Area 11 - Watchmaker Lyrics

Serve or break the patterns that would be
Echo positions of the free
Middle child of eternity
Caught between the branches and the roots
Move in any way that suits
The creeping vines of anomie

I never wanted to believe
I never asked if I could stay
Switch the pressures you relieve
Forge your aggression in the clay

The art that I buried in the earth
Sketching parallels to understand
Why I can't share your love
Watchmen and makers in dissent
I’m only building what I meant
To do so many lives ago

I never wanted to believe
I never asked if I could stay
Switch the pressures you relieve
Forge your aggression in the clay

I never wanted to believe
I never asked if I could stay
Switch the pressures you relieve

I never wanted to believe
I never asked if I could stay
Switch the pressures you relieve
Forge your aggression in the clay

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Area 11 Watchmaker Comments
  1. Idkartist

    This was a fukken pleasure of a video to watch on lsd, thank you~

  2. Charles Manary

    Question: why is the video available in glorious 4K?

  3. Mazinombies

    Watchmaker could be reference to Paley's watch analogy in explaining the creation of the universe

  4. Ghostly Shirt

    All I wanna know is where they got the snazzy footage from

  5. DogeDark211

    I click on one video of yours and I'm instantly subscribed

  6. Oscar Ellis

    1 year and 2 months later... this song still makes me moist af

  7. Psyfer Ain't a rapper

    Clockwork Planet... possibly

  8. The Gaming Psyko

    what anime is this about

  9. Will Andrews

    0:51 "the creeping vines of anime" lmao

  10. Morthana M

    I love you guys! I frigging love you!

  11. LloydTheHuman

    does anyone else think this is about the watchmaker argument for creation??

  12. Quick Games

    you better not disturb my magnesium sleep

  13. Alex T

    Nice! I'm getting some Muse vibes here - especially at 2:55, I had to double check what I was listening to

  14. SeaSide Offenders

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    | Windows has detected that this song is awesome! |
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  15. ghostbiitch

    Hi, I'm new here =D I'm just a normal Emo, so please consider me as one of your own, umm... Let's see.. I love panic at the disco, little bit of twenty pilots, fall out boy, my chemical romance (sorry if I just made you cry), Melanie Martinez, and yah... Now area 11. So it's good to be here =D


    Not all of us are emo but, welcome I guess, xD

    Incumbent Serif

    If you're going to listen to this band, I highly suggest you visit the Digital Haunt wikia, it's pretty much the official wikia of the band.

  16. kimzee59

    saw them play live at Norwich just a bit ago. <3 Amazing!
    met them all but Parv!

  17. John D-K

    what was the song you used in the dann bull rap?

  18. Andrea R

    The beginning of the song sounds like Bliss by MUSE...

  19. dj123401t

    the terrain in the background is really goodcand i guess the song is ok too 😉

  20. Tyius

    Anyone else think sparkelz* sounds a bit like Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria in this song. BTW love the new album.

  21. SomeguycalledSmithy

    Though this album isn't quite my cup of tea, I still quite like it, just not as much ATLITS.

  22. Joey Flower

    *fist pumps area 11


    + 100,694 fans = MEGA FIST BUMP

  23. Area 11

    MODERN SYNTHESIS IS OUT NOW! The support and feedback has been amazing, thank you!
    If you haven't checked it out there, you can buy it on CD / VINYL / DIGITALLY and STREAM IT here:
    Please let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram and use #ModernSynthesis

    We have some free acoustic and signing instores all week across the UK, and have a proper full band headline tour later his month, all dates over at - hopefully see you there!!!

    Sparkles*, Kogie, Parv + Leo

  24. KC Sutherland

    Okay, this is an amazing song, and I love it. But seriously, the video!

  25. Alexander Lister

    Love this song. Anyone else getting a bit of an old school Muse vibe from it?

  26. turtlesayshi

    I love you guys and are awesome. Why do you have to take up all of my attention with this song? ;-; Its really rude, but don't stop <3

  27. Ross Mackay

    The people who disliked this :-[

  28. Dylan Hughes

    omgosh 2:27 the start of that guitar solo is the same as at 2:50 in Override [B] :D :D :D

  29. Calhig11

    Can we get a "Leo plays Watchmaker" cause I don't think thats humanly possible


    Kogie, please. I'd love to see his bass skills kill.

