Arena, Tina - The Flame Lyrics

Is this the hope of the world in my hands
I'll take this moment, to be all that I can
Look to you to see the future
Stronger and free

Today we will show who we are
We are the earth
And we're together again
My friends, will you show us the way
We travel on, guided by the flame

The fire within makes you reach out to the goal
You redefine the best, by stretching the soul
A world in need of inspiration
And looks to you and me

Today we will show who we are
We are the earth
And we're together again
My friends, will you show us the way
We travel on, guided by the flame

Since ancient times we've come together
In the light of the flame
To stand for all the world to see
People reaching out to greatness
And all we can be

Today we will show who we are
We are the earth
Together again
Today you will show who you are
The best on earth, and you bring the world together again
My friends, you have shown us the way
Look to your heart
You will find the flame

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Arena, Tina The Flame Comments
  1. Xinqun Yang

    Tina - Best Diva!

  2. Gabriel Dos Santos

    Foi as melhores olimpíadas que eu assisti podia voltar de novo setembro de 2000.

  3. Jailso da silva santos Silva

    Tina , linda!

  4. RoyRogerRogelio

    19 years ago 😞. She is gorgeous 😍

  5. Supriya Halder

    Olympic Tina. Beautiful song

  6. The T Gamer Guy

    Intramurals/Olympics Anthem

  7. Saran Kumar Satnami

    One of the best song

  8. Ian Johari Monteiro

    Still the most EPIC Olympic Song till today. The lyrics, the orchestration and that voice. This song still brings tears to my eyes.

  9. Fannehz

    This is the practicals in my school...We have to memorize it..

  10. J. Ellen P

    This brings back good memories of my uni life down under. Watching the Olympics far away from home, this song has stuck with me in my memory and it’s very nostalgic. I simply love it

  11. stormboy

    She's Gorgeous!

    Maxine Bithell


  12. Bowie Djati

    I was in Sydney in those days.. bring back memories ...

  13. KernalRegis

    The voice of an absolute angel

  14. Manuel Odon

    et aussi les chœurs .magnifiques!!!

  15. LAstudio8

    Still great after all this time. Tina sung this so well!

  16. Chase Torres

    My school told us to sing us

  17. Kevin zhu

    Not only the voice and spirit but also her very big..... MOVED me.... so hard....

    Lil Kitty


  18. Kerry Head

    Awesome as ever Tina!!!

  19. Aleana Punzalan

    I suggest to make a lyrics because it's so kind of... sounding brave and good for the 🌎 and plus I can't stop listening to it one time I listened to it a million times until it was 1:00 in the morning no other video only the video that your listening to right now

  20. Andrew Skinner

    I went to the Sydney Olympics. Only Australia could light the heavens with the sheer brilliance that is the Olympics. Best ever no doubt.

  21. Mark Helsing

    This song should be the anthem for the Olympics

    Haruhi Suzumiya

    Mark Helsing i thought it was.

  22. lemigod

    16 years ago today,the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Games,the Greatest Olympics ever.

    Liny Eskarlate

    These was the first Olympic Games that i saw. I was 9

    Haruhi Suzumiya

    Liny Eskarlate same this song has persisted, its symbolic as later on christmas i got a nintendo 64 and my world was forever changed...

  23. Puppy Girl

    My school is doing this song for finale

  24. Puppy Girl

    So old fashioned

    Lil Kitty

    Old but gold

  25. William Manu

    It's our assembly and we're doing this song

  26. Brijesh Pazhayathodi

    Great Song. Wonderful feeling. Thank you.

  27. Blake Hooton

    Sydney Hosted The Games Almost 16 Years Ago.

    Haruhi Suzumiya

    Blake Hooton i can't wait for 2020

  28. Noahide

    Anthemic.  Great song.

  29. Andrew Charles

    It was just some shit that the olympic committee hired her to do .  Nothing significant however Tinas vocals are beautiful and perfect.  Tinas vocal repertoire is always perfect.  she must have had allot of classical training?  Andrew