Arena, Tina - I Want To Love You Lyrics

We see the same sun in the sky
We see the same stars every night
I wanna be there in the dark when your world falls apart
I wanna break through every wall
Just to show you I am yours and take a chance on you again
You are my everything

For you I dream of what could be
I’d write a thousand symphonies
I’d lose it all to get you back
You are everything

I wanna love you but my heads says no
I wanna kiss you but I don’t come close
I wanna tell you that I love you so
Doing it all for your love, but I know that it’s never enough

I know it’s never enough, never enough

Living in between the lights
Missing you before we say goodbye
It’s you I love the most
But are we chasing ghosts?

When I go to sleep at night
I wanna feel you by my side
For you I’d bleed, I’d die
To see you when I open my eyes

For you I dream of what could be
I’d write a thousand symphonies
I’d lose it all to get you back
You are everything

I wanna love you but my heads says no
I wanna kiss you but I don’t come close
I wanna tell you that I love you so
Doing it all for your love, but I know that it’s never enough

I know it’s never enough, never enough

How long must I wait
How long must I wait for you
I’ll wait for you
How long must I wait
How long must I wait for you
I’ll wait for you... Yeaaaah...

I wanna love you but my heads says no
I wanna kiss you but I don’t come close
I wanna tell you that I love you so
Doing it all for your love, but I know that it’s never enough

I know that it’s never enough, never enough

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Arena, Tina I Want To Love You Comments
  1. سوسان ترلي

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  2. Jailso da silva santos Silva

    Ela é ótima, tina atena,.....vozeirão!


    Hello! Thank You dear! Superr video! Beatiful music!

  4. V-PopAZ

    Sweet voice! I love this song!

  5. Alexander Ilić

    One of her best song, not sure why it didnt do really well in her country if birth. Tina is one of the best Australian vocalists.

  6. martyk2020

    great video.. Tina is gorgeous as usual

  7. Shailesh Kumar

    Love you

  8. Leong Eng Ng

    omg! this song is awesome!

  9. jimmy craigen

    what the world needs now is love

  10. Raisa Cherry

    😍💗💗💗💗 evergreen Tina.She's still so gorgeous with or without makeup.Aged so gracefully!

  11. stormboy

    You are lovable and you are adorable!

  12. Arman Malik

    nossa que saudades!

  13. Marcus

    Super Song! Tolle Stimme und Klasse Frau

  14. Lemor Socujed Zuproc

    I love you tina your the best singer, I've ever know, on my time, that other people they don't ever know!

  15. MsEvita74

    Where's the full album playlist..? Not here. :(

  16. Katerina Pierce

    They played this song at season 7 episode 18 35:49 of" Vampire Diaries" when Stefan and Valerie are talking... ;-;

  17. Glimpz Chavz

    i just now know she has an album last 2015!??

  18. Anton Medvedev

    This video is so real, no pretence and staged feelings! Just a story, perhaps a biographical one which is amazing and rare nowadays. It's like a film when you know the ending full well, but can't help wanting to tell her - come back, don't leave him!

  19. Natalie Henrich

    this sucks

  20. Tarek Hasan

    wowwww.. I want to love u.....

    Poorna Chandra

    Tarek Hasan

  21. Michelle McKenzie

    Her best song ever! Lyrically, it's also about my relationship with someone who still won't be mine, even after coming back into my life again, after so long. It's perfect; so sad and so beautiful both at the same time. 💞💓💖

  22. BlueVaraMike

    AWESOME!!! GREAT Album too! Greetings from Austria! 😊

  23. ari ari

    her vibrato is much more thinner than at her younger......

  24. DANAH

    beautiful x

  25. May Mashaka

    love the song it makes me feel loved

  26. May Mashaka

    love the song it makes me feel loved

  27. nrojbsa

    she speaks so clear and amazing through her beautiful voice^^ feel her in my heart and that says something becouse i dont feel anything anymore..ithink..real gem<3

  28. Kevin Hamilton

    She's totally class love her to bits makes me relax with her amazing voice an music

  29. Angelo Santiago Luberto

    I very much like and have always liked Tina's voice and vocal style no matter what language she sings in, French or English, or Italian for that matter, she's a phenomenal singing talent and I don't think that there is any country on this planet where her songs are not to be heard on the radio stations and her albums can't be found in many shops. The very name itself "Tina Arena" is up there with the biggest & best of them, like Celine Dion, whom I also adore greatly, again in any language, French is not my big thing, Spanish & Italian is, especially Neapolitan & Sicilian, more so Spanish music, but I get a major league buzz out of listening to artists such as Tina and Celine singing in French, have done for many many years since they both appeared on the music scene. Actually, having said that, I think I adore Tina as much as I do Celine. . .(almost) Nah, just kiddin ya, I LOVE Tina Arena. Hope she gets to read this one day. If you do, look me up on Facebook. and Yes, I'm British, so Native of English, I had to learn Spanish the hard way!! Ciao guapa.

