Area 11 - The Life Of A Ghost Lyrics

Travel by main highway light
To see the rolling landscape fly
Journey downward from a height
Slow shadows grow and weave the night

Living the life of a ghost
There is no comfort for the mind
Bodies twisting in the soil
Some sights we've tried to leave behind

Always looking backwards down the road
Still I claim "I will retain composure"

Lost in thoughts of where I am
Crown and trench, this day is done

Plan mislaid, so what to do?
Wherever the winds would take me
Pulled by tide, adrift along the lines
Stay 'til dawn, begin anew?
With all honesty I want to be selfless
To be human, but I'm beat and I'm worn-though

Now I'm lost in thoughts of where I am
Crown and trench, this day is done

Lost in thought
I'm lost tonight
I'm an ember, will you take my story?
Pull back the curtain
And walk towards the truth

Living the life of a ghost
There is no comfort for the mind

Lost in thoughts of where I am
Crown and trench, this day is done
Lost in thoughts of where I am

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Area 11 The Life Of A Ghost Comments
  1. UltraGayInHD

    This, Processor, and Versus are my favorites

  2. Sips' Number One Fan

    I'm writing a parody of this called "the life of a band kid"
    I figured it fit pretty well since in the original song it sounds like he's a restless tormented soul

  3. Aurora Morrow

    Not a fan of the song, but that transition to after the flags :O

  4. Arkt1k


  5. Derp

    Shit,cool song man.Been watching since all the lights in the sky.Big fan!

  6. RenatoGPadilla

    "Ghost In The Shell" anyone?

  7. stevethesalty

    Reminds me of destiny, the beginning when your ghost is searching for you

  8. robotleech

    This, Red Queen, and Watchmaker are, in my opinion, the best from the album <3

  9. Gruntwill

    one of my favourite songs from the album :D

  10. TheBikeLad

    this needs a music video, holy shit

  11. Ashley

    Great song, been stuck in my head all day...

    Also is it supposed to say "worn-though" in the video or "worn-through"?


    Just checked my album booklet and it says "worn-though"

    Also, you just freaked me out because you have the same first and last name as me.


    Oh jeez that is weird, hello fellow Connor Graham xD

    I'm also wondering what the hell worn-though means...


    Well my guess is that the missing r (along with the missing s for "highways") is part of a secret message to do with digital haunt.

  12. Orion

    This song gives me the vibes of the song The Strays on the other album. It starts with Acoustic guitar, and then it goes to rock.


    +Joe's Show There is some sort of wind instrument playing through the intro though, right?

  13. Callie Price

    Absolutely love the new album. This is my favorite song on it. Keep up the good work! :)

  14. Cie

    Whenever i listen to this song I feel like I'm a hobo on a train.

    or Nabstablook.


    Lol Blooky :D


    Seriously, don't this sound like a song for or about Nabstablook?


    If you like hobos on trains, check out Brave Dave's Big Fat Fright Hop!

  15. GreenyGames

    This. Is. A. Tune.


    thanks, captain obvious!

    KC Sutherland

    Aaron McBride look up "litote".

  16. Dead Channel New is Blue the Nerd

    This has got to be one of my favourite ones!

  17. Scott Mackay

    This or after the flags have to be my favorite songs in the album.

  18. WaterLemonDK

    favorite song on the album, absolutely love it!

  19. Neonstars

    Not going to dislike but this is my least favourite song in the album


    @Zooropa_Station I'm sorry that you can't infer from context.
    I shouldn't have to clarify because it should be implicit that I am expressing my opinion by saying "No", because we are discussing a creative medium, therefore objectivity is basically impossible.
    Area 11 is not, and should not be (in my opinion, if you can't tell) a ballad band, and Angel Lust wouldn't be anywhere near as good as it is as a ballad. Angel Lust is good because it is high energy, compared to most of the songs around it. It is a much needed breath of energy and classic Area 11 style. If it was a ballad, that'd mean that the mid-album would drag for a long time because it would all be slower songs like Processor, Red Queen, (ballad) Angel Lust, and then The Life of a Ghost. This is not a great idea, because it just makes the album sound samey. Angel Lust also has an amazing guitar riff, and nothing around it suggests anything melancholic or ballad-like.

    Jake Levy

    That moment when you realise that this argument started 3 months ago and is still going. There's about six people that get random notifications every now and then and realise that this will never end. Plz help


    @VikingSchism Nor do I think Area 11 should be a ballad band... my favorite releases have been Blackline and Underline. Also, I make guitar tabs and Rocksmith customs of their stuff so I definitely don't want that. It's one song that I felt should be different (also LoaG, but there's a difference between a ballad and an acoustic song)


    @Jake Levy [thanks Google]


    It's really hard for me to pick a least favorite, I like all of them

  20. Eric Schmidt