  30. xXGamersLifeXx

    I love Area 11, but when the shipping for their new album costs more than the CD itself, I'll pass lol. On top of that the site won't let me pre-order/order it anyway

  31. Ewan23

    this is such a tune well done you guys

  32. Joseph Toner

    *see's album released 1st July*
    Holy shit it came out yesterday!!
    *realizes its the 2nd June*

    Andrew R

    Legitimately that is what happened to me. It's June 1 in Australia, so i was waiting for midnight in England for it to come out, but i was at school, so it was hard to access my emails, and then i doesn't come out until July...UGH!!!!

  33. yeet

    this band has a muse vibe and i love it

  34. Rwarcards762

    That final switch from D minor to D major/G minor (Bb->C) is pure genius. Man this song is just so beautifully arranged.

  35. Gpicat

    i can't believe this month isn't even over and then theres STILL a whole other month to go ugughghhhhh

    i have school responsibilities coming to a head which makes me not want time to go any faster, but things like Modern Synthesis make me want everything to hurry along ^^''

  36. Steelword648 !!!!

    my fraviots are kogi and sparklez

  37. Steelword648 !!!!

    parvs New name

  38. Steelword648 !!!!


  39. billy jenkins

    I didn't really like this at first but the more I do the more it grows on me. it's in my top 3 arm.

  40. FrozenGoatLord

    Reading "Twelve Angry Men" (a play about a jury on a murder case in court for those who dont know) and as it turns out the Eleventh Juror is a watchmaker. Coincidence? i think not!

  41. deadboyspeom

    I've listened to this so many times over the last 2 weeks, I know all the words. #noregrets

  42. Several Fighters

    Hmm, not sure if artistically glitchy video or youtube encoding screwing up again.

  43. i_am_BreadCrumbs

    I didn't like this song at first, but the more I listen to it the more I like it. Also, hype for Modern Synthesis

  44. m gygju jtgugtyug

    This doesn't make sense, but it doesn't have to make sense to sound good in your earholes.

  45. alex liggins

    better avoid the creeping vines of anime.

  46. Martyn Skytech

    I'm still waiting for a triple like button


    How about a quintuple like button? Times that by 2 and add one. Perfect like button.


    i think you mean an undecuple like button

  47. Navi LetsPlays

    Can't wait i pre ordered it as soon as you announced the pre orders but damn I'm even more excited this song is awesome

  48. AVA _

    Oh boy! New album!

  49. A Legend To Be Told

    This is by far my favourite song!

  50. James Dewhirst

    The opening was very tron-ish I like a lot

  51. Michael Kearns

    Really can't wait any longer for the album!!

  52. lynn pehrson

    This sounds like muse

  53. Tarn_Lass

    When sparkles played with the yogscast :)

  54. jacob schuitema

    it feels like it's been so long since the last song came out this is great!


    +jacob schuitema Every second between two songs is too long

    jacob schuitema

    +Nanotyrannus agreed

  55. Magical Darish

    All aboard the hype train

  56. Zack Otto

    Also, I wish you guys would come to the US.

  57. Zack Otto

    So ready to get the signed disk~

  58. DDPurist

    O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA forsenPls

  59. Scott Stanley

    Is it me or does the beginning sound similar to the start of Bliss(Muse, Origins of Symmetry)?

  60. James coombes

    +Area11 if I pre order the deluxe cd on the 10th of May will it be signed

  61. Matty78943

    listening in ICT at 9:38 in the morning XD

  62. Mr Dudeman

    This is a good key for S* voice

  63. liem hurle

    Need the album too much *^*

  64. Dan Lewis

  65. TheStevieP

    The song is amazing! I just want the last note that sustains to have another 3rd above it in the vocal line. Makes it sound complete to me. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

  66. Mylittlebaboon

    I was in Orchestra class when this came out. I randomly checked my phone, saw that it had come out, and almost shouted, "Yesssss!" and fist pumped. Everybody in the room look at me like, "Dude what the fuck's wrong with you?" Lmao

  67. James Dewhirst

    Loving the drums

  68. LewisSaur

    is... is i mean it's preddy good.

  69. meme

    Wow- this has got me SOOOO PUMPED FOR THE NEW ALBUM! I have no regrets about preordering it about a year ago XD It seems to be worth the wait!

  70. Tom McCreith

    I absolutely love this song omg

  71. flavortown


  72. Eiroth

    I absolutely can't wait for this

  73. Bunny Commando

    I like this a lot. Are the similarities to Muse intentional?