    Angelo Santiago Luberto

    I'm here →

  30. Al Amin Shajid

    From now, I'm her a new fan

  31. Al Amin Shajid

    That's nice one

  32. Lightning Bug

    Love ya Tina

    Hakeem Mabrook

    تثبت فثار

  33. Max

    This is how I feel about my crush but my best friend is dating him what should I do??


    stay loyal . but make sure your friend is serious or tell them how you feel .


    +kiltymasher thank you


    know that feeling..had it many years...but i made peace with it beacouse i can take it..dont say u should..

  34. Hristina Smiley

    l love this song its my favorite song :) xx

  35. Mark Fischer

    I heard this amazing♡ song on the Radio! :) and now I have it on my phone;)

  36. Yau Tsz Wai

    hope u can receive this message from me the one I love

  37. Rosemary Goldsmith

    Such a good song good words

  38. Sergio Trova

    Apaixonado por esta música. Adoro Tina Arena.

  39. R. Valentino

    A true artist !!!!! Great vocal , song , clip , and it's all clean and simple . Not over done like most singers today

  40. Gianmarco Fino

    Belle Chanson j'adore

  41. FOXY TV

    I am an avid tina fan but I never thought in a million years that you would release a track that spoke to my soul MORE than Symphony of Life (which has never left my top 25 played on my itunes)... but THIS... Woh! I mean like WOH! You're a class act Miss Arena. congratulations on your induction into the ARIA hall of Fame... and may I just say THAT SPEECH GAVE ME LIFE.

  42. Aa Bb

    When listen feeling like live singing against you , rising heard beat

  43. D J

    great friggin song, T... love it..

  44. Raynen Goli Cruz

    i love her since i was 11 , her song came out that year, and now i am 28 but i still love her. keep it up ms. tina arena.

  45. Raynen Goli Cruz

    i love her since i was 11 , her song came out that year, and now i am 28 but i still love her. keep it up ms. tina arena.

  46. Caitlin Archibald

    Wonderful're a gift. xx

  47. Maryanna Chris

    Amazing voice... !!!!

  48. Craig White

    Fantastic song & video. The best Australian Female singer ever.

  49. Bri ban

    I am an American Tina Arena fan,been a fan since I saw her on Andrew Lloyd Webber's special 20 years ago,this video hasn't been available here ,now it is and it's smashing. I ordered ELEVEN from Australia and it wasn't due to be delivered till some time during December,it came today. I have listened to it all the way through yet but what I've heard so far is great. Love Tina.

    Anton Medvedev

    Bri ban yeah, Eleven is a great record ) am a fan from Russia :)

  50. BoogieWonderland787

    It's hard to believe Tina still sounds as good as she did in 1995.

  51. Pearl Necklace

    OMG I've always thought she was a hopeless singer but this confirms it.

  52. Trent H

    Dont like this song.... she does have a beautiful voice though.

  53. Gatpig

    Tina's stolen my heart again.


    ik she so amazing..<3 melts my heart so bad:)

  54. Carmen Blachere

    bella canzone manfica

  55. jos nova

    Beautiful song sexy lady, ages like wine superb

    Poorna Chandra

    jos nova

  56. Lee Wyat

    WHY IS THIS NOT ON THE RADIO IN AUS???????????????

    Ash Thomas

    +Lee Wyat It is. 91.5 has got you covered.


    +Lee Wyat it is on my perth digital

  57. Lee Wyat

    You should check out Sorrento again, a few cask wines, a few wave and beers hey......... ROCK ON

  58. Lee Wyat

    Nice one Tina, welcome back the Sorrento moon should be blessing us any day now.....
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm summer love.....

  59. Steve James

    Well done

    Hakeem Mabrook



  60. AussieAdam

    WOW thats fellow aussie Vince Collosimo in the video with our beautiful Tina


    +AussieAdam Yes I saw Tina in a interview on The Project where she said him & her laughed a lot together between takes. I'm guessing mainly while making the shower scene.


