needs to find a new day job

    Paul Gambino

    Blows Kate Bush away from the original. Fuck off mate

  25. Mark Nicol

    Really... this is a LADY and would never use some cheesy backing track.but she does speak very highly of you.

  26. Paul Lavan

    Doesn't cut it - do not put a cheesy bossa nova backing to this song.

  27. Glen Allen

    Natalie Cole does a great version of this song as well.

  28. Enaïd Officiel

    Just... Respect....

  29. logicape

    I was okay with the slight modification to the vocal arrangement, and of the different choices in accents, but when the goofy 'rhythm track' kicked in at 1:22... Sorry, fail.

  30. DM Per

    Consistently flawless

  31. cougercowgirl

    I LOVE the Kate Bush version, the original but have to say this is the best cover I have heard of this song. Tina owns it while still staying true to the Bush version. Thank you Tina :-)

  32. Mark Nicol

    @ThePROTO1TYPE I agree, but Tina has added a new dimension to this track and uplifted it to a new style. I love both versions.

  33. peedin123

    Tina Arena's version remains true and elegant. The BEST version.

  34. John Conway

    @hduiven123 Kate Bush's version - the original and best - will NEVER become outdated.

  35. mrnewball

    @Riker787 Kool ! Thanks again :O)

  36. Mark Nicol

    @mrnewball np, my favourite version of the song. Got stuck on a flight before departure once and it was luckily a Qantas 767 with very high quality speakers. They must have played this song 20 times in a row before we took off. Its my favourite version :)

  37. mrnewball

    Thanks for sharing :O)

  38. Hecydec

    Politic suxs u god god