    +Bunny Commando I mean, parts of Bosozoku Symphonic were compared to Muse's newer stuff as well, I think it's more just Area 11's style shares some ground with Muse. I like both, so that shows they are probably similar in a way

  74. HLR_64

    Not really loving this one. This may be the first Area 11 song in a while that hasn't instantly gotten stuck in my head for a few days. Still looking forward to the rest of the album though, and the music video for this looks cool.


    @FalconWraith Exactly, all I'm doing is sharing my opinion. I can see how other people would like this. But given how little rock I listen to and how high my expectations were for this release, I ended up being a little disappointed. I did like Versus and Override [B] though, so I'm sure I'll like some other songs on the album too.

    Myles Adams

    +HLRxxKarl Try finding the stream version of The Contract here on Youtube, it will convince you I think. I'm in the same boat, it's a good song but not my style. It is growing on me though!

  75. Zap Gun

    He *clearly* says 'anime' there, not anomie gosh vid maker.

  76. Juliana M

    I'm so excited to hear the rest of the album. Great song guys!

  77. Bacon Time

    Man I just love this band keep it up guys!

  78. Sean Bonney

    I actually fucking love this!

  79. aya

    Ok I like this band again now

    Paul Hagmüller

    +Raspberry u wot m8
    that song is rocking hard


    +Paul Hag I grew out of them about 2015. Couldn't find any enjoyment in anything other than The Strays or Knightmare/Frame, but I feel like I'm enjoying them again now.

    Paul Hagmüller

    +AyaRevolver so you're not that versus kinda person i assume. It's good that you like this song tho


    +Paul Hag versus was aight, liked the screamy stuff, what I went off was ATLITS and Underline :P

    Paul Hagmüller

    +AyaRevolver oh cool :)

  80. Patteroast

    Welp. It only took one day for me to become totally fixated on this song. Can't stop playing it. I am so damn excited about the album!

  81. Invictus

    Blink 182 Bored To Death lyric video is that you?

  82. Paladin

    God i've missed you guys.

  83. Cthulhu's Favorite Uncle

    2:20 -2:42...Parvy Parvy Parv Parv


    Im not the only one that likes to call Parv 'Parvy'

  84. CyanRose

    I have been hoarding a ITunes card since XMAS for this! Pre-ordering it on ITunes right now :D I am a very happy Eleven (and yes Digital Haunt is going at it ROFL)

  85. InTheLittleWood

    It's so cool hearing this song completed. I remember being in the room when Sparkles* tracked the vocals for the first verse/chorus of this :D

    Josh Dean

    +YOGSCAST Martyn martyn your hot.


    I have a feeling Martyn's going to become A Roadie and Follow Sparkles about everywhere when there on tour

    StapleFace Productions

    They're so different, but in an amazing way

    John D-K

    what was the song that they used in the dann bull rap? i can't find it


    @Josh Dean you're*

  86. PLAYGROUND Kirin

    who watches the watchmen?

    Des talks About stuff

    Sam vives


    +Des talks About stuff Vimes

    Alpha Zalgo

    Alan Moore.

  87. Seosamh

    Anybody else find that the music seems a bit heavy for Sparkles* vocals?

  88. Orion

    I cannot, wait for the rest of the album!!

  89. Johnny Reay

    This is awesome

  90. Harvey

    This song is so good it makes me speechless

  91. Jinsei

    This one about an anime?


    None of there tracks after the few on ATLITS are about anime, all are about digital haunt and the story being told through all their songs. Give it a look if your interested.

  92. Connor Sullivan

    so whats happening with the other album i preorrered like last year

    Sam Jones Photography

    This is the same one. It was called Album II because they didn't know what to call it

    Connor Sullivan

    @Basically Sam Jones thank you, I was just confused is all.

    Sam Jones Photography

    @Connor Sullivan No problem :)

  93. Kidius Shredius Maximus

    Check out my cover of this!!!

  94. Martyn Skytech

    Just Amazing. Can't wait for July 1st

  95. Orphan Nightcore Account

    I think my friends are gonna get annoyed at the amount I talk about/ play this now. I absolutely love it!!!

  96. cjt_217

    This... This is amazing.

  97. Syd Campbell

    Fuck I'm gonna be at a convention when it comes out!

  98. chafos

    It reminds me of the Amplitude ost :3

  99. SonnenShades

    What anime is this based on? Or are they not doing that anymore?

    Ty Simpson

    +SonnenShades From what I can tell, their first album (and previous EPs) was the anime stuff. This new stuff seems to be completely original.


    +Ty Simpson im fine with this.

  100. Rob Thomas

    When you see your group of friends in the Barfly clips :P