Area 11 - Versus Lyrics

This is the volta
Scuttle the ships, there's no return
With our backs to the river
I dream of it; am I a psycho?
Watching you burn
Nothing else feels this perfect to me

“Hands in the air”; salute or surrender?
Close your eyes to open fire

We adapt, mutilate, replicate and survive
Take your square from the arbiter of lives
They look the same, the Right, Left, Rights
But choose a side

The truth, the war; the rise, the fall
The virus in our heads that infects us all
Do you need it once more?
Can you remember what it is we’re dying for?
Fighting for?

Unchecked it grows inside
Urges for sororicide
Apostates alone lacerate distant skies
Little soldier, little girl
Who used to love this fucking world
To love, to despise: such a fine line

We adapt, we mutate, replicate and divide
The hardest strikes always land when hands are tied
Both the same: the X, the Y
Choose your side

The truth, the war; the rise, the fall
The virus in our heads that infects us all
Do you need it once more?
Can you remember what it is we’re dying for?
Fighting for?

The truth, the war

We adapt, we evolve, we destroy, we survive
Outcome set long before we arrive
Play the game: defect/comply
But choose your side

The truth, the war; the rise, the fall
The virus in our heads infects, manipulates our thoughts
Once more: can we remember what it is we're dying for?
Fighting for?

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Area 11 Versus Comments
  1. jjwp 1988

    The drummer is great, really spot on. The awful screechy emo vocals are, to say the least, horrible to the ear.

  2. RGB

    I'd like to point out: You guys are SUPER dorky and SUPER talented

  3. I I

    He sounds so uncomfortable.....

    I I

    Funny joke

  4. MonoStation90

    Wow, such freash new sound! I gotta thanks Clone Hero for presenting me this awesome band! Nice stuff.

  5. Gryff

    Definetly my fav on this album.

  6. Ry Hartley

    Definitely needs more low end warmth. Awesome song though, guys!!

  7. roman carreon

    Reminds me of enter shikari

  8. Oscar Quick

    Sparkles, you are awesome buddy, but learn to scream properly. Pick up a book called the zen of screaming. It's good.

  9. Ashleigh Collins

    Wait this was released in 2015?

    Jesus Christ wtf

  10. Not a Guitar Hero

    Was not expecting Sparkles to scream or to hear A11 go Metalcore

  11. TheFarReach

    This makes me think of Fire Emblem Fates.

  12. LJLvids

    what the heck. youtube unsubscribed me, this is an outrage.

  13. Jamie W

    This isn't bad but just makes me think of Enter Shikari.

    Charles Manary

    Sparkles* is a fan of Enter Shikari, so there's bound to be a little inspiration showing

  14. U_Say_What_Fool

    I really like this but I can't help but feel that sparkles sounds really stupid trying to scream. He does it better than I ever could but that's just my own opinion on it. How does everyone else feel?

    Luna Fauna

    i get where your coming from but I kind of like the harsher vocals xD

    Michael Barreiro

    i agree, he sounds ridiculous trying to scream. im not sure if he is attempting highs or lows when he tries to scream. either way its awful

    Luna Fauna

    Michael Barreiro i'm not trying to hate or anything of course you are entitled to your own opinion. but i don't think its to an extent of awful. its actually well done. considering i listen to screamo a lot. its sounds normal. like i said i am not shitting on your opinion and i can see where u are coming from :)

    Michael Barreiro

    thank you for being kind. i listen to very hard rock myself and i enjoy screams very much. however in my opinion sparkles screams just don't sound honestly not sure how to describe his screams, they feel half assed if that makes any sense. its sounds like he is trying to do some sort of medium scream but it just sounds weird.

    Joshua Pinals

    Have to say I completely agree here. I generally like Area 11's music but I can't honestly say I enjoy his screams. I feel like this song could have been so much better if they were done well, or if he didn't scream.

  15. Ellis Paling

    Sounds like something from Bring Me The Horizon!

