Area 11 - System; Start Lyrics

Are we ready to begin?

Almost I need to calibrate.
Okay, calibrated.

Subject is responding normally.

Okay let's begin.

[Martyn ]
Machine start.

[Sam ]
Initiating signal, over.

Signal is stable.

Subject is ready.

Machine is up to speed within normal parameters.

Subject is awake. Now is good.

Cassandra can you hear me?


Are you ready to begin?

Yes. I'm ready.

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Area 11 System; Start Comments
  1. Jon

    this is a song?

  2. Rachel R

    The ending of this and the beginning to Are You Listening fit perfectly its so cool.

  3. Kyra Brady

    Do I hear Kaeyi Dream in this?

    Charlie Wright

    @Technomancer Zac And Martyn, Strippin, Sparkles*

    Kyra Brady

    @Charlie Wright Yeah I could tell those voices but I wasn't sure about Kaeyi's

    Charlie Wright

    ohh okay :3

  4. David Doyle

    What's the reference in this one?  The name reminds me of SAO but it can't be.  


    It's not SAO it's based off Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    David Doyle

    @objectiveHypocrite Thanks, i'll have to watch that now.  

  5. FellowHero

    ur my favourite rock band

  6. sonicshroom

    Sounds eerily like the synch ratio tests from Evangelion...

    [C.D.F] Grassy_Knoll

    +Dewayne C been a minute since ive seen an eva reference


    @thagrasshoppa1 A minute? That's a long time bro.

    [C.D.F] Grassy_Knoll

    +Dewayne C still not as long as we've had to wait for3.33 eh


    @thagrasshoppa1 "Rekt"- Hidieki Anno 2015.

  7. Joe H

    So are you guys still making music or was this a one off because there needs to be more of your music

    Clementine Bateson

    I believe they're working on a new EP now :D

  8. biyan10

    People said that cassandra is voiced either by beckii or kaeyi, well in tumblr sparkles said that cassandra is a real person and plays the guitar though im not sure that this cassandra is voiced by the real cassandra

    Titanium Explosion

    Cassandra is voiced by Beckii and the first person to speak is Kaeyi

  9. biyan10

    People said that cassandra is voiced either by beckii or kaeyi, well in tumblr sparkles said that cassandra is a real person and plays the guitar though im not sure that this cassandra is voiced by the real cassandra

  10. Josh D

    Which one dose yogcast use

    Samantha Odermatt




  11. Gambrous

    tons of people are saying Kaeyi voices Cassandra, yet it sounds to me like Beckii, though the female scientist sounds like Kaeyi. I'm sure I heard Martyn in there as well, and obviously sparkles. Also think I heard Parv but I'm not sure


    Strippin's in there as well.

    Iwan Struggles

    @Gambrous Definite that the scientist is Kaeyi

  12. BlueRrew

    Guys, Beckii is voicing Cassandra, not Kaeyi.

  13. lo connolly

    I'm trying to name the owners of all the voices and here's all I got so far:
    Martyn, Kaeyi and Sparkles
    Little help here?

    Skyler High

    @Jack Rycroft You actually don't know who Cassandra is? Cassandra isn't a character someone is voicing... Search up "Area 11 Digital Haunt"

    Jack Rycroft

    Well then...

    Jack Rycroft

    You learn something new everyday.

    Jay Dreamie

    @Jack Rycroft actually beckii voices cassandra. Kaeyi is the female scientist .

    Jack Rycroft

    @Jessica McInnes oh okay i thought it was the other way round :3

  14. Katie Knight

    damn i love this band 

  15. TheOtherBlink

    To anybody who's confused about this song or who Cassandra is, google Digital Haunt, and prepare to get even more confused.

  16. Mauffine

    oh shit what anime is this based on? from the semicolon it seems to be based on the Steins;Gate/Robotics;Notes universe


    Could be Evangelion? Not sure myself haha


    It's mainly from Code Geass. Area 11 is Japan and a Knightmare Frame is a mech suit in it, Euphemia is the 3rd? Princess of Britainia. Vectors is probably from the anime Elfen Lied. The others I have no idea.


    I know those ones, I meant this song in particular


    Haha, No idea. It could be the startup for a Knightmare frame, but I really have no clue.


    The song is based off Evangelion.

  17. Quadratic Trireme

    Is this a recording from yoglabs?

  18. 汚い外人

    HA! You guy's are dicks but that was funny so I give you props.

  19. pogipaui

    omg 666 likes? has satan made an appearance on youtube?!

  20. Der Kaisertoffel

    it's the "secret menber that no one knows" of Area 11

  21. Graydon

    It's people like that "meatingdeath" guy who cause people to lose their faith in dog.

  22. iKloudz

    The people are Kaeyi, Beckii, Sparkles, Sam and Martyn. From what i heard, they're both in there. Sorry if im wrong.

  23. Skystarry75

    Beckii may have been in it too. There are 2 girls (One at the beginning and Cassandra)

    But we may never know... I'm pretty Kaeyi was the first one though.

  24. Lucas L

    BUT? What? the wiki says it was Becki! damn... just shouted at a few guys that is was Becki... oops... sorry!?

  25. Skystarry75

    Kaeyi was standing in for Cassandra. She couldn't make it.

  26. Kiki Vakama

    Kaeyi is voicing Cassandra but that doesn't mean she is Cassandra. (seems legit)

  27. TheWendo101

    no, shes the female scientist...

  28. Shoko Kirishma

    she was the first female voice

  29. Dakar12

    If you understood it, it didn't need to be changed.

  30. Emily

    kaeyi and martyn helped on this

  31. WamBamJewel

    You're retarded.

