Arena, Tina - I Need Your Body Lyrics

I need your body
I got to have your body

You whisper my name and I feel my heart
Beat like it's never gonna stop
I lose all self control and feel it start
Your love takes me right to the top

And the wind, cries out
Out your name, to, me
And I feel, no shame
Feeling this way

I need your body
I got to have your body
Close to me
Such a temptation
A burning new sensation's
Flowing through me
I want you close to me

You make me feel like we're the only ones
Who've ever been in love before
These feelings burn inside me night and day
You keep me reaching out for more

And the wind cries out
Out your name to me
And I feel no shame
Feeling this way

I need your body
I got to have your body
Close to me
Such a temptation
A burning new sensation
Flowing through me
I need you close to me

And the wind, cries out
Out your name, to me
And I feel, no shame
Feeling this way

I need your body

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Arena, Tina I Need Your Body Comments
  1. Reality Bites

    Tina is way more beautiful now than back then. Glad she turned away from this style.

  2. Sapphire Sky

    The best song she ever sang - if she stuck to this sort of singing she would have been extremely successful.

  3. Steve Smith

    I jacked of to this film clip many times on Saturday morning Rage as a teen.

  4. Thomas May

    Christina Aguilera's voice :O

  5. Galina Dontask

    When tiny Tina became not so tiny

  6. roberto mario prieto prieto

    Wao, de quoi te souviens-tu et qu'est-ce que ça a fait. Merci Debbie.

  7. HungryMan TV Dinner

    Only 20 million albums sold worldwide? She could’ve easily sold at least 100 million albums no problem. I can’t believe she didn’t make it in America either than a few TV appearances here and there. I know Chains hit the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 in 1994 and that was it.

  8. Pritish Appadoo

    Sounds like the standard dance-pop releases of the late 1980s/early 1990s (Martika, Paula Abdul, Rick Astley and the like). Her subsequent work was much better.

  9. Relapse

    I was in high school when this first came out, we all thought she was hot and were obsessed with her curves. Very catchy song too, most probably the best song that she's ever released IMO.

    Pritish Appadoo

    I need her body too... in the sense that I wish I could have a body like hers!!!

  10. itchydiscoman

    Reminds me a little bit of sheena Easton

  11. sexobscura

    I miss 'Young Talent Time'

    *Child Exploitation Is Okay*

  12. shakey bill

    Good memories

  13. sliat1981

    Gina Riley’s parody:

  14. sliat1981

    Loved Gina Riley’s dead on parody of this. Filmed at the same place too

  15. pierre ansoult

    beautiful my friend Mike Brady

  16. pierre ansoult

    i love it !

  17. Wayne Hutchins

    Woz in B.Divsion wen this came out .... me & rest ...lovd it .... she still does it for me ...

  18. Natasha White

    Love the song

  19. Carolyn Allen

    Check out the version on YouTube song by David Thibault, a young French Canadian singer. I like his better. It's slower and more romantic.

  20. Vlog with Andy

    still an absolutely amazing song!

  21. azazz666

    tina looks goddamn sexy in this

  22. Scott Brandts

    Her boobies look like two big, round scoops of vanilla ice cream!

  23. Geelong Small Business Advertising

    Tremendous respect for Tinas body of work and her professional ethic. One of our greatest exports, so underrated, what a talent and heaps of integrity.

  24. Mike Alam

    10/10 song, clip she's not comfortable with inundo

  25. Scott Brandts

    The old Regent Theatre - Collins Street, Melbourne. Hard to believe it was disused and listed for demolition when this video was being shot. Mighta been this clip that saved it! Go Tina!


    I need her body...

  27. andrea severino

    Mon dieux Tina Arena!

  28. cs512tr

    very gloria estefan feel to it

    great song, great video.

    Jayden Rice

    Reminds me of Dr Beat

    Meg Cook

    So right like Martika and Gloria Estefan

  29. Sawrattan

    My favourite Tina song of all. this would win any contest with the Minogues :D

  30. Andon Croft

    This song is bit funny now bt still great sound, that energy sound is still there it gives me energy love it and love Tina

  31. Ben Helweg

    This is such an awesome clip.

  32. chewie211171

    They played this at the Sydney (Gay) Mardi Gras recently. Tina may want to forget this song, but it was appropriate for the mardi gras march. The Gina Riley (Fast Forward) parody of this song is priceless!

    William Groth

    She has embraced the song again and regularly sings it with pride live now. She even sells t-shirts with 'I need your body' printed on them at her live gigs

  33. Randy Marsh

    ive done some serious study on this song. Tina still does it for me


    Yeah I wonder if she has a head.?

  34. Reef LAB

    what a cool 80s song, love it

    TMC Remixes

    90's ;)

  35. alex thompson

    if I slept with Tina I would of gotten her to call me one of my mates name


    20+ years later I still havnt seen her face...