  16. FiddlerTheClown YT

    the heavy vocals of this song are so good and a good change :)

  17. Mypowerbob

    2:00 The Sparkles* bow tho

  18. Ciara Stanfield

    Those screams tho o.O

  19. Naveron

    why? why do you guys continuously make me go and purchase your albums? (because your f***ing awesome thats why.) I need this money, dang it.

  20. Jordz_19

    how are you not on tv yet your awesome

  21. HenmanO1

    you guys look like twats in the video :), but love the song and you guys

  22. TheMersues

    Idk if anyone has pointed this out on the youtube, but at 2:30 there's a load of dots on the screen that go past, if you slow it down there's a symbol followed by '0-263475', Idk what this means, anyone else got a clue?



    Thanks :)

  23. Mary Tab

    thank you

  24. Gamerthon98

    And the award for most attractive band goes to....

  25. Spleen

    I'm not so sure about the djentyness but it's interesting nevertheless.

  26. gary huntington


  27. Serenity Tam

    Please do more harsh vocals, it sounds amazing

  28. Jake Humphreys

    brilliant song, would love to see you perform in some smaller places like Stockport UK

  29. Charlie Stackhouse

    This song is great and it's got so much potential. I'd love to listen to it more because it's awesome but I just can't stand Sparkles' voice. No offence but, he'd be better off as a backing vocalist; he can't hold a lead vocal. He's too squeaky and thin, and his voice just sounds... Irritating and obviously digitally tuned. I don't know, perhaps it's just me. Anyway, not hating, as it's a good song. That's just my personal opinion. Keep rocking Area 11! 🤘🏼

  30. Joey Flower

    So I gathered that it's based off the government fucking our brains and/or the fucked up planet and human race. Did I miss anything?

  31. RandomUserName 2000

    I love these guys but sometime when I hear Sparkles*' voice I just think of the snowman he sang about.

  32. James Dewhirst

    Is this song about patriotism? WW1? WW2? Both? All wars?

    Incumbent Serif

    This song, in its most basic form, is about a battle between two interdimentional gods (one of the band members said that in an interview, I can't remember where). This song ties into Digital Haunt, which is something that most of Area 11's songs tie into. Go to the Digital Haunt wikia and there you will learn more about this story.

  33. cubs203

    My friend just recommended these guys to me and I am really impressed! Very unique!

  34. Captain Chunk

    It's like pop punk synth djent and I fucking love it.

  35. Area 11

    MODERN SYNTHESIS IS OUT NOW! The support and feedback has been amazing, thank you!
    If you haven't checked it out there, you can buy it on CD / VINYL / DIGITALLY and STREAM IT here:
    Please let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram and use #ModernSynthesis

    We have some free acoustic and signing instores all week across the UK, and have a proper full band headline tour later his month, all dates over at - hopefully see you there!!!

    Sparkles*, Kogie, Parv + Leo

  36. Jacob Simons

    I love how the intro gets you ready for epic death metal and then you're sort of let down.

  37. Browncoatlowe

    Such hype for the next tour ^_^

  38. Oscar friel

    Sounds like slipknot-duality

  39. Angelina Lemley

    Did anyone else see sparkles* throw the mic behind his shoulder

  40. Cie

    I just watched some videos about Schizophrenia and then went to watch this. I started to wonder if Versus could have some references to it... Im just thinking. I've also wondered multiple times if Sparks has an illness or colorblind, just from lyrics and junk. I think Strippin is colorblind. Idunnoishouldshutup.

  41. PatchBits


    you can thank me later

  42. Angelina Lemley

    When I first saw kogie does the double up thing at 2:55 I thought it was werid but cool but now when I ever I hear this song I do the double up thing with him. Thanks kogie.

  43. Vanessa

    Hey, does anyone know what anime this is made after?


    I think Parasyte but I might be completely wrong.


    Sadly, it's not referencing an anime. They stopped doing anime-themed songs after Homunculus.

    ryan nolan

    +Aronax I would have guessed God Eater, but that one fits as well

  44. pathetic mortal

    This song really fits well for the themes of bucky, steve and the plot for civil war :-)

  45. Brutal Jake

    I love how these guys went the metal route since the last time I came here :o

  46. ShadowSWilliam

    Never listening to Area 11 on public transport again, almost broke out singing to this song. xD
    Joke aside, this song is absolutely amazing.