  32. GythandSid

    I personally think she is their muse :p

  33. sleppybanana

    Does there happen to be be six more mysterious members?

  34. WamBamJewel

    No need to be a twat about it

  35. DanMarston117

    Sexdaily is an anagram of Dyslexia. I believe it was supposed to be a joke.

  36. Konemonu

    what the fuck do you mean with that

  37. Sleepyscumbag

    You have sexdaily? Dyslexia dammit

  38. Konemonu

    i have dyslexia so shut up

  39. Ally

    KaeyiDream is Cassandra. She revealed it by commenting, "This is awesome... not only because i can hear myself in it and i SQUEEE with joy..."

  40. Geo Tsotsos

    Yeay FL Studio <3 <3 <3 <3

  41. Peter Waterhouse

    We love you too

  42. CGS _InFin, (aka Cameron)

    It is 11:11.

  43. Edgardo Navarro

    why does this have 3 dislikes

  44. Prince0fChaos

    Steins Gate?

  45. rasengan1119

    actually i didnt i have no idea at all why this tied to your comment sorry for the trouble friend

  46. Big Deano Plays

    Umm, it IS Beckii Cruel

  47. Yoloswag720noscope

    its from some anime

  48. Marko Todorovski

    her voice reminds me of Beckii cruel

  49. Konemonu

    why do you ask me??

  50. rasengan1119

    I would like to ask again guys im Ramone with RamonesGaming on twitter i had messaged you before about turning some of your songs into AMV's if not i understand

  51. SamBrev

    sentence* sense*

  52. Neonassassin

    that sentience makes no sence

  53. Neonassassin

    no i was just saying dont have to be a dick about it

  54. SamBrev

    is this becoming a fucking competition? i like area 11s music but i dont go around like omg i listen to you all the fucking time

  55. Antioch

    0:08 That must be Garrus :D

  56. Tanya

    Didn't know they were with the Yogscast until recently :3

  57. Lloyd Butman

    Did you hear Sparkles*, Kaeyi, Martyn and Strippin? Thought not.

  58. lordluke10

    yeah i also listen to this album/playlist alot. they should really get some of the ads on the side of the video so they can make even more music!

  59. Esther am

    this sounds kinda scary 2 me (i know it sounds really stupid that i think it's scary) but anyways u guys rock luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx <3

  60. Dotakin

    *cough* KaeyiDream *cough*

  61. Gaming Chan

    come on guys lets wait for their new song to come out

  62. MrMultibasic

    Is system start describing the creation of simon

  63. Birger Stenqvist

    ... "am I the only person" is so lame, and no you ain't

  64. jackinator2010

    am i the only person who gos on youtube every day and puts this whole album on repeat?

  65. Abbie ;

    Lol KAEYI is in it

  66. DaHillBoy1

    She's KaeyiDream

  67. Neonassassin

    dude its 11:12

  68. Marko Todorovski

    it is 11:11

  69. Sam Morris

    11 songs= see what you did there

  70. comedyfan1095

    i thought that was you your voice works really well it just fit idk why it's strange

  71. vicecity :DD

  72. ibonedyourmom

    It isn't difficult at all and if you need to google to do this shit I feel terribly sorry for you.

  73. Sexy Unicorn

    I thought I heard you :3

  74. Finbar

    U guys r EPIC

  75. GodzOwn778

    That's me starting my coursework

  76. minty

    Made nightcore of the whole album, enjoy :P


  77. Neonassassin


  78. mustanger405

    I MUST SAY, I find it crazy that this song has over 100,000 views but yet most of the army has not liked AREA 11s facebook page....It has a mere 17,000 likes. LET'S GET ON TOP OF THIS. LIKE THEIR FB PAGE, THEY RELEASE ALL THEIR INFO, PICS TOUR DATES, AND NEW SINGLE RELEASES. IF YOU ARE A FAN OF THIS EPIC BAND, LIKE THEIR FB PAGE....LET US JOIN FORCES NOW!!!

  79. J GoldenSun

    Google powers activate

  80. Yakov Smirnoff

    teach me the ways of doing so.

  81. Lights Out

    Dat username and profile picture

  82. Konemonu

    oh ok thank you

  83. Plage

    She's the 5th mysterious member of the band! :)

  84. Daniel Rkman

    area 11 all the lights in the sky whole album

  85. Konemonu

    i don't want to sounds stupit but i'm going to do it anyway who is cassandra??

  86. Niamh Huburn-king

    Are they

  87. Michael Johnpoll

    Is there a physical version available? Don't get me wrong. I love iTunes, but I don't like not actually having the CD.

  88. Neonassassin

    i watch you more than once a day even the 11 minute song which shouold have been 11:11 in my opinuon

  89. barbiehatespink19

    this is how i wake up :)

  90. Ryo Akira

    lucky! i want my PC to start up like this...

  91. Mr Halligan

    man, i was really set to watch this one, i read the description and everything and it sounded really good, so i was waiting for a day i was off to watch it, and then i find out it's not even dubbed yet. i was so disappointed haha. Now i gotta either wait those precious months or just read subtitles :P

  92. John Cunningham

    Ah, thank you very much. Now I have something to compare it to. Well - time to really start listening!

  93. Daniel O

    Okay, so I was just listening to this and I couldn't help but notice the similarities to the beginning of bJ5dnopOGI8 if you watch it you'll think the same thing.

  94. Mr Halligan

    naw, it's sounds like something he would say haha

  95. Invader Rin

    Is it so wrong I read that as Hulk Hogan, lol. You're welcome friend. :)

  96. Mr Halligan

    thanks man, and right back at ya brother