  37. Anthony Condell

    Dear gorgeous Tina I'm guessing that might be Lucio dancing as I overheard him talking about this song but came in half way when he said he was in it. And behold it looks like him. He's on leave for a week but when he gets back I'm gonna tell him how beautifully he moves and squeeze him till Tina dust sprinkles on my head

  38. J J

    awww so young here . Producers mistake to make her a sex object in this early video production obv not realising her voice alone would carry her to success !

    alex thompson

    Jennifer Heathcote Osborne I was too young to understand back then

    J J

    alex thompson lol we all live and learn ... I've always loved Tina's voice ... I would have bought the music even if she had two heads ...;)


    She's actually said it was her choice to do this. She was sick of being viewed as "tiny tina" and felt it held her back

    Steve Dirickson

    Go take a look at the videos Kylie was making around that time, like the ones for "Tears On My Pillow", "Better The Devil You Know", and (especially) "What Do I Have To Do".
    Meanwhile, people were still thinking of Tina--who is 6 months *older* than Kylie--as "that cute kid from 'Young Talent Time'". She got tired of it. This video, and others such as "The Machine's Breaking Down", were her "I'm not kid any more" declaration.
    She was *23* years old (well, minus one month) when "Strong As Steel" was released. She wasn't a kid any more; she was an insanely talented (and, of course, drop-dead gorgeous) young woman.
    Fortunately, her Madonna-esque disco-skank phase didn't last past the first album; "Don't Ask" was a zillion times more mature and real--and sold a zillion times as many copies--as "Strong As Steel".


    It worked for me, i was 16 years old at the time, and let's just say, i went through a heck of a lot / boxes of tissues watching the old VHS over and over and over again, and i'm sure i wasn't the only teenage boy to do so! :D

  39. Charlton Nguyen

    Did anyone ever see The Fast Forward parody to this song? Gina Riley did the parody and it was kind of funny haha

    Michael Vanderham

    YEEEESSSSSSS! Comedy GOLD!!!!!


    I've got this body, this bloody body, my boobs told me (my boobs told me), they are releasing, a brand new single, without me!  It was a great parody :D

    Brandon Quatro

    Gina Riley is a comedic genius and nailed many of the people she potrayed from Fast Forward, Big Girl's Blouse right through to the more recent Open Slather :)


    Filmed in the same place too


  40. Shakshuka O'Hara

    I have this on cassingle and finally it's on iTunes.

    Rachel Quarrell

    Yes I remover this as well.On iTunes you say.

  41. MrsLukeArnold

    sooo funky

  42. Christian Freud

    Hahahaha. So cheap.

  43. Alan Chong

    How strong is her voice? Tina Arena...Awesome!

  44. Luc Praslan

    This was my last year of high school. I love this song and I love this clip.
    Her breasts have life of their own haha
    Gina Riley did a great piss-take of this clip on Fast Forward.

    Charlton Nguyen

    Haha I was gonna say 😂

  45. Bob Fox

    Love it.....
    There is nothing left to the imagination with this Song....
    Give it to me, Give it to me all the time...

    Darryl Sullivan

    she was talking about the dole check

    Michael Raymond

    Mmm Bob you're one sexy fucker😍

  46. 1RomanticSoul

    Your Body is not all I want....
    I Want All of you Always,

  47. Its All GREEK To Me

    Tina's a hottie !!!

  48. volcano83

    Ah 90s music videos...

  49. adrian blakley

    this is still excellent love it,,she performed this at Mardi Gra/// blew the roof off

  50. Rocka

    So hot..1990 wasn't it??

    Old School - ish

    i think so.

    Scott Brandts

    Yep, 1990: around May/June of that year.

  51. Solare

    simply amazing ;-) one of my favourite songs ever..

  52. John Connolly

    Please crack this out on the tour! It will make SO many people happy.

  53. Andrew Charles

    Tina was only a girl, pretty fucking good effort considering Australia is a backward anti cultural abiss that cannot stand anything different or anything at all. Andrew

    Dave Milton

    Let me guess, another jealous Englishman. And it's abyss, you dope.


    +Andrew Charles Whinging Jealous Pom

  54. MrZeusBoy

    And the wind cries out, out your name, to me...

  55. Adem Ali


    Siobhan Ford

    Adem Ali agree

  56. marek Robaczek

    Ross Inglis write 7 songs 1 together short good work he is little known in Australia only maybe more back then all people secret persons for me, record producer work at the mixer i dont know i think not second released strong as steel 1996 there are 4-5 songs Tina write songs with P R and S W i dont know when i think about 1990 maybe a bit later earlier than Chains for sure most info details but interesting

  57. marek Robaczek

    Tina weight here i think 50-60 kg nice dumpling very good better than slim artists fast burn calories simply very hard work who have other opinion?