  47. david's head

    Omg I'm addicted to this song

  48. GreyGryphon

    Fucking tour in the US/Canada already god damn it!

  49. Area 11

    Our new album "Modern Synthesis" featuring "Versus" comes out on 1st July 2016.
    If you'd like to support us, preorder a signed copy here on CD or limited edition vinyl:


    When are you gonna come to America dammit. And make sure you do a show in the northeast when you do.

    Bunny Commando

    +Area 11 This is a concept album. Is this based on S* ARG or is this an original concept?


    +Area 11 Can't wait to see ya in liverpool :D

  50. Joe Dyer

    you guys should do a tour

    Lena MacKay

    +Joseph Dyer if youre in england, youre in luck. off not, well theyve only ever toured in england so far, so rip

    Joe Dyer

    +Elementals Aduro  yeh i know im trying to get hold of the tickets for there tour

  51. joe y

    this is amazing in comparison to their old stuff. almost metalcore wow

  52. Archer236

    Sparklez the yogscast misses you come back <3

  53. hannah marie

    Area 11, you never fail to amaze me.

  54. Holy Doggo

    Is this post crab core?

  55. Maxime v.d. Berg

    The line "hands in the air: salute or surrender" always gives me goosebumps. It's so fitting for the time we live in.

  56. BlueDrumSteam

    Geat song but Leo should really get a new snare, it sounds like a piece of cardboard.

  57. Joshua Larsen

    Awesome!!! This is really cool! The metal take is really different from your first album!

  58. Raid Baquee

    Did anyone else notice that when he said"“Hands in the air”; salute or surrender?" He did the AOT salute!

    Lena MacKay

    +Raid Baquee theyll never stop being weebs

  59. Invisible GamerGirl

    umm, excuse me? why do you not have millions of subscribers? x

  60. Sam Jones Photography

    I really love the lyrics

  61. Quick Games

    strange thing, the spotify version of vectors has the lyrics to this song on for some strange reason, it says the song is vectors but with these lyrics

  62. Bragi

    It's been 4 months and the album still isn't out?! D:

    Lena MacKay

    +Josh Deakin July 1st now!

  63. Corey Peel

    I didnt expect this type of sound from Area 11 but i love it.

  64. Rima Miyazawa

    Im sorry to asking you such a question as I Too new for your band, but have you been performing in Japan? If you have any schedule in near future, I love to see you here in Japan ! Ur songs are amazing!

  65. Will Hewins

    I'm really proud of them

  66. Edgy Conor

    Big fan of Area 11. Didn't really like this song tho.


    +Conor Fairclough All of their new stuff is now hard rock.

  67. jshays512

    I would never have put sparkles as singing a "hard" rock/ screaming rock. It is quite a Moe Gap from his normal singing voice

  68. lo connolly

    :') im so happy

  69. uB CeeJay

    Too Heavy, go back to the good old stuff

    Martyn Skytech

    uB CeeJay have you even listened to pancea and the prelogue.

  70. Sylvia Correnaro

    We get a Leo crotch shot

  71. Jeremy Galkin

    what tuning is this in? sounds like drop a

    Edward Swinburn

    It's not that low tuned by the sounds of it. Sounds around about C# to me :)

  72. Elliot Motionless

    this is amazing

  73. Gobe_ man

    I enjoyed this alot.... and i may have heard this while playing war games....

  74. Thomas Van der Tol

    How did I miss this?

  75. CreeperRebellion

    awwww! Sparkles* trying to handbang is so cute, bless him!!!

  76. Will Jackson

    great song but the vocals sound like a chipmunk or small child

  77. Iammoney_45

    Sparkles, I love your singing and the music, but stopping cupping the mic! it messes with how it records/sounds. just move your hand back a little bit so it's not on the metal mesh. otherwise great song and video.