    @username1nmillion i missed that interview but will wait for the encore. I love tina's down to earth approach to life and even her speaking voice is unusual, clear and well pronounced. She's such a humorous and beautiful person

    Hakeem Mabrook

    البرتقال أب

  61. Noahide

    You gonna break our heart with that video and not give us a sequel to it Tina?

    Kimberly Scott

    Just finished watching the video. I see what you mean now!!!... cliffhanger ugh

  62. Alexandre BARD


  63. K LC

    J'adore ! AMAZING VOICE

  64. Wesley Edmondson

    Amazing song & Video.

  65. Darrell Parslow

    Have watched you since you were 8 ,on young talent time ! Thanks you r beautiful so is you're music , humbled 😉

  66. Saif Al Shamaa

    اغنية رائعة ... تحياتي من بغداد

  67. Anjel .. by Janel

    So perfect in so many ways .. thank you

  68. Natasha xo

    Great song - terrible video......

  69. herve balestrieri

    un vrai bijoux..j espere que sa sortie est prévu en france c'est un grand moment de musique et une fois de plus on reste effaré par cette voix exceptionnel ...

  70. DM Per

    Consistently classy.

  71. Kaizlan Pirlo

    An amazing song and great video to go along with it. Tina letting the words and voice of the song emote the feeling etc and the video telling the story. NOW, Australian Radio etc need to get on board to support this amazing AUSTRALIAN ARTIST and give Tina the success she deserves, not just the manufactured songs that keep getting pumped out that all sound the same. Her music is timeless and spreads over every generation. Well Done Tina. x

  72. Andy Makin

    This is just my humble opinion OK? The song is tops and relevant currently with lots of appeal to a wide age demographic and I personally like the video because it shows Tina as a real person with emotions but in dated or with almost nostalgic imagery, Both audio and video are awesome, yet I feel a slight disconnect between the two. I hope it does well. Tina certainly is a beautiful woman, could easily be a mega movie star.

    Joe Lees

    Funny you should say the video is good, I know a member of the production team who did the make up on Tina, I'll pass on the compliment

    Andy Makin

    Hi Joe, please do although they probably already know they are good at what they do. Its always a risk to give one's honest opinion and opinions can change just like fashion does. Its also difficult to come up with a piece of art work that is novel and also marries up perfectly with the whole theme.

  73. Rootntime

    Always a pleasure Tina, hopefully see you soon in concert again 💙 , barefoot or whatever lol.

  74. Raz Tilley Music

    Here's a song for you to cover, Tina.

  75. Arvin Alvarez

    Amazing Tina! :-)

  76. Marine Ds

    Beautiful song and the video shows exactly what you're singing. I hope the success will be in France too cause we want you to come back here :).

  77. igorsutak

    Good song, but the video is really boring, sorry.


    It seems from your other likes that you require lots of black guys humping white chicks To make it less boring for you, Tina does not swing naked from demolition equipment nor does she need to be humped during one of her songs , she relies on a talent called being able to sing well, please refer to Miley Cyrus for all you humping needs and leave Tina alone, this song and its clip are clearly not meant for you, Tina writes songs with true meaning and feeling and for this reason can keep all clothes on while singing

    DM Per

    +Rootntime you nailed the response perfectly. Thank you 🙏🏻

    Andy Makin

    +igorsutak is entitled to his opinion and he did say sorry. No need to ridicule him. Tina wouldnt want that I dont think. As he points out, it is a good song, very good actually. I dont think the clip is boring myself, but many younger people turn off to the black and white, or sepia thing, after all it is 2015.

    Essential Importing

    +Andy Makin  Forgive me, logic does not apply when it come to Tina, who has been a huge part of my life for 20 years, You are correct 2015, full colour naked humping is a big part of music now, that is why this chic is so good though,  took me 3 attempts and 20 minutes to do that last comment as was on iphone and it kept failing dammit, must be love eh?.. oh (Rootntime and stevesxxx both me)

    Andy Makin

    Tina is sheer class, its not raw sex that comes to mind, its sensuality. Her voice is the 'product' and of course we all like to see what it is that we hear. Im not saying that she is not sexy because she most definitely is, what I am saying is that she is above all that type of marketing strategy, way above it.

  78. Odisseo Odisseo

    Just perfect! Great singer whit rare talent, perfect music...perfect lirics...I have been loving you since I have memories!

  79. Willlll1m

    Hope this song gets the success it deserves

  80. Paul Ebbo

    interesting that there's no singing (miming) in the clip. Great use of B&W too. Really well done.

  81. Free Soul

    nice song