    +sirforcer I promise you I didn't touch the mic at all when I recorded this vocals, I was using a Neumann TLM 102 on an mic stand, with a pop-shield in front of the mic. The SM58 in the video is just a prop. Sorry to break the illusion; we didn't record the song on location in that echo-y warehouse :P - S*

    Cecil Sheppard


    P.S Love the hoodie you're wearing in this video.

  78. O.G. Loko

    Now this is my type of music~

  79. OscarZlash

    Eah its a departure from your old sound, prefer the more melodic sides of vectors and euphemia. At least they were more complicated then a one-note simple chugging riff. Sounds as if Korn met The Lonely Island.

  80. Rey O'Donovan

    "This is the dramatic change"

  81. V17US

    I love this song so much im doing my media course on it love you guys cant wait till your next UK tour

  82. Joe Mutch

    Love the heavier feel :3

  83. Riotingzombiepigman

    You really gotta appreciate how talented of a lyricist sparkles* is. The vocabulary in the music he writes is both understandable and complex, i love it.

  84. Metaljuana

    This is insane....

  85. ratboy

    this was my first area 11 song and what an amazing first listen it was!


    Same and I'm here because of Eden.


    @Twwty Howlter nice XD my friend introduced this to me

  86. Lily Fox182

    I love this song I've literally got all of their songs on ITunes!!!

  87. Aaron Hopewell

    Does anyone know what bass kogie is using in this video?

    Will Jackson

    looks like a fender p-bass

  88. drumrguy67

    I kinda like the pop punky sound, however sparkles needs to work on his screams

  89. Sammy Harding


  90. Mushy Mooshi

    This could almost be a Pokemon song if you listen to lyrics

    Mushy Mooshi

    I still love the song tho

    Mushy Mooshi

    I still love the song tho

  91. zsxdfd dsgfsgsdrgdr

    i like it more on 1.25 speed

  92. Monteeee3

    This is an awesome song guys but Sparkles, you really need to learn to scream properly or you're gonna screw up your voice completely :/

  93. The Gaming Box

    Sororicicde -To kill ones own sister, often seen in adolescents. Any theories on the anime behind this one?


    +The Gaming Box This one is not based on an anime, they are no longer doing anime-based music.

    The Gaming Box

    +Clarabird just asking in case

  94. zsxdfd dsgfsgsdrgdr

    is this about parasite?


    +zsxdfd dsgfsgsdrgdr They are no longer doing music based on anime

  95. JAFFA

    Sparlkes* needs a better haircut


    +Captain Fuckyou I was merely suggesting that if you thought that his haircut was the point of the video (and thus the comments section) you were wrong and that the point of the comments were to discuss the ACTUAL VIDEO and... you know.... THE SONG. Likewise I think you missed the point of my comment, which was that your initial comment was totally irrelevant as, whilst technically included in the video, was in no way the focus of the video, nor should it be the point of discussion.


    +Captain Fuckyou and you are and idiot who is willing to demean themselves by use of aggressive and abusive language to someone who you have never met, allowing everyone with an internet connection to see your idiocy. And the best part: Your username. Who the hell is going to assume that 'Captin Fuckyou' is going to be in any way reasonable or rational. No-one.


    +Captain Fuckyou never seen anyone as dull as you, congrats !


    +Captain Fuckyou Are you just some deranged parrot that has only learnt a few words so just repeats himself and paraphrases others with additional swearing?


    +Captain Fuckyou I'll take that as a 'Yes' then

  96. Land Of Tom

    Mmmm... Not sure if i like this yet. Not saying it's bad, just that I might have to listen to bit more of this new style material before I get into it.

  97. shun55665

    possibly the best song they have done


    then red queen came out

  98. Ashleigh Collins

    I really wish Area 11 would do a proper song featuring Martyn. I think it'd be pretty cool.

  99. Gpicat

    Tbh I'm kind of happy that the songs aren't directly based on anime any more. Area 11's lyrics always inspire a story in my head regardless and in a way it would be disappointing if there was a correct interpretation.
    If that makes sense :p

    Edge Maples

    Damn, I’ve never thought about their music like that. But the same applies for me! Each time I listen I always can